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by Purple rats. . 199 reads.

Purple Rat in real life.

North-East European; born October 1990; ciswoman; panromantic; donít know orientation (donít care either), accordingly to these weird tests which were shared here, I am democratic socialist, although I have never labeled myself like that before joining this site.

Pro: Liberal feminism, animal rights (not just welfare), LGBTQ+ rights, sex workers rights, pro-choice, environmental protection, sex positivity, body positivity,
Leading towards to,: anarchism, death penalty (how can you support both? I donít know, I just do.), gun control I guess
Leading against to: religion (still think everyone should have a right to believe what they do, but religion and state should be separated), prisons,
Strongly against: communism, fascism, racism, sexism, LGBTQphobia, police, body shaming, anti-vax; eating/ wearing or using animals (and their products)

Listens to: stoner rock, d-beat, death metal, hard core, punk, goth, although other things too.
Hates to listen: pop music, techno, sub trance or whatever it is.
Reads and watch crime and horror as favorite genre. Drama and sci-fi is also cool. No romance and rarely comedy.
Hates raspberries. Loves spicy food. Hates cabbage. Loves zucchini. Pineapple goes on pizza (with garlic and jalapeno, of course)

Obsessed with forensic, true crime, crime psychology, investigation etc...
Loves hitchhiking.

Purple rats