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The Valentine Z CV – List of Milestones, Honorable Mentions, Achievements, Events.

Okay, okay… maybe to call it a CV might be a little cringeworthy, or an overstatement, because after all, this is not exactly job-worthy? But I thought to myself… maybe I should create a little something to show off and to keep track of what I have done on this site. After all, it became a hobby, a very big one that is hard to maintain.

So without ado, a list of things that I have done on this site! Not just achievements and victories, mind you. If it is noteworthy, it goes here.

5 Years and Counting

Here's to a sixth year! ♥

Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison: Is this supposed to be the right place for this?

Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Basilisk Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing: I don't know, let's just roll with it! We have been all over the damn place!

Ahem, going back to Out of Character!

The small roleplay aside, yes, it is as weird as it sounds, but I am proud (and a little shy) to celebrate and admit that it's been 5 years since I have been on this site! From the early first few days where I am a clueless newbie, where the issues don't take effect immediately, to venturing into Forum 7, to being in Portal to the Multiverse, to Trading Cards (and even making a few working codes for that!), to that one time where I accidentally spammed moderation, to being on NSG now and then, and even participating in Gen Sec of Apr 2020, and joining NS Sports, it has indeed been a very, very long and eventful journey for me!

What do I think of NationStates? From that very first day my friend recommended the game to me, and joining with this nation, it has certainly been an eye-opener to me. A lot of vibrant communities, despite the negativity now and then coupled with all the general craziness, I guess part of the reason I stayed was because of how open-ended this game is: Challenges, Cards, Issues, Factbooks, Roleplays, Raiding/Defending, none of them exactly has superiority over one another; they are equally as important and fun, and they are equally deserving of attention. I have a lot of fun with this site, in all respect and aspects. Even made myself 97 nations (including Val Z, as of this writing), and a small mostly-puppet-storage region that is also a home to a few F7 friends of mine.

Now, what would these 5 years be without the one thing that makes it fun for me? Friends! ♥ Since Day One, I have been interacted and treated with respect.

I really enjoy the times I have in Forum 7; I have made A LOT of friends there, and that is an understatement, they have been there with me through ups and downs.

To the friendly authors and editors of Got Issues (I even got a nifty job of maintaining the thread now!) which also helps me find my passion in making graphs and charts with good old Python.

To the folks at NS Sports who have welcomed me with open arms - a total newbie who has his drivers winning a few races and making names of themselves!

Even down to NSG sometimes because I might not like politics, but you can't go wrong with people in there to casually strike a meaningful conversation with you.

The Mods as well, of course, for keeping this site relatively spick and span. I hope this is not seen as a back-handed compliment, so just want to say that I really appreciate the efforts in keeping the place spam-free and civil, even if sometimes (and often) I don't go well to the rules made. ^^


Do I think that these 5 years are a waste of time? To some extent, I do admit that I might have been spending a few too many hours per day here on NS. That is just time management, I simply need to manage it well.

Do I regret coming here? Not even in the slightest. I am happy to call this corner of an internet my home, for I am very, very joyful to be here and create a world like Leslie did in Bridge to Terabithia.

Here's to more years ahead, and I know 2020 has been nothing but painful to a lot of people (or heck, for everyone), but I do hope that you will find a little solace in life now and then. 2020 may be bringing us all down, but there is no reason for a little bit of hope, a little bit of optimism, and a little bit of solace, to not exist. I do hope that you will find something to brighten you up, maybe in the form of a GIF of a kitten playing with his tail.

Thank you once again, and here's to another year and joy on this site.

May life be good to you all.

- Valentine ♥

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Words and Dispatches of Positivity

Spreading Love and Happiness this side of NationStates!

Hello there! ^^ The guy behind Valentine Z talking, of course! So… if you are reading this, I would just like to wish you to have a great day ahead of you! And of course, just remember the fact that you are worth it, and do not let anyone get you down!

It is indeed easier said than done for people to get over their problems, and hey, I can relate as well, as someone who has obstacles now and then in his life; I know it is difficult to just get over it with the power of words, so if you have that sort of problem, please do seek professional help.

However, while the positive thoughts may not be a solution to every single problem, they are indeed complementary. Professional help will be needed if it gets serious, but at the same time, do reflect and give yourself some thoughts of yourself along the way. It will certainly help you feel better. A couple of things:

  • The fact that you have indeed made it this far in this life, shows how strong you truly are. You have survived a lot of things, and you can tell yourself that you can do it! Just living itself is already heroic, so keep on going, my friend!

  • You are worth it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise that you are useless. Don’t let someone or some task judge your self-worth, for it can only grow from here!

  • You are beautiful just the way you are – both inside and outside. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t let some standards judge you – your character, your personality, your appearance, they are fine just the way they are for the most people.

If your attitude and character have been rather negative recently (in just any way really, I don't specify and judge), for the most parts, couple it with seeking professional help and remember that it is never too late to change. To be a person, is to realise yourself and change for the better. Anyone can change for the better, including yourself. There’s always room for improvement, and it’s never too late. Everyone has actions that they are not proud of, but that's the magic of it: If you are not proud of some things you have done, then you have grew as a person. That's a win.

You are very, very worth it. All of you have something going on in your life. A goal, whether be it long-term, or short-term. Tell yourself that you can do it, and you will pick yourself up and do it despite the odds. You don’t fail just because you did something wrong; take it as a learning point, and grow as a person from that point on. You can do it.

You are not alone. No one survives alone. There are people out there willing to help you in times of needs, a sunlight to pierce through the dark clouds and storms.

And with that said, I want you to have the best day that you will ever have. If the life is treating you well, congratulations on that! Enjoy it as best as possible. If the life has been a rather bumpy one, know that there is a smooth road ahead of you, and you are almost there.

Keep going, my friend. You are worth every second of your life.

Never too late to be happy or optimistic. It's not a competition. Smile a little! ^^

What I can say is, go with the things you enjoy and keep on writing! ^^

I might talk about the cliches as well, and maybe offer some criticism here and there, but if you put in enough effort (like most of you really did), you will find that your nation/universe is a conglomeration of all the things that inspired you, and that's part of the charm of these nations. Like, you can tell what inspired that person, or what kind of things that they like.

Of course, it's important to hit the points of realism, but at the same time, do try yourself not to get worked too much over realism. Some people like it, more power to you. Some people don't like it, more power to you. I personally go for a balance of both, being fully aware that my nation is not exactly the most realistic, but for most people, it's an escape from reality. I would say that other than glaring logistical/mathematics/physics errors, or anything of that sort, there's no singular right or wrong way; just a trope/cliche because we have seen it so many times before. PT, MT, PMT, FT, FFT, FanT... we are all in this together, and hey, we have tropes for one another.

Again, with enough effort, each and everyone of you are unique in your own way, so there's that. You might have cliches attached to you (I have many too, trust me), but you can spin that into constructive criticism, and tropes are unavoidable anyway, so... embrace it.

This is not an angry or annoyed rant. I just want to tell you guys that even if we point out each other's flaws, most of you are all doing a great work so far with your factbooks, and seeing all the positive cliches - retcons, rewrites... that just means that you are improving as a whole.

Some things might not work. Some things might need a change. That's not failure, when you are learning.

Keep on going. ♥

- Valentine

More motivational stuff:
LinkMatsuoka Shuzo [松岡修造 ] - あきらめかけているあなた (NEVER GIVE UP!!) [English Sub] - Thanks, The ✵ Vʏᴇᴏᴢʜᴠᴀᴢᴅʜᴀ Xsʜᴏʀᴜ ✵ of Khoronzon!
LinkEric Idle - "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life"

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Disclaimer / Warning: this dispatch has A LOT of photos - some mine, some are from others, I will put up a credit / acknowledgement thing soon! Please ensure that you have enough data!

Hello to you, my friend! Valentine Z, at your service!

Do you feel... unmotivated sometimes?

Maybe just a little lazy...

One of those days where you just want to sit down and rethink through your Mondays...

Maybe you feel that you are not the right person for the job.

Or was it one of those days when you and your parents have a pep talk?

Is it one of those "Worst days ever" thing?

Or is the politics giving you A LOT of anger, while you're at it? Usual NSG affair?

Maybe you are overwhelmed, all odds against your favor!

Maybe you are fearful of this virus, hoping that it will go away!

Or you have absolutely no one to pour your heart out to?!

Well, in that case...

Sit on down, and let me hear out your woes! Maybe send me a TG if you don't mind! I keep it personal between us!

Maybe hold off the TG for a while, you say?

Well, it's all right! Let's talk here, then! Everyone had those days!

Nothing went right, everyone around is being mean, the hot political ground... every single problem, every single issue... hits a person all at once sometimes.

But it is all right! I am here to give you a magic touch! A magical motivation for you!

You are worth it. You are worth every second of your life.

You are much stronger than you think. You have survived thus far! It's time to hit back at your adversities! Not literally, though. Take a step back, away from the hot political ground.

Appreciate yourself as a person, on your uniqueness and your traits.

To be agile and flow like water... as a Zen riddle would say!

To be strong and structural as a building - that is totally you!

To marvel at the wonders around you. To get lost in a world of dreams...

The better life is always a day after today! Maybe worst day ever today, but best day ever tomorrow? Absolutely!

Fate loves everyone equally. No racial boundaries, no sexual orientation... will diminish you as a person.

Maybe go and have a talk to your therapist if you need more help.

But along the way, let the power of positive words complement the professional help you get!

And finding solace in the littlest of things!

It is a beautiful world out there!

Of course... no one is eternally happy all the time. Heck, I have my moments!

But the important thing is to be able to tackle them!

And so, I would like to say... have a great day ahead! And you are an excellent person!

The best of humanity is always around you!

Keep on going, my friend. Love, Valentine Z.

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Disclaimer / Warning: this dispatch has A LOT of photos - some mine, some are from others! Please ensure that you have enough data!

Brought to you by: The Wonderful World!

Hello to you, my friend! Valentine Z, at your service!

How have you been? Have you been well?

I know, I know... this virus is not going away just yet.

Not much in the way of good things happening? The dreadful feeling, perhaps.

Well, do not worry, for I am here once again! I am far from a professional, but here I am again!

If you are reading this, you have been one of the most wonderful persons I have the pleasure of meeting.

A great person like you deserves a break like many others! A festive time to rest in!

A time to recoup, and to share the joy of giving!

Whether or not you are celebrating this alone...

Or with your loved ones...

I wish you a Happy Holidays, and may you be blessed with wonderfulness!

You deserve a break, and Happiness as many others.

I hope you have a festive season ahead of you, whether or not you celebrate Christmas!

Happy Holidays to you, and may 2021 be very good for you!

The Future can be very uncertain...

One thing is for sure...

You are all the best community I have ever been a part of. Thank you.

The World is a wonderful place to be in, even if the news are a little... negative.

There is always solace in the littlest of things.

I am not a professional therapist, but if you ever need someone to talk to or are overwhelmed...

I will always be here for you. I never leave my friends out, and I will keep it private. You deserve to be loved and heard.

Happy Holidays, and All the Best! Your stranger/friend, Valentine Z.

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Report on N-Day5

Special thanks to Minoa for giving me the opportunity, on top of many others for the help and contribution to the article.

The imminent countdown looms over. [1]


First announced on 22nd of September 2020 by Max Barry [2], The 5th Nuclear Apocalypse (N-Day5) was the fifth edition of the Nuclear Apocalypse, a series of special events that originated as the theme for NationStates' April Fools' Day event in 2017: the 5th Nuclear Apocalypse ran for 24 hours, from 08:00 CEST on 27 September 2020 to 08:00 CEST on 28 September 2020. More information about the past events and scores can be found on NSIndex [3].

This year’s N-Day sees the return of factions consisting of several large regions, as well as the often one-player factions consisting of their vast number of puppet nations. The event also sees the rise and fall of factions such as The Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as well as the fall and rise of factions such as the Potato Alliance.

A comprehensive guide and what you need to know – terms, factions, rules, etc, can be found in this dispatch:

Initial Factions

The Augustin Alliance are back for the 5th Nuclear Apocalypse, and with them bringing members not just from Augustin Alliance, but from Anteria and Karma, (their close allies in peace), along with other regions such as Union of Allied States, Hartfelden, The Great Experiment, The United Ascendancy, Krasnaya, Scotia, Hive, URA, The Global Democratic Union, and Southern Africa. [4]

Horsemen of the Apocalypse also returns [5], with Hell as the main region. They are reinforced by Underworld, The Order of the Grey Wardens, Lily, Glass Gallows, Middle Earth, Hippy Haven. [6]

The Potato Alliance [7] also brings with them several member regions, most of them the major regions across the realm of NationStates – Spiritus, Forest, The South Pacific, The North Pacific, The Rejected Realms, 10000 Islands, Europe, Equilism, The Leftist Assembly, The Union of Democratic States, International Democratic Union, Yggdrasil, Autropolis, Oatland, Sonindia, The Hole to Hide In, New West Indies, Warzone Asia, Warzone Sandbox, India, European Union, Union of Democrats, Democratic Socialist Assembly, 00000 A World Power, The Communist Bloc, Big Farma. [8] Ultimately, this means that last year’s factions – Canopy and UPPERCUTS, have effectively merged for this year. The Potato Alliance, as it was formerly called, then became An Alliance of Potatoes on founding a faction on N-Day, since the names “The Potato Alliances” and “Potato Alliance” (and perhaps other names with “Potato” inside) were snatched by Horsemen.

The Fuster Cluck Coalition makes a return as well, founded by Northern Ocean and consisting of a group of nations and around 30 unique players mainly from Forum 7. Destructive Government Economic System, Synne Industries, and Valentine Z’s presence of having a large number of puppets have proved to be a favour. Fuster Cluck has NAPs with An Alliance of Potatoes, Army of Freedom, Augustin Alliance, while there is an informal NAP with Ba Sing Se.

Ba Sing Se is also another one of the formidably large faction, consisting of regions Osiris, Lazarus, The Black Hawks, Lone Wolves United, Refugia, Social Technocratic Union, Caer Sidi, Europeia, and Thalassia. They are allied with Augustin Alliance.

CRAB – Crustaceans Repelling Atomic Bombardment, is a faction [9] (with their own region [10] made solely for this purpose) is another prominent major faction consisting of regions The West Pacific, The Pacific, Balder, and United Kingdom. For the course of the game, they have a Non-Aggression Pact with Augustin Alliance, as well as a Mutual Defense Pact with An Alliance of Potatoes.

There are also several other noteworthy and/or reported factions, noting that this list below is non-exhaustive:

Notable Events

Note that while the events are ranked in chronological order to the best efforts, given the fluidity and concurrent nature of the game.

The Downfall and Constant Barrage towards The Potato Alliance
Horsemen of the Apocalypse has set its sights on An Alliance of Potatoes this time, constantly barraging the member nations of the faction with nuclear bombs at a consistent rate. [14] The NAP factions, such as Fuster Cluck and The Augustin Alliance, have defended and shielded them as best as they could (with Fuster Cluck defending from 10:03 to 11:43 CEST). However, the Horseman have proven themselves to be a great threat, as on 11:37 CEST, the announcement was made for the members of An Alliance of Potatoes to evacuate the faction and infiltrate Horsemen itself as a last attempt to ensure that the latter’s progress was impeded, according to the announcements on the Discord server, “Evacuate the Alliance! Join Horsemen, build up nukes, leave Horsemen for another faction or make your own if you can, fire the nukes at Horsemen, then move back to Horsemen! Repeat ad infinitum.”


The Good Fight, the Fall, and Rise of A.T.O.M.I.C.
A.T.O.M.I.C. [15] [16] is a faction consisting of several regions: 21st Century Rome, Force, Iwakusphere, The Labyrinth, Loranium, Lorania, Southfield, Phoenix Partners, Thaecia, The Democratic Republic, The East Pacific, The Free Nations Region, The Kingdom of Great Britain, Wintercrest, and Wintreath. As contributed by Heaveria, the chronological order: ATOMIC annihilated Layem, while Horsemen annihilated Potato. This was followed by many diplomatic talks (with Augustin Alliance, Fuster Cluck, and Ba Sing Se) to form an alliance. ATOMIC then became the first faction to join Potato in a strong offensive against Horsemen, fighting Horsemen for 5 hours. Soon after that, Fuster Cluck Coalition joined ATOMIC, but it took quite a while until Augustin Alliance and Ba Sing Se joined the fight. For a short but formidable moment of time, ATOMIC started to get the upperhand and inflict radiation upon the relevant targets. However, becoming Horseman’s second targets, ATOMIC got overwhelmed and as a final last-minute effort, ATOMIC merged into Augustin Alliance.

However, due to The East Pacific’s disillusion with Augustin Alliance as a faction, ATOMIC, on a last-ditch effort to farm up the scores, decided to hit a few targets and factions of their own, namely card farmer factions like yNaught [17] and 0000000000000000000 [18] [19] – consisting of puppets from Noahs Second Country and Evrigenis. It was of note that based on the history of strikes and radiation accumulated, yNaught already was accumulating radiation from other factions, particularly of interest being the one with Noah’s faction itself, which was an attempt to gain a few points for themselves (i.e. by attacking each other’s puppet factions), followed by using another faction of puppets to join Noah’s Faction. ATOMIC's leadership saw Evrigenis and Noah's game after the split with Augustin Alliance and as a result, they too went for targeting and striking yNaught for a score boost.


The Offensives on The Horsemen of the Apocalypse
With reference to the posts in this forum thread [20], Horsemen has faced several offensives that were geared towards weakening them. The rest of the factions, from both the experience and the sheer numbers, were aware that they were fighting a losing fight if they are going in alone, or that they are planning on completely obliterating the Horsemen. There came the multiple plans for this, as a result.

As of 4:03 PM CEST, Augustin Alliance conducted a large offensive on the Horsemen of The Apocalypse. AA, at that moment, has no radiation and is in second place. The Horsemen, in turn, were almost overwhelmed by the coordinated efforts of AA, so they couldn't defend completely. Nevertheless, due to the sheer size and resources available to them at their disposal, the Horsemen still held a strong lead, and with other large factions such as ATOMIC and An Alliance of Potatoes either merging with other factions or hiding out in bigger factions for safety, the Horsemen are in a strong position.

On 5:25 PM CEST, HoTA returned the favour by completely overwhelming Augustin Alliance with over 50,000 nukes, which were sent within a few minutes. AA, on the other hand, simply did not have the manpower or speed to defend and as a result fell from second to fourth at the time. The Horsemen was more or less unstoppable for that very moment.

On 6:10 PM CEST, Augustin Alliance, An Alliance of Potatoes, and Ba Bing Se launched a counterattack at Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which has brought their lead down to within a reachable distance for the other factions to catch up.

On 6:58 PM CEST, as stated by Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom in the same thread, a wave of launches were sent out against Ba Sing Se, who had a wall of 100,000+ shields at hand. The Horsemen would be using a few of their 55,000 to 60,000 shields against the 20,000 incoming missiles, effectively ensuring that little to no radiation will harm them.

Eventually, the series of attacks from the aforementioned factions, on top of Fuster Cluck and a few others, have put Horsemen down from reigning at the top position to the bottom (396th) of the leaderboard in terms of score at a -160,438 at the time of this writing (9:33 PM CEST).


CRAB’s Retaliation and Attacks
Another noteworthy and not the very least mention would be the members of CRAB – Crustaceans Repelling Atomic Bombardment as it was aforementioned in the Initial Factions page. They too were instrumental in bringing down Horsemen with them, but not before they finished obliterating Nuclear World Order approximately around 1:20 PM CEST (27th of September) [18]. Their sights were then set on the Horsemen, but also on top of obliterating other factions such as The Sliding Legion. CRAB by the end of the event finished strong with a score of 107,970 - 108,070 strikes, with just 100 radiation all concentrated on Xoriet [19]. The abundance of shields, once again, has helped them in their favour just like with many other factions.


The Potato Alliance’s Comeback
The Potato Alliance (or An Potato Alliance) made one of the most incredible and positively drastic comebacks in the history of N-Day – after almost completely losing (to the point of racking a -65,000 score), they were able to work together with other large factions (ATOMIC, NSLeft, Fuster Cluck Coalition, and CRAB being and were currently in second as of the time of this writing (77,976 score at 9:40 PM CEST), despite the large amount of radiation that they have gotten themselves into.

Of note is that around 7:30 PM CEST, The Salaxalans stated that their Discord server (Potato Command) suffered a blackout for five minutes; a few number of other servers (not necessarily NS-based) have also faced downtimes. Despite the difficulties, the members have managed to get around and pushed back their faction back to the leaderboard.


Fuster Cluck Coalition – The F7 Army
Lead by The Chuck, with orders from officers such as Bloodshade, Uvoan, Port Ember, The Albali Republic, along with many others, the 30-player strong faction consisting mainly of Forum 7 users have stood their ground for this particular N-Day with absolutely zero radiation across the entire faction. The strategies of Fuster Cluck includes but not limited to: Ensuring that at least a few users and players are awake at any point in time of the game, stockpiling shields regardless of specialities for the first hour or two of the game, and in particular, making sure that they do not pick a battle that they cannot win. Additionally, thanks to the (almost) air-tight movement system of appointing officers to open and close the faction, the number of rogue nations from the faction were nearly next to none.

One of the first targets that Fuster Cluck went for was Serena’s Legion [21], consisting and made by the region The Grand Dominion, though it consists the likes of other nations from other regions such as Greatdux [22] from OmniOne [23]. Around 10 AM CEST, Fuster targeted and started an all-out barrage against the faction, with the latter suffering massive damage to the point of no recovery. Serena’s Legion was a special mention, given that with the number of strikes and shields that they first have, on top of the number of nations, their situation was more or less in-line with what happened to The Potato Alliance – they started up rather well, got destroyed by Fuster Clucks, rose up again, only to be destroyed by other factions [24].

On 10 PM CEST, in synchronisation with the other NAP factions and alliances, Fuster Cluck sent thousands of launches (and strikes) on Horsemen, severely weakening the latter to the point of them moving from the very comfortable first position to last. Around the same time, Mars Command [25] started targeting one of Fuster’s members – South Reinkalistan, having around 643 targets at them at its peak. This quickly came to a halt in favour for Fuster, as this particular move attracted the ire of The Army of Freedom [26], and to a smaller extent, by The Potato Alliance, since both of these factions have a NAP with Fuster. The threat from Mars Command was neutralised in a matter of moments.

As the time goes on, Fuster, while keeping the friendly term with most large factions, have successfully targeted and struck out factions such as The Shadow Cult, Mars Command, E-Team, and Unlikely Alliance. By the end of N-Day, i.e. whereby the nations were asked to “Learn To Love Again”, Fuster Cluck survived with 0 Radiation, and in the words of Valentine Z, “Thank goodness the 2 Rads didn’t get us this time,” in reference to the neglect in N-Day 4 that saw the faction being struck by 2 missiles and rendering the “0 Rad Finish” null and void [27].


The Rise of the Card Farmers
While it’s no stranger to NationStates that Card Farmers (players with nations for the sole purpose of answering issues and collecting trading cards) have participated in the past N-Day or two before, they have came into full effect this time with their own factions. More about the puppet factions (on top of other news), can be found here. [28].

One particular epitome of such a faction is Second Best Test, by Big Farma. It has seen a large success of its own, and according to Max Barry’s own Top 10 Factions with Highest Scores Per Nation [29], Second Best Test [30] has netted the highest score of 1,167.8 (29,194 score across 25 nations), with the second best being Gholgoth [31] with 133.8 (4,817 score across 36 nations).

Another such example of card farmers joining in the forces of the larger factions is Evrigenis, whereby their full account can be read here [32]. If Second Best Test is an example of card farmers creating their own factions from the start, Evrigenis is an example of joining the existing large factions, jumping from one to another, then joining the card farmer factions. It was not to say that their decisions were wrong and rather, it was an interesting insight on the various activity and paths that the players have taken. For Evrigenis, it was a general play of them having puppets spread across the large factions such as Augustin Alliance, ATOMIC, and Alliance of Potatoes. Eventually, they too joined Noahs Second Country’s faction, ultimately a two-man faction consisting of hundreds of puppets at their peak.

However, it is of note that throughout the game, the nations, if they have no radiation, are able to freely travel around the factions in any order or any number of times that they desire. In other words, the number of nations have changed constantly throughout the game, and the final results do not reflect the actual size of the factions, whatever they might be, and thus the Scores per Nation being an inaccurate matrix. For instance, one of the strategies [citation needed] especially for the single-player factions involve having all of their nations and puppets during their active hours (i.e. when the player is involved in nuking and shielding), and when the shielding is more or less enough, or if their puppet nations are not targeted AND they have no radiation on them, their nations then either leave or join another faction. This ensures that the scores do not decrease due to radiation (i.e. the score is reflected by Strikes subtracted by Radiation). Alnobian Nuclear Defense Alliance [33] is one particular example of this strategy whereby there was only one nation left by the end of the game, despite the strikes coming from other nations that used to be in the faction.


Global Statistics
In terms of global statistics [29], 475 factions have been created overall, with 38,693 nations joining a faction at any point in time. 4,359,585 nukes were targeted, 3,715,752 nukes were launched, with 1,800,098 of these nukes being shot down. 1,916,864 strikes occurred with 1,536,382 radiation, implying that cases of nukes overshooting (striking on the nation despite it being 100% irradiated) are all not uncommon.

More data, courtesy of August, can be seen here.

Top 10 and Bottom 10 Factions by Score
Top and last page of the factions sorted by score can be seen below [34] [35]:

Top 10 Factions by number of nukes
The top 10 most stockpiled factions are as follows [36]. Of note is that out of the 475 factions, only 79 of them has at least 1 nuke, thus the rest of the factions have 0 nukes by the end of the game.

Top 10 Factions by number of shields
The top 10 most shielded factions are as follows [37]:

Top 10 Factions by number of strikes
The top 10 factions with the most number of strikes are as follows [38]:

Top 10 Factions by amount of radiation
The top 10 factions that are most irradiated are as follows [39]:


N-Day coincides with Yom Kippur
It is well-known that N-Day for NationStates is meant to coincide with the actual United Nations’ International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. However, for the first few hours before the official reply, there were debates and concerns on the threads [40] about the fact that the times for N-Day are clashing and conflicting with Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, whereby Jews traditionally observe this holy day with a day-long fast and intensive prayer, often spending most of the day in synagogue services. It was later clarified by [Violet] in the same thread [41] that it was a honest mistake and keeping this forward in mind, alternative arrangements and changes to the commencement of N-Day will be made for the future.

Excessive Puppet Usage
Just like the previous years, there is absolutely no limit on the number of nations that a player can use for this event, i.e. the event is not on “single nation per player” like WA, or a few other games. This has been talked about in threads such as here – while it’s a misconception that it is scripted and botted, such actions, such as using multiple nations through various methods and controlling them manually, is more or less has been legal, and this has caused ire in a great percentage of users, ranging from how smaller factions have been curbstomped by the larger ones. There were suggestions as to how to get around this, such as only allowing WA nations to participate (though this would exclude players that do not join WA out of their personal choices), along with allowing perhaps 5-10 nations per player.

Rogue Nations and Ejection Suggestion
Every faction, for every N-Day, without fail, were plagued by the existence of Rogue Nations, i.e. nations belonging to players that disobey orders or causes chaos within the faction itself. Some of their behaviour includes but not limited to: Shooting down nukes that are launched by the faction-mates, and targeting (and launching) at nations in factions that has a NAP with them (for example, Augustin Alliance nation shooting at a Potato Alliance nation). This behaviour, while more or less harmless to larger factions with extensive shield networks, can still be detrimental and hurts relations between factions since shields have to be used, and if not careful, radiation can damage a flawless zero-radiation run. This suggestion, first started by Fauxia for this year [42], has received an overwhelming support from the community, though there was no official statement from the NationStates staff on the thread.


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Read dispatch

Forum 7

You will most very likely have to rely on my word of mouth for this one, since it’s very hard to keep track of the threads. They kept getting pruned over and over again, leaving nothing but word-of-mouth and small references along the way.

  • Started Mk. 14 of Your Leader’s Opinion Thread.

  • Creator of AN’s most unique / distinguishing feature.

  • Started the Cliché Thread - Both Mk. II and Mk. III, both of which are unfortunately lost.

  • Development of Valentine Z as a world, starting from as early as 2016.

  • Written a dispatch on F7 etiquette.

    Valentine’s Guide and Etiquette in Forum 7.

    Hello, Valentine Z here once again! ♥ How are you all doing? I hope that you are all having a great day! I am writing this dispatch to just help out Forum 7 in general, because… not many people this side of the play it seriously, or know about it, but I must say it myself that it’s not just about spammy forum games anymore. Forum 7 is more or less becoming a place where nations can be casual with one another, and they can provide feedback – both directly and indirectly – in factbook, flag, or characters that they might have.

    So now you ask… what authority do I have to talk about the rules of the game, and to tell people how to play? Why am I brigading and mini-modding this place? Why am I gatekeeping?! Well, rest assured that I am not intent on doing any of that! ^^ I only came in one Winter of 2015, after all! The fact of the matter is… this is not a set of rules, but etiquettes, for both veterans and newbies of Forum 7. It is indeed a very charming and welcoming place for first-timers, and I wouldn’t have gotten here without F7 as a whole giving me feedback! But like other threads and other parts of NationStates, F7 indeed has standards. It’s not just about spammy games anymore. :3

    These don’t have to be followed word-by-word, but like you as a character and as a person, there is always room for improvement.

    Let’s get started! Some terminology:
    - AN = Above Nation. AAN, AAAN, AAAAN… can be used as an additive if the thread requires.
    - BN = Below Nation
    - AL = Above Leader
    - BL = Below Leader (though rarely used)

    Quickie forum-post shortcuts (for Firefox users, replace Alt with Shift+Alt, e.g. Shift+B+Alt for Bold):
    Alt+B = Bold
    Alt+C = Code
    Alt+H = Takes you to Board Index
    Alt+I = Italic
    Alt+K = Save Draft
    Alt+L = List tag
    Alt+O = List tag, but [list=]
    Alt+P = Img tag
    Alt+Q = Quote tag
    Alt+S = Submit
    Alt+U = Underline
    Alt+W = Url tag
    Alt+X = Logs you out.
    Alt+Y = [ * ] / List element

    Standard DISCLAIMER: This guide does NOT supersede and overwrites NS’ OSRS. If in any event there are discrepancies, the OSRS MUST ALWAYS BE CONSIDERED FIRST.

    1 – Do not double-post!

    Doubleposting is when you post over the previous nation that has replied to you. It is as simple as this:

    Nation A: [Post here]
    Nation B: [Reply to Nation A]
    Nation A: [Reply back to Nation B]

    This is not against the rules if you add new information to it every time, but it is indeed frowned upon, unfortunately. If you want to add something or reply back to them, you can either put a /skip, or ask them if they would like to continue through a TG.

    The /stillme's are discouraged for the most parts. There is a grey area on how they operate, but if you have an issue with a post, ask first! Otherwise, or if you came across a serial poster with low effort.... it's best that you stay away. ><

    2 – Foe-Listing is fine, but do not abuse it!

    Foe-listing is a way of saying that from this point forward, you have ignored that person. That much is fine, and sometimes, it is simply unfortunate that you crossed paths with them one way or another. However, both sides can be at fault for this if not careful.

    For the one that Foe-Listed, it will be wise not to tell and gloat that the other party will be ignored from that point. Foe-Listing is not against the rules, but according to OSRS, ignore-cannon and gloating is if done in excessive amounts. Please try to avoid that.

    I have first-hand experience with this, so… as aforementioned, there are times when two of you crossed paths again and since you foe-listed them, you have a liberty to skip over them. However, this should not be taken as an excuse to hunt down their posts and skip them on whatever latest things they are posting. Not against the rules AFAIK, but… it’s a little touchy and you would just really want to avoid the drama. One-off things are still okay, since there are always moments when the thread came to a halt and you have no choice, or that you genuinely didn’t see the nations you have Foe-Listed. ><

    Best advice? Cut ties and just give each other a silent treatment. Don’t get it to the point of spamming! Though, relationships can always be mended, so... work towards it if you want to! ^^

    3 – Factbooks are your friends!

    Ahh, this one! This happens to both newbies and even some veterans. For instance, take the Your Leader’s Opinion on Above Leader thread. As the title says, you will need a leader and a good amount of information on that. Otherwise, the BN (Below Nation) will have to skip you, or give a generic answer on what to do with your nation.

    If that happens to you for n-th times, don’t worry! First step is always realising the issue, and for you, you can certainly take this as a way to learn and make a new factbook on your own. It’s such a daunting task, I know. I don’t have anything of substance either when I first came in. No one does! But with passion in writing, and along with the helpful people in Factbooks and National Information (F&NI), or other RP Help threads, you are bound to get help!

    Some sources to help you out!

    If the nations are open to TGs, which they mostly are, ask them as well! You can always ask someone for more advice on what you can do to help yourself! Note that it should ultimately come from your passion, so you can’t expect stuff to be spoonfed to you. Get your hands dirty!

    Templates are not a kiss of death. A Wiki template is not a kiss of death. You are always free to edit the current template to your liking! Though of course, always credit the ones that provided the templates! It is against the rules to plagarise!

    4 – Read them up! Get informed!

    Now that the factbooks are done, it is only right that you take the time to read someone else’s factbooks. You don’t have to read everything, but a simple glimpse, or a 15-second speed read can be all that is needed. You can also browse through the various factbooks they have quickly, and save them later as a bookmark in case you want to read them.

    It’s not against the rules to have a short answer; you are not forced to write 100-200 words on what you think of someone’s leader. A single sentence or a line is actually very, very fine! But that sentence must be well-informed instead of the usual “We are positive / neutral / negative with this leader.”

    Instead, you can consider “We are positive with this leader because of their stance towards pacifism… and they have a rather cool science lab that they go to in their free time!” Make it more personalised!

    I want to reiterate that this is NOT me forcing certain styles and rules onto F7; you are free to give the replies as you please, but to be informed of another player’s factbook, is also a sign of appreciation for their work. After all, we all do this as a hobby and passion, and it’s only right that we give each other the love!

    5 – Have fun and be positive!

    This is mandatory. Have fun on the forums! Just chill and hang around, get the much-needed feedback! No one will harp on you for first-time mistakes, and a lot of us are willing to help you with anything that you might have. (Feel free to TG me if you want, I’m always open!) Embrace the clichés if you want, embrace your nation’s weirdness, whatever you want! Just have a lovely time on the forums! ♥

    As it was said before, no one gets to their developed worlds overnight. It all takes time and effort. But most importantly, to have passion in your work! There’s no wrong in appreciating someone’s work and to be inspired by them!

    Like with a person’s character, your nation will grow.

    Read dispatch

Single-nation RPs and storywriting.

Writing at my own pace and hobby... sometimes way too slower than usual.

Flag Bracket - Mark II

Hosted by the wonderful The Cosmic Mainframe, along with the support from my friends across F7 and NationStates, managed to win a nice second place and an eighth place! ^^
OP here: viewtopic.php?p=37049947#p37049947

Flag Bracket - Mark I

Hosted by the wonderful The Cosmic Mainframe, along with the support from my friends across F7 and NationStates, managed to win victorious! ^^
OP here: viewtopic.php?p=36769474&sid=a669db573cf4384ed6d34cd51066e0ba#p36769474
Dispatch of the results:

The NationStates Flag Bracket! Final Results
Over the course of the past two months I have been running a bracket to determine which flags are the best of NationStates! After two months of exciting competition, the winner has been determined. Thankfully, it got archived, but in the case that it didn't happen, I decided to post this dispatch!

Original Thread: viewtopic.php?p=36769474
Flag Bracket II: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=484437
Our Winners

Match History
Final Round: Valentine Z - Animated flag defeats South Pacific - Drongonia Concept 23-10.
Semifinals Match 2: Valentine Z - Animated flag defeats Drongonia - Alternate flag 24-17.
Semifinals Match 1: South Pacific - Drongonia Concept defeats Veskrona (submitted by Khoronzon) 11-8.
Top 8 Match 4: South Pacific - Drongonia Concept defeats Kafair 9-8.
Top 8 Match 3: Veskrona (submitted by Khoronzon) defeats Norcott (submitted by Drongonia) 7-4.
Top 8 Match 2: Drongonia - Alternate flag defeats Victoriaans Nederlands (submited by Valentine Z) 10-4.
Top 8 Match 1: Valentine Z - Animated flag defeats South Reinkalistan 17-12.

Top 16 Match 8: South Reinkalistan defeats Thakia 12-11.
Top 16 Match 7: South Pacific - Drongonia Concept defeats Cantelo 11-9.
Top 16 Match 6: Veskrona (submitted by Khoronzon) defeats Hylvoria (submitted by Diarcesia) 9-4.
Top 16 Match 5: Norcott (submitted by Drongonia) defeats Astoria 9-8.
Top 16 Match 4: Valentine Z - Animated flag defeats Sadakoyama 13-11.
Top 16 Match 3: Drongonia - Alternate flag defeats Nexitros Stratuss (submitted by Valentine Z) 14-5.
Top 16 Match 2: Victoriaans Nederlands (submited by Valentine Z) defeats Liberty Federation of Aurevbush (submitted by Aurevbush) 9-6.
Top 16 Match 1: Kafair defeats The Cosmic Mainframe - Globe flag 12-11.

Top 32 Match 16: Valentine Z - Animated flag defeats The Vanic Imperium 16-8.
Top 32 Match 15: Thakia defeats Ssejekistan 8-4.
Top 32 Match 14: The Cosmic Mainframe - Globe flag defeats Drongonia - Main flag 10-2.
Top 32 Match 13: Kafair defeats Onfande - Main flag 13-9.
Top 32 Match 12: Hylvoria (submitted by Diarcesia) defeats Satuga 13-4.
Top 32 Match 11: Cantelo defeats Kandorith 9-7.
Top 32 Match 10: Drongonia - Alternate flag defeats Haruhi Japan - Main animated flag 17-2.
Top 32 Match 9: Sadakoyama defeats Haruhi Japan - Alternate animated flag 1 23-2.
Top 32 Match 8: Veskrona (submitted by Khoronzon) defeats The Grob - NS Flag 11-2.
Top 32 Match 7: South Pacific - Drongonia Concept defeats Khoronzon 12-9.
Top 32 Match 6: Victoriaans Nederlands (submited by Valentine Z) defeats Chinese Congo Submission 2 9-8.
Top 32 Match 5: Nexitros Stratuss (submitted by Valentine Z) defeats Wochaystein (submitted by Diarcesia) 15-6.
Top 32 Match 4: Three-way match - Liberty Federation of Aurevbush (submitted by Aurevbush) wins, Oysen Empire (submitted by Ssejekistan) is second and Mel Taruhm (submitted by Eotenses) is third; vote total is 10-6-4.
Top 32 Match 3: Three-way match - Astoria wins, Aurevbushan Kingdom (submitted by Aurevbush) and Chinese Congo Submission 3 tie for second; vote total is 10-3-3.
Top 32 Match 2: Three-way match - Norcott (submitted by Drongonia) wins, Korean Proletarians is second, and Sahaz (submitted by Onfande) is third; vote total is 13-6-5.
Top 32 Match 1: Three-way match - South Reinkalistan wins, The Cosmic Mainframe - Reboot flag is second, and Losphorotoene (submitted by Diarcesia) is third; vote total is 11-9-2.

Top 64 Match 32: Thakia defeats Aurevbush 10-7.
Top 64 Match 31: Chinese Congo Submission 3 ties with Aurevbushan Kingdom (submitted by Aurevbush) 11-11.
Top 64 Match 30: Veskrona (submitted by Khoronzon) defeats Imperial Mexican States (submitted by Korean Proletarians) 11-3.
Top 64 Match 29: Drongonia - Alternate flag defeats Renascento - Son of the Miracle flag 22-1.
Top 64 Match 28: Haruhi Japan - Alternate animated flag 1 defeats Greater Cosmicium - Five Star Cross 19-17. A decision to overturn this round was itself overturned.
Top 64 Match 27: Liberty Federation of Aurevbush (submitted by Aurevbush) defeats Duravia 17-0.
Top 64 Match 26: Onfande - Main flag defeats Biscany 9-5.
Top 64 Match 25: Wochaystein (submitted by Diarcesia) defeats Sirrimia 13-6.
Top 64 Match 24: Astoria defeats Diarcesia 11-9.
Top 64 Match 23: Kandorith defeats Onfande - Alternate flag 15-4.
Top 64 Match 22: Haruhi Japan - Main animated flag defeats Strahcoin 15-11. A decision to overturn this result was itself overturned.
Top 64 Match 21: Mel Taruhm (submitted by Eotenses) ties with Oysen Empire (submitted by Ssejekistan) 7-7.
Top 64 Match 20: The Cosmic Mainframe - Reboot flag defeats The Grob - Coat of Arms 18-2.
Top 64 Match 19: Victoriaans Nederlands (submited by Valentine Z) defeats Haruhi Japan - Alternate animated flag 3 24-1.
Top 64 Match 18: Chinese Congo Submission 2 defeats Jeyes (submitted by Eotenses) 17-14. There are allegations of cheating in this round, but they are not substantiated.
Top 64 Match 17: Kafair defeats Third ZSeparatists 19-2.
Top 64 Match 16: Sahaz (submitted by Onfande) ties with Korean Proletarians 9-9.
Top 64 Match 15: The Vanic Imperium defeats Renascento - Peacetime Banner 12-7.
Top 64 Match 14: The Cosmic Mainframe - Globe flag defeats Eotenses 18-4.
Top 64 Match 13: Cantelo defeats Unitarian Universalism (submitted by Korean Proletarians) 26-2.
Top 64 Match 12: Satuga defeats Khorzromoth (submitted by Khoronzon) 13-6.
Top 64 Match 11: Khoronzon defeats Haruhi Japan - Alternate Animated Flag 2 19-2.
Top 64 Match 10: Ssejekistan defeats Personification of Valentine Z 21-4.
Top 64 Match 9: Hylvoria (submitted by Diarcesia) defeats Chinese Congo Submission 1 20-16.
Top 64 Match 8: Valentine Z - Animated flag defeats Ergoslatic (submitted by Strahcoin) 30-4.
Top 64 Match 7: Sadakoyama defeats Montevento 26-22.
Top 64 Match 6: South Pacific - Drongonia Concept defeats Pax Somaliana (submitted by Korean Proletarians) 24-1.
Top 64 Match 5: South Reinkalistan ties with Losphorotoene (submitted by Diarcesia) 13-13.
Top 64 Match 4: Norcott (submitted by Drongonia) defeats Iazyges (submitted by Eotenses) 15-11.
Top 64 Match 3: Drongonia - Main flag defeats Renascento - Wartime flag 18-9.
Top 64 Match 2: The Grob - NS Flag defeats Nucleous Union (submitted by Strahcoin) 28-5. 7 flags from 6 submitters were added late.
Top 64 Match 1: Nexitros Stratuss (submitted by Valentine Z) defeats Renascento - Peacetime Flag 16-10. 1 flag was added late.
Accepting Submissions: Received 56 flags from 23 submitters

Submissions Archive
Thanks to everyone who participated, both those who won big and those who lost early on, and those who didn't submit a flag.
64 flags from 30 submitters total.
8 flags from 5 submitters in the top 8.

Globe flag - Defeated (Top 16)
The dark colors combined with the globe represent the Mainframe's interconnected nature and its total dominance over various planets. Based on this: LinkFlag of the Internet.

Reboot symbol flag - Defeated (Top 32)
The reboot symbol was chosen to represent the nature of the Mainframe: a computer, constantly upgrading itself.

Veskrona - 3rd
The post-revolutionary flag of the unified Veskronan state was designed by Shioris Valthar himself before he became the nation's Commandant, a few years into the Revolution when he took charge of the Futurists and solidified their ideology based on his own. The hammer and cog represent industry and technology, while the sickle blade represents agriculture. Together, they represent Veskrona's new age, and its driving forces and core tenets - prosperity, strength, advancement, and labour. The red symbolises the strength and vitality of the nation, as well as its lifeblood, both in the sense of shared blood and in the sense of revolutionary bloodshed. The black bars around it symbolise the nation's unbreaking unity and common will, while the white field stands for hope, clarity, and rejection of ignorance, additionally being inspired by the land's deep, cold winters and boreal climate from which the Veskronan people emerged.

Khoronzon - Defeated (Top 32)

Khorzromoth - Defeated (Top 64)

NS Flag - Defeated (Top 32)

Coat of Arms - Defeated (Top 64)

Main flag - Defeated (Top 16)

NS flag - 6th
The eagle has always been an important bird to South Reinkalistan; the sword it clutches in this flag represents the nation's militarism, while the grain represents its agricultural past. The six stars in the eagle's chest represent the six provinces of the People's Federation, and the big 8-point star at the top is the "Red Star of Tosdoda", the symbol of the state religion's God.

Main flag - Defeated (Top 64)

Eotenses - Defeated (Top 64)

Iazyges - Defeated (Top 64)

Jeyes - Defeated (Top 64)

Mel Taruhm - Defeated (Top 32)

Onfande Main flag - Defeated (Top 32)
Ever since the Onfandeen Transition Period (2073-2075), we have used this flag as a national symbol. The Onfandite flag stands for 4 things: The monarchy, the waters, the nature, and the culture. The reason that we have chosen this flag is because the former flag of Onfande was decided to no longer suit our needs, due to many in the international community saying "it looked like a badge, or a rank (" So, this flag was created in response. It has the same dimensions of the previous flag, but is somewhat more complex. In the center of our banner, is the symbol of the current ruling family in Onfande, who are known as "the best rulers of Onfande" due to how friendly, and incorruptible they are. (excluding an incident that happened in 2112)

On the sides of the flag are a symbol of our diverse culture, with them representing our purity, and nature, but as well as the history of this nation, with much of the red color on the flag representing those who died to bring us glory. As for the main part of the flag, which is blue, it represents our nature as well, mainly the water, due to the majority of our land being on a beautiful island.

Onfande Alternate flag - Defeated (Top 64)
Color White: Purity, Honor, Royalty
Color Navy: Royalty, Peacefulness
Color Burgundy: Signifies the bloody history of this nation.
Fleur de Lis: The nation is based on French cultures.

Sahaz - Defeated (Top 32)
Color White: Purity, Royalty
Color Yellow: Honor, Weather
Color Blue: Naval history, Peacefulness

Main animated flag - Defeated (Top 32)
I'm not really sure how to explain my flags but let's just say that William Afton (AKA: Purple Guy) has done some pretty messed up things in his life and he feels nothing but sorrow and regret for what he did to the 5 missing children. Basically, just read up on the lore behind FNAF and then come back and tell me what you think.

Alternate animated flag 1 - Defeated (Top 32)
I'm not really sure how to explain my flags but let's just say that William Afton (AKA: Purple Guy) has done some pretty messed up things in his life and he feels nothing but sorrow and regret for what he did to the 5 missing children. Basically, just read up on the lore behind FNAF and then come back and tell me what you think.

Alternate animated flag 2 - Defeated (Top 64)
I'm not really sure how to explain my flags but let's just say that William Afton (AKA: Purple Guy) has done some pretty messed up things in his life and he feels nothing but sorrow and regret for what he did to the 5 missing children. Basically, just read up on the lore behind FNAF and then come back and tell me what you think.

Alternate animated flag 3 - Defeated (Top 64)
I'm not really sure how to explain my flags but let's just say that William Afton (AKA: Purple Guy) has done some pretty messed up things in his life and he feels nothing but sorrow and regret for what he did to the 5 missing children. Basically, just read up on the lore behind FNAF and then come back and tell me what you think.

Present day - Defeated (Top 64)
Original design from Interior Secretary Thomas Natborough under then President Adam Watkins in 201 ALA as a simple red saltire on a white background similar to that of the Kingdom Flag, but then added some bolder and darker shades of blue and green to represent Aurevbush's new set of ideals (peace, freedom, and justice) for its bicentennial. The blue represents the big beautiful sky, freedom and perseverance,
green triangle on the bottom represents
the majestic landscape of Aurevbush's nature and the planet's children that call Aurevbush home.
WHITE sides: Peace, innocence, and serenity
Red Saltire: Heritage, valor, and strength

Aurevbushan Kingdom - Defeated (Top 32)
Red and white saltire was the original symbol and part of the original coat of arms of the preceding kingdom of Aurevalle (May or may not point to references of the St. Andrew's cross). The Blue represents Loyalty, Unity, and Aletness with the green bottom triangle representing the Hill of Lappenport where Andrew the Grand declared a mountainous victory over the invading Ronosaran forces and boasted victory at Castle Lulilio. The crown is self explanatory. First established as early as Year 2 BALA. Variants of the Kingdom flag include several coats of arms from the precursor kingdoms that have established the Aurevbushan Continental Dominion subsequently.

Liberty Federation of Aurevbush - Defeated (Top 16)
On 13th of Leandry, 131 ALA, when word broke out that the Imperial Prateorian guard prohibited further gatherings at urban areas, Leo Gouto and his Rebellion decided that maybe the better solution would be to break away from the kingdom and form their own nation independent of its realms. The New Republican Symbolism Committee held a month long contest to determine what flag would be suitable in representing the new born nation's fight for individualism and sovereingty. The design shown here won by a landslide.

13 red and white stars represented the thirteen inviolable rights or 13 provinces of the kingdom that separated first (contrary to the popular claim to socialism). The red representing the blood and sweat driven from industrial workers and soldiers, the white representing the hope and purity of homewives and nurses, and the green represented the land and vegitation planted and reaped by farmers across the land. Today, it is used as a symbol of Aurevbush's first struggle for liberty in a historical era and can be found in many civil rights protests across the country.

Main flag - Defeated (Top 32)

Drongonia Main flag - Defeated (Top 32)

Drongonia Alternate flag - 4th

Norcott - 7th

South Pacific - Drongonia Concept - 2nd

Chinese Congo Submission 1 - Defeated (Top 64)

Chinese Congo Submission 2 - Defeated (Top 32)

Chinese Congo Submission 3 - Defeated (Top 32)

Strahcoin - In Top 32
The current leader of the nation, who was born in America, somehow ended up on the land, saved a starving tribe, and established a constitutional capitalist republic that continues to prosper. The blue, red, and white stripes represent the nation's loyalty and patriotism to America and its values (even though it's an independent nation), while the yellow coin (supposed to be a Strahcoin, the currency of the nation) and the brown briefcase represent its devotion to free-market capitalism. The lightning bolt represents the nation's support for science and innovation, which (along with the capitalism) helped the people here from struggling to feed themselves to enjoying modern to futuristic luxuries.

Ergoslatic - Defeated (Top 64)
Before the Ergoslatic Revolution, Ergoslatic was an empire led by an absolute monarchy. However, not many were happy with this. The current leader of Ergoslatic - Joleneir Pytoun - organized the Ergoslatic Revolution to overthrow the monarchy and establish socialism. The revolutionaries succeeded, and the Empire of Ergoslatic became the Socialist Federation of Ergoslatic. This new economic system is represented by the seven stars on the flag (there are also seven federated states in Ergoslatic), with red representing revolution and bloodshed. The burning Strahcoin was added on the right to show Ergoslatic's contempt for the constitutional capitalist republic and its intent to destroy the right.

Nucleous Union - Defeated (Top 64)

NS Flag - Defeated (Top 64)

NS Flag - 5th

Main flag/Chrysolynx - Defeated (Top 64)
Before reading further, try to guess the meaning of the flag.

The lynx symbolizes the Barrier, the Salvation, the Mark of Endurance, for our founder Arcesius was delivered from an arrow that would have ended his life by this creature as he was hunted down by his so-called friends. The red symbolizes the sacrifice, the new overcoming the old, the Sea of Blood, for this is the price that the Mark of Endurance paid to ensure Arcesius's survival. The First Monarch took the Creature with him, healed its scars, and became his loyal companion.

The X-Dossiers has exposed a second conspiracy, this time involving the House of Arkess, who it claims has been hiding the truth about the Diarcesian Unification for years. If true, this would mean that even though the Monarchy has claimed otherwise, the father of the First Monarch is actually the real author of the Diarcesian flag, as well as other symbols and devices associated with the Monarchy.

Hylvoria - Defeated (Top 16)
The dark green background symbolizes its jungle environment. The lighter green stripes symbolize the taming of the land on the Hylvorians' arrival. The number of stripes (eight) stand for the historical cities in the realm. The center stripe represents the Protathlete River, that the background is diagonal underscores the rivers' significance to the realm. The emblem is the royal family's crest.

Losphorotoene - Defeated (Top 32)
Located in a tropical climate with a maritime-oriented culture, the center yellow stripe symbolizes the shoreline and their sea-longing. The blue stripes on both sides symbolizes their historical reputation as prolific seafarers. A lot of them were explorers and pirates. It means that whether east or west, they are present in its oceans. The turtle emblem is for the constancy of the water, land, and the people. The arrow stuck in the turtle shell (added after the Diarcesian conquest) stands for their resolve that even if their way of life gets threatened, they will still remain intact. No, it's not a reference to anything at all.

Wochaystein - Defeated (Top 32)
A vestigial theocratic empire with its emperor also head of its church, the colors were inspired by the house of Phönizien. The golden cross is for Christianity and the illumination of the word of God. The purple is the color of the Phönizien emperors, and it is a remembrance of the Holy Empire at its height. The orange background represents the intensity of their zeal, just like how the sunrise extinguishes the darkness. The emblem stands for their natural resources being blessed by the cleansing flame.

Main flag - Defeated (Top 64)

Main flag - Defeated (Top 32)
The Kandorese flag is named 'The Immortal Flower' and modeled after the national flowers the Kanyuo Lotus and Sakura flower. The flag symbolizes the Kandorese Empire as a whole, where the largest flower stands for the monarch and the mandate of the gods for the imperial rule of the Empire.

The sakura flowers symbolize the Kandorese government and the Kandorese people and culture. The colour scheme was carefully chosen for this national symbol and has deep roots within Kandorese history. The red symbolizes national pride, strive and the blood that was spilled to defend the nation in it's most harsh times. The white of the flag stands for the purity and devoutness of the Kandorese nation and people.

The circle surrounding the Imperial Flower symbolizes the moon and the moon goddess, from who the monarch is born in mythology. It also refers to the first Kandorese Emperor. The rays coming from the moon circle are the twelve major provinces of the Kandorese nation, but also symbolize the 12 main gods of the Tendo pantheon who are believed to be the "parents" of all Kandorese people.

As a whole the flag symbolizes the Kandorese religion, nation, the people and the unification of the country.

Main animated flag - 1st
Combined using PowerPoint and Premiere for the 4 flags that make Valentine Z, well... VZ.

Personification of Valentine Z - Defeated (Top 64)
Something I tried out for fun with the personification of Valentine Z.

Nexitros Stratuss - Defeated (Top 16)

Victoriaans Nederlands - 8th
Victoriaans Nederlands! It went through, several, SEVERAL changes and after much frustration... I must say that this went well, representing the dual nature of Victoriaans Nederlands (industrious, and cares about the environment), and ultimately towards Valentine Z (VN is under VZ).

NS Flag - Defeated (Top 16)
  • semicircle of 6 stars - representing each of the federal states

  • centre star - representing the unity of each states [although since 1900 can also refer to the ACT - the capital's territory]

  • blue background - representing the country's surroundings, which are in the middle of the north Atlantic

  • white stripes - representing the peace that the nation enjoys; partly because it has no present enemies, both natural & manmade

  • red stripe - representing the 1643 revolution, which replaced the monarchy with one of the - if not the - world's first republics.

Imperial Mexican States - Defeated (Top 64)

Korean Proletarians - Defeated (Top 32)

Pax Somaliana - Defeated (Top 64)

Unitarian Universalism - Defeated (Top 64)

Peacetime flag - Defeated (Top 64)

Wartime flag - Defeated (Top 64)
The Twisted Eight/El Retorcido is obviously a symbol of eternity, wealth (it's gold and purple), and the manifold nature of the faith. Outside, it's just Blasphemous's arc symbol, telling all of the main inspiration for my nation.

Peacetime Banner - Defeated (Top 64)
The El Retorcido - or the Coiled Eight - is the national seal of the Hierarchy of Renascento - representing the concepts of eternity and abundance. It is also the seal of the former Archon of the late Romezia, Elevtherio, who is known as a patron of the arts.

The color purple signify one of the main trades of Renascento: Epimarine purple, which is the only natural source of purple dye within the continent, and the purple silks the nation is famous for. Gold represents the market, wealth, and the noble metal; whereas the color white refers to the poisonous ashes covering their former capital Triptych and the efforts to purify themselves in the eyes of the Archons, as well as being the primary color worn by the faith. And lastly, the red stripes within the El Retorcido symbolize the blood shed during the El Quemada Fresno.

Son of the Miracle - Defeated (Top 64)
The Twisted Eight/El Retorcido is obviously a symbol of eternity, wealth (it's gold and purple), and the manifold nature of the faith. Outside, it's just Blasphemous's arc symbol, telling all of the main inspiration for my nation.

Main flag (Old Squiddy) - Defeated (Top 16)
The blue and white striped area represents a stormy sea, the dark and light grey stripes a stormy sky. Together they represent the frequent inclement weather we experience, and in a less overt sense the tumultuous journey we endured to arrive and survive in our new land.

The blue circle represents egalitarian equality; the red star, which evolved from a stylized fox head, represents intelligence and guile. Each symbol was the respective insignia of two different underground science organizations that together escaped persecution by resurgent religious authorities in an alternate 16th century England where the Church clamped down of the Enlightenment. The gold border represents the integrity and strength of Science uniting the two.

The current flag was designed by an art student, Petrovka Schillinger, a 19 year old graphic designer, as her entry into a contest sponsored by the Council of Sciencemasters in the early Sixties to replace a more ornate, excessive, and baroque design. The old design was... interesting. There were tentacles (one reason the flag is still referred to as "Old Squiddy").

NS Flag - Defeated (Top 64)
Green represents the land and blue represents the sky, and red star represents socialism.

Newer version
NS Flag - Defeated (Top 32)
Courtesy of Azadliq!

Satuga was once a country ruled by an iron fist, corruption, political sabotage, and "disappearances" ran rampant. However a fatal error was made by the corrupt rulers of Satuga. They thought even if their shady happenings were revealed the public would stay quiet out of fear, this turned out to be a special case. A man identified only as "the Igniter" stood in protest against the government, and you can imagine how well that went. The government sent troops over to "dispatch" the protester. Though instead of allowing himself to be taken or killed by them, he took the Thích Quang Duc route, dousing himself in lighter fluid, and a thin layer of metal. When the troops decided to end it by killing him to set an example, the bullet hit the metal plating, igniting fluid he had lathered onto his body. He was killed instantly, but his body burst into flames. This outraged the public, with more courageous folk taking it upon themselves to create the "Satugan Liberators" an underground organization dedicated to overthrowing the tyrannical regime. Long story short, after many leaders of the Satugan Liberators had been captured and executed, many more took their place. In the end the revolution garnered so much support that a majority of the population had been a part of it. The revolution finally ended when the tyrannical leader was overthrown violently, and executed in the streets.
When creating a new government and nation it took a very long time to decide on the flag structure, the people wanted something unique, and powerful. Then one of them suggested a Hydra, to represent the many times the freedom fighters leadership had been killed only to be replaced, as well to show that no matter what happens the people will always fight. And thus the flag and symbolsim of Satuga was created.

Main flag - Defeated (Top 16)
The Thakian flag often called "The Solar Banner" is a flag consisting of three colour stripes (Blue, Red and Black) and the national symbol of Thakia accompanied by an Olive branch in the upper left corner.

Blue represents the sky above, Red represents The kingdom of Novgyrod (That had a red flag), black represents the Kingdom of Silveria (That had a black flag), And the royal symbol represents these kingdoms united under a common crown.

LinkHere is a diagram describing the meaning of the flag.

Five Star Cross - In Top 32
The Five-Star Cross was created by the Cosmician Vexillological Organization in 1072917. The Five-Star Cross has three colors, yellow, black and white. The cross represents the expanse of Greater Cosmicium, the four stars on each corner represent four of the five main species of Greater Cosmicium: Humans, Khaazai, Scorpions and Dragons, and the star in the middle represents the unity of Greater Cosmicium, an increasingly ironic thing as the four factions come ever closer to civil war.

Main flag - Defeated (Top 64)
Image missing.
NS flag - Defeated (Top 32)
The current flag was adopted after the Second Serican Occupation, to rejoice at our freedom. The blue represents the sky, justice, and liberation. The green represents hope and the forests. The white represents the snow on Ssejekistan's mountaintops. The flame emblem in the middle is a symbol of Ssejekistani polytheism. The stars were added later, as a remembrance of Ssejekistan's time being oppressed by the Daryet Union.

Oysen Empire - Defeated (Top 32)

These people wanted to submit flags, but they were not able to because they came in late. I hope they will come along whenever the next iteration starts. Be patient - it will take a while to write the OP, and I would like to give prior submitters time to work on new flags as well!
Sapporo hyperspace riftgate laboratory, New Solaurora, Slavakino, Konolas, Glurponia, Awesomeland012345

These people did not submit flags, but nonetheless contributed to the bracket through discussion. Hopefully your contributions can be archived! If not, at least they won't be forgotten.
Apabeossie, Atlantarctica, Great algerstonia, Union of sovereign states and republics, New spiedska, Zeritae, Paradeavenlisian States

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Mentionable factbooks and other tidbits.

Ones that are higher quality than others, relatively-speaking. Some more evaluative than others, and a lot of thought put into them.

  • The Overview of Valentine Z:

    Click Linkhere for a bigger and smoother animation!

    Due to the size of the images, please do give some time for your ISP to load the data! Enjoy your read! ♥

    De Geweldige Sierlijke Katachtige Utopia en Zijne Autonome Machten ov Valentine Z
    (The Graceful and Wonderful Feline Utopia and its Glorious Autonomous Superpowers of Valentine Z)


    Motto: Een Natie gebou op Amour, Cuidado, et Rikai (A nation built on Love, Care and Understanding)
    National Anthem: LinkA Better Future


    Population: 12 billion (Jan 2090) (14,208 million for NS Stats version)
    Density: [N/A at the moment] km2

    Capital: အောက်ပိုင်း ရန်ကုန် (Aoutpine Yangon)
    Largest City:

    Official Language: Valkyrie Sprak, English

    National Language: Valkyrie Sprak, English, among the rest of the languages known throughout history of Earth

    Demonym: Valentians

    The MEOWWW of Valentine Z:
    • Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Basilisk Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing
    • Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison

    The following nations below are under Valentine Z's administrative division.

    The Clarissa's Vagrant Persona of Alanis Star:
    • Exuberant Superintendent T-2000/2904-3 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi
    • Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian

    The Heerlijke Opperheerschappij of Victoriaans Nederlands
    • Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel Maximillian “Infinity Hunter” Swifty Felix Maverick Prometheus Revlin Lynx Artyom Lichtenstein Baptiste C. Viot. Talon Haydn Lincoln Taal Reynolds Fang Wu Ying
    • Vice Foresittend Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Moira “Неуловимая, Женщина-шпион” Marlene Wendy Lucille Lapis Jill Khorosheva Vin. Zolina łnt. Natasha Vasilisa Helen Ceeta Tescelyn Maximovna

    The Overwatch's Enhanced Bastion of Voorzichtigheid:
    • Head Secretary Jamie Izabella Maxie Clara “The Elegant and Magnificent Mathematician” Pernella Ellie Natie Lexie Marie Valerie Ruby Æstriðr Fni. Clementine Millicent Lizbeth Alex Cass Eirian
    • Assistant Secretary Mandy Juliet Voorzicht “Le Diplomate Indiscutable Mais Maladroit” Willow Stephanie Madison Rose Hélène Deborah Colette Diva Lydia Koh Raphaëlle Lucie V. Trs. Bertillon

    The Scientific Super Colliders of Vostrov:
    • Premier Ministre Kendrick Elliott Quinton Øistein Håvard “Ustoppelig Vilje” Demetrius Barrett Anderson Jovita Eril Moff Tarvin Dsv. Gudmund Ronny Runar Elias Dp. Marius Andres Hemmingsen
    • Vice Premier Ministre Markus Tom Lincoln Schillinger Lewis Joyelle Wei Jaiden X. “Hraður Og Banvænn” Nordmann M. Geoff Julius Wyatt Junius Mar Sigfastur H. Vix Svanmundur Gunnarsson

    The Beautiful Mathematicians of Mathematik:
    • President Brook Angelo Pythos R. Voorstein Taylor Gwenaël Yves L' Hôpital

    The Time-and-Space Benders of Natuurkunde:
    • President Nikola Maxwell E. Steiner Wattson Hvalimir Nestorovski Tesla

    The Heldere n Betoverde Dimensie of Garden at 6th Mile Road (Unofficial Territory):
    • Holly Aceline “De Stralend en Wonderbaarlijk Licht Koningin Van Haar Mooie Universum” Aurora Symantha Vreugde Astrid Lavender Lexis Lilac Harmony Tsi. Marlie Nova Radiant Lapia Starlight

    • Upper House: Chief Senator Annette Shannon Gwendolyn “Höchste Gerechtigkeit Und Heitere Ehre” Melissa Liliah Nelie Irella I. Steinhäusser Magdalena Tammy Elizabeth Jennifier Dorothea Wanda Ec. Lexer
    • Lower House: Intelligence Officer Jenny Claudia Joy Lena Linette “Sombra De Kenshutsu Sa Renai Hakkā” Marce Tanya Mayweather Ik. D. Do. S. Morishita Whitney Sakurano Fujima Felice Hoshiko Radiance

    • Head: Lead Ambassador Germaine Athena “Mercy De Herzhafter Schutzengel” Sylvi Angelina Zoe Sophia Jen Alanna Rx J. Hailie Ziegler Halls Constance Pauletta Ginevra Lola Lauran Ambra Tschanz
    • Assistant: Head Diplomat Charlene Jeannie Natalia Adeline Marceline “Wanbyeoghan Hyeobsang-Ga.” Celestie Christine Irelle Dv. Arianna Rees Edith Novena Annie Ciara W. I. Bethany Myong Suh-Hyung

    Establishment: From the former countries and colonies
    Independence: c. 1st of Jan, 2000 (0-000, 0 : 00 : 00 under the new Decimal Time)

    Land Area: 141,247,976 km² (54,536,148 mile²)
    Water Area: 361,132,000 km²
    Water %: 71.8

    Highest Point: Mount Everest / 8,848 meters
    Lowest Point: Mariana Trench / -11,034 meters

    GDP (nominal): 5,986 trillion Universal and Reliable Valentian Credits
    GDP (nominal) per capita: 421,329 Universal and Reliable Valentian Credits

    Human Development Index (NS Version): 1.0000

    Currency: Valentian Credits (VC)

    Time Zone: N/A

    Drives on the: Right

    Calling code: N/A

    Internet TLD: .vz

    The MEOWWW of Valentine Z

    De Geweldige Sierlijke Katachtige Utopia en Zijne Autonome Machten ov Valentine Z (The Graceful and Wonderful Feline Utopia and its Glorious Autonomous Superpowers of Valentine Z), or simply known as The MEOWWW of Valentine Z, is a combination of nearly the entirety of Earth. Its territories covers the entire Earth, minus Australia, which belongs to The Borderlands of Vidunderlige Nye Verden. Valentine Z covers 141,247,976 km². Valentine Z comprises of 6 other autonomous regions under its control. The nation as a whole has an autocratic government system, with the roles of President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, and Vice Prime Ministers there just for namesake, while the military itself has the largest power (led by General Valentijn).

    The pre-Valentian history was identical to the history of what was known as "Earth with non-disastrous Cold War results". For this parallel, the Cold War escalated and the world was separated to two sides: The Western Hemisphere (USA and its allies), and The Eastern Hemisphere (USSR and its allies). On the grim evening of 25th of September, 1998, both USA and USSR had enough of each other. They launched nuclear missiles at one another, as well as through its ally regions. Basically, almost every single square mile of the Earth was bombarded by radiation.

    From the ashes of the old world, comes terraforming, and a new Earth of peace, love, and harmony. Valentine Z's role is to unite the world under one roof, as well as to prevent further atrocities and crimes against humanity from happening again. Namely, Valentine Z has sworn off its usage of nuclear weapons on international stages (though 16 ICBMs are kept in case of possible large-scale invasions), while recognizing the presence of other worlds, and even other Earths, through parallel universes. Risen from the ashes of Earth's former nations and colonies, Valentine Z's aim is simple: For betterment of humanity, as well as to eliminate discrimination based on race, religion, or ethnicity. As of Jan 2050, Valentine Z set itself a goal to colonize Mars to accommodate the growing population, and by 2060, most of the Valentians have taken their first flight to Mars, setting up a permanent colony on the new red planet.

    Valentine Z operates on an Autocracy, with Limited Capitalism and a degree of Socialist and Communist ideologies implemented in its economic system.

    Canonical Stats and Policies can be viewed here for a quick summary:


    The name Valentine Z was thought up by General Valentijn himself, right after Valentine's Day. The name is designated to be synonymous with the day of the lovers, which is expanded into the context of the entire nation, and ultimately the world itself. The basic notion is to create a nation that will solve conflicts through peaceful means, and in peace time, to create and nurture the nicest and most caring populace.

    The standard way to refer to a citizen of Valentine Z is as a "Valentian." For other autonomous nations, they have their own demonyms, namely:

    Alanis Star: Stars, or in rare cases, Alanians.

    Voorzichtigheid: Titans.

    Victoriaans Nederlands: Do note that while they are called “Dutch-Germans”, it is indeed true that many of them are neither Dutch nor Germans. It is simply a broad term for those that has resided within the countries that Victoriaans Nederlands was originally composed of, i.e. The Netherlands, Russia, and Germany.

    Vostrov: Simply Vostrovs.

    Mathematik: Mathematicians.

    Natuurkunde: Physicists.


    Pre-Valentian Era
    The pre-Valentian history was identical to the history of what was known as "Earth with non-disastrous Cold War results". For this parallel, the Cold War escalated and the world was separated to two sides: The Western Hemisphere (USA and its allies), and The Eastern Hemisphere (USSR and its allies). While there were constant conflicts, one positive side about the war was that the technology has advanced much further than anyone has seen - Quantum Physics, Short-Distance Teleportation, Immortality was in the works, Dumb AIs are being made... a bloodshed with scientific advancement with its side effect, as the survivors have commented.

    At the height of its conflict, billions of lives were lost in the conventional warfare, while any attempts to negotiate always broke down and result in a death of a diplomat. It was commented by Head Diplomat Charlene that "Anyone who stood on the international pedestal lasted 20 seconds on average. Both sides were simply unstable." This was all coupled with the fact that rebellion and splinter forces were running rampant throughout the world, and it became near-impossible to determine on whether they were organised by the government or not.

    General Valentijn, during [YEAR MISSING], proposed to his hometown Burmese government about Project Resolute - to build a dome that would cover part of Yangon - a capital of Burma, as well as to begin researching on terra-forming to counter the effects of a nuclear fallout should either side decided to launch all their nuclear arsenal all across Earth. His idea was dismissed as a mere flight of fancy at first, but with the increasing number of terrorist attacks and news about an impending nuclear warfare, the government decided to divert their military and resources to Valentijn's cause, and at that point of time, Myanmar secretly became an isolationist nation, quietly withdrawing all its troops to either help out with Valentijn’s cause, or to contribute to the defensive measures of the country.

    The aim of Project Resolute was to ensure that every single race, language, religion, nationality, and ethnic groups survive the war, in order to ensure that the cultures from all around the world would survive the ordeal. This goal was achieved with the help of then-Chief Intelligence Jolyn, as well as Intelligence Officer Jenny, who ran covert operations to randomly pick a group of people of the specifications. The selection was justified in a sense that Project Resolute was only enough for 400.000 to 500.000 people, so saving the whole Earth is unfortunately a lost cause. Despite this, Valentijn kept an optimistic view that at the very least, the blow would be cushioned by ensuring that different cultures survive.

    Despite some difficulties in keeping the populace from attacking each other, it was overall a successful procedure. Head Diplomat Charlene's efforts to disarm everyone's weapons was applauded as a tactical foresight, resulting in most of the racial conflicts being fistfights that was easily quelled.

    The End of the Old Era
    On the grim evening of 25th of September, 1998, both USA and USSR had enough of each other. They launched nuclear missiles at one another, as well as through its ally regions. Basically, almost every single square mile of the Earth was bombarded by radiation. At that time, General Valentijn was outside the dome together with Surveillant Clarissa, though with absurd luck, both of them survived the ordeal, with the former mutating beyond human capabilities. Terraforming began on 21st of December, 1999, and ended precisely on 1st of January, 2000, designated as Year 0. The side-effect was that the gravitational distortion and altered gravitational constant (from 9.81 m/s2 to 5.55 m/s2) also altered the Earth's orbit, resulting in a perfect orbit to use Decimal Time. For labeling time, both Decimal Time and Traditional (Old Earth) Time is used, so as to communicate with the rest of the parallel Earths.

    The Beginning of the Valentian Era
    In the present day Valentine Z, ICBMs, chemical warfare, biological warfare - WMDs in general, have been condemned and seen as nothing but a step back towards humanity, though Valentijn ordered that 16 ICBMs be kept for self-defense, while the rest of the weapons are to be dismantled, rendering them harmless. The people have been convinced to not tolerate, but to be accepting and caring of each other, regardless of their racial or political background. Today, Valentine Z remained as one of the happiest nations of this side of the galaxy, filled with cats and kittens roaming the city freely and safely, being taken care of by the neighboring residents.

    Segregation of Australia from Valentine Z
    Around Year 1 (2001), Australia decided to separate from Valentine Z, forming Vidunderlige Nye Verden under Anarchist Jamison Mad Max Arielian. The terraforming efforts was simply not enough to counteract the mutation effects that have concentrated there, as well as the biodiversity and dangerous wildlife that managed to survive and adapt. Societal breakdown happened to a small degree, though just like Valentine Z, Vidunderlige Nye Verden managed to stay together and keep as one. Their reason for separation was that they had enough of the government meddling with their everyday lives; the Cold War has simply scarred them, and they even see Valentine Z with much paranoia. Anarchist Jamison commented that, "We can take care of ourselves now, thank you! We had enough of the Man, man."

    Discovery of an odd dimension
    [CLASSIFIED: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY] A few months later, another small region was discovered in Garden at 6th Mile Road, which was a result of an energetic concentration that occurred at that area. Queen Wisp Holly requests that she and her dimensional rift be kept private and thus, a front was set up by General Valentijn. Despite this, Holly remarks that there has been trespassers to her region, and while they are harmless, she does not want people getting lost inside and starving to death.

    Division of Valentine Z into multiple Autonomous Regions
    Around Year 3 (c. 2006), Valentijn decided to give more power to his closest associates, essentially to make the entire Earth (minus Australia) much more effective. That is, while Valentine Z will function as the main brain and headquarters of the world, many of the autonomous regions will be operating under their own guise, under their own leadership. That is, Alanis Star became a front for technological advancements, Voorzichtigheid is known as the “Defenders of Earth”, Victoriaans Nederlands is a cornerstone for Earth’s culture, while Vostrov and Mathematik and Natuurkunde are meant for further researches, as well as where most of the universities are.

    Valentine Z’s revitalized space program, and Colonisation of Mars
    By the year 2050, Valentijn realised that the Valentians are still growing and expanding at an alarming rate, and at the spur of the moment, underwater or floating cities were considered. However, they were proven to be slightly costlier than the space program, since the Valentians have some resemblance of space tech (apart from the usual satellites and unmanned crafts) from the pre-Valentian Era. With that, Valentijn and his team of officials and friends set off to Mars with the help of 1st Cpt. Angela and her spaceship, as well as Gwen with her time powers. The combined effort let the Valentians land on Mars in less than 3 hours, though it was proven to be exhausting for Gwen who has to maintain her time powers throughout the journey.

    Work commenced immediately and with Valentijn and Valentina’s help, the Valentians were able to set up their base quickly and eventually, there was a permanent base, followed by a complex that could house up to 1,000 people and counting. The expansion efforts were carried out by the rest of the Valentian workforce, as well as with the additional help from Earth. However, Valentijn and Clarissa soon realised that they could have simply terraform Mars, all with the specifications of Earth. The very same tech that breathed life back into the nuclear bomb ridden Earth, could be used for Mars. As a result, the Valentians packed up, retreated from Mars and from a safe distance, Clarissa loaded Earth’s geographical details into the terraformer and activated it remotely. Within minutes, Mars was reborn, and by 2055, the whole of Mars was colonized.

    The entirety Colony of Mars is under Valentine Z, though Valentine Z officially recognises Mars as belonging to many other autonomous nations that worked together with Valentijn.

    More about Valentine Z's History can be read here: page=dispatch/id=671174


    General Physical Geography

    The Geography of Valentine Z itself is an extremely broad range, from the highest points at Mount Everest, to the lowest points deep down Mariana Trench. This was all in thanks to the Valentian’s terraforming device, which managed to demolish and reconstruct everything down to its detail, as well as the fact that Valentine Z encompassed nearly the entire Earth. The areas of Valentine Z encompassed the entire Earth, with a land area of 141,247,976 km2 and a water area of 361,132,000 km2, all of this excluding Australia.

    Time System

    With the Terraforming done once in the past, the gravitational waves changed the speed and size of the orbit of the Old Earth around the Sun, making Decimal Time a reality. We simply borrowed the idea of a metric time implemented during Old Earth's French Revolution.

    1 Decimal Second = 1 Old Earth Second. The smaller parts of the second remain the same, e.g. Old Earth Nanosecond = Decimal Nanosecond.

    - There are 100 decimal seconds (S) in 1 decimal minute (M).
    - There are 100 decimal minutes (M) in 1 decimal hour (H).
    - There are 10 decimal hours (H) in 1 decimal day (D).
    - 1000 decimal days (D) in 1 decimal year (Y).

    There are 10 Decimal Months in 1 Decimal Year, with 1 Decimal Month = 100 Decimal Days.

    There's no separate date and time format; the time format H : MM : SS can be extended to Y - M - DD, H : MM : SS.

    To calculate the number of Decimal Seconds in a date, and to convert it to Old Earth Years, you can do it manually as stated below,
    5 – 8 – 65, 8 : 40 : 22
    = (5 * 10 * 100 * 10 * 100 * 100) + (8 * 100 * 10 * 100 * 100) + (65 * 10 * 100 * 100) + (8 * 100 * 100) + (40 * 100) + 22
    = 586,584,022 Decimal / Old Earth Seconds
    = 586,854,022 / (3600 * 24 * 365.25) Old Earth Years
    = 18.587 Old Earth Years.

    800 – 0 – 32, 0 : 05 : 66
    = (800 * 10 * 100 * 10 * 100 * 100) + (0 * 100 * 10 * 100 * 100) + (32 * 10 * 100 * 100) + (0 * 100 * 100) + (5 * 100) + 66
    = 80,003,200,566 Decimal / Old Earth Seconds
    = 2,535.15 Old Earth Years

    Another method is to simply take the digits in the format and write them down, INCLUDING the zeroes. This will be the number of Dec. / Old Earth Seconds.
    1004 – 0 – 05, 8 : 00 : 03
    = 1004,0,05,8,00,03 = 100,400,580,003 Decimal / Old Earth Seconds
    = 3,181.502 Old Earth Years.

    Conversion Table, to show each division equating to number of Decimal / Old Earth Seconds

    Decimal Year

    Decimal Month

    Decimal Day

    Decimal Hour

    Decimal Minute

    Decimal Second

    Number of Decimal Seconds

    10 * 100 * 10 * 100 * 100

    100 * 10 * 100 * 100

    10 * 100 * 100

    100 * 100




    The Climate of Valentine Z varies depending on the location itself. However, after terraforming was done, the country has experienced several anomalies compared to the pre-terraformed Earth.

    For one, Valentine Z has a much wider Tropical Zone and Subtropical Zone, while the Temperate Zone, Subpolar Climate, and the Polar Climate have narrowed. This in turn resulted in a slightly higher average temperature, though thanks to Valentine Z’s solarpunk-themed means of producing energy instead of the natural resources and fossil fuel, the Greenhouse Effect is kept to a minimum.

    Tropical Climate

    A tropical climate in the Köppen climate classification is a non-arid climate in which all twelve months have mean temperatures of at least 18 °C (64 °F). In tropical climates there are often only two seasons: a wet season and a dry season. Tropical climates are frost-free, and changes in the solar angle are small. In tropical climates temperature remains relatively constant (hot) throughout the year.

    As for Valentine Z’s Earth, the Tropical Climates have seen an increase in size compared to the pre-terraform Earth. The temperatures in the temperate regions fluctuate wildly over the year, with the hottest temperatures recorded on the fifth month, while the coldest temperatures are between the tenth month and the following first month.

    Sub-Tropical Climate

    Humid Subtropical Climate is a zone of climate characterized by hot and humid summers, and mild winters. These climates normally lie on the southeast side of all continents, and are located poleward from adjacent tropical climates. While many subtropical climates tend to be located at or near coastal locations, in some cases they extend inland, most notably in China and the United States.

    Compared to pre-terraformed Earth, Valentine Z’s Sub-Tropical Climates has higher temperatures on average, with some months only a few degrees lower than the temperatures in the Tropical Climates at any given point in time.

    Temperate Climate

    The temperate or tepid climates of Earth occur in the middle latitudes, which span between the tropics and the polar regions of Earth. These zones generally have wider temperature ranges throughout the year and more distinct seasonal changes compared to tropical climates, where such variations are often small.

    For Valentine Z, as usual, the highest temperatures were recorded on the fifth month at a peaking 28.3° C, while the lowest temperatures were recorded at the tenth month at a drastic 8.7° C average. Due to this drastic temperature change throughout the year, Fall occurs earlier, and the vegetation has thicker stumps compared to their pre-terraform counterparts in order to store more water and food for the winter.

    Sub-Polar Climate

    The subarctic climate (also called subpolar climate, subalpine climate, or boreal climate) is a climate characterised by long, usually very cold winters, and short, cool to mild summers. It is found on large landmasses, away from the moderating effects of an ocean, generally at latitudes from 50° to 70°N poleward of the humid continental climates.

    For Valentine Z, the highest temperatures (on average) of these climates are recorded on the 4th Month of the Decimal Year, though the highest Median temperature occurs on the following month. The vegetation here are more or less coniferous, with trees having smaller leaves and thicker trunks in order to adapt to the slightly harsher winter conditions of the 8th to 10th Months, as compared to the Temperate Climate. Forest wolves and bears are found in large numbers, while small animals such as insects do not usually come out during Winter and would usually reside in the hollow and warm tree trunks. While not as populated as a Temperate or Tropical climates, a good percentage of Valentians are found in the regions, either living in small villages, or isolated themselves from the civilization to bask in the glory of Mother Nature.

    Polar Climate

    The polar climate regions are characterized by a lack of warm summers. Every month in a polar climate has an average temperature of less than 10 °C (50 °F). Regions with polar climate cover more than 20% of the Earth. Most of these regions are far from the equator, and in this case, winter days are extremely long and summer days are extremely short (or lasting for the entirety of each season or longer). A polar climate consists of cool summers and very cold winters, which results in treeless tundra, glaciers, or a permanent or semi-permanent layer of ice.

    For Valentine Z, the highest temperature obtained was on the 3rd Month, at -7.4° C, while the highest median temperature is also on the same month at -13.3° C. The Polar Climate sees the lowest temperatures throughout the world, with the 10th Month reaching as low as -50° C in some years, as well having a median temperature of -48° C. Due to these extreme conditions, little to no vegetation are present, and there is a good amount of polar animals present and adapted to the colder temperatures compared to the pre-Valentian polar creatures. For instance, penguins got a slightly thicker layer of fat, polar bears have longer hair and fur to trap heat, as well as a slower metabolism rate.


    The population of Valentine Z over the years from 1985 (pre-Valentian era), to 2000 (establishment of Valentine Z), to 2055 (Colonisation of Mars), to 2085 (current year), can be seen on these two graphs. Note that the conventional old Earth years are still used for the graphs in order to avoid confusion.

    The first generation of Valentians encompasses the survivors that made it through the nuclear war, either from their own shelters, or from Valentijn’s random choosing. These comprises of 500,000 - 550,000 people, all taken from various nations, ethnicity, race, religion, and languages. As a result, the Valentians are multicultural, multinational people, with inclusiveness and acceptance for one another in mind, after a month or two of unrest that was brought about from their motherlands brainwashing these people to hate the other hemisphere (i.e. West or East).

    More details of the Demographics can be found here: nation=valentine_z/detail=factbook/id=532873


    De Geweldige Sierlijke Katachtige Utopia en Zijne Autonome Machten ov Valentine Z runs on Autocracy, despite the outside beliefs that Valentine Z is a democratic nation. That is, due to the biology of the Valentians, as well as with Valentijn’s perceived immortality, it is near-impossible to run for an office or for a presidency. There are no political parties save for the official government, since no one feel the need to create one and in order to challenge the current ruling part of Valentians. The Valentian Army and The Valentian Government are not divided clearly, and they would see each other mixed up in each other’s businesses.

    General Valentijn is a one good example, whereby he holds the highest power in terms of the Valentian Government, as well as having the highest authority in the Valentian Army. He is thus dubbed as the most powerful (and a little insane) person to control the whole world except Australia, with every action dictated by himself. With that said, Valentijn does not exercise much authority, and apart from those that tried to defy or challenge his appointment in the office, would generally leave the people at peace and would allow them a high level of civil rights, with somewhat intermediate level of economic rights; it was simply the political freedom that he brings down to, with the most of the other roles filled up by close acquittances of his, even if most roles are coincidentally filled in order of meritocracy – it just so happens that his friends are capable of each of the roles, such as an Ambassador, a Diplomat, and so on..

    General Valentijn and Chief Aviator Gwen control the entire world, effectively speaking, though there indeed are several autonomous nations and regions that operates under Valentine Z, i.e. these nations can exercise some sort of freedom, but ultimately, they are all puppets of Valentine Z.

    • Exuberant Clarissa and her Assistant Superintendent Adriana control Alanis Star, and mostly on its technological aspects.

    • Head Secretary Jamie and Assistant Secretary Mandy run the military bases of Valentine Z, designated as Voorzichtigheid. They are responsible for the defensive benefits that Valentine Z gets, along with military improvements.

    • Foresittend Marcus and Vice Foresittent Jolyn control Victoriaans Nederlands, which focuses on preserving the culture of Valentine Z, as well as running and improving on the Ministry of Education.

    • PM Kendrick and Vice PM Markus run Vostrov, whereby they are responsible for the research labs that Valentine Z runs as a whole, with most of the new technology emerging from here.

    • President Brook Angelo Pythos R. Voorstein Taylor Gwenaël Yves L' Hôpital runs Mathematik, focusing on the mathematical aspect of Valentine Z, and providing mathematical help to Vostrov.

    • President Nikola Maxwell E. Steiner Wattson Hvalimir Nestorovski Tesla runs Mathematik, focusing on the physics and space aspects of Valentine Z, helping to run space stations and exploration missions for the improvement of the Valentians as a whole. Currently planning to expand to Mars to make more room for the growing population.

    Additionally, Chief Senator Shannon is the law-writer for Valentine Z, drafting up and proposing several new constitutions and laws, as well as approving (or disapproving) proposals from the members of the public. For foreign relations, Lead Ambassador Germaine and Head Diplomat Charlene are at the forefront, establishing contact or negotiating peace treaties, as well as economic and cultural exchanges for the foreign nations, as well as with Valentine Z.

    Foreign Relations

    More about Valentine Z's Foreign Relations with other nations can be found here: page=dispatch/id=1269588

    The military might of Valentine Z is formidable, but not overpowered through excessive means. This is all due to the agreement all over the world to disarm and make the world a better place, as well as to emphasise on the pacifistic nature of Valentine Z. However, that is not to say that the Valentians are short-sighted, as they are indeed prepared for full planetary-scale invasions, if any are to come by. For this, several of the measure of the implemented, including but not limited to:

    Voorzichtigheid – The “Bastion” of Valentine Z
    Voorzichtigheid, consisting mostly of the territory from the old world’s United States of America amongst several other smaller countries, is designated as the defense base and fortress of Valentine Z. In peace times, these regions and the cities they are in serve as human settlements, except perhaps a little well-armed. With that still, there are several other active military bases that runs 24/7 even during peacetime, scanning for threats, as well as training new recruits and re-training the reservists on an annual basis.

    During wartime, however, Voorzichtigheid can provide response in a matter of a single Decimal Hour (2.778 RL Earth Hours), with defence perimeters set up and the reservists (currently standing at 100 million in terms of figures) called back to action in just a matter of 0.5 to 0.8 Decimal Hours. The cities in Voorzichtigheid are equipped with smaller domes, similar to the ones used first during the Cold War Era of the olden days. These domes can take up to 15 hits from conventional nuclear bombs, as well as being able to thwart most laser bombardments due to the physical build of it (instead of being a force field). Once sealed, these cities are self-sufficient, being cut off from the outside world and having the rations to feed 1 billion people for 30 Decimal Days, with the rest having their physical bodies exhumed and disintegrated temporarily and their minds uploaded into the mainframe, as well as into Clarissa’s storage units. This process, called “mind uploading” is painless, and is used mainly for non-military personnel (mostly children and those who are unable to fight, such as the elderly).

    In the meantime, 100 million reservists will be re-activated back into active military service, as well as the Valentian’s original “The Sixty” armed and ready for action, to defend Valentine Z and its sovereignty for as long as the war will take, be it from external or internal threats.

    The 16 ICBMs
    Despite the realisation of the destructive nature of the nuclear bombs and disarming most of them, Valentijn ordered that there are at least 10 and at most 24 ICBMs to be kept by the military bases in Voorzichtigheid, with yearly inspections and maintenance of the warheads. These nuclear bombs, are any circumstances, are not to be used in a Valentian territory unless “there exists a threat that cannot be eliminated through conventional means, and the prevention of deaths of the lives of the Valentians is more than justified and outweighs the possible deaths from using the nuclear bombs.” They can only be activated by Valentijn, Clarissa, Jamie, Marcus, and Jolyn, and there must be at least 3 out of 5 votes for the nuclear bombs to be used.

    The Sixty
    Due to its nature and inception, Valentine Z is truly a place known for many oddball characters that live alongside the perfectly normal people. Whether the 100 million reservists are active or not, these group of 60 (61 with the new addition of Valentina) are all-time active personnel, ensuring that Valentine Z is well-protected at all times. In other words, other than their civilian tasks and everyday lives, they too have their own military-based tasks on nearly everyday basis, standing guard, ready and armed for insurrectionists or any form of dissent and invasion, as well as finishing up the everyday paperwork. Additionally, they are the only personnel to armed with powers and abilities that are not seen even in Valentine Z’s Future-Tech or Far-Future-Tech nature (e.g. Gwen is able to travel through time, while Sylvie can conjure up the powers from the Void to aid her), and as a result of the Sixty, Valentine Z’s tech prowess ranges from Modern Tech to Far-Future-Tech (FFT), with some FanT (Fantasy Tech) either in the works or existing in small amounts, unexplainable even by the leading Valentian scientists.

    Information regarding The Sixty can be found through this encrypted link (a password and a form of identification is required to access the files): viewtopic.php?p=34883407#p34883407

    The Equipment
    As described above with The Sixty, the equipment of the Valentian army varies, i.e. the outsiders have observed that most of our defence weapons range from MT, to FFT, to FanT.

    Most of the Valentians, as well as the reservists, are armed with MT-FT weapons, ranging from gunpowder-powered weapons (assault rifles, pistols, shotguns of the olden days), to element-based weapons such as a flamethrower, to energy-based weapons such as lasers, prism cannons, and EMP-based disruptors.

    Other times, there are substantially much more powerful FFT and FanT weapons at work, such as Sylvie’s Void Rifle that draws power from the phantom universe that she reigns in, and Robert’s Darkness-based weapons and attacks that uses the power of nightmares and darkness itself to aid him in his will.

    FFT weapons include Gwen’s railgun and pulse pistols (for the latter, she can reload simply by reversing time for the pistols (so that they have back the same amount of energy as before being fired)), as well as Genevieve’s set of abilities that can call upon the powers of the elements to aid her.

    More about the Valentian Military and Civil Defence Forces can be found here: nation=valentine_z/detail=factbook/id=853996


    Bigger picture can be found here.

    The History of the Valentian Economic System
    The Valentian Economy first works on absolute Socialism and Communism, with all of the assets and means of production seized as soon as the Cold War was over. This was done mostly from Valentijn and Trade Representative Charmaine’s ideas, believing that a completely free market will harm the people in the long run, which in turn came from the ideas of the old world whereby companies and corporations that grew too big were able to have a stranglehold on their monopolies, as well as bullying their customer bases or any other smaller competitions. The nationalised (technically globalised, given Valentine Z’s status as a world power). When the world was being built back, state-run agricultural farms and manufacturing industries are propped up and are working at utmost efficiency, providing the materials needed in order to build Valentine Z to a brand-new era, as well as the food itself to fill the stomachs of its citizens. The old Valentian Economy (years right after Cold War and terraforming) was seen as extremely utilitarian, only producing what is really needed, while extraneous items and goods such as smartphones, designer items, extravagant homes, are all ignored. In the meantime, Valentian Credit was being created around 3 Decimal Months after Cold War (0 – 300, or 0 – 3 – 00), though it was used more for rationing purposes rather than for usage akin to a capitalist system – an average Valentian would receive, for instance, 500 Valentian Credits a month, which they can in turn use for buying of necessary goods such as food, water, and gas; electricity was at first rationed, but with the advancement and efficiency of the solar panels and other clean energy sources, energy crisis no longer became a problem and was given to the whole world for free.

    However, as the time goes on, it became paramount that humans, and to extensions, some other species, have a prevalent desire to consume, that is, they would gladly pay to get something extra, as well as some good or a service that others may or may not have. This was the very idea of capitalism itself, but Valentijn was at first wary about bringing it back. After much consideration, a Limited Capitalism with a degree of Socialist and Communist ideologies are established, and thus the Valentian Economic System was born. The idea was that while a form of sharing wealth through taxes are established and worked on, people will still be able to buy non-essential goods through traditional bartering system with a new form of currency, i.e. capitalism, but there are several underlying conditions on this:

    Economic Indicators

    Rank: 1 / 2
    Currency: Valentian Credits
    Fiscal Year: RL Earth 2088

    GDP (nominal): 6.000 quadrillion Valentian Credits / 1.242 quadrillion NSD (Jan 2088)
    GDP (nominal) per capita: 524,288 Valentian Credits / 1,085,276.16 NSD (Jan 2088)
    Labor Force:
    Unemployment: 93.1% (1**)

    • Firstly, companies indeed can get support from the government through business subsidies, paid for to a small degree by the very taxation that government collects. This itself is not a restriction, but simply a part of the agreement.

    • The businesses and companies must abide by the government’s rules, that they will not maintain their monopoly through devious means. That is, while a company or a corporation is allowed to become a monopoly or huge if the people demands it, they must also allow and accept their own fate if people have spoken that they will neither support the said company or want anything to do with them. This also means that the companies that operate in Valentine Z cannot manipulate, cheat, lie, or swindle their customers, having confusing terms and conditions for the sake of having loopholes they can exploit, or corporate warfare towards other smaller companies (though friendly competition or a matter of advertising power is fine to a certain extent).

    • The businesses must not exploit their staff, and must pay a minimum wage of VC 2000 per month, whereby 2000 credits is defined as “the minimum amount a Valentian needs in order to buy basic necessities.”

    As a result of the semi-capitalist practices mixed with socialist tendencies, the Valentian Economy steadily increase and was booming soon enough, with the majority of the income and revenue generated from Quaternary Industries, specifically the Information Technology, followed by Tertiary, then Primary, then Secondary. In summary, the IT Industry is the leading profit and income generator, while Agriculture and Farming leads second, providing the much-needed food through a fusion of old and new technologies.

    (1**): Note that the unemployment rate percentage is not based on the entire population of Valentine Z, and is instead based on two categories: Out of those who are 18 and above, AND have officially finished their pursuit of education.

    Unlike other countries, Valentine Z does not obey Colin Clark's sector model of an economy undergoing technological change, that is, the Primary Industry should be on a decline while the Tertiary and Quaternary industries take hold, and deindustrialisation takes place. This is simply because of Valentine Z’s status as a planetary power, having to provide the necessary food and physical goods (Primary and Secondary) to its people, while also maintaining a high scientific and technological advancement.

    More details about the economy here:


    Due to the multinational and multi-ethnic nature of Valentine Z, cultures from all over the globe has survived, and Valentijn has made it paramount for everyone to be able to practice their culture and traditions freely (though along the way, animal sacrifices, or anything violent in nature are reduced down). Over the years, the people of Valentine Z, while respecting and maintain their cultural heritage, has begun to dress up accordingly to each region, as well as having distinctive tastes for each region.

    The slight difference is the increase in the consumption of vat-grown food, whereby the scientists of Valentine Z and the food production companies are able to replicate and create equally (or more) nutritious food in a fraction of the time it takes for the actual animal to mature, or for an actual plant to grow. While there was indeed some protests regarding the consumption and safeness of the foods, the scientifically aware populace was able to cast that fear aside as irrational, alongside the comments that these reduce the harm and pain towards the animals, as well as being delicious and more nutritious.

    More details about the Valentian culture can be found here:


    The education system of Valentine Z is 94% government-run, with the 6% of the private schools available for specialised courses, or of any other that are of insignificant importance to the general education of the populace.

    An average Valentian will spend a total of [DATA MISSING] years as part of their Compulsory Education Act, which outlines that the Valentians must attend a public school for a stipulated amount of time in order to bring up the overall intelligence and literacy rate of the entire world as a whole. The public schools are free-of-charge, paid for by the taxation that the government imposes on its citizens.

    The Valentian Education System is mostly run by Ministry of Education in Victoriaans Nederlands, which in turn is run by Vice Foresittend Jolyn.

    The structure of the education system is as follows in the link given below.


    The infrastructure of Valentine Z is a mixture of the systems from the old pre-Valentian Era, combined with the Valentian elements. There are some changes in an attempt to combine the greenness, but ultimately, some elements of the transportation system are proven to work with the tried-and-tested older methods, such as using asphalt for roads. The usage of these asphalt-based roads are still around all over the planet, but Valentine Z sees most of its roads being simple dirt roads with little to no demarcations. It is a matter of respect for fellow motorists, as well as having signs placed along the road instead to indicate rules on the roads. Alanis Star, Vostrov, Mathematik, and Natuurkunde, on the other hand, sees most of its roads made out of recycled or synthesised metals that are built to last long, alongside having little to no environmental impact to produce them. These roads have nodes that can be used for automatic locomotion of one’s cars (manual options are still available in all cars in the cases of emergencies or personal preference). Voorzichtigheid’s roads are the same as Alanis Star, except that they are made much more durable and heavy-duty in order to withstand the weight of several tanks or APCs making their way across the roads. Victoriaans Nederlands, on the other hand, have simple cobblestone roads and mostly walk paths.

    Railways, high-speed trains, trams, airplanes, and to an extent, teleportation devices, are also present throughout the globe. All of them are powered using green yet reliable sources of energy, though steam-based or gas-based engines are still around in order to appeal for the history enthusiasts, as well as for keepsake.

    The aspects of transportation in detail can be found in this factbook:

    More details about Valentine Z's Wonders of the World: page=dispatch/id=1317897

    Buildings and Architecture

    Buildings and Architecture
    The Valentian Architecture consists of a mixture of old buildings, preserved for historical and cultural values, as well as high-rise buildings and skyscrapers to accommodate for the increasing (and taller) Valentian population. Initially, Terraforming, by the definition of it, was supposed to demolish and disintegrate everything around the dome, in order to remove the radiation, the ruins, and to start afresh. However, the truth was that it was less of “terraforming”, and more of “remodelling”, whereby the blueprint and schmatics of the entire landscape of the world was kept in both Clarissa and Adriana – it was already more than sufficient to keep it inside Clarissa’s storage units, but for safekeeping, as well as to data security, Adriana was also enlisted to keep an exact copy of the Earth before Cold War. Valentijn then decided to do some tinkering, such as removing military installations, old buildings, amongst many others, while keeping religious buildings intact and to be rebuild by the terraforming unit.

    The result was that these data were fed into the terraforming unit and in turn disintegrated and restructured the world back to the way it was, i.e. before the Cold War consumed the lands. As a result of this, most of the buildings were preserved for cultural and religious purposes, ancient ruins are put back to the way they once were, but the buildings were more or less erased, and Mother Nature would make her way back to the barren land with the help of the Valentians spreading the seeds back on Earth.

    For a greener future, Valentine Z was commonly cited as a solarpunk utopia, combining the best of human ingenuity and innovation with the beauty and natural vibes of Mother Nature. Most of the Valentian buildings were tall, spanning at least 100 floors (each floor being 4 meters, as a result, 400 meters), and up to 600 floors (2400 meters). While most of these levels were reserved for housing, office spaces, amongst many other purposes, a few of them are used as indoor gardens, providing or emulating the natural sunlight that the plants should receive for their development and growth.

    However, that is at least the general trend of the buildings. Due to the worldwide nature of Valentine Z, as well as having multiple autonomous nations, many of the leaders and other Valentian figures are assigned the task of building the cities to however they wish, even including the military-base installations of Voorzichtigheid.




    Valentine Z

    As described in the paragraph above, areas under Valentine Z has seen the most amount of greenery. The region excels both as a place of residence for its people, as well as with the presence of natual scenery to calm one’s minds. After all, a garden is just a few steps away, or for some people, a few floors away.

    Alanis Star

    Alanis Star is the closest to Valentine Z in terms of aesthetics, and having been the oldest autonomous state of Valentine Z. While its architecture is also mostly trees and greenery, intricate yet breathtaking glass buildings and skyscrapers were built all around, as well as having most of the regions under Alanis Star to be automated. As a result of this, Alanis Star is deemed as one of the most scientifically advanced regions of the Valentian world, as well as looking the most aesthetically pleasing.


    Due to its status as a city combined with a military base, Voorzichtigheid has commonly gotten itself the dystopian feel, though not with the qualities that one would expect from a dictatorship. In fact, Voorzichtigheid operates just like Valentine Z, except that due to the implementation of defensive assets, the buildings look grimmer in terms of appearance, as well as having several well-armed choke points in case of an invasion. The entirety of Voorzichtigheid (formerly United States of America) is surrounded by a fence with guards on their duties 24/7, with proper rotations, in order to keep the defensive installations safe, and ultimately, Valentine Z and the entire planet.

    Victoriaans Nederlands

    As the name suggests, Victoriaans Nederlands has decided to take the backwards approach in terms of time period. While the buildings were still as functional as any other buildings from all over Valentine Z, Victoriaans Nederlands’ buildings are characterised by their steampunk aesthetics, as well as pertaining to the buildings that one would see in the actual Victorian Era. As a result, while Victoriaans Nederlands was not exactly well-known for the clean look of their cities, the eco-friendly factor is still very high on the account that most of these steampunk and Victorian buildings were retrofitted with solar panels, wind mills, and any other green sources of energy. It might not have the look of a green city, but it still operates as one, as described by many of its inhabitants, as well as from the outside visitors.

    Vostrov, Mathematik, Natuurkunde

    The buildings of these three autonomous nations are of scientific nature. That is, while most of them are modernised buildings for universities and other institutes of learning, there are indeed high-rise buildings to house the scientists, researchers, and students, as well as buildings of science (such as Large Hadron Colliders) built all over the region.

    Valentine Z on Mars. Credit: © Courtesy of HP, Inc.


    While Valentine Z primarily operates on clean and green energy sources, such as Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric, and many others, the Valentians have found a steady source of energy of antimatter by tapping into the world of CPT-Symmetrical NationStates Universe, which in turn is a result of one of the many universes from the multiverse having their charges, parities, and time reversed for them every often. The reversal was not permanent and instead would happen in pulses, with its denizens living pockets of life over and over. When the CPT-symmetry occurs, the charges of the particles in that universe would be reversed, resulting in the entire universe being converted into antimatter in a whim.

    As a result of this fine, Valentijn and Gwen decided that they can take in even as little as 500-1000 grams of antimatter and they can annihilate with the matter that Valentine Z around, in order to produce pure energy from the collision and annihilation. Foresittend Marcus and the brightest of Valentine Z devised a containment chamber that would be able to hold antimatter in place for a good 20 days before it is utilised through annihilation. However, this proves to be too dangerous and as a result, antimatter-matter annihilation did not become the primary method of energy generation for Valentine Z.

    At the same time, the solar panel technology has advanced so much so that the cheapest panel in the market is able to store as much as 80% of the incidental rays of light (mostly the sunlight) as useful energy, as opposed to the old world’s 20% to 30%. This increase in energy efficiency enabled the Valentians to rely more on solar energy, at least for the parts of the world that receives a good amount of sunlight.

    For the other parts of the world, offshore wind mills and hydroelectric dams were constructed as a reconstruction effort after Cold War, and all this in turn too were huge successes. The mills and dams were able to provide the local populaces with as 85% of their energy needs, while the 15% would rely on either solar energy or antimatter-matter annihilations (free courses are made available for the latter, since mishandling and misuse is proven to be extremely catastrophic).


    Template by The Free Republic of Ponderosa
    Template may be found here.
    Credits to Wikipedia for relevant Geographical and Demographic data. Respective links for the images can be found through searching the Raw code.

    Special thanks to Neonymphonia for their feedback and also being a main inspiration.
    A very, very special thanks to The Sci-Fi Universe of Mechyrdia for the amazing Warsaw Pact-seque CoA on the top. You can see the original here.

    Read factbook

  • The Sixty - The Important Personnel of Valentine Z.

  • The Valentian Currency. Made through 2 designs so far.

    * 1.00 Valentian Credits = 3.41 NationStates Dollars.

    Overall, the Valentian Government more or less has a say in almost every aspect of the economy, though in the more recent decades, especially with colonisation of Mars, Primary and Secondary Industries are the only ones that still got a tight leash, while the Tertiary and Quaternary Industries are left mostly for the private corporations to develop. This is owing to the Valentian philosophy that focuses on development and betterment of everyone - both businesses and people. The Valentian Government’s interference is only towards the size of the companies and their behaviour towards the people and the environment, not on the freedom of information and flow of products. Media and non-tangible related industries are free to dispatch whatever information they please, as long as it’s truthful and non-conspiratorial towards any entity.

    In short, Valentine Z works on a mixed economy system - one that still allows capitalism and private ownership to take place, but with a large amount of oversights to prevent the planets and the people from getting botched up with the pursuit of profit. As per definition: A mixed economic system protects private property and allows a level of economic freedom in the use of capital, but also allows for governments to interfere in economic activities in order to achieve social aims.


    More about the specific industries can be found here:


    Percentage of Revenue / Industry Size

    Accommodation (NAICS 721)

    0.5783 %

    Accommodation and Food Services (NAICS 72)

    0.5217 %

    Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services (NAICS 56)

    0.5217 %

    Administrative and Support Services (NAICS 561)

    0.5348 %

    Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting (NAICS 11)

    1.5000 %

    Air Transportation (NAICS 481)

    0.3913 %

    Ambulatory Health Care Services (NAICS 621)

    0.6957 %

    Amusement, Gambling, and Recreation Industries (NAICS 713)

    0.0304 %

    Animal Production (NAICS 112)

    0.5217 %

    Apparel Manufacturing (NAICS 315)

    0.4783 %

    Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation (NAICS 71)

    0.8696 %

    Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing (NAICS 312)

    0.4348 %

    Broadcasting (except Internet) (NAICS 515)

    0.8696 %

    Building Material and Garden Equipment and Supplies Dealers (NAICS 444)

    1.3044 %

    Chemical Manufacturing (NAICS 325)

    1.0870 %

    Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores (NAICS 448)

    0.6522 %

    Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing (NAICS 334)

    2.5000 %

    Construction (NAICS 23)

    0.7826 %

    Construction of Buildings (NAICS 236)

    1.0130 %

    Couriers and Messengers (NAICS 492)

    1.6000 %

    Credit Intermediation and Related Activities (NAICS 522)

    0.5652 %

    Crop Production (NAICS 111)

    4.8137 %

    Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services (NAICS 518)

    4.7830 %

    Education and Health Services

    1.0000 %

    Educational Services (NAICS 61)

    1.0000 %

    Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing (NAICS 335)

    0.8696 %

    Electronics and Appliance Stores (NAICS 443)

    1.3044 %

    Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing (NAICS 332)

    1.3044 %

    Finance and Insurance (NAICS 52)

    0.5217 %

    Financial Activities

    0.5783 %

    Fishing, Hunting and Trapping (NAICS 114)

    1.4348 %

    Food and Beverage Stores (NAICS 445)

    1.3043 %

    Food Manufacturing (NAICS 311)

    3.0437 %

    Food Services and Drinking Places (NAICS 722)

    4.1525 %

    Forestry and Logging (NAICS 113)

    0.8696 %

    Funds, Trusts, and Other Financial Vehicles (NAICS 525)

    0.5652 %

    Furniture and Home Furnishings Stores (NAICS 442)

    0.9566 %

    Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing (NAICS 337)

    0.9566 %

    Gasoline Stations (NAICS 447)

    0.0004 %

    General Merchandise Stores (NAICS 452)

    0.4348 %

    Goods-Producing Industries

    3.0437 %

    Health and Personal Care Stores (NAICS 446)

    1.5437 %

    Health Care and Social Assistance (NAICS 62)

    0.8696 %

    Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction (NAICS 237)

    1.0100 %

    Hospitals (NAICS 622)

    1.5000 %

    Information (NAICS 51)

    3.0435 %

    Insurance Carriers and Related Activities (NAICS 524)

    0.0021 %

    Internet Publishing and Broadcasting (NAICS 516)

    1.3044 %

    Leather and Allied Product Manufacturing (NAICS 316)

    0.0022 %

    Leisure and Hospitality

    1.8827 %

    Lessors of Nonfinancial Intangible Assets (except Copyrighted Works) (NAICS 533)

    0.0005 %

    Machinery Manufacturing (NAICS 333)

    2.1740 %

    Management of Companies and Enterprises (NAICS 55)

    0.9900 %

    Manufacturing (NAICS 31-33)

    1.3044 %

    Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goods (NAICS 423)

    0.8696 %

    Merchant Wholesalers, Nondurable Goods (NAICS 424)

    0.5217 %

    Mining (except Oil and Gas) (NAICS 212)

    0.2609 %

    Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction (NAICS 21)

    0.2174 %

    Miscellaneous Manufacturing (NAICS 339)

    0.6087 %

    Miscellaneous Store Retailers (NAICS 453)

    0.6957 %

    Monetary Authorities - Central Bank (NAICS 521)

    0.8696 %

    Motion Picture and Sound Recording Industries (NAICS 512)

    1.8827 %

    Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers (NAICS 441)

    1.8696 %

    Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions (NAICS 712)

    0.1304 %

    Natural Resources and Mining

    0.0869 %

    Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing (NAICS 327)

    0.8696 %

    Nonstore Retailers (NAICS 454)

    0.4478 %

    Nursing and Residential Care Facilities (NAICS 623)

    0.8696 %

    Oil and Gas Extraction (NAICS 211)

    0.1304 %

    Other Information Services (NAICS 519)

    1.3044 %

    Other Services (except Public Administration) (NAICS 81)

    0.8696 %

    Paper Manufacturing (NAICS 322)

    0.4130 %

    Performing Arts, Spectator Sports, and Related Industries (NAICS 711)

    0.6087 %

    Personal and Laundry Services (NAICS 812)

    0.5217 %

    Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing (NAICS 324)

    0.0087 %

    Pipeline Transportation (NAICS 486)

    0.2174 %

    Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing (NAICS 326)

    0.3478 %

    Postal Service (NAICS 491)

    0.0087 %

    Primary Metal Manufacturing (NAICS 331)

    0.4435 %

    Printing and Related Support Activities (NAICS 323)

    0.4783 %

    Private Households (NAICS 814)

    0.6522 %

    Professional and Business Services

    0.6957 %

    Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (NAICS 54)

    1.7392 %

    Publishing Industries (except Internet) (NAICS 511)

    0.3913 %

    Rail Transportation (NAICS 482)

    0.0217 %

    Real Estate (NAICS 531)

    0.0087 %

    Real Estate and Rental and Leasing (NAICS 53)

    0.0087 %

    Religious, Grantmaking, Civic, Professional, and Similar Organizations (NAICS 813)

    0.4565 %

    Rental and Leasing Services (NAICS 532)

    0.4913 %

    Repair and Maintenance (NAICS 811)

    0.4130 %

    Retail Trade (NAICS 44-45)

    0.2913 %

    Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation (NAICS 487)

    0.0087 %

    Securities, Commodity Contracts, and Other Financial Investments and Related Activities (NAICS 523)

    0.4783 %

    Service-Providing Industries

    0.5304 %

    Social Assistance (NAICS 624)

    0.8696 %

    Specialty Trade Contractors (NAICS 238)

    0.3913 %

    Sporting Goods, Hobby, Book, and Music Stores (NAICS 451)

    0.6522 %

    Support Activities for Agriculture and Forestry (NAICS 115)

    0.8696 %

    Support Activities for Mining (NAICS 213)

    0.0087 %

    Support Activities for Transportation (NAICS 488)

    0.0435 %

    Telecommunications (NAICS 517)

    1.0870 %

    Textile Mills (NAICS 313)

    0.8696 %

    Textile Product Mills (NAICS 314)

    0.7826 %

    Trade, Transportation, and Utilities

    0.5652 %

    Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation (NAICS 485)

    0.6087 %

    Transportation and Warehousing (NAICS 48-49)

    0.6522 %

    Transportation Equipment Manufacturing (NAICS 336)

    0.7826 %

    Truck Transportation (NAICS 484)

    0.5783 %

    Utilities (NAICS 22)

    0.0217 %

    Warehousing and Storage (NAICS 493)

    0.5652 %

    Waste Management and Remediation Services (NAICS 562)

    0.8696 %

    Water Transportation (NAICS 483)

    0.0087 %

    Wholesale Electronic Markets and Agents and Brokers (NAICS 425)

    0.8696 %

    Wholesale Trade (NAICS 42)

    0.7826 %

    Wood Product Manufacturing (NAICS 321)

    0.3655 %

    An industry involved in the extraction and collection of natural resources, such as copper and timber, as well as by activities such as farming and fishing. Basically, anything that involves extracting resources from Earth and Mars are in here. A company in a primary industry can also be involved in turning natural resources into products. Primary industry tends to make up a larger portion of the economy of developing countries than they do for developed countries. The primary sector is concerned with the extraction of raw materials. It includes fishing, farming and mining.

    It was sufficient to say that farming became much more modernized, using the readily available technology that Valentine Z has to offer, as well as the usage of green and clean sources of energy to grow such food. Chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides are used to a much lesser degree, with DNA strain manipulation becoming much more advanced and making the crops 99% resistant to insects and pests.

    A few other industries, while necessary, are designated as “environmentally damaging”, and these include, but not limited to: mining and timber/woodcutting industries. As aforementioned, they are necessary in order for the enjoyment and usage of the Valentians (such as wooden furniture, or mining for rare earth metals), but the industries are highly regulated and since owned by the Valentian Government, they have the full liberty to restrict it to the extent they see fit. A few of the Primary Industry companies operating in Valentine Z are as below:

    Agriculture - Sunny Side Farms
    "Feeding Generations of Valentians."

    Sunny Side Farms is a Valentian Government-owned company that, as the name suggests, deals with agricultural needs and wants for Valentians whether they are on Earth or are on Mars. With the practice as old as time, combined with the futuristic technology and developments from Valentine Z, Sunny Side Farms is able to provide both animal and plant products to the ever-growing dietary needs of the Valentians while keeping the negative environmental impact to its bare minimum. Due to the acceptance and tastiness involved, lab-grown meat have also been grown on a regular basis and are replacing a large percentage of the Valentians' diets.

    Fishery - Hopewell Fishery
    "Meeting up demands, Sustainability kipper."

    Working side by side with Sunny Side Farms is Hopewell Fishery, which like most of the Primary Industries, are also owned by the Valentian government in order to prevent a monopoly and economical abuse from occurring when it comes to providing people with the basic needs. Whether it is for the Valentians that live near the oceans, or for those at Mars that are craving for a little sushi, or for the kitties of Valentine Z that are yearning for tuna, Hopewell Fishery will always be there to provide the much-needed seafood and its derivatives, while also using state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the fish livestocks are never depleted for generations and centuries to come.

    Electricity - Solaris Electrical Systems
    "Electrifying Life for All."

    Despite the name, Solaris Electrical Systems utilises all forms of clean energy, along with the usual fair share of fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and even Antimatter. After all, the Valentians are well-aware that for a populace this big, it is simply near-impossible to reduce their carbon footprint altogether, and they certainly did not want to bother other beings for energy - the desire for unlimited energy right now would have been a greed-filled disaster. For the time being, the energy demands have been met - with most of it coming from solar farms and hydroelectric dams that are managed and integrated into the ecosystem, nuclear waste disposed of properly, and nuclear power plants carefully (Valentine Z / Solaris only has a single minor incident in the year 2032 that saw irradiation of a small patch of land around the power plant due to human error).

    Gas - Luminuer Holdings
    "A Bright and Vivid Future."

    Derived from Luminous and Feuer (Fire, in German), Luminuer Holdings is also yet another Valentian Government-owned company that handles Earth's oil rigs, with little to no business opportunities in Mars just yet. Alongside Solaris, Luminuer Holdings provides the much needed gas and oil for fuels, as well as for any and other oil-derived products. With decades of research and money going into the projects, the Valentians are finding ways to cleanly burn these gases and eventually, in hopes that these will only be used for contingency plans should renewable energy systems falter.

    Forestry - Gaia's Limitless Wonders
    "Treating Every Tree with Respect."

    In the far future, not a lot of people would have thought that we will still have the needs and demands for tree-based products and derivatives. Offices, schools, military, homes - paper still is needed everywhere. Which is why Gaia's Limitless Wonders is the main producer of wood, pulp, and paper, using a combination of renewable sources of tree to even creating synthetic paper in laboratories for various uses. Valentine Z's paper, and those that comes from Gaia's Limitless Wonders, have the absolute guarantee that they are biodegradable from as little as 5 months, to as long as 100 years when longevity is required for special projects that are approved by the government.

    Mining and Quarry - Blast Core Ltd
    "Minerals Yours; Sustainability Mine."

    Prevalent on both Earth and on Mars, Blast Core has been the primary company with subsidies below it to provide the Valentians with the rocks and minerals that they need. In the first half of the 21st century, the Valentians agree that mining is perhaps the most unsightly work of all to happen, destroying the environment and producing hideous eyesores. Over the years, with more perfected techniques and technology, as well as making recycling mandatory towards the minerals that have been dug out, Blast Core has managed to keep their footprint minimal.

    Water - Crystal Glaciers Ltd
    "Simply Potable."

    Simple motto, simple product, and yet, produced with the utmost care and complexity, Crystal Glaciers is yet another one of the Valentian Government's companies that emphasises on providing the world population - both on Earth and Mars - with the water that they need or want. The amount of water, so far, is not a problem on both planets - it is the lack of fresh water. Which is why as of 2090, Crystal Glaciers have produced 13 trillion cubic meters of fresh water a year for every Valentian and visitors to enjoy. Fresh water is available for everyone's enjoyment through the water fountains, with bottled mineral water unheard of.

    This sector generally takes the output of the primary sector and manufactures finished goods or where they are suitable for use by other businesses, for export, or sale to domestic consumers. This sector is often divided into light industry and heavy industry. Many of these industries consume large quantities of energy and require factories and machinery to convert raw materials into goods and products. They also produce waste materials and waste heat that may cause environmental problems or cause pollution, which in turn are processed heavily to minimise their harmfulness before being discharged back into the environment. The secondary sector supports both the primary and tertiary sector. As a planetary power, manufacturing is existent in Valentine Z and while most of them are owned by the Valentian Government, a select few of them are owned by private firms.

    Indeed, there are countless number of manufacturing plants dotted across the entire world of Valentine Z, but the production rates are rather low. This is due to the expensive nature of raw materials such as wood, rare metals, metals, and so on, while the cost of producing new materials such as plastic and Styrofoam are raised to rather extreme levels. All of this was intentional by the Valentian Government, opting and encouraging people and businesses alike to practice the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) as much as possible. Of important note is that even the Valentian Government is aware of the fact that some of the items are non-recyclable for hygienic or other reasons and as a result, they urge the companies to make them as biodegradable as possible.

    Technological devices such as smartphones, TVs, game consoles, among many others, are also created with the Valentian Technological Institution (VTI) keeping a keen and close eye on the industry. The companies creating new devices must ensure two things:

    • That the devices absolutely do not have planned obsolesce in mind, i.e. they must not be designed so that they are easily disposable or are outdated when a newer device with better features hit the market. A RL counterexample would be the smartphones from the famous brands that are released on an annual basis, with some people switching phones as soon as the new one hits the scene.

    • The devices must be able to withstand at least an IP68 worth of abuse and damage, to be built like a military device would. This is to ensure the longevity of the devices, as well as prevent companies from asking exorbitant prices for device repairs, and the implication that a fragile device is easily replaced soon when a new device is released into the market (see above point).

    • The devices are modular, and the modules are easily replaceable, recyclable, or processable. Similar to modular phones and devices that have been seen and observed in the RL world, this means that the devices will never become obsolete as long as there are software updates, coupled with modules that users can simply tack on to their devices to add or improve the current features. For example, CPU and GPU on laptops are easily replaceable with a much better one instead of buying a new one, and the old parts are easily recyclable (i.e. they can be disassembled, plastic parts repurposed or built for something else, and the precious metals melted easily.)

    As a result of these points, Valentian technology is known to be rather bulky and at some points, becoming unwieldy or unappealing to look at, but users praise it for the very fact that they are built to last an eternity, e.g. an average smartphone’s lifespan used to be 2-4 years old, but for the Valentian devices, they can easily last 30-40 years with upgrades.

    The Valentian Environment Agency (VEA), a branch created by Chief Senator Shannon, is the leading body for this, ensuring that the products created by the industries and companies adhere to the standards as much as possible.

    Audio - Vox Systems
    "Music - Soul of Civilizations."

    Owned partially by the Valentian government and the private stakeholders, Vox Systems provides both the secondary and tertiary industry services for the Valentians on the musical front, though it would mostly on the secondary front of making the musical instruments, with musical software from other companies all over Valentine Z. Elegant, clean, soothing, reliable and durable, Vox Systems have produced some of the finest musical instruments for the classical settings, as well as for the contemporary ones.

    Automobile - Intermediate Tunings
    "Balancing Reliability with Performance."

    For most of the Valentians, despite their physical stature and sizes, they are not the one to be bombastic with their vehicles. Perhaps this can be contradicted by their love for motorsports, but the Valentians are not to be persuaded by loud and big vehicles (at least for their relative size). Which is why Intermediate Tunings was so popular in doing what it does - producing and manufacturing cheap but reliable vehicles that are modest and yet underrated in their performance when they really does shy. Coexisting with the extended public network transportation systems, along with a few more other exotic car companies, Intermediate Tunings have served and made 600 million cars for both Earth and Mars.

    Apparel - The Orange Paw
    "Colorful Clothes - Colorful Life."

    Established by Head Secretary Jamie and an agglomeration of some of the most prominent fashion figures and celebrities of Valentine Z, alongside common men and businessmen alike, The Orange Paw seeks to redefine the fashion trend of Valentine Z not by designing and putting up the most outlandish outfits with questionable animal ethics*, but rather to make every kind of outfits and dresses unbounded by social status, race, and any other demographic barriers. Alongside Valentine Z's inclusive attitude on almost everything imaginable, The Orange Paw defies the norms and lets people express themselves as they see fit, as well as proving that 16 feet tall (on average) Valentians can still flaunt their fabulousness. * That is, The Orange Paw does not use animal products.

    Cameras - Hyperzicht Optics
    "Memories are meant to be forever."

    From the worlds that they have toured and visited, the Valentians always showed a little bit of concern and discomfort towards those that simply stores vacation photos in their underpowered smartphone cameras. The days of DSLR have been numbered for some of them, at least in terms of popularity. For Valentine Z, the DSLR revolution happened in part to the people's passion for photography and videography, but also because Hyperzicht has been producing some of the best cameras to date for the Valentians. Their latest high-end camera is a DVZ-500X, which can produce stunning 10 GP (Gigapixels) photos at a stunning 400 shots per second.

    The service sector consists of the production of services instead of end products. Services (also known as "intangible goods") include attention, advice, access, experience, and affective labor. The production of information has long been regarded as a service, but some economists now attribute it to a fourth sector, the quaternary sector.

    The tertiary sector of industry involves the provision of services to other businesses as well as final consumers. Services may involve the transport, distribution and sale of goods from producer to a consumer, as may happen in wholesaling and retailing, pest control or entertainment. The goods may be transformed in the process of providing the service, as happens in the restaurant industry. However, the focus is on people interacting with people and serving the customer rather than transforming physical goods.

    Such examples of Tertiary Industry include telecommunication, tourism, healthcare, waste disposal, information technology, education, financial services, retail, amongst many others. The tertiary industry more or less is shared between the Valentian government and private firms, depending on the industries. Services that are considered “essential to the progression and development of Valentians as a whole”, such as healthcare, waste disposal, education, and telecommunication, are 100% controlled by the Valentian government, with the funding coming from the taxation that it receives from its people.

    Other industries such as retail and information technology are more or less controlled by the private firms and corporations, though as with other industries and agreements, the Valentian government looks over them and protects both the consumers and the companies themselves in case of a slip-up.

    The quaternary sector of the economy is a way to describe a knowledge-based part of the economy, which typically includes knowledge-oriented economic sectors such as information technology, media, research and development; information-based services such as information-generation and information-sharing; and knowledge-based services such as consultation, education, financial planning, blogging, and designing. The quaternary sector is based on knowledge and skill. It consists of intellectual industries providing information services, such as computing and ICT (information and communication technologies), consultancy (offering advice to businesses) and R&D (research, particularly in scientific fields). According to some definitions, the quaternary sector includes other pure services, such as the entertainment industry, and the term has been used to describe media, culture, and government. "Quaternary sector" is a further delineation of the three-sector hypothesis of industry in the sense that the quaternary sector refers to a part of the third or tertiary sector along with the quinary economic sector. Intellectual services are sometimes regarded as distinct enough to warrant a separate sector and not be considered merely as a part of the tertiary sector. This sector evolves in well-developed countries where the primary and secondary sectors are a minority of the economy, and requires a highly educated workforce.

    Due to the intangible nature of it, most of the quaternary industry is controlled by the private firms and corporations (~80% of the profit and revenue comes from them), while the Valentian government only interferes when necessary and generally leaves them alone to provide, as defined, “a censorship-free media without any interference from the government”.

    OOC Disclaimer: While designed by myself in Photoshop, many credits go to the original creators, as well as producers of the art pieces/games/characters/etc. These notes are for fictional purpose only, and are NOT legal tender for RL use.

    The 1st Generation Notes, while still legal tender, are now superseded by the 2nd Generation. The 1st Generation is to be quietly discontinued due to a slight graphical overhaul, as well as errors in the values and names. Some of the notes are more ceremonial or to celebrate a jubilee, or anything else. For example, 14 VC is produced to commemorate the significant event of Valentina making her way into the Valentian World.

    Read factbook

  • Establishment of Valentian Constructions Ltd., aiming to undermine the slave market by offering excellent prices for construction projects.

NS Sports

Now has its own factbook here:

Warning: Large images involved. Not optimised for mobile, sorry!

Hello to you, esteemed reader! We hope that you all have been well! ♥ If you are reading this right now, that either means that you have stumbled your way to it, have been recommended it by us, or that you got a notice because your nation has been pinged and you got a notification. If it is the latter, we do apologise for disturbing, and that this will only happen once, we will promise you!

So, what is NS Sports? Well, NationStates Sports, as per this post, "covers such varied sports as football/soccer, athletics, American football, baseball, basketball, cricket, rugby, hockey (both ice and field), motorsport, tennis, drum & bugle corps and a host of other existing and invented events where the athletes of our nations face each other in individual and team competitions. It's also the place to share your domestic competitions, giving insights into how the clubs, teams and individuals in your nation are faring in their own nation's leagues. All international competitions are voluntarily hosted by our members. Usually, the participants of a sport will vote on which user would be the best host - especially for the larger competitions such as the Olympics, World Cup, and other major sports. Hosts generate the results for competitions using programs that we call SCORINATORS, and the participants then RP based on those results, often earning RP BONUS that increases their chances of better results in following games."

It sounds very wonderful, isn't it? And to be able to rack up more bonuses as time goes on. We Valentians love the sound of that, and wasn't aware of the scene of international sports happening until very late into the 21st century as you will see in the timeline below. In other words, from 2000 to 2080, we have not been involved in any International Sports, to our very regret. Going back to the topic, our interest grew slowly from our sole love for NSSCRA (Stock Car Racing), to expanding onto other motorsports such as Formula Racing and Rally Racing, to International Football, and finally Basketball. We do hope that we will be getting involved in more and more sports as time goes on but for the time being, this will serve as the dispatch of the History of Valentine Z's involvement in the world of International Sports. We will present our involvement in these sports in a categorial manner instead of a yearly one, since we will be providing the timeline below. This way, we hope that those who are interested about Valentine Z's involvement in that certain sport can read till the end instead of hunting each of the years.

For this, we would like to note a few things:

- Due to the way time works in Valentine Z, and due to the combination of time dilation and other space-time bending effects, what was supposed to be deemed annual events could happen for us once every year, or perhaps every 2 years, or even 3 years. We tried our best to synchronize with other nations' clocks and datestamps, and even after, there may be a bit of discrepancies here and there. These are purely years for Valentine Z, and does not serve as de facto definition and fact for other nations.

- The Interdimensional Incident, 2088 - 2092. Nearly 5 years spent waging a defensive war together with our allies, against our invaders. A few of our alliances were out of necessity, a few were shaky, but nonetheless, we have teamed up with everyone else in defeating this interdimensional menace, or at least until negotiations can take place. It isn't without its causalities, as the war has ravaged and caused a lot of damage to the Valentian infrastructure, and of course, we simply could not get involved let alone invite other nations and their athletes to our planets when there was a war going on. Come 2093, thanks to Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton's time dilation efforts, we were able to restore the infrastructure and beauty of Valentine Z back to its former self, and we came back stronger than ever.

We will start with our favorite sport, as well as the one that got us hooked up into the world of International Sports. NSSCRA - NationStates Stock Car Racing Association, as the name suggests, is stock car racing! Stock car racing has been something that the Valentians have paid the utmost attention to since the Pre-Valentian Eras. When the Nuclear War ended all life and Valentine Z rose up from its ashes and did its development, one of the first things they did was to reintroduce a few of its sports - the basics such as international football (or soccer, as called by a sizable minority of Valentine Z) and basketball came back to life, as well as stock car racing. A few road courses were made to accomodate for the start of the racing careers, then eventually building their own speedways and superspeedways.

The Sherpa Empire proved to be a valuable ally and treasured friends to the Valentians as they sponsored Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha with their fast food chain - Lhotse Love, going hand-in-hand with Valentine Z's love for hearts! This was in addition to their invitations to the Valentians to be involved in IRACT (Independent Racing Association of the Chinese Territories), as well as their own domestic racing events. Newmanistan has so far hosted all of the main NSSCRA events that the Valentians are involved in, proving to be an extremely reliable and accomodating host.

The Valentians' first season was NSSCRA 8, then they snowballed into a formidable force until one of our drivers won herself a championship in NSSCRA 10. The Valentians, as of the time of this writing, has the following drivers and their noteworthy events:

Exuberant Superintendent T-2000/2904-3 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi

  • NSSCRA 8 - #7

    • Lantis Sirenia 300, Sirenia Speedway, Sirenia, Lisander - 2nd.

    • Golden Bear 400, Stafford City Speedway, Hampton Island - 1st.

    • Finished 15th with 2281 points (Top 16).

  • NSSCRA 9 - #7

    • Groleau Vitres d'auto 500, Szczuczyn, Łużyce, Terre Septentrionale (Short Track) - 6th. Honorable mention because it was dubbed the best moments for the Valentians.

    • William Elliot and Co Grand Prix of Marietta, Road Marietta, Xanneria (Road Course) - 2nd.

    • Toys '4' All 500, Lonngeylin Ring, Lonngeylin, Vilita (Short Track) - 2nd.

    • TJUN 600, Jungle Circuit, Peninsula, JagBase TJUN-ia, TJUN-ia (Road Course) - 1st.

    • Penn 500 presented by Scofield Jewlers, Short Pond, Penn, Appalachian Nation (Speedway) - 2nd.

    • Li River Speedway, Guilin, Guangxi Territory, The Sherpa Empire (Road Course) - 3rd.

    • Finished 15th with 2301 points (Top 16)

  • NSSCRA 10 - #7

    • 0 - Exhibition at the Proving Grounds Presented by Rocket Automotive - 1st.

    • 3 - Milford's Milkshakes 400, Cocoa-bo Speedway, Starksville, Cassadaigua (Short Track) - 3rd.

    • 6 - Toys '4' All 500, Lonngeylin Ring, Lonngeylin, Vilita (Short Track) - 1st.

    • 8 - TMW 500, TMW Ramba Test Track. Ramba, Rinbung County, Tibet Province, The Sherpa Empire (Short Track) - 3rd.

    • 10 - TJUN 600, Jungle Circuit, Peninsula, JagBase TJUN-ia, TJUN-ia (Road Course) - 3rd.

    • 14 - Cocoabo Preservation 300K, Cocoabo Park Circuit, Tropicorp (Road Course) - 3rd.

    • 18 - Vilaye Energy Drink 314, Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Vilita (Road Course) - 3rd.

    • 20 - Anderscroggin Fairgrounds, Delano, Xanneria (Short Track) - 1st.

    • 21 - Shellshock Batteries 400, Marquette Raceway, Hampton Island (Speedway) - 2nd.

    • 23 - Kardashia Chadwick Dealers 400, Kardashia Autoring, Saint Kanye (Speedway) - 2nd.

    • 25 - Five Star Mobile 500, Concord Heights Motor Speedway; Concord Heights, Cassadaigua (Short Track) - 2nd.

    • Finished 7th with 4145 points (Top 8).

  • NSSCRA 11 - #7

    • 19 - Fredericksburg 400, Fredericksburg Fairgrounds Speedway, Sword Island (Short Track) - 2nd.

    • 21 - Gerhard's Burgers 420, Anderscroggin Fairgrounds, Delano City, Delano, Xanneria (Short Track) - 1st.

    • 24 - Kardashia Chadwick Dealers 400, Kardashia Autoring, Saint Kanye (Speedway) - 1st.

    • Finished 18th with 806 points.

Anastasia “De Sierlijke en Vrij High Valkyrie ov Valentine Z” Freya Valentina Ada. Jolin Annelijn Caitlin Trijntje Crystal Clarice Constance Judy Voi. D. Nexitros Annile Teresa Thida Myat Yadana Aye
  • NSSCRA 9 - #15

    • Goldenport Park Circuit, Beijing, The Northern Chinese Republic (Road Course) - 3rd.

    • Groleau Vitres d'auto 500, Szczuczyn, Łużyce, Terre Septentrionale (Short Track) - 1st. Dubbed the best moments for the Valentians.

    • Libertação 250, Oquevocêquiser, Jebslund (Superspeedway) - 2nd.

    • Kermania Fortress Run, Kermania Citadel, Jebslund (Road Course) - 2nd.

    • Finished 14th with 2310 points (Top 16)

  • NSSCRA 10 - #15

    • 8 - TMW 500, TMW Ramba Test Track. Ramba, Rinbung County, Tibet Province, The Sherpa Empire (Short Track) - 1st.

    • 9 - Libertação 250, Oquevocêquiser, Jebslund (Superspeedway) - 1st.

    • 12 - FunStar Squidroidia 400, Spartansburg Speedway, Spartansburg, Squidroidia (Speedway) - 1st.

    • 15 - Golden Bear 400, Stafford City Speedway, Hampton Island (Short Track) - 2nd.

    • 17 - Super Skychief 500, Hapilopper City Raceway, Hapilopper (Speedway) - 3rd.

    • 18 - Vilaye Energy Drink 314, Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Vilita (Road Course) - 1st.

    • 20 - Anderscroggin Fairgrounds, Delano, Xanneria (Short Track) - 3rd.

    • 23 - Kardashia Chadwick Dealers 400, Kardashia Autoring, Saint Kanye (Speedway) - 3rd.

    • 24 - Selid Oval, Selid, Myleikaf Province, Abanhfleft (Superspeedway) - 1st.

    • 26 - Proving Grounds 500, Tundra Falls Proving Grounds, Newmanistan (Superspeedway) - 2nd.

    • Finished 1st with 5045 points (Season 10 Champion).

  • NSSCRA 11 - #15

    • 2 - XANAir 300 at Road Marietta, Road Marietta Racing Facility, North of Marietta, Galliburton, Xanneria (Road Course) - 1st.

    • 4 - Aji Air 400, Sankyoku Triangle Tyrone Tabuso, Sankyoku, Aji No Moto (Speedway) - 3rd.

    • 19 - Fredericksburg 400, Fredericksburg Fairgrounds Speedway, Sword Island (Short Track) - 1st.

    • 20 - Guangxi Telecom 400, Li River Speedway, Guilin, Guangxi Territory (Road Course) - 3rd.

    • Finished 5th with 4132 points (Top 8).

Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison
  • NSSCRA 8 - #31

    • Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400 @ Wilkes County Speedway, North Wilkesboro, The Western Carolina Union - 2nd.

    • Kardashia Chadwick Dealers 400 @ Kardashia Autoring, Kardashia, Saint Kanye - 3rd.

    • Finished 20th with 825 points.

  • NSSCRA 9 - #31

    • Lannisburg Complex, Lannisburg, New Northwesteros (Speedway) - 1st.

    • Groleau Vitres d'auto 500, Szczuczyn, Łużyce, Terre Septentrionale (Short Track) - 2nd. Dubbed the best moments for the Valentians.

    • TMW Ramba Test Track. Ramba, Rinbung County, Tibet Province, The Sherpa Empire (Short Track) - 2nd.

    • Marele Tropical Speedway, Bolgano (Speedway) - 3rd.

    • West Hampton Motor Speedway, Hapilopper (Speedway) - 2nd.

    • Shellshock Batteries 400, Marquette Raceway, Hampton Island (Speedway) - 3rd.

    • Finished 5th with 4167 points (Top 8).

  • NSSCRA 10 - #31

    • 13 - RZDM Energy 500, Kohnhead City Speedway, Kohnhead (Speedway) - 2nd.

    • Finished 15th with 2257 points (Top 16).

  • NSSCRA 11 - #31

    • 7 - Brisbane 200, Brisbane International Raceway, Sword Island (Road Course) - 1st.

    • 25 - Kardashia Chadwick Dealers 400, Kardashia Autoring, Saint Kanye (Speedway) - 2nd.

    • Finished 13th with 2306 points (Top 16).

Holly Aceline “De Stralend en Wonderbaarlijk Licht Koningin Van Haar Mooie Universum” Aurora Symantha Vreugde Astrid Lavender Lexis Lilac Harmony Tsi. Marlie Nova Radiant Lapia Starlight
  • NSSCRA 10 - #55 - Signed up under The Gardeners, the racers of Garden at 6th Mile Road.

    • 24 - Selid Oval, Selid, Myleikaf Province, Abanhfleft (Superspeedway) - 10th.

    • Finished 34th with 397 points.

  • NSSCRA 11 - #55 - Signed up under The Gardeners, the racers of Garden at 6th Mile Road.

    • 8 - Tropicorp 500, Tropicoast Beach Course, Tropicorp (Superspeedway) - 12th.

    • Finished 27th with 635 points.

Vice Foresittend Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Moira “Неуловимая, Женщина-шпион” Marlene Wendy Lucille Lapis Jill Khorosheva Vin. Zolina łnt. Natasha Vasilisa Helen Ceeta Tescelyn Maximovna
  • NSSCRA 8

    • Warlock 400 @ Warlock Raceway, Newark Aristocracy (Speedway) - 1st.

    • Gryphon Supermarket 250, Imperial Speedway, South Stead, Vangaziland - 3rd.

    • Finished 11th with 3213 points (Top 12).

  • NSSCRA 9

    • Did not participate as much. Attempted qualification with #51, further information missing.

  • NSSCRA 10 - #76 - Signed up under The Gardeners, the racers of Garden at 6th Mile Road. Started off as open charter, eventually with a guaranteed spot.

    • 18 - Vilaye Energy Drink 314, Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Vilita (Road Course) - 11th.

    • 26 - Proving Grounds 500, Tundra Falls Proving Grounds, Newmanistan (Superspeedway) - 10th.

    • Finished 31st with 465 points.

  • NSSCRA 11 - #76 - Signed up under The Gardeners, the racers of Garden at 6th Mile Road.

    • 7 - Brisbane 200, Brisbane International Raceway, Sword Island (Road Course) - 10th.

    • Finished 30th with 547 points.

Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Basilisk Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing
  • NSSCRA 10 - #10 - Racing for EverLong Series.

    • 0 - Exhibition at the Proving Grounds Presented by Rocket Automotive - 3rd.

    • 2 - Argo Petrol 350, Lannisburg Complex, Lannisburg, New Northwesteros (Speedway) - 1st.

    • 5 - Starlight Speedway, Holly's Delights, Nuuk, Greenland, Alanis Star (Valentine Z) (Superspeedway) - 1st.

    • 6 - Toys '4' All 500, Lonngeylin Ring, Lonngeylin, Vilita (Short Track) - 3rd.

    • 8 - TMW 500, TMW Ramba Test Track. Ramba, Rinbung County, Tibet Province, The Sherpa Empire (Short Track) - 2nd.

    • 14 - Cocoabo Preservation 300K, Cocoabo Park Circuit, Tropicorp (Road Course) - 3rd.

    • 15 - Golden Bear 400, Stafford City Speedway, Hampton Island (Short Track) - 1st.

    • 16 - Pencurve Electronics 500, Jalton Superspeedway, Jalton, Saint Kanye (Superspeedway) - 3rd.

    • 18 - Vilaye Energy Drink 314, Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Vilita (Road Course) - 3rd.

    • 20 - Anderscroggin Fairgrounds, Delano, Xanneria (Short Track) - 1st.

    • Finished 7th with 4092 points (Top 8).

  • NSSCRA 11 - #10

    • 1 - Tundra Falls 400, Tundra Falls Proving Grounds, Newmanistan (Superspeedway) - 3rd.

    • 3 - Roromania 300, The Typhoon Speedway, Having City, Roromania (Speedway) - 2nd.

    • 5 - Port of Erie Motorsports Park, Erie, Appalachian Nation (Short Track) - 2nd.

    • 12 - Zalada 175, Jakulta, Filindostan (Road Course) - 1st.

    • 14 - NGADM 500, Jungle Circuit, Peninsula, JagBase TJUN-ia, TJUN-ia (Road Course) - 3rd.

    • 23 - ရန်ကုန်မြို့တော်ကြိုဆိုရေး (A Warm Yangon Welcome), New Aoutpine (Lower) Yangon, Valentine Z (Road Course) - 1st.

    • 26 - Proving Grounds 400, Tundra Falls Proving Grounds, Newmanistan (Superspeedway) - 2nd.

    • Finished 9th with 3157 points (Top 12).

Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel Maximillian “Unendlichkeit Jäger” Swifty Felix Maverick Prometheus Revlin Lynx Artyom Lichtenstein Baptiste C. Talon Haydn Lincoln Taal Reynolds Fang Wu Ying
  • NSSCRA 8 - #63

    • Open charter driver for Valkyrie Run 500, Valkyrie Speedway, Valentine Z. Placed 17th.

    • Attempted qualifications at Proving Grounds 500, Tundra Falls Proving Grounds, Newmanistan.

  • NSSCRA 11 - #60 - Racing for EverLong Series.

    • 3 - Roromania 300, The Typhoon Speedway, Having City, Roromania (Speedway) - 1st.

    • 9 - Fredericksburg 300, Fredericksburg Fairgrounds Speedway, Sword Island (Short Track) - 2nd.

    • Finished 12th with 3134 points (Top 12).

Head Secretary Jamie Izabella Maxie Clara “The Elegant and Magnificent Mathematician” Pernella Ellie Natie Lexie Marie Valerie Ruby Æstriðr Fni. Clementine Millicent Lizbeth Alex Cass Eirian
  • NSSCRA 9 - #63

    • Open charter driver for Valkyrie Run 500, Valkyrie Speedway, Valentine Z. Placed 31st.

    • Attempted qualifications at Proving Grounds 500, Tundra Falls Proving Grounds, Newmanistan.

  • NSSCRA 10 - #84 - Participation in IRACT - Independent Racing Association of the Chinese Territories.

    • 老龍 380 Jusenkyo Training Ground - 14th Qualification, Finished 8th.

    • Rumble in the Rice Fields - 25th Qualification, Finished 9th.

  • NSSCRA 11 - #84 - Participation in IRACT - Independent Racing Association of the Chinese Territories

    • TMW 400 Ramba Test Track - 2nd Qualification, Finished 38th (DNF).

    • Rumble in the Rice Fields - 26th Qualifications, Finished 10th.

2nd Cpt. Annabelle Grace Whitney Zoey Luminisa “Femeia Simțurilor Extraordinare” Claire Estevi Danielle Tricia Kate Carrie Kora Costiniu Frumoasa Emiliana Georgeta Melanie Ioannes Corinna
  • Atlantian Oceania Competitive Auto Racing (AOCAR) - #41

    • Finished 21st with 304 points.

2nd Warrant Officer Adrian Deston Emile Immanuel Warren Jack “Шокер” Sammie L. Marston Josyp Oleksandr Mykola Leonid Henadij Eduard Mikhael Wr. Kostyantyn Volodymyrovych Dudnyk
  • Atlantian Oceania Competitive Auto Racing (AOCAR) - #50

    • Finished 24th with 292 points.

WGPC is the international (and perhaps even interdimensional!) version of Formula One racing, involving various drivers, teams, engine suppliers, and tire suppliers from across multiple countries participating in something extraordinary. By definition, it is the tougher and harder version of open wheel racing, with WGP2 (World Grand Prix 2) and other derivatives being more forgiving to beginners. Adriana Ela Kowalski Lillian is the only Valentian driver so far who is involved in WGPC. The Valentians have basically aligned themselves with the likes of Fireline Motorsports, enjoying their company as well as their accomodation towards everything that the Valentians need.

Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian

  • World Grand Prix Championship 18, hosted by Liventia.

    • Under Fireline Motorsports, owned by Ethane and Tropicorp. Drives a #40 car, and is the teammate of Cocoabo #23.

      • 1 - Turori Eelandii Grand Prix Circuit - 13th.

      • 2 - Hodori Dashoze Circuit, Dashoze - 22nd.

      • 3 - Nexus Wardship of Former Citizens of the Nimbus_System Crossbay Circuit, Nimbus Bay - 19th.

      • 4 - Auruna Akresna Circuit, Akresna - 18th.

      • 5A - Aboveland Fjellutfordring, Avsidesliggendevuoret - Feature - 25th.

      • 5B - Aboveland Fjellutfordring, Avsidesliggendevuoret - Sprint - 22nd.

      • 6 - Nekoni Autodromo Internazionale de Rivoli, Val de Rivoli - 21st.

      • 7 - Filindostan San Marco Street Circuit, San Marco - 8th.

      • 8 - Hapilopper Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit, Hapilopper City - 20th.

      • 9 - Liventia Talbott Autodrome, Talbott - 9th.

      • 10 - Mattijana Ljubala InterNazionRing, Ljubala - 22nd.

    • Finished with 5 points, placing 25th.

  • World Grand Prix Championship 19, hosted by Vilita and Turori.

    • Under Fireline+Heroes Eminent WGPC Team, owned by Ethane and Lisander. Drives a #40 car, and is the teammate of #7 Anneliese Devereux.

      • 1 - Liventia Talbott Autodrome, Talbott - 14th.

      • 2 - Hodori Yakumicha Circuit, Yakumicha - 21st.

      • 3 - Nexus Wardship of Former Citizens of the Nimbus_System Crossbay Circuit, Nimbus Bay - 15th.

      • 4 - Turori Eelandii Grand Prix Circuit - 22nd.

      • 5A - Aboveland Lintulahti-Toralmintii International Circuit, Lintulahti - Sprint - 17th.

      • 5B - Aboveland Lintulahti-Toralmintii International Circuit, Lintulahti - Feature - 3rd.

      • 6 - Nekoni Autodromo Internazionale de Rivoli, Val de Rivoli - 1st.

      • 7 - Filindostan Yogyakulta International Circuit, Yogyakulta - 17th.

      • 8 - Auruna Akresna Circuit, Akresna - 7th.

      • 9A - Siovanija and Teusland Rehnbahn Stelburg, Stelburg - Sprint - 16th.

      • 9B - Siovanija and Teusland Rehnbahn Stelburg, Stelburg - Feature - 18th.

      • 10 - Hapilopper Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit, Hapilopper City - 15th.

      • 11 - Vilita Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Rockii Coast - 12th.

    • Scored 46 points, finishing 13th.

Sister event of WGPC, World Grand Prix Two, as the name suggests, is the Tier Two of the open wheel racing. A little bit more relaxing on the rookies and for the newer drivers to try their luck, it isn't as demanding as Championships. However, given enough circumstances and motivation, the drivers - including the Valentians - they will eventually find a lot of motivation to win as much as possible, fairly as possible. Adriana got into WGP2 3 as a way of initiation and to get used to the ropes and techniques of driving an open-wheel racecar, then she moved onto WGPC as above. In the meantime, Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta, gave an attempt at WGP2 after declining an offer from NSSCRA 9. To say that it was a disaster was an understatement, with Jolyn voluntarily paying compensation to VTM Tropicorp Engineering in order to make up for her utterly dreadful performance. Angela Stella Tan Fang Ling then joined the scene, to be slated as one of the de facto Valentian drivers for WGP2, with Adriana being her counterpart in WGPC.

A noteworthy performance came in the form of Adriana Kowalski Ela Lillian, who managed to get two 1st placements in a row for WGP2 4 - Alikki-Corra Street Course Feature Race and Drummond Vale Race Circuit Feature Race. The Valentians have basically aligned themselves with the likes of Fireline Motorsports, enjoying their company as well as their accomodation towards everything that the Valentians need.

Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian

  • World Grand Prix Two 3, hosted by Former Citizens of the Nimbus System.

    • Under US Navy, owned by USS Monitor. Drives a #76 car, and is the teammate of Jama'obo Pegasii (#37).

      • 1 - Circuit Arnaud - 14th.

      • 2 - San Marco Street Circuit - 6th.

      • 3 - Akresna Circuit - 24th.

      • 4 - Raleigh Hill Circuit - 1st.

      • 5 - Cocoabo Park Circuit - 7th.

      • 6 - Surrey International Raceway - 12th.

      • 7 - Pryfors Bilar Raceway - 23rd.

      • 8 - Circuit d'Arès - 24th.

      • 9 - Tavernia Parkway Circuit - 13th.

      • 10 - Crossbay Circuit - 17th.

    • Finished with 35 points, placing 11th.

  • World Grand Prix Two 4, hosted by Liventia.

    • Under Fireline Motorsports, owned by Ethane. Drives a #40 car, and is the teammate of Astigar Armendaritze (#0).

      • 1A - Alikki-Corra Street Course - Feature Race - 1st.

      • 1B - Alikki-Corra Street Course - Sprint Race - 13th.

      • 2A - Drummond Vale Race Circuit - Feature Race - 1st.

      • 2B - Drummond Vale Race Circuit - Sprint Race - 15th.

      • 3A - Toralmintii International Circuit - Feature Race - 24th.

      • 3B - Toralmintii International Circuit - Sprint Race - 11th.

      • 4A - Circuito Callejero de Cumbaya - Feature Race - 14th.

      • 4B - Circuito Callejero de Cumbaya - Sprint Race - 10th.

      • 5A - Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit - Feature Race - 19th.

      • 5B - Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit - Sprint Race - 22nd.

      • NC1 - Iskohtirinkyy - Non-championship Race - 9th.

      • NC2 - Bearden Waterfront Circuit - Non-championship Race - 17th.

      • NC3 - Stelburging - Non-championship Race - 17th.

      • 6A - Elbej Historic Site Circuit - Feature Race - 22nd.

      • 6B - Elbej Historic Site Circuit - Sprint Race - 10th.

      • 7A - Crossbay Circuit - Feature Race - 19th.

      • 7B - Crossbay Circuit - Sprint Race - 13th.

      • 8A - Yakumicha Circuit - Feature Race - 26th.

      • 8B - Yakumicha Circuit - Sprint Race - 19th.

      • 9A - Circuit de la Boisse - Feature Race - 14th.

      • 9B - Circuit de la Boisse - Sprint Race - 8th.

      • 10A - Gold Park Circuit - Feature Race - 18th.

      • 10B - Gold Park Circuit - Sprint Race - 18th.

    • Finished with 64 points, placing 11th.

Vice Foresittend Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Moira “Неуловимая, Женщина-шпион” Marlene Wendy Lucille Lapis Jill Khorosheva Vin. Zolina łnt. Natasha Vasilisa Helen Ceeta Tescelyn Maximovna
  • World Grand Prix Two 3, hosted by Former Citizens of the Nimbus System.

    • Under VTM Tropicorp Engineering, owned by Vilita and Turori. Drives a #40 car, and is the teammate of Cocoabo #23.

      • 1 - Circuit Arnaud - 13th.

      • 2 - San Marco Street Circuit - 21st.

      • 3 - Akresna Circuit - 17th.

      • 4 - Raleigh Hill Circuit - 20th.

      • 5 - Cocoabo Park Circuit - 19th.

      • 6 - Surrey International Raceway - 22nd.

      • 7 - Pryfors Bilar Raceway - 9th.

      • 8 - Circuit d'Arès - 9th.

      • 9 - Tavernia Parkway Circuit - 19th.

      • 10 - Crossbay Circuit - DNS (Got replaced by another driver).

    • Finished with 5 points, placing 24th out of 25.

1st Cpt. Angela Stella Trista Josephine Natalie Rv. E. Tps. “The Eternal Explorer” Bethany Alyssa Valeska Payton. Mikayla Gosling Josie Rowan Serenity Chelsea Lynette Hannah Tan Fang Ling
  • World Grand Prix Two 5, hosted by Vilita and Turori.

    • Fireline Academy Motorsports, owned by Ethane. Drives a #84 car, and is the teammate of Sullivan Joyner (#31).

      • 1 - Nexus Wardship of Former Citizens of the Nimbus_System Crossbay Circuit, Nimbus Bay - 12th.

      • 2 - Licentian Isles Hessington Island Grand Prix Course, Buckhaven - 14th.

      • 3 - Diarcesia Elbej Historic Site Circuit, Almur - 23rd.

      • 4 - Aboveland Vankkavalta Nøperasinkring, Vankkavalta - 15th.

      • 5A - Baker Park Drummond Vale Circuit, Drummond Vale - Feature - 13th.

      • 5B - Baker Park Drummond Vale Circuit, Drummond Vale - Sprint - 8th.

      • 6A - Aji No Moto Serizawa Racing Circuit, Serizawa - Feature - 21st.

      • 6B - Aji No Moto Serizawa Racing Circuit, Serizawa - Sprint - 16th.

      • 7 - Auruna Akresna Circuit, Akresna - 15th.

      • 8 - Esmerel Forest Cross International Raceway, Vertress - 19th.

      • 9A - Lisander Circuit Grandeville, Grandeville - Feature - 2nd.

      • 9B - Lisander Circuit Grandeville, Grandeville - Sprint - 2nd.

      • 10 - Vilita Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Rockii Coast - 10th.

    • Finished with 34 points, placing 17th.

Baptism of Fire, the initiation for those who are trying to get into the world of World Cup. Every team starts with equal footing, with the bonuses accmulated from the performance of team evaluation and the like as the season goes on. A new team or a nation will only go for one season of Baptism of Fire and as a result, Valentine Z went for the 72nd edition, ran by Appalachian Nation, Ethane, and Delaclava. When Valentine Z first gets into international football, it was the members of The Sixty who are the players, with non-Sixty / civilian players being a thing of the future anytime soon, as we have seen.

Fuller Family Stadium - Blacksburg:    South Charlia              2–3         Valentine Z
KiHi Stadium - Greenville:             Valentine Z                1–1         Maccian
KiHi Stadium - Greenville:             Daskel                     1–1         Valentine Z
Knox Global Stadium - Knoxville:       Valentine Z                4–1         Kuriko
Bland Foods Stadium - Pittsburgh:      Zeta Reka and Hugeltadom   0–0         Valentine Z
Bland Foods Stadium - Pittsburgh:      Valentine Z                4–2         Sabalonia

Round of 32:
Valentine Z 0–1 South Newlandia

After their initiation through Baptism of Fire, the Valentians then made their way into the very first World Cup - the 85th season. The Sixty started with a very defensive formation and roster in WC85, but as they moved on, they realised that their bodies were made for more offensive playstyles, and thus their change in strategies across the two seasons. WC85 proved to be a difficult initiation into World Cup, since it was said by many to be one of the most difficult and tedious seasons with an absolutely large 24 qualification matches. The Valentians got more and more lethargic as they went on, but placing 7th amongst their group, it was a signfiicantly average ending.

The Sixty came back with their full strength on World Cup 88, but due to missing 2 seasons beforehand, they were unable to break through the rest of the teams, placing a 10th in their group during the qualifications in what was possibly the worst score in the short history of Valentine Z's World Cup games so far, with a 4-3-11 (Wins-Draws-Losses).

The Sixty - viewtopic.php?p=34883406#p34883406

  • World Cup 85 - hosted by Mriin, Farfadillis, Kelssek, Zwangzug.

    First Half:
    Valentine Z     0–0      West Angola
    Lisander        2–0      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     3–0      Caelapes
    Banija          5–1      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     0–1      Hapilopper
    Balqia          4–1      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     1–0      Sankt Konrad
    Mercedini       1–3      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     2–1      Floyssauu
    Gopnikea        1–1      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     2–3      Bunkaiia
    Hampton Island  1–0      Valentine Z
    Second Half:
    West Angola     3–2      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     1–1      Lisander
    Caelapes        0–1      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     3–6      Banija
    Hapilopper      1–0      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     0–1      Balqia
    Sankt Konrad    1–2      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     2–4      Mercedini
    Floyssauu       1–4      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     4–0      Gopnikea
    Bunkaiia        1–2      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     0–0      Hampton Island
          Group 6                                     Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
     7/13 Valentine Z                                  24    9   4  11    35   38   −3    31

  • World Cup 88 - hosted by Chromatika, Cassadaigua.

    First Half:
    Krytenia        2–1      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     0–4      Turori
    Baggieland      1–0      Valentine Z
    Fluvannia       1–0      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     2–3      Acronius
    Reçueçn         1–0      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     1–0      Gergary
    Hispinas        2–2      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     1–0      Queenisa
    Second Half:
    Valentine Z     3–1      Krytenia
    Turori          3–0      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     1–3      Baggieland
    Valentine Z     2–0      Fluvannia
    Acronius        2–0      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     2–2      Reçueçn
    Gergary         2–1      Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     2–2      Hispinas
    Queenisa        1–0      Valentine Z
    *     Group 15                                  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
    10/10 Valentine Z                                18    4   3  11    18   30  −12    15

Valentian Kittens - The brand new and rising team of Valentine Z. Established just a few months after the 0th anniversary of the end of the war dubbed the Interdimensional Incident that costed many Valentian lives as well as the years to rebuild, Valentijn and The Sixty decided that after the blunders of the two World Cups, they could give the others a chance. They did it with a Basketball Team, so perhaps a somewhat less Sixty-affiliated team could fare well, since the Sixty had to run the country harder than ever for these few years, especially after the war. Now lead by Exuberant Superintendent T-2000/2904-3 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi, Valentian Kittens introduces and brings in a group of equally experienced football players from across the Earth and Mars of Valentine Z, in order to experience the fun and joy of football, as well as joining international events such as these. They might have had football experience in the domestic events (as well as having a few non-football related skills that could be useful), but can they step up against their roster, and hopefully make it into the semi-finals even? Time will tell!

  • World Cup 90 - hosted by Vilita.

    First Half:
    Valentine Z               3–5        Squidroidia
    Legalese                  1–0        Valentine Z
    Valentine Z               2–4        St Trinians
    Kohnhead                  5–3        Valentine Z
    Valentine Z               2–1        The Finntopian Empire
    Valentine Z               5–3        Osarius
    Savojarna                 1–2        Valentine Z
    Second Half:
    Squidroidia               1–0        Valentine Z
    Valentine Z               3–1        Legalese
    St Trinians               1–4        Valentine Z
    Valentine Z               2–1        Kohnhead
    The Finntopian Empire     3–5        Valentine Z
    Osarius                   5–3        Valentine Z
    Valentine Z               3–4        Savojarna
      * Group 1                            Pld   W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
    3/8 Valentine Z                        14    7   0   7    37   36   +1    21

Cup of Harmony, as it is called in full, happens right after the World Cup qualifications are over. This is for those nations and teams who did not make it past the World Cup qualifiers but are still noteworthy and performing well enough to deserve a secodn chance. As a result, CoH serves as that second chance, with host countries handing out invitations to the nations in order to participate in it.

The Valentians have participated in a few CoH seasons, particularly CoH 80 and CoH 82 as of the time of this writing, with the Sixty being the team for the former and the Valentian Kittens for the latter. CoH 80 was nothing much noteworthy for the Valentians, while CoH 82 is - to this date - considered the best performance a Valentian team have displayed in the world of International Football, going as far as beating several well-established teams and well into the Semifinals. It was only through Mercedini's performance that the Valentians were finally eliminated out of the brackets, in turn playing a 3PPO against Starblaydia, to which the Valentian Kittens also lost. Still, having gone this far, the Valentians have quoted this "The year that we will never forget and to live in fame. It was amazing, it was spectacular!"

The Sixty - viewtopic.php?p=34883406#p34883406

  • Cup of Harmony 80 - hosted by Krytenia and Graintfjall.

    Valentine Z     2–2     New Lusitania
    Darmen          3–2     Valentine Z
    Valentine Z     1–1     Chartistan
      Group E                        Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
    4 Valentine Z                      3   0  2  1    5   6  −1    2 E

The Valentian Kittens
  • Cup of Harmony 82 - hosted by The Licentian Isles and Montana Verde.

    HUElavia             2–3       Valentine Z
    Valentine Z          2–2       Brookstation
    Nyowani Kitara       2–0       Valentine Z
      Group H                          Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
    2 Valentine Z                        3   1  1  1    5   6  −1    4   Q
    Round of 32:
    Independent Athletes from Quebec 1–2 Valentine Z 
    Round of 16:
    Valentine Z 1–0 Electrum
    Quarter Finals:
    Trolleborg 2–3 Valentine Z
    Semi Finals:
    Mercedini 6–3 Valentine Z
    Third Place Playoffs:
    Starblaydia 3–2 Valentine Z

International Basketball Competitions - IBC, as it was called, is the international (and interdimensional) basketball venue for the nations and teams across the multiverse. Valentians in World Cup having civilian teams can be attributed to IBC itself, whereby Gwen took the first step with the team made out of Valentian civilians and players that have absolutely no affiliation to The Sixty, in order to give the civilian populace of Valentine Z a chance in representing then nation. IBC 32 is the first season for the Valentians, not having missed a single season so far ever since.

Gwen's Angels

  • International Basketball Championships 32 - hosted by Chromatika.

    First Half:
    Valentine Z              65–95              Hannasea
    Quebec and Shingoryeo    72–56              Valentine Z
    Valentine Z              71–67              Felinetopia
    Indusse                  103–58             Valentine Z
    Valentine Z              79–72              Corvadakia
    Kohnhead                 91–80              Valentine Z
    Valentine Z              60–82              Equestria
    Hebitaka                 89–78              Valentine Z
    Second Half:
    Hannasea                 74–68              Valentine Z
    Valentine Z              74–76              Quebec and Shingoryeo
    Felinetopia              88–85              Valentine Z
    Valentine Z              71–68              Indusse
    Corvadakia               74–67              Valentine Z
    Valentine Z              63–76              Kohnhead
    Equestria                69–73              Valentine Z
    Valentine Z              88–76              Hebitaka
    Group 4                  Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD    Win % 
    7 Valentine Z             16    5  11  1136 1272 −136    0.312 Eliminated

  • International Basketball Championships 33 - hosted by Quebec and Shingoryeo.

    First Half:
    Kohnhead             77–91         Valentine Z
    The Orion Islands    65–94         Valentine Z
    Valentine Z          67–69         United Adaikes
    Græntfjall           79–79         Valentine Z (88–90 OT)
    Valentine Z          54–67         Nova Anglicana
    Second Half:
    Valentine Z          79–60         Kohnhead
    Valentine Z          78–62         The Orion Islands
    United Adaikes       79–71         Valentine Z
    Valentine Z          72–90         Græntfjall
    Nova Anglicana       74–58         Valentine Z
    P Group C                 Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
    3 Valentine Z              10    5   5   754  731  +23

  • International Basketball Championships 34 - hosted by Chromatika (OOC), and South Newlandia (IC).

    To be updated once complete.

Perhaps one of the newer and smaller ventures that the Valentians have went for, the WSRC - World Stage Rally Championship - has debuted its first season quite after some time, with Valentine Z's The Sixty's Augustine Lorenzo Vinto Silas Imparato and Angeline Joyce Estefania Mik Nogueira as the Co-Driver. To say that it was bumpy was perhaps both tongue-in-cheek, as well as to describe the tedium the Valentians went into as this was their very first foray into the world of Rally Racing.

  • WSRC 1 - Hosted by Aboveland. Augustine and Angeline signed up under ENSADRINK WSR, owned by Hodori Motorsports.

    • 1 - Leg 1 - Nordenflyg Rally Aboveland - Morning - 13th.

    • 2 - Leg 1 - Nordenflyg Rally Aboveland - Afternoon - 9th.

    • 3 - Leg 2 - Nordenflyg Rally Aboveland - Morning - 13th.

    • 4 - Leg 2 - Nordenflyg Rally Aboveland - Afternoon - 6th.

    • 5 - Leg 1 - Hygolje Rally Audioslavia - Morning - 6th.

    • 6 - Leg 1 - Hygolje Rally Audioslavia - Afternoon - 3rd.

    • 7 - Leg 2 - Hygolje Rally Audioslavia - Morning - 5th.

    • 8 - Leg 2 - Hygolje Rally Audioslavia - Afternoon - 4th.

    • 9 - Rallysprint - Rally Ribovi - 12th.

    • 10 - Leg 1 - ZX-Flow Energy Rally Togonistan - Morning - 11th.

    • 11 - Leg 1 - ZX-Flow Energy Rally Togonistan - Afternoon - 10th.

    • 12 - Leg 2 - ZX-Flow Energy Rally Togonistan - Morning - 9th.

    • 13 - Leg 2 - ZX-Flow Energy Rally Togonistan - Afternoon - 7th.

    • 14 - Leg 1 - Snjórhlaup Græntfjalls - Morning - 14th.

    • 15 - Leg 1 - Snjórhlaup Græntfjalls - Afternoon - 1st.

    • 16 - Leg 2 - Snjórhlaup Græntfjalls - Morning - 17th.

    • 17 - Leg 2 - Snjórhlaup Græntfjalls - Afternoon - 17th.

    • 18 - Leg 1 - Aurunair Vellanhimaa Rally Auruna - Morning - 15th.

    • 19 - Leg 1 - Aurunair Vellanhimaa Rally Auruna - Afternoon - 11th.

    • 20 - Leg 2 - Aurunair Vellanhimaa Rally Auruna - Morning - 13th.

    • 21 - Leg 2 - Aurunair Vellanhimaa Rally Auruna - Afternoon - 7th.

    • 22 - Leg 1 - Kantaris Automobiles Tour de Nékoni - Morning - 8th.

    • 23 - Leg 1 - Kantaris Automobiles Tour de Nékoni - Afternoon - 6th.

    • 24 - Leg 2 - Kantaris Automobiles Tour de Nékoni - Morning - 7th.

    • 25 - Leg 2 - Kantaris Automobiles Tour de Nékoni - Afternoon - 11th.

    • 26 - Leg 1 - Shameimaru Cameras Hodoran Rally Eshigoa - Morning - 6th.

    • 27 - Leg 1 - Shameimaru Cameras Hodoran Rally Eshigoa - Afternoon - 5th.

    • 28 - Leg 2 - Shameimaru Cameras Hodoran Rally Eshigoa - Morning - 1st.

    • 29 - Leg 2 - Shameimaru Cameras Hodoran Rally Eshigoa - Afternoon - 5th.

  • Finished 10th with 32 points.

As per Former Citizens of the Nimbus System's words, "Welcome to the Nexus Racing Driver Academy Series! A fundamental part of the Nimban team’s new driver academy programme intended to take the most promising young drivers under its wings, this is the place where they will be given most chance to soar, proving their mettle in racecraft and development away from the eyes of the world...

Each race will last for approximately 220 kilometres. Points will be awarded according to finishing order at the race of each race event as follows: 1st – 10; 2nd – 8; 3rd – 6; 4th – 5; 5th – 4; 6th – 3; 7th – 2; 8th – 1. An additional point will be awarded for qualifying on pole position; another will be awarded for the race’s fastest lap.

Making alterations to one’s own car, including changing tyres or bodywork but not including refuelling, is permitted during races. Making alterations to another’s car, including deliberately crashing into it, is prohibited. An attempt to crash into another’s car will result in a penalty for the driver."

Essentially an off-season practice session, with emphasis on practicing and getting used to Nexus Racing's cars and the upgrade systems. The drivers will go for qualifying and race session, followed by the upgrade selection. Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian is the only Valentian participant so far.

Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian

  • Crossbay Circuit - Driver Academy Series

  • Race 1 - 4th.

  • Race 2 - 8th.

  • Race 3 - 6th.

  • Race 4 - 6th.

  • Race 5 - 3rd.

  • Finished 3rd with 27 points.

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Free Nations Region

Free Nations Region, home to Vostrov, one of my many, many nations that I have permanently settled inside.

  • The longest / 1st in Residency.

  • Served as a Minister of Information (now Community Manager) for multiple terms, under multiple Presidents / Cabinets / Office.

    • April 24, 2019 - July 13, 2019, under The greatest bestest nation as President.

    • July 13, 2019 - October 21, 2019, under My Nation as President.

    • October 21, 2019 - January 20, 2020, under Crystalsummer as President.

    • January 20, 2020 - February 18, 2020, under Givera as President.

    • February 18, 2020 - April 21, 2020, under Greater cadia as President.

    • April 21, 2020 - Present, under The greatest bestest nation as President.

  • The very first nation / user to receive two Medals of Freedom (the highest honour) from the Founder - Crystalsummer.

    • 16th of June 2019, 4th of April, 2020

  • Moderator of the FNR Discord.

  • Written multiple Dispatches and News Items.

    • Smaller and earlier works can be seen here: page=dispatches/nation=vostrov

    • 1st New Dispatch:

      Free Nations Region – News Dispatch – 1st Edition

      Free Minds. Free People. Free Nations.

      Free Nations
      News Network

      Table of Contents

      The Super Elections and the New Cabinet of FNR!
      Author: Vostrov, Contribution: Emaha
      Date: 24th of July, 2020
      Category: Regional News

      It is that time of the month for The Free Nations Region again, as we run an election for Minister of Election. Suffice to say that quite a handful of nations have declared their candidacy, though for most of these positions, nations run unopposed.

      This time, however, dubbed the Super Elections, because we were not only electing the Ministers, but also the Speaker and the WA Delegate as well.

      The Elections started on Saturday, 18th of July 2020 22:00 (10:00 PM) UTC, lasting for 72 hours / 3 days /, until 21st of July 2020 21:59 (09:59 PM) UTC. As with many other elections, citizens each receive an Election Code via their TGs, and these will ensure that there are no vote-rigging being done. After the intense 3 days, the results are out.

      Eligible Voters: 170 (as of 11.07.2020 22:00 UTC)
      Voter turnout: 21.76 %
      Votes submitted: 38
      Valid Votes: 35

      Reasons for vote invalidation:
      Voted multiple times: 33.33 % (1)
      Invalid EVC: 66.66 % (2)

      We would like to thank Emaha for collating these results in the region-wide Telegram!


      Abstain: 14.29% (5) (Eliminated after Round #1)

      Winner in bold, Results italic
      Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):
      Narvatus: 51.43 % (18) (Result after Round #2)
      Eluthania: 22.85 % (6) (Result after Round #2)
      Of arian hellas: 25.71 % (9) (Result after Round #2)

      --- RESULTS SPEAKER ELECTION July 2020 ---

      Winner in bold, Results italic
      Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):
      Running unopposed: My Nation
      Confirm: 94.29 % (32)


      Abstain: 17.14% (6) (Eliminated after Round #1)

      Winner in bold, Results italic
      Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):
      Republic of Arstotska: 42.85 % (14) (Result after Round #2)
      South Asians: 57.14 % (18) (Result after Round #2)


      Winner in bold, Results italic
      Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):
      Running unopposed: Gufand
      Confirm: 88.57 % (31)


      Winner in bold, Results italic
      Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):
      Running unopposed: Vostrov
      Confirm: 94.29 % (33)


      Winner in bold, Results italic
      Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):
      Running unopposed: Sargon reman
      Confirm: 85.71 % (30)


      Winner in bold, Results italic
      Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):
      Running unopposed: Emaha
      Confirm: 88.57 % (31)

      Congratulations to those that have won this Election, as well as a hearty Commiserations for those that have declared their candidacy. As always, remember that these Elections happen on a monthly basis, and a defeat is not the end. There are always next time!

      Our third Debate Session!
      Author: Vostrov
      Date: 20th of July, 2020
      Category: Regional News

      Newly established by our President Heaveria, the Debate Club, along with the poll, was established in order to better engage with the citizens and residents of the FNR alike! The poll is first made on the region's RMB, which then after getting the responses and the topic, the Debate Club will then take place on our Discord, specifically in the channel #debate-club.

      This time, we have a lot more participants in the poll, with an amazing 43 voter turn-out.

      - Electronic voting: Should it be used? Developed further? // Should referendums be held more often?: Gufand, Kjellbergia, Memorium land, Himun, Dracem, Huri, Lovecraftopolis Puppet, The allied emirates, SDAIAY, People of nolan, Inner spaxi serf, Ornionam, Aethelia, Airylleb, Mapperdonia, Klostersee, Aleixandria, Gandharasila, Ulymein, Porto Verde, Narvatus, Kraljevstvo rata.

      - Flat Earth society: Let be or not? Can they hurt anyone by their beliefs? // Should humanity invest more in space and/or deep ocean exploration?: Murder mystery, Indigoja, Really Big Bama Fan, Saneda del velocio, Gabeopolis, Novostia, Gregistanistan, Astro volkanisia.

      - Chinese products: Can we live without them? Which Chinese products do you use? Do you believe it's problematic? // Should American and European companies be prohibited by law to trade in China?: Kustonia, Explodeingtnt, Gouverne, Super suckage, Mersdon, Federation of Sarawak, South asiania, Grand Abaco, Slaughter none, Bopatog, Pathon, East blepia, Gartias.

      The poll was concluded with the first topic being chosen, and the debate itself held at 17:00 UTC (1 PM/13:00 EST // 19:00 CEST) on Friday, 24 July on the relevant Discord channel.

      Thank you once again for the participation!

      Our first Debate Session!
      Author: Vostrov
      Date: 6th of July, 2020
      Category: Regional News

      Newly established by our President Heaveria, the Debate Club, along with the poll, was established in order to better engage with the citizens and residents of the FNR alike! The poll is first made on the region's RMB, which then after getting the responses and the topic, the Debate Club will then take place on our Discord, moderated by Sparsdan.

      For the very first debate topic, the poll, concluded on 4th of July, 2020, has the following votes:

      - 11 people voted for the topic "Is it acceptable/ethical for the government to monitor citizens (e.g. telephones, internet, social media, etc.)?": World web, New volta, Slaughter none, South asiania, The trident union, Red foxia, Ulymein, Gabeopolis, Narvatus, Heaveria, Saneda del velocio.

      - 4 people voted for the topic "Should face recognition technology be developed and used by businesses or countries? Why or why not?": Mapperdonia, Gufand, People of nolan, Astromya.

      - 6 people voted for the topic "How transparent should a government be? Is there a point where it could get too transparent?": Alphabeth, Hetairaea, Grand Abaco, New scotstan, Indigoja, Who-knows-where.

      The first topic was chosen, with the #debate-club channel in our official server opening up on Wednesday, July 15th @ 17:00 UTC. We would like to once again thank everyone for their partricipitation and taking part in this regional activity.

      Banner Credit: Emaha

      Due to our President The greatest bestest nation, also known as Mysterious Player, resigning on 16th of June, a Special Presidential Election began on 19th of June, 22:00 UTC, with citizens of FNR declaring their candidacy a few days before.

      The Election ran for a 3 days / 72 hours, until the 22nd of June 2020 21:59 (09:59 PM) UTC. As with many other elections, citizens each receive an Election Code via their TGs, and these will ensure that there are no vote-rigging being done.

      After the intense 3 days, the results are out!

      Eligible Voters: 210 (as of 12.06.2020 22:00 UTC)
      Voter turnout: 30 %
      Votes submitted: 63
      Valid Votes: 59

      Reasons for vote invalidation:
      Invalid EVC (Election Verification Code): 50 % (2)
      Voted multiple times: 50 % (2)

      Heaveria – 62.71% / 37 votes
      The United Provinces of North America – 20.34% / 12 votes
      Abstain – 16.95% / 10 votes

      Credits: Gufand

      FNR would like to give the congratulations to Heaveria, who will lead our region to a brighter future. As always, a special thanks to all the voters for making this possible. As for UPNA, we wish you a good luck next time, for you have been a great candidate! FNR would also like to thank Thaelle for being a great Vice President so far, acting as an Acting President during the resignation and the subsequent Special Presidential Election.

      FNR’s Exhibit in NSGE. Flag Contest Wins Hearts!
      Author: Vostrov
      Date: 2nd of June, 2020
      Category: International News

      Banner credit: Aumeltopia.

      To quote and paraphrase Chief of Staff South Asians, our region is pretty excited to participate in the NationStates Great Exhibition (NSGE), especially because it has only been 1 year since our region has actively started getting involved in the NationStates Gameplay. Most people don’t know much about our region as much as they know about the other regions, and as a result, we saw this event as an opportunity to introduce our community to the world of NationStates.

      As we establish our participation in NSGE, so has our promotion for the event. Back in 24th of May, an announcement was made to promote this grand and special event, with a premise that NSGE is a premiere event for regions and nations alike to share their ideas, culture and history and culture in one place. With talks and interviews on subjects from Socialising and Influence to NationStates Moderation, we have experts on every imaginable topic delivering lectures, Q&As and interviews.

      For the regional exhibition, after the short introduction from South Asians about our History, Roleplay, Politics, and Military, we shortly afterwards conducted a flag showcase, a friendly no-drama contest whereby everyone got a chance to show off their best flag designs to the entire NS world. This also applied to those that does not have nations in FNR (be it citizen, resident, foreigner), and thus everyone was welcome to. The last date of submission of flags was 31st May 2020 5:30 PM UTC, which was then followed by a poll that was open to all. It is of important note that while the contest is a friendly one, the participants adhered to the rules as best as possible, such as looking out for plagiarism, or to prevent posting of flags that does not follow the community guidelines.

      The Participants

      Description: The Tyrannyicalist Flag is green to represent new birth of the nation in the sense that after a revolution from an empire the government was reborn. The eagle in the shield represents our want for freedom. The branches in the shield represent our wish for peace both internally and externally but our shield represents our willingness to protect both ourselves and our freedom if necessary.


      Description: My love of skiing and the colour purple.

      Valentine Z

      Description: I know it doesn’t follow the vexillology guideline, since it’s already an animation, but the Valentians (the people in my nation) use it here and there as a promotional piece. This flag, or a video rather, represents the list of flags that the Valentians have went through over the years, going through many, many iterations and designs, but ultimately going back to the familiar green-and-pink.

      Samantha-Higgs / Valentine Z

      Description: The Morse Code is not random, and had a meaning behind it. See if you can guess what it was saying! ^^

      Slaughter none

      Description: It is an mechanical wheel which is used to represent industrial workers on a red background following all the five rules of vexillology. It originally was the flag of a socialist movement to bring equality and improve working conditions but after the overthrow of the previous corrupt government the party of the movement came into power and became even more corrupt and soon developed into an autocratic dictatorship that only cares about economic output and development in exchange for basic human rights and freedoms.


      Description: It represents the bright future of Narvatus via the rays that symbolise the sun, with the traditional Narvatusian anchor on yellow background in the center. This flag was used in the Republic of Narvatus from its adoption in 1913 to the establishment of the Federation of Narvatus in 1932.

      Unova ssr
      Description: Blue stands for the waters of the country’s coast. Green stands for the former wealth the country possessed. White is for peace and the snow. The Golden Snowflake represents the Unovan Socialist Party. The Red is for the blood spilt in civil war.


      Description: The constellation is named Corvus, which mean Raven (the national animal of Songaira). Blue represents water. White represents purity and harmony.


      Description: The white symbol represents the peace and unity of every inhabitant of the nation, the purple band represents the country’s wealth, the dark blue background shows the Arabian Sea, and the lighter blue band is representative of the 1957 revolution which established the modern day Liruslaui People’s Republic.

      After an intense round of voting, Narvatus won the contest with their yellow and white flag, with an anchor in the middle. Congratulations to Narvatus for the win, and a thank you to each and everyone else for their participation.

      More about the competition can be found Linkhere.

      In the meantime, elsewhere in national exhibits, Valentine Z has done their own regarding the characters that they have established in their world, specifically The Sixty. More about them can be found Linkhere.

      The Pride of FNR!
      Author: Emaha, Editor: Vostrov
      Date: 1st of June, 2020
      Category: Regional News

      Every year in June, the world of NationStates celebrates the Pride Month, whereby many regions and individual nations change their flags for this special event.

      Of course, The Free Nations Region has its very own Pride Flag too! We are proud to fly it for the next month in order to demonstrate our tolerance and acceptance for persons of every orientation and gender.

      This year's design features the seal of FNR on a semi-transparent white circle which is surrounded by seven stars. All this is superimposed on the famous rainbow flag that is a symbol of LGBTQIA+ pride.

      Needless to say, there is some symbolism behind this design too: the seven stars represent the seven colours of the rainbow and also the LGBTQIA+ community. The white circle represents peace.

      Our Chief of Staff, South Asians, correctly pointed out on our Discord server that "[as] a region that represents freedom, The Free Nations Region has always been an advocate for gay equality". Even our regional motto says "Freedom Prevails!".

      The flag also serves as our new Discord server icon. If you, for whatever reason, have not joined our server yet, you can use this invite:

      I would like to round this article off with the following quote: "Being gay is natural. Hating gay is a lifestyle choice."

      NST and FNR established Cross-Promotional Agreement!
      Author: Vostrov
      Date: 11th of May, 2020
      Category: Special News

      NationStates is no stranger to the idea of two or more bodies of organisations cross-promoting each other’s content in the official channels, and for us here in FNR, this is no exception as we establish friendships with other organisations and regions. For instance, following the days of drafting and negotiations done recently, NationStates Today (NST) and The Free Nations Region (FNR) have agreed to promote each other’s content in the channels of the respective Official Discord servers.

      The Agreement, as it was written, as signed by Mysterious Player, then-President of FNR before the recent General Election; and by Wymondham Asteorra, the Deputy Chairperson and Public Relations Director of NationStates Today. The agreement was duly ratified by both NS Today and FNR on 2nd of May 2020, followed by FNR’s Official Discord then promoting the content on a separate channel that posts NS Today’s content on a regular basis as per Provision 4 of the Agreement.

      As per Provision 8 of the Agreement, Vostrov was designated as the representative of FNR and was given access to a dedicated channel in NS Today’s Official Discord server.

      Favorite Pizza Topping? Pepperoni!
      Author: Vostrov
      Date: 10th of May, 2020
      Category: Regional Poll

      As appreciating culture and food, as well as to get more engagement in the region, Republic of Arstotska has conducted a poll back in 10th of May: What is your favorite pizza topping? The results are as follows:

      Pepperoni: 34. South asiania, Zazann, Moka Pamplemousses, Albostria, My Nation, Ornionam, Soudjourne, Amaryllisia, Tan Talaba, The texan imperial state, Brezi, Duagavas, Rokandia, Raviana, Dadava, Ancapistan by didas, Pathon, Ratakosha, Badnationname, Gayy kingdom, Sulivannia, The united gamylian states, Tricastinie, Slaughter none, Asean maharlika, Tarenion, Burgerking, Provincial dover, Exgentina, Vivienah, Narvatus, Jojojojojojojojo, Bastias, and South Asians. A lot of people love pepperoni, and that is the reason why any self-respecting pizza shops have pepperoni on the menu. It’s the top choice for most of FNR!

      Mushroom: 15. Rooda, Tromalin, Aerinaea, Tenionistland, Gabeopolis, Of arian hellas, Mcguffin, Freedom for the better, Hetairaea, Lwazi, Aclil, Saneda del velocio, Gono3lan, Sparsdan, and Neutrals. Some like it, some don’t, but there is no denying that mushrooms are both nutritious (a vegetable) and also goes well on a pizza!

      Sausage: 14. East amblewell, Decitealis, Xurisha, Hansdeltania, Rexesia, Narcci, Ramokee, Novostia, Crystalsummer, Goosemenistand, Grand Abaco, Forestlandria, New collieland, and The nation of jh. For those looking for a bit of meat in their pizza, sausages are a way to go! You have many, many types of sausages, some with cheese inside of them. The latter is Vostrov’s personal favorite.

      I don’t like pizza: 5. Teshkeshia, The united states of northamerica, Zip, Mapperdonia, and Lipalley. Of course, not liking a pizza is not a bad thing. It might just be personal preference, or cultural difference. As I would recall, I do have my SE Asian relatives who are not used to eating pizzas, and would default back to the traditional dishes, or at least with some rice.

      I wonder what would be the votes and opinions if pineapple is added into the poll.

      A Royal Wedding in Like No Other!
      Author: Eluthania
      Date: 8th of May, 2020
      Category: Roleplay News

      May 8, 2020 is a date many Eluthanians will never forget. On that wonderful day, their monarch, His Majesty King Aurelius I, married the love of his life, Lady Persephone of OF Arian Hellas. Intensive preparations by the Eluthanian people with leaders of foreign nations present made the Royal Wedding truly one of a kind.

      As morning dawned, many crowds began to gather outside the Eluthanopolis Cathedral, the biggest in the imperial capital. Many also gathered in front of the Palace of Parliament where a giant screen was projecting live footage from the still empty cathedral. Among the crowds, foreigners who were in Eluthania for the Championship League of the Confederacy of Allied States. A sea of white and blue began to form, as crowds brandish the national flag, and wearing attire matching the national colors.

      Guests started to arrive as noon was approaching. The wide avenue leading to the cathedral was filled with cars and carriages as guests of various race, age, gender, and status enter the cathedral. The avenue was lined with guardsmen from the Royal Foot Guards, one of the personal bodyguards of the monarch, above them flew large Eluthanian flags along with the Royal Standard, made only for this occasion.

      As the cathedral was filled with international delegates and local guests by every passing minute, trumpets heralded to those inside that the King has arrived. King Aurelius wore the uniform of the Colonel-in-chief of the Royal Life Guards, his personal bodyguards. International reporters noted that the atmosphere inside the cathedral was rather simple and casual, despite the decorations and the pleasing orchestral music provided by the best musicians in the land. People were seen conversing with one another, especially the foreign delegates which included Emperor Theoklimenus and his consort of OF Arian Helals, His Holiness the Pope of Doctors Orvos, President Jack Graham of Arstotska, President Joao Maia of Fluzao puppet 1, The Heads of State of The Nation of JH, Edisos, New Roman protectorate, and of the Phoenician State.

      As soon as the King settled in to his seat, he stood up along with others as trumpets once again sounded to announce the arrival of Lady Persephone. Silence quickly filled the cathedral, and as soon as noting can be even heard, thunderous music began as the Lady walked through the aisle, wearing an elegant dress with Eluthanian and Hellenic patterns and emblems. She was assisted by Eluthanian and Hellenic ladies following right behind her, a symbol of new unity between the two Empires. Crowds watching from outside venues and at home were glued to the screens as the King took hold of Lady Persephone's hand.

      A short ceremony then took place, starting with a sermon from the minister officiating the wedding, followed by the exchanging of vows and rings, which sources say cost 1.2 Latinums for the pair. The climax of the wedding was when the King, and Lady Persephone kissed, which struck the hearts of everyone who witnessed, gathering loud cheers and applauses from inside and outside of the cathedral. On the same day, Lady Persephone was proclaimed Queen of Eluthania, Aeici, Rhegium, still retaining the other title of Lady of Hellas.

      The Royal Wedding was eventually concluded, with the capital erupting in rapturous celebration. Reporters noted that the excitement and joy of the crowd was nearly uncontrollable, sounds of happiness and rejoicing filled the avenue, as the royal couple left the cathedral, followed by the international delegates, who were visibly impressed by the event. One guest remarked, “This is the one of the happiest days for the Empire, everyone agrees with me, a proud day for us all.”

      Results for the Ministry Election of April 2020!
      Author: Vostrov
      Date: 5th of May, 2020
      Category: Regional News

      After concluding the General Election of April 2020 with a huge fanfare, we moved on to the Ministry Election, which started on 2nd of May, 22:00 (10:00 PM) UTC, and ran for 72 hours. As always, for the election itself, all citizens of The Free Nations Region two weeks before the start of the election, were eligible to vote. There were 209 eligible voters as a result, based on the count from 25th of April, 2020, 22:00 (10:00 PM) UTC. Out of these 209 voters, there were 61 citizens that have voted for the election (29.18% turnout), though out of these, 4 votes were unfortunately invalidated due to the incorrect EVC – Election Verification Code. As a result, there were 57 valid votes for the Ministers.

      First and foremost, we have the results for the Head of Cabinet Election, whereby South Asians ran unopposed. They have also received a tremendous amount of support, netting 53 votes of confirmation, with only 4 votes of abstinence.

      Next, we have the results for the Minister of Interior Election, with Republic of Arstotska and Badnationname running against one another. Republic of Arstotska netted 33 votes, while BadNationName netted 24 votes, along with 13 votes of abstinence.

      Moving on, we have the results for the Minister of Foreign Affairs, whereby Asean maharlika and East singapore ran against each other. ASEAN Maharlika would net 33 votes for themselves, while 24 votes would go to East Singapore. This is all on top of the 14 votes of abstinence.

      Next up, we have Minister of Communications, which is the renaming of the previous Minister of Information. The roles have more or less remained the same, all things considered. Vostrov would be the one running unopposed, netting 51 votes of confirmation, with 6 votes of abstinence.

      Next, we have the Minister of Culture, with Narvatus running unopposed. 54 votes of confirmation were submitted for Narvatus, while 3 votes of abstinence were submitted.

      Last, but not the very least, we have the Minister of Immigration, whereby Emaha was once again, running without opposition. 55 votes of confirmation were submitted, along with 2 votes of abstinence.

      This concludes our Ministry Election of May 2020, and we would like to congratulate the candidates for getting their respective Ministry roles, as well as commiserations still to those that have participated. Of note is the increasing number of candidates that have run unopposed for many offices, as well as the mostly familiar faces (simply indicating the lack of interest from newer nations), and there was thus a discussion on FNR’s Official Discord (our off-site) chat on what we could do about it. One of the many solutions, of course, is to drum up the perks of running FNR as one of the many, many ministers around.

      Results for the General Election of April 2020!
      Author: Vostrov
      Date: 22nd of April, 2020
      Category: Regional News

      After an intensive week of elections, we can proudly present to you the preliminary results of the April 2020 General Elections! As per the rules, everyone who has been a Citizen of The Free Nations Region one week before the election started, was eligible to vote.

      There were 120 eligible voters as of 10th of April, 2020, 22.00 UTC. The scheduled start for the Election was on 17th of April 2020 22:00 (10:00 PM) UTC. The Election would last 72 hours.

      39 votes have been submitted giving us a nice 32.5% turnout rate. Unfortunately, due to the invalid Election Validation Code, 2 voters were counted as invalid, giving us 37 valid votes to work with.

      First and foremost, we have the Presidental Election of April 2020, whereby in order of candidacy, Republic of Arstotska, Narvatus, and The greatest bestest nation were the three choices. After the three rounds, The Greatest Bestest Nation won with 17 votes, with Republic of Arstotska and Narvatus having gathered 8 and 10 votes respectively, and 2 voters abstaining. The Greatest Bestest Nation would then be taking over from South Asians, who became an impromptu President from the duration when Greater Cadia stepped down, until the General Election passed.

      Moving on, we have the WA Delegate Election of April 2020, whereby in order of candidacy, Red foxia, Of arian hellas, and Crystalsummer were the three choices. After the three rounds, OF Arian Hellas defeated Crystalsummer by just one vote, at 19-18, while Red Foxia obtained 5 votes for themselves; this is all on top of 1 voter abstaining. FNR as a whole would like to congratulate the candidates for their effort, regardless of a win or a defeat.

      As for Speaker Election of April 2020, My Nation ran unopposed, having gathered 36 votes of confirmation, with just 1 abstaining.

      Congratulations to the candidates that won for each of the categories, and we wish you all the best with this term. Additionally, a huge thanks for the efforts of the candidates that have cited interested in joining the office. Regardless of the defeat or the win, every FNR citizen has an equal chance to get sworn into the office by making yourself known, and by engaging with the region!

      Greater Cadia steps down! Vice President sworn in as President!
      Author: Vostrov
      Date: 18th of April, 2020
      Category: Regional News

      It is with great regret to announce that our President, Greater cadia, has stepped down on 18th of April, 2020, in order to deal with personal RL matters. It has been a pleasure for Cadia to know us all - from being one of the more active residents of FNR, to being elected and sworn in as Minister of Foreign Affairs, followed by being elected as President. The months that Cadia has spent with us have been a treasured moment, and he wishes us all the best with everything we do. We at FNR would also like to wish Greater Cadia all the best with his RL commitments, and in turn earning him the second Founder’s Medal of Freedom(3rd of April 2020, and 18th of April 2020), the second nation to get such an achievement.

      In the meantime, as per our Constitution, South Asians took over as the President, stepping up from his duty of being a Vice President to Greater Cadia. All of this will take effect until FNR General Elections of April 2020.

      Which of these historical eras would you like the most to experience first-hand?
      Author: Emaha; Editor: Vostrov
      Date: 7th of April, 2020
      Category: Special News

      It's no surprise that FNR has one of the more active regional polls among the regions, ranging from simple trivia, to personal opinions, to regional matters, and many, many more. It is one of the ways for FNR to engage with the nations inside the region itself, giving them a ground and letting them break the ice and to make some friends.

      Recently, Emaha has done just that, asking the region through the poll on the historical eras that the residents would like to experience first-hand. There were 10 options within - 9 of them for each era, and one with the option of simply "Other (Please specify on the RMB)", which, as the name suggests, would allow others to explain their other choices.

      The first and second options, namely “Stone Age (Paleolithic and Mesolithic)” and “Neolithic” did not receive any votes. Maybe it is for the reason that these eras are not considered that interesting in comparison to the others. Anyway, the Stone Age is the beginning of our path towards greatness.

      The third option – “Dawn of civilisation and Bronze Age” received 3 votes by Vivienah, Emaha and The greatest bestest nation. The Bronze Age with the first civilisations emerging around the world is definitely a very exciting period of history – which is why I chose it.

      The fourth option: “Antiquity”, majestic and glorious as it is, got 5 votes. Doctors Orvos, Allaah, Narvatus, Dome artan and Two barcias would love to experience Ancient Greece – the cradle of Western Civilisation - , the Roman Empire or other fascinating places first-hand. Ideas and discoveries that were made in ancient times still influence our modern world in many ways.

      The fifth option – the “Middle Ages” – was only chosen by one nation called, Fauxia. Maybe this one was not so popular because many still believe in the misconception that the medieval period was “dark”. In fact there were tons of interesting innovations during this 1000 year long period of time. Oh, and knights and castles are cool for sure, aren’t they? And don’t forget about the Islamic Golden Age that saw great cultural, economic and scientific flourishing.

      The sixth option – “Renaissance / Age of Discovery” – is the most popular option! A whopping 10 nations (Dragons of Power, Istillian, Prima-vizla, Fauias, Ciosia, South Asians, Rokandia, Zekojlocar, The Champions League, and Sparsdan) would like to experience the era when Europe began to prosper and set sails towards other continents. Moreover, the ideas of Ancient Greece and Rome were reborn, that’s why it’s called “Renaissance”, “rebirth”. Arts and science advanced profoundly. And we still admire incredible and inspiring achievements of this time such as the world-famous Mona Lisa, intricate Gothic cathedrals and many more. Leonardo DaVinci’s ideas and inventions were way ahead of their time and give us a feeling of how the Age of Discovery was very different than anything that came before. Oh, and we got the printing press invented by Johannes Gutenberg which resulted in massive spread of knowledge. Education and science resulted in the Age of Enlightenment in the following centuries.

      The seventh option – “The Long Nineteenth Century (1789 to 1914)” – got a lot of attention. 6 voters (Laurennia, Kniverbrum, Warsaw-Halicz, Arwindom, Hong Kong Empire, and Graag Brom.) would like to experience the era between the French Revolution and World War I. Characterised by the rise of liberalism and democracy, nation-building processes all across Europe, but also Imperialism and Colonialism, this era definitely has a lot to offer. The term “Long Nineteenth Century” was invented historians and refers to the notion that the period between 1789 and 1914 reflects a progression of ideas which are characteristic to an understanding of the 19th century.

      The eight option – “World War I to World War II (1914-1945) – got only two votes by Fynkn and Louis20. The latter person apparently being a fascist from a Nazi region (may the antifa kick his butt and raid his region).

      Well, the reason might be because it saw some of the darkest periods of history. Besides fascism, communism, economic crisis, dictators, the two World Wars and the Holocaust that killed many millions of humans, there were at least some notable advances in science and technology. Radios became popular and television was invented. A true breakthrough was the invention of nuclear fission for power generation - alas nuclear bombs were invented too.

      The ninth option was the “Cold War”. For me it was quite a surprise that it got 8 votes (Pax Somaliana, IRTAE, Asean maharlika, Valentian Elysium, Independland, Republic of Arstotska, Salton republic, and Grand Abaco), so it got in second place. This era is not that long ago and we all know that it was characterised by the largest geopolitical tensions ever. Two opposing superpowers, the USA and the Soviet Union, both supported by numerous allies found themselves in a constant state of conflict. The world was on the verge of war - a nuclear war. We also saw almost all former colonies gaining independence, the civil rights movement, glorious movies and all-time classic songs and the dawn of video games. The Space Age, especially the moon landings, inspires us even today. TVs and cars became the new standard and later on computers and video recorders joined our lives. Some of us might even remember parts of this era that ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc.

      Last but not least, 3 people chose “Other” and some specified their answer on the RMB.

      Now it’s complete, our journey through the eras. Some periods of history are more popular than others for a variety of reasons.

      We see that humanity always had its ups and downs but in the end we go forward and better ourselves. We can learn from history to understand the present and to create our future. Especially in times of crisis like these, it is important that we look positively towards tomorrow. There’s yet a lot more to come!

      Valentine Z places 4th in Gen Sec! Also earns the second Medal of Freedom!
      Author: Vostrov / Valentine Z; Contributions from Crystalsummer
      Date: 4th of April, 2020
      Category: Special News

      With the tremendous amount of effort, as well as running with the help of F7, NS Sports, several UCR (User-Created Regions), and grass-root communities, our very-own Valentine Z has managed to net a sweet 4th position for the General Secretary Elections! Valentine Z, in turn, would like to thank all the friends and regions that are involved in making this happen, and this includes our very own FNR, our founder Crystalsummer, and several other nations, for the tremendous support!

      From Valentine Z’s dispatch, this is what I have to say regarding the wonderful people here:

      Founder - Crystalsummer. Thank you very much for running this amazing region and more below for you! ^^
      WA Delegate - Of arian hellas. Thanks for being an amazing Delegate, and you have been a great person to talk to on Discord! Love your flag!
      President - Greater cadia. Running FNR like a champ, that is you! Congratulations, Mr. President, and thank you as well!
      Vice President - South Asians. Your unwavering support, as well as commitment to helping me till the end of time. Thank you!
      Chief Justice - Tigerania. With you around, Justice is always upheld, and you run elections like a champ! Getting a code from you is like a letter from Hogwarts. And also for helping me out with the Telegrams! Your amazing codes and efforts will not be gone unrecognised!
      Minister of Cartography - Hansdeltania. Amazing stuff and maps! Always love seeing them around!
      Minister of Information - Vostrov. Well.. that's me!
      Minister of Immigration - Emaha. I know I might have said "great person to talk to" many times, but really, you have all been wonderful, and Emaha has been very helpful with my newspieces!
      Speaker - My Nation. Yet another great face to see around! Thank you for your support as always, and entrusting me as Minister of Info!
      Minister of Defense - Zazann. Very nicely done with defending and making sure that we have no bots, no raiders (both on Discord and for the region), and just about everything else!
      Minister of Roleplay - Ulymein. Good RPs! I always love seeing RPs because I did them myself, so... please do keep it up, and thank you! ^^
      Minister of Internal Affairs - The greatest bestest nation. Living up to your name, truly! Thank you for your support and your unmatched optimism in making sure that I win!
      Minister of Foreign Affairs - Asean maharlika. Very eager to help, very eager to talk to, I love it! Keeping the regions united, thank you for all the work that you do!
      Minister of Culture - Hetairaea. Good looking factbooks and filled to the brim with content! I love the songs you have in there!

      And the many, many region mates, of course! My special thanks to you all for sending that mass WA TG! I know I kicked up quite a fuss about it because I have that rule set for myself, but I know that you only mean the best for me!

      FNR would also like to congratulate Vostrov / Valentine Z for becoming the first ever nation to earn the second Medal of Freedom, the highest honour in FNR as a region. In the words of Crystalsummer from this RMB post:

      He joined FNR around December 24, 2016, and has been here ever since. During his time he has written many incredible articles, served in several ministry positions under many Presidents, and is a model Moderator for our discord! We here in FNR congratulate you for a hard fought campaign, and look forward to seeing what you achieve in the future. Therefore today I hereby am proud to make history. I hereby award you the Founder’s Medal of Freedom for a second unprecedented time! Congratulations!! Thank you for all you do!

      As a means to create regional-bonding and social interaction, to creating memes and lighthearted content, to discussing about NS and FNR themselves, we have established our very own subreddit named r/thefreenations.
      LinkThe link to the Subreddit.

      The FNR as a region would also like to thank Independland for testing this out and making it possible!

      Following the resignation of Gartias as the Minister of Culture, our President Greater cadia has once again made a decision to nominate Hetairaea to be the Minister of Culture for this term. This voting process was done on FNR’s Official Discord server, and there was a voting process that took place in order to confirm the position and the nominee. The voting started on 9th of March, 19:37:00 (UTC), and ran for 72 hours. 22 nations voted Aye, while 5 voted Abstain, with 0 voting for Nay.

      To keep the election and voting fair, only those with Citizen roles have their votes counted, and the voting will be declared invalid if the nation reacts on more than one option.

      List of For Votes: South Asians, Emaha, Narvatus, Altum hortus, The greatest bestest nation, Digitanesia, Of arian hellas, United allied forces, Tylil, My Nation, Auraclae, Al0neforever, New collieland, Zazann, Greater cadia, Republic of Arstotska, Asean maharlika, Vostrov, Red foxia, Sparsdan, Independland, and Ulymein.

      List of Abstain Votes: Tigerania, The republic of awesometopia, East brunswik, Haeykha, and Gronotsky.

      Congratulations to Hetairaea for securing the position! We hope that you will serve proudly and well beside our President!

      As FNR expands out more and more, our newly-elected President, Greater cadia, decided to nominate United allied forces to be the Attorney General. This voting process was done on FNR’s Official Discord server, and there was a voting process that took place in order to confirm the position and the nominee. The voting started on 26th of February, 20:38:00 (UTC), and ran for 72 hours. 18 nations voted Aye, while 3 voted Abstain, with 0 voting for Nay.

      To keep the election and voting fair, only those with Citizen roles have their votes counted, and the voting will be declared invalid if the nation reacts on more than one option.

      List of For Votes: Emaha, Narvatus, Altum hortus, Crystalsummer, Digitanesia, Of arian hellas, United allied forces, Tylil, Lykedaemon, East brunswik, My Nation, Auraclae, Al0neforever, New collieland, Zazann, Greater cadia, Republic of Arstotska, and Ulymein.

      List of Abstain Votes: Tigerania, The republic of awesometopia, and The united world organization.

      Congratulations to United Allied Forces for securing the position! We hope that you will serve proudly and well beside our President!

      Poll - Which wonders would you like to visit?
      Author: Vostrov / Valentine Z
      Date: 5th of March, 2020
      Category: Regional Poll

      It's no surprise that FNR has one of the more active regional polls among the regions, ranging from simple trivia, to personal opinions, to regional matters, and many, many more. It is one of the ways of FNR to engage with the nations inside the region itself, giving them a ground and letting them break the ice and to make some friends.

      Recently, South Asians has done just that, asking the region through the Poll on the Wonder of the World that the residents would like to visit. There were 9 options within - 8 of them for each wonder, and one with the option of "Meh, I don't like travelling".

      The first option - The wondrous and majestic Taj Mahal in India. For this, two nations - Zazann and Dominioan, have chosen this.

      The second option - the old and cultural Colosseum in Italy that has stood the test of time (and even perhaps the vandalism from the tourists and locals alike) - has gathered itself a whopping 11 nations / residents that would like to travel there. Germanolia, Aethelia, Archargentina, Greater cadia, My Nation, Auraclae, Devrok, Aeici, Phoenician State, Crystalsummer, and Belits bellia.

      The third option - the ancient and breathtaking Chichen Itza in Mexico - has two nations that would like to visit there: Sparsdan and Ubekibekibekibekistanstan.

      The fourth option - the gorgeous and beautiful nature landscape of Machu Picchu in Peru, has gathered itself 14 votes! Pandypidge, Republic of Arstotska, United states of alessia, Culdiff, Nuroblav, Valentian Elysium, Quelsh, Tigerania, Graag Brom, IRTAE, Hagston, Aleixandria, Bigsby land, and The finnish ussr.

      The fifth option - the religious icon Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, a hot spot for many tourists, has also gathered 3 votes for itself - Facodalcon, Valid, and The republic of awesometopia.

      The sixth option - the ancient monuments of Petra in Jordan, has 4 votes - Byssetia, Viknovia, Haeykha, and Grand Abaco. The author (Vostrov)'s personal take is that this is one of those places that you should go, along with the ruins all around Middle East. The only problem is that Middle East tends to have conflicts in a few spots, and thus poses a danger to tourists, even if you are at your very best behavior. It is indeed a shame that there are those that are willing to destroy irreplaceable history.

      The seventh option - the long and winding Great Wall of China in PRC, has one vote from Louis20. As majestic and nice as it is, and I certainly would love to visit there one day. However, travel advice is to wait it out for the recent virus situation to de-escalate first.

      Last but not least, the eighth option - the ancient and architectural feat of Egyptians - The Great Pyramid of Giza! 9 votes have been gathered - Rokandia, Of arian hellas, Ulymein, Rivand, Emaha, South Asians, Liberated American Provinces, Xa-nation, and Deacarsia.

      The aforementioned wonderful feat of architecture, though along with multiple conspiracy theories abound on whether aliens have actually built it. The truth of the matter is such that there is a reason why pyramids are built in a pyramidal shape, along with slopes and ramps; they are easy for builders to carry around. Additionally, they are not all slaves that were whipped and forced to built; instead, it would be Linkskilled labour, the ancient-day equivalence of modern contractors. You can accomplish a task with 100 to 200 skilled workers, as opposed to throwing thousands of slaves.

      And last but not the very least... Hetairaea and Dommelicia islands don't seem to like travelling that much.

      Foreword from the collator.
      Author: Vostrov / Valentine Z
      Date: Nil.
      Category: Miscellaneous News

      As FNR has evolved and has went through a lot of changes, we have decided that we would like to try yet another newspaper format – This time, you will see that the news will go from top to bottom in a chronological order, with the most recent news on the top. They will also be categorised accordingly, along with the table of content on the top. The Dispatch that exceeds 90,000 character limit will be archived, with a new edition rolled out simultaneously. Without further ado, I hope that you will enjoy and follow through this Dispatch as time goes on.

      FNR Special Presidential Elections of February 2020. Greater Cadia wins!
      Author: Vostrov / Valentine Z
      Date: 18th of February, 2020
      Category: Regional News

      After the recent news on our previous president being suspected with possible WA multing, it then falls into the hands of FNR once again to pick the President in a special election of February 2020.

      As of 6th of February, there are 104 eligible voters and out of the 104, 26 of the votes have been submitted, with no invalid votes from any of them. This give us the voter turnout of 25%.

      Out of the 26 voters, 3 of them have chosen to abstain, while 6 voted for Narvatus, 11 voted for Crystalsummer, and 15 voted for Greater cadia. I would also like to give my congratulations and wishes of luck to Greater Cadia for the victory, as well as the two other candidates - Crystalsummer and Narvatus, for putting up a fair challenge!

      And with that, the speech from the President himself, taken from the Regional Discord.

      I would like to thank @Narvatus and @Crystalsummer for being such great opponents, and I wish them all the best for the future. I would also like to thank all the citizens that put their faith in me and voted me for President. It is great to see so many people put their trust in a relatively new person to FNR. I hope that I can now prove that I was worthy of this faith.

      FNR Ministry Elections January 2020
      Author: Vostrov / Valentine Z
      Date: 6th of February, 2020
      Category: Regional News

      It is that wonderful time of the year again! The Free Nations Region has once again conducted and passed through another successful Ministry Election of January 2020.

      Of note is that Vostrov nearly missed the opportunity to apply as a candidate as the Ministry of Information. While they missed the official process of indicating that they are running for office, they managed to be let in by the Regional Officers and officials, since it was a combination of: Vostrov have indeed indicated that they would like to run for Ministry of Information informally in the RMB, and that Vostrov brought it up right on time.

      As of 16th of January 2020, 22:00 UTC, there were 97 eligible voters. Out of these 97, 26.80% of them turned up, resulting in a total of 26 votes, excluding the 3 invalid votes. This time, however, only one vote was voided due to the invalid EVC (Election Verification Code), while the other 2 votes were submitted after the end of the election.

      Without further ado, we would like to announce the results of the minister elections.

      The first one on our list is the results for the Minister of Interior. Three candidates ran for this position – United allied forces, Socaltucky, and South Asians. Out of the 23 valid votes, both UAF and Socaltucky have obtained 2 votes each for themselves, while South Asians won with a whopping 15 votes. There were 4 voters that abstained.

      The second one – Foreign Affairs Minister, was very, very close! Greater cadia and Crystalsummer declared their candidacy, and there were two rounds that went over it due to the close nature of the votes. 5 voters have once again abstained, and there were 12 votes for Greater Cadia, and 11 for Crystalsummer. It was a close shave for both candidates, and they have fought a great fight!

      The third one – Roleplay Minister, was also another one with a very close result. Hansdeltania and Ulymein have declared candidacy, and the results were out after the second round. Ulymein won with 12 votes, while Hansdeltania trailed behind with 11 votes. Another close shave, we must say!

      The fourth position – Minister of Culture, has Gartias and Hetairaea running for it. Out of the 23 valid votes, 2 of them has once again chosen to abstain, while Gartias got 13 votes, and Hetairaea got 8 votes.

      The fifth position – Minister of Information, responsible for FNR news and other dispatch updates, has Vostrov and Asean maharlika running for the position. Vostrov won once again with 12 votes, while ASEAN Maharlika obtained 8 votes. 3 voters have chosen to abstain.

      The sixth position – Minister of Defense, has Zazann and Republic of Arstotska (ROA) declaring their candidacy for the position. Out of the 23 votes, 2 voted to Abstain, while Zazann won with 14 votes, and ROA with 7 votes.

      Last but not the very least, Minister of Immigration as a position has Emaha running unopposed for the position. A whopping 100% of the votes (all the 23 voters) have chosen to confirm Emaha as the Minister of Immigration, with absolutely zero abstains.

      As a result,
      Minister of Interior – South Asians
      Minister of Foreign Affairs – Greater cadia
      Minister of Roleplay – Ulymein
      Minister of Culture – Gartias
      Minister of Information – Vostrov
      Minister of Defense – Zazann
      Minister of Immigration – Emaha

      We would like to once again congratulate these people for their candidacy, as well as the new Ministers with their positions. We wish them all the best, and hope that this new term will be a great one for all!

      Nearly a month ago, there was a Presidental Election that went on with Givera and Greater cadia being the candidates that are going head-to-head. After an intense election and voting process, we were happy to announce that Givera won the Presidency Election, and to celebrate that, Linkour then-new-President Givera has put up a speech in our official regional Discord, which has been put up in RMB.. This was back in 21st of January 2020.

      However, new developments began from 2nd of February 2020, 1:18:03 (GMT +8) in the RMB, whereby Tigerania, Chief Justice of The Free Nations Region, has made a statement that the Supreme Court of FNR dismissed Givera as the President of FNR. The reasoning was that on the 25th of January of 2020, Givera got ejected from World Assembly. As a result of this, he lost his citizenship and eligibility to hold the office of the president. When the court asked him to explain himself, Givera simply did not provide a response to the public requests for an explanation. Since then, he went inactive without notice. A special election was slated to be held in the next few days, and until then, Narvatus, the VP, has assumed the duties and responsibilities of the President.

      A few more moments later, our founder, Crystalsummer, has posted a statement about the confirmation about the removal of Givera, for possible WA nation violation, as well as a possible conspiracy against Greater Cadia. These are not the qualities that the office of President should be subjected to – and by extension, integrity and transparency play an important part in every nation in FNR having a fair ground and opportunity to make a name for themselves. As a result of this, Emaha is then entrusted with the sacred duty of hosting a special election for the Presidency.

      Freedom and Integrity will indeed prevail once again. I would like to thank the sources and the fellow region-mates for the sources and information, and we hope to get more comments out of Givera regarding this. LinkUpon being questioned about the ejection from WA, there was a short comment from Givera on 26th of January of 2020 on the regional Discord, but this was the very last comment from Givera regarding this matter, as well as being the most recent comment. Givera has also failed to comment on the RMB regarding this matter.

      Read dispatch

NSGE - NationStates Great Exhibition

  • NSGE 2020

    • Speaker - Did one on my characters - The Sixty. Unfortunately possibly lost to time.

  • NSGE 2021

    • Speaker - Did one on NS Stats - NS Stats Analysis, Correlations, Graphs, and Analytics! ^^ Link here:

The North Pacific

With Victoriaans Nederlands now in Forest, Valentine Z, my main nation, took up the position of being a WA nation, slated to permanently reside in here. Won and was mentioned with some honours along the way:


Love for Mother Nature, along with very friendly people, has also made me reside in this region over various puppets, but still considering it as my second home.
Photography contest organised by Mount Seymour.

Psychotic Dictatorships

Home to grand and eternal dictators such as Menta Lee-IL, Khoronzon, Destructive Government Economic System, Val orlais, and of course... Samantha-Higgs!

  • Currently serving as Keeper of the Midnight Gate / Border Control.

  • Now part of Dearest Leader's Triumvirate.

Got Issues?

Not much has been done in the past… until recently, that is! A start of a new and wonderful beginning.

  • Drafted a handful of ideas; submitted two issues. Unfortunately did not pass due to my writing needing improvement.

  • Started a stats correlation and analysis thread. Also established a GitHub repository. (])

  • Earned the rights of the NS Issues Thread for maintenance purposes. 2nd of April, 2020. Special thanks to The Free Joy State for the utmost help with the notations and technicalities with editing the master list.

  • Recently Published an Issue - #1452 - Hello Darkness, My Old Friend.

Trading Cards

Participated rather heavily in the mechanic which went from an one-off April Fools event, to a permanent feature with 2 seasons so far. Technically 3, if counting Season Zero / the first inception.

  • Created The Gold Retriever, which eventually is used and tremendously improved by users such as SherpDaWerp and Racoda. Their work can be found here and Linkhere.

  • Has Valentine Z’s Season One card be used as a testing ground / guinea pig / experiment by Destructive Government Economic System to make the longest auction. The details can be found on Noahs Second Country, here:

    Noahs Second Country Dispatch Office

    Special Edition: The Auction That Lasted Forever

    April 10, 2020

    Bringing you your NSC developments since 2/22/2222

    The art in question

    Oftentimes when valuable art goes for sale, auctions may last for many hours, such as the recent auctions on Old Tyrannia, where Noahs Second Country profited greatly from smart bidding, and the five hour auction ultimately led to a purchase costing 301.11 for 448 deck value. What a deal! However, this auction was different. Art from Valentine Z, prior to this auction, had not garnered any interest since the 27th of February, which resulted in a sale of only 2.5. Valentine Z is a popular and well liked member of the NS Cards discord, a public forum designed for discussion in regards to art acquisition, and to encourage art deals between nations looking for particular styles and types of art. As a result of this positive reputation, both among art traders and in other communities, the art in question already had respectable value, with purchases as high as 9.99. Another important thing to note is that art auctions, when bid upon, increase in time for one minute, and this number cannot be manually lowered, mandated by international law. This is intended to prevent last second 'snipes' on art, where both the buyer and seller may be caught off guard by a low ask or higher bid. With this in mind, in the past some traders have intentionally extended auctions for their own convenience, by increasing their bid by a penny over and over again, adding minutes to the total auction time.

    Early events
    Sometime around 3:53PM CST on the 28th day of March 2020, Destructive Government Economic System matched a bid with Frisbeeteria for 9.99, starting the auction for 1 hour. DGES then began to painfully increase the auction timer, minute by minute, penny by penny, by outbidding themselves over and over again. At some point, approximately a day into the auction, nations began to mention and notice the long auction extension on the Cards Discord. It is also notable that many nations began to ask for lower prices in early attempts to acquire the increasingly large sum that DGES was offering, including Love and Nature and Valentine Z. Little did they know how long the auction would actually last... At this time, other nations joined the effort to extend the auction. While DGES was the primary extender of the auction, smaller contributions were made from 9003, Inven, Pangurstan, and Noahs Second Country, who added 222 minutes twice in two separate segments. At this point, the 72 hours point was achieved in the auction, already a record. With distractions created by Sec-Gen elections, the auction time and participation briefly stagnated, with the time only being replenished by the efforts of DGES.

    The maximum possible auction timer

    100 hours
    While 72 hours was a record-setting milestone in itself, members of the discord wanted to see what would happen if the auction reached 100 hours, since the auction timer only supported double digit hour amounts. With this goal in mind, 100 hours was achieved quickly through bids from Racoda, Evrigenis, 9003, Pangurstan, Giovanniland, Recuecn, Noahs Second Country, Inven, and of course, Destructive Government Economic System. Due to large numbers of matches, multiple nations could extend the auction at once, speeding up the process. The result? The timer simply rolled over, as demonstrated by the below graphic, where the time simply ticks down back to 99:59:59.

    An image depicting the auction bids and asks towards the end

    Further Extension
    At this point, the milestone was achieved, and users began to let the auction tick down. Perhaps the most notable event was Ballotonia announcing a change in international law... auction timers could not be extended past 1 hour, 1 minute. This was directly a result of the auction, as many nations had trouble changing bids since the recent happenings was so long (more than 10000 events at times). This led to the realization that this auction would be the last one to ever have a timer over 1 hour 1 minute, reinvigorating various members of the art community to have the auction last as long as possible. After the timer ticked down below 1 hour, initial bids from Racoda were competitive, designed to cheaply purchase the three art pieces with asks of .01. However, upon the realization that the auction was not going to end anytime soon, this was the last involvement of Racoda in the auction. Three nations were primarily responsible for extension at this phase, Alia Atreides, Recuecn, and Evrigenis. Other bidders also contributed in smaller amounts or as a result of trying to 'win' the auction. Bidders included Darmen, Rain Delay, ROM, Second best card collector / Noahs Second Country, Giovanniland, Evrigenis, Blackthorn shade, Love and Nature, Wocu holdings, Ashaie, Qwerty-112230, Pollaetorian (seemingly a nation with ties to Warzone Codger), Marxist germany, and others. Nations scrambled to match the three lowest asks from Mushet, Axixic, and Valentine Z, while other simply kept bidding up in order to extend the auction. The auction was a lot more volatile, since nations kept having to extend within an hour of previous extension, a tedious and time consuming task, especially considering it had to happen 24 hours a day. At the bottom of the asks, nations struggled to match the bid of Destructive Government Economic System, including Catilia, Erickt, Gondet, Refuge Isle, Valentine Z, Wocu holdings, and others. Meanwhile, nations such as Ter Voland (and many more) just tried to cash out for around the predicted market value.

    The recent happenings page following the auction's end

    The trades graph of the artwork

    End of Auction and Aftermath
    The auction suddenly ended at 2:20AM PST on April 10th, 18,027 minutes after the auction was started. The notable final buyers and sellers were Wocu holdings, who received the most money; Noahs Second Country, who acquired 5 total copies, including the 3 cheap copies; and Valentine Z, who sold 5 copies of their own artwork. The new market value of the art has increased to 21, four times the initial value. One notable event is that Wocu holdings immediately sold another copy to Noahs Second Country for 22.22, and Port Starboard sold their copy to Marxist germany to 22.21, increasing the market value slightly. These were unintentional buys as the bids remained following the auction, since it resolved while many nations were sleeping. It seems that many buyers, including Recuecn, Rain Delay, Blackthorn shade, and Evrigenis have no intention of ever selling the artwork again, and the art will likely remain a staple in their respective displays. Noahs Second Country gifted two copies of the artwork back to Valentine Z, one to Giovanniland and put 2 copies up for sale at 22.22, while keeping one copy permanently.

    A few records were broken in this auction, primarily pertaining to time. Unfortunately, we do not have exact numbers, but here are the unofficial records observed by this reporting service:

    Longest Auction: 18,027 minutes (12.5 days!)
    This was the primary record, and will likely stand forever, unless international policy is changed to allow further extension of auction timers. Based on the previous statements of Ballotonia, this is unlikely. Perhaps the primary nation that should receive credit is Destructive Government Economic System, additionally, many other nations made significant and intentional contributions; including, but not limited to: Noahs Second Country, Evrigenis, 9003, Racoda, Recuecn, Giovanniland, Pangurstan, Alia Atreides and Inven.

    Longest unchanged, matched bid: At least 150 hours
    This record goes to a bid of 22.22 placed shortly before the 100 hour milestone from Noahs Second Country. DGES changed their bid shortly after before leaving it at 141.77, however, they did have the longest involvement in an auction as the initiator of it.

    Most bids on one auction
    This obviously goes to Destructive Government Economic System, as they likely contributed to more than half of the auction time.

    Most matches on a non-transfer artwork
    With 21 simultaneous matches, all of them being competitive bids, this is probably the most serious matches we will see on a artwork for a while.

    Highest auction timer
    While the total time remaining was as high as 101 hours, the highest timer value shown was 99:59:59 due to limitations in the user interface.

    This event was a great example of the international art community working together to achieve something cool, and many members of the community expressed their happiness with the event. Even those not directly involved took interest in the auction, such as Ransium, The Salaxalans, and others. Ultimately, this auction will likely be a highly cited event in the international art community, hence the reason why this report was written, so that the event could be archived permanently for future generations to learn about.

    Thank you for reading, and if you enjoyed this, please upvote it! Let me know if I made any mistakes, since I barely proofread this (lol).

    - Noahs Second Country

    Read dispatch

  • Won the 2021 Card Awards (hosted by Noahs Second Country) - Card Tool of the Year - Gold Retriever - Racoda and Valentine Z’s gold retrievers are critical for puppet management, transfers, and tracking packs!

  • Also won the Card Fail of the Year title - 99:59:59.

WA’s General Secretary Elections 2020

That one April Fools joke that went on for a few days. What did you get when you win? Well… nothing, to be honest. You will get a shiny badge, sure, but there is no actual power. It was pretty fun, all things considered.

  • Round 1: 7th, 3.0% of the total votes.

  • Round 2: 7th, 4.2% of the total votes.

  • Round 3: 5th, 9.9% of the total votes.

  • General Election: 4th, 333 votes.

  • When the Running Mate was established, joined up with NS Sports / Atlantian Oceania, effectively a F7 + NS Sports alliance.

  • More details in this dispatch:

    Original source: Source:

    Graphics Credit: Vilita and Turori

    Graphics Credit: Kita-Hinode

    The only F7'er that made it to the Top! I want to prove that Forum 7 is not just about spammy games, and there are indeed places and threads where you can have a light RP, or improve on your factbook. ^^

    Now a F7'er with a lot of help from the friends of NS Sports! Not only we will have cats, but we will have sportsman, fitness, and little cats with little racecars! :3

    Hello there, my wonderous friends from the entireity of Valentine Z! So… I have received news that people are running for Gen Sec, promising everything that you would expect from a candidate – ending corruption, down with the favoritism / nepotism, and all the other political stuff. I, Valentine Z, will offer much more than that, and I promise peace to the realms of the Security Council, World Assembly, and the great beyond if you vote for me as a General Secretary.

    Perks of voting for me include but not limited to:

    - No-nonsense on just about everything. I am as honest as one can be!
    - I pick and choose things based on merit! I love people regardless of race, language, or religion. No discrimination under my watchful eyes.
    - A guarantee that your days will be sweet and wonderful. No more sad days!
    - A promise of one TWO feline companions – one orange-and-white, another Calicio, that will become your bestest of friends.
    - A world for both the cats and the dogs to become best friends. Cats vs Dogs are no more!
    - With Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison, AKA the Fate on our side, we can be sure that the world will have a much better outcome! Did we mention no more sad days? ♥
    - To make sure that every cat and kitten has their own little tiny race car!

    Having perhaps 1.323 x 105000 years of experience in leading multiple worlds, Valentine knows exactly what the citizens, regardless of species, want from their leader.

    #Valentine2020 - Because Love and Peace is no longer bounded to Valentine's Day.

    Valentine Z for Secretary, because you are worth it and I wish you a great day ahead! ♥

    In the meantime, please check out Atlantian Oceania's factbook and upvote for them too! The Meow is now working with friends from NS Sports for a fitter future! page=dispatch/id=1339140
    Atlantian Oceania has also made cute little toy cars in honour of this partnership! page=dispatch/id=1341279

    The Meowvellous
    With all the support from all my friends from F7, NS Sports, and many, many other regions, we have reached the Top 5! Now, to start off with not-too-good news, I will say that while we have reached this far, I believe that we might not have that a lot of chances against the other bigger nations! However, I am still severely grateful and happy to have the backings and support of a great number of you, and for making this possible. Not going to lie… when I first saw this, I simply wrote a small and half-written OP to vote for me. And guess what? I joined the candidacy while using my old dispatch, and I posted in the Election thread WITHOUT joining as a candidate. It was a disaster.

    But you guys made it possible. With the power of friendship, sports, and cats, we have come this far, and I am amazed, impressed, elated, and joyfully tearing up at all of this.

    So, moving on to the current business of the day: What do I (at least, myself) think of the other candidates? Let’s look!

    Kuriko / Running Mate: The Salaxalans
    I personally would support them the most, and it is not just because they are on top! Kuriko has been someone who has been reaching out to me for support and I am very glad to be their friendly rival, and more importantly, to be a friend! I am away from the political nature of these things (ironically), so not only am I indifferent, I also would like to thank them for their hand in helping me out. Help or not though, I will still support them regardless! ^^

    Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls / Running Mate: Mcmasterdonia
    Another candidate that I have the utmost pleasure of working and interacting with, they too have my vote and support! I am still personally running for my own, despite the odds mounting against me, but I would wholeheartedly and personally ask that if you want to, you can either support Kuriko, or Catgirls, either one is fine! I might be campaigning with actual cats, but there is no denying that catgirls are indeed adorable! :3

    Caelapes / Running Mate: Courelli
    I wish them the best of luck as well! Unfortunately, I didn’t really have the pleasure of talking to them or interacting with them, and I didn’t exactly know who they were. That was my bad, of course, which would be rectifiable by me reaching out! It’s not that I don’t like you all, but relatively speaking, I personally just prefer the other two candidates. With that said, my support is with you as well!

    At the end of the day… we have all came here as 4 nations, representing possibly the entirety of NationStates, at least the WA parts. I have absolutely no dirt on any of these candidates, and I sincerely wish them well! For those that who have voted for me – thank you very much, and I appreciate it! As for those who didn’t vote for me? It’s treason! No, just kidding! ^^ Make no mistake that I have no problems on who you voted for out of the other three. I equally support them (maybeeee one more than others), but I can only encourage and ask you for votes, I can’t force it, and I never intend to in any way, shape, or form. “Vote for me! But at the same time, you can look at the other candidates too.”

    All the best to everyone! ♥

    The Mew will be on your side!

    A world united against everything un-Valentian!

    Credits to Hammer Britannia for this masterpiece. :3

    CPUs and Love – Clarissa will lead the world to a greater future!

    Credits to Socialist Communist States for this wonderful artjob!

    Message of support from Vaspelia!

    Do you know this Bigtopia guy/girl?, you have chilled along side him/her?. On my side, i never heard of Bigtopia, because there's a man who i DO stand along side him, who i laugh and share with, and someone who i shall fight alongside with. And that guy is VALENTINE Z, GRAND FELINE-LORD FROM THE EAST AND SOUL AND HEART OF MIGHTY FOURM 7. You may look into the promises and the propaganda of those big candidates with all pomp and no substance. But if you look into your own heart, you shall find the anwser.

    The Cosmic Mainframe’s wonderful support!

    Well my thoughts are that the Secretary-General is merely a symbolic position after April Fools Day if I recall correctly, so asking for "substance" may be the wrong approach here. Instead, we might as well give it to whoever makes us think "Wouldn't it be cool if they were eternally enshrined as WA Secretary-General?"
    Valentine Z does make a strong case on that front as well, I will admit.

    The Scottish Socialists Agrees!

    The Scottish Governing Council has, with an overwhelming majority, chosen to endorse Valentine Z for General Secretary. The GovernCouncil came to this conclusion following intense scrutiny of the policies of all candidates, before choosing Valentine Z for the promise of “no more bad days”.

    We encourage all left-leaning nations to do the same, and also encourage all other nations as well, since we can all agree that bad days are like when there’s no Irn Bru left in the Co-op, or when the mince and tatties have gone cold on the plate, or even when your kilt gets lifted by the wind! We, the council, understand that under Valentine Z, these things will no longer happen.


    M E O W
    Hear that? That’s the sound of your home if you vote for Val. Peaceful meowing, cute meowing, fluffy meowing. You want that, don’t you? We all want it. Don’t vote for anyone else. Get to the polls, and vote for Val. Tell your friends to vote for Val. Tell your region-mates to vote for Val. Hell, get your enemies to vote for Val.
    We all want cats.


    Calling all those who love sugar, spice, and everything nice!
    We’re nearing the top 4, folks!
    Destiny is in our own hands, and we need to keep the campaign afloat!
    So, in order to do this, pet any and all cats you see, keep your head held high, and be a sweet person overall!
    I mean, that’s just life advice, but that should get some positive energy in you!
    That positive energy is energy you can use to... wait for it...


    Official Statement from the Government of The Stanierian Republic!

    "Ahem... Throughout many years, the Stanierian Mafia" *cough cough* "I-mean-Government! Has feared this day would happen, and undoubtedly, it surely came. Now, it must reflect on whom to support for the post of World Assembly Secretary General, and who better to fill the shoes than Valentine Z, the nation of the happy meows?"

    "Now, many candidates have popped up, and some of them have bought your votes consciousness via promising memes, fictitious catgirls, filled card decks, or nothing at all. But Valentine Z offers some things, that while perhaps not tangible in one case, is a thing which NS desperately needs, and I'm talking about happiness, and cats. We're more of a dog nation ourselves but more on that later"

    "So, alas. We, The Stanierian Republic, politely invites you, the nation reading this humble message, to vote for Valentine Z for WA Gen-Sec, or else you will lose a great opportunity to obtain something special, not to mention you'll be losin' your life, since we're aiming Tommy Guns against your backs. Make the right choice or else we pullin' the triggers, capisci?"

    "The Government of Stanier once again reiterates..."

    Voting for Valentine Z ensures four years of never-ending happiness and cute cat videos, so what are you waiting for? Really, what'cha waitin' for? You wanna die?

    The everlasting support from Bloodshade!

    Nothing useful? Valentine Z's been the ray of sunshine that F7 has always needed. He stands for creating a close-knitted community of NSers and ensure that the sad days turn into happy ones by the end of it! That's how we prevent the sad days from persisting! By being there for another and not hurting each but instead, supporting one another!

    Valentine Z is the man for the job. No matter what happens, he always smiles. He's always stoic. Most importantly, he's always there to help you get into NationStates! He was one of few people who kept me locked onto NS and as a result, I've met some of the most beautiful and kindest souls that I could've ever met in my life, including Valentine Z himself.

    We've been there for one another and we always will be. Valentine Z wants that kind of happiness to spread across NS. Is that not useful? To bring happiness and joy and companionship to NationStates? Isn't that the reason this site was made? For people to have fun, make friends and enjoy each other's company and interact with one another?


    Some say he's the reason we didn't die in 2012

    Some say he made Einstein edit his Theory of relativity... twice

    Some say he was once bitten by a king cobra, and after 6 days of agonizing pain, the cobra died

    Some say he is the third member of the Daft Punk

    Some say he won a medal at the Olympics and then ate it

    Some say he fired Donald Trump

    Some say his children were The Beatles

    Some say that he once punched Justin Beiber square in the nuts

    Some say he washes like a cat when no one is looking

    Some say he can taste the rainbow

    All we know is, he's called VALENTINE Z!


    Valentine Z is our man! If he can't do it, no one can! Go Z! Forward to Victory! We shall make our mark today, F7ers!

    A fantastic support piece, The peoples soviet republc of metra!
    If you care about the people, comrade, you would realize the best vote is for Valentine Z!

    Chairperson Meow is a leader who strives to help all- Not just a close few, but indeed, all!

    If you want to vote for a person that cares about more than talking points and rhetoric, but for the people, for Chairperson Meow!

    Socialist Communist States wishes all the best!

    "Now, now, let's move onto more compassionate arguments. Val is competent, and compassionate, and full of love as all the good NS'ers. So, to quote an old campaign of mine: 'Why Not The Best?' Valentine Z is simply that: the best! Vote for Val, if you want Happiness, Cats, Love, and a whole lot more joy! So once and for all: 'Why Not The Best?"
    - The President of Peanutlands: Jimmy Carter

    A wonderful poem, from Haja-Mishu!

    Sailing seas depends on the helmsman,
    Life and growth depends on the sun.
    Rain and dewdrops nourish the crops,
    Making revolution depends on Valentine Z!
    Fish cannot leave the water,
    Nor melons leave the vines.
    The non-crusty masses cannot do without Valentine Z.
    Valentine Z is the sun that forever shines!

    The Meow does not discriminate! Dogs are as heavenly as cats in our eyes!

    Spiritual Republic of Caryton: The Prophet, Cary the Golden Retriever, has declared thine vote as holy and thus all god (and dog) fearing Christians must now vote for Valentine Z and repent for the impending WA-pocalypse.

    Valentian Elysium is a completely different person, we have no direct relations! But I am very glad to call them a friend! ♥

    I see Valentine Z as one of the greatest candidates there are on the ballot paper. While I did not vote for the candidate, I acknowledge that Valentine Z as the WA General-Secretary would bring in a glorious era of peace and prosperity. Good luck Valentine Z! #Valentine2020

    P.S. My pet potato even endorsed you, but due to image limitations I wasn't able to upload the image :(. instead just image a potato with a paper reading "I endorse Valentine Z as WA General-Secretary! -Valentian's potato"

    Yohannes is a delightful joy that I am happy to see once again!

    I first fictionally met Valentine Z last year. Initially, I considered him as an ingenuine fictional person—he only tried to be nice to look good, and to try to gain approvals from the powerful lords and ladies of this international Kingdom and, especially, the divinely anointed aristocrats. But I have been proven wrong: Valentine Z is indeed a good fictional person. When I look in this thread, at the smiling faces of his campaign colleagues, and most importantly at how hard his friends are trying to fictionally campaign on his behalf here, I see the genuine smiles of friendship, regardless of titles, positions, and false promises.

    I hereby (unofficially) endorse Valentine Z as my second-choice candidate. Thank you Valentine Z, you have proved me wrong—you have shown me that genuine fictional friendships, regardless of fictional titles, positions, and false promises, do still exist in this international Kingdom.

    Thank you, my regional neighbour.

    Stanier voices out their support!

    Because now that we've gotten to 100 votes Val has given his campaign managers a raise, Linkhere's a voice advert!

    First voice advert of the campaign! Wooo!

    Socialist Communist States done it again! Who has the most Mews? Valentine Z!


    We're getting close guys. Let's get to the top 5.

    LinkPiano Cat approves of Valentine Z
    Do You?

    Vaspelia did it again! Awww, that little cute kitty needs defensive help!
    "Men and Women of the empire. i wish we hadn't reached this point, where the enemy swarms at our gates, in thirst of unholy destruction to turn into dust everything we hold dear. But this is not the end. We had made our mark as the greatest empire of all Europe that will inspire the next generations for the millennia to come. One day, one day after so long our empire shall rise from the ashes again like a Phoenix. I have seen it on my dreams!, they aren't just dreams, they are visions of a bright future!. A empire led by a mighty man with a heart of gold taking the next generations to a new age, where cats become lions, where men become titans and dreams become reality. If i die, i will die to see that vision become true. So now, my brothers and sisters in arms. Stand and fight for the dream, for the vision, for the ideal!.
    For the Empire of Love!"

    You want to see that vision become true? It turns out that Valentine is our king with a golden heart. Vote for him as WA General Secretary to achieve the dream!

    Wolflandil has an adorable cat to share, and it will be shared it is!

    Haja-Mishu has a deadly yet adorable message for you!

    Region of dwipantara is also here to support us! ^^

    We can do it!

    Silver Commonwealth's huge and wonderful message!


    Silver Commonwealth's Ministry of Foreign and Internal Affairs


    Statement of Support from The Party


    ''Ever since our representatives met with the Valentinians, we have been like yin and yang. They have had their ups and downs, but now perhaps one of the most important moments has come - they are running for the position of General Secretary. After reviewing the list, the President and rest of the Party are asking to support Valentine Z.''

    ''Now, there are many candidates for the Secretary General post, each with their own proposals and ideas. Some of you might ask - ''why exactly Valentine Z''? Well, first - they are perhaps one of the nicest nations around there, always ready to wish you a good day and remind, that you are worth it, and that you must not let others get you down. Second, they have been an active participant in the various corners of NS, and the communities have largely benefited from their optimism and the work they have put into. Third, they inspire others (particularly those who are new there) to be always improving.''

    ''See? We there could go on and on about the reasons why exactly they are the best candidate for the post, but the main points are the most important. Meow is going to bring more happiness to this place. And more cats too, of course!''

    ''In conclusion, our final message is clear - Support Valentine Z for the Secretary General! #Valentine2020. Repeat - Support Valentine Z for the Secretary General! #Valentine2020''

    Supercomputer Tom (And the rest of SC's Ministries)
    The General Secretary, and Eternal President of Silver Commonwealth

    As per request, a Prequel Meme!

    For your delightful reading pleasure!


    Of course, one has to ask… what is a man without friends? A man without support not by force, but by the way he treats his friends positively? Nothing, I say!

    That is why I am very happy and honored to list down all these people in this dispatch, and there are many, many more out there who has voted for me. IF I MISS YOUR NAME, DO NOT HESITATE TO LET ME KNOW. You will NEVER go unrecognised and I will happily acknowledge your support and votes towards me!

    Disclaimer that there will also be non-WA nations mention here, which they will be counted as they play an integral part in helping me out! Thank you once again!

    There is no order in this; sure, there are some things that I have put up first, but I really want to emphasise that each and every one of you plays a huge part in this! Also of note is that while some of you listed might not have voted for me (yet, or otherwise, or not in WA), please consider this as a thank-you from me after all these years!

    None of this would have happened without you guys, so thank you very much from the bottom of my heart! You have all been supporting me through both my ups-and-downs, and especially through my downs.

    I want it to be known that F7 might be spammy, but it's a community on its own with all the lovely people like you guys. And I don't regret that I came in at 2015 - some say it might be too early, or too late, but for me... nothing is sweeter than meeting you all. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

    Names: Bloodshade – An absolute force of positivity! I really love everything that you have done for me, as well as for the unwavering support for this campaign! You have been excellent!

    Stanier – A really creative dude when it comes to Mafioso nations, as well as many other things. Other than my brother, never have I met someone else who shared the love for GTA: San Andreas like me, until now! Thank you for everything.

    Hammer Britannia – Some say you are just a meme. But to me, that’s just nonsense, because you are much more than that! You are a genuinely funny person that brighten people’s days, and I am glad to have you around as one of my best friends! Thank you!

    Destructive Government Economic System – Thank you for your support, and for the amazingly done and efforted attempt in running the longest auction based on my card. It was truly a sight to behold!

    The Albali Republic – An amazing person! You are always here to cheer people up and to be a really supportive person! I do say that you are our Queen of Wholesomeness, and please do take care of yourself out there! And thank you for everything you do! ;)

    The hook islands – Another amazing person1 I have the pleasure of meeting you in F7, and while you are not around as this nation any more, I know that we have still talked on Discord. Thank you!

    Zitravgrad – To say amazing is already an understatement of the century. This nation and person’s lore and worldbuilding skills will absolutely blow your minds! An excellent friend all-around, and thank you for your support once again!

    Karamiko – Kittens and Penguins, absolute force of making me smile and to brighten everyone’s day! I am glad to see you around again, my friend! All the best in everything you do!

    New spiedska – A very fun person to talk to! ^^ Your love for Switch-based games, and with many of your other nations as an indicator, would indeed prove that you are an excellent person when it comes to worldbuilding as well!

    Socialist Communist States – A cool and comical (in a good way!) dude! Always make me smile, have arguably the best posts for this campaign, and my partner with everything card-related!

    Uvoan – Your love for trains and public transport is unique and amazing! I love all the factbooks that you have done, and it’s always a pleasure to have you around to reply to my F7 posts!

    Arkeyana – Another amazing person, and goes to show that FFTs can indeed be cool without the typical trope of being too overpowered and vague. Ark’s stuff will indeed blow your mind!

    Synne Industries – A+++ in the art and design department! To say breathtaking, is already an understatement of the millennium. Factbooks that are soaking in information, along with cool graphics to go!

    Federal Spanish States – Always a fun person to talk to, thank you very much for your support and for sharing the same amount of love for Jolly! :P

    The Chuck – My wonderful gun-toting friend, who told me and let me realise the term “Militant Pacifist” to describe me. I really love that, and it’s amazing to see! You are an amazing person, someone who always support his bros and sis’s! ^^

    Neo-unified nations – Amazingly done factbooks and characters, your love for Ace Combat is something that I can relate to! Thank you for your support!

    Cybus1 – You have been here for quite a while, and it really does show. Experienced and yet friendly, I am glad to have known you as a friend!

    Ignis States – Your writings and inspirations are amazing! We might differ in the genre of the writing, but let it be known that I am always in awe at the kind of stuff you write!

    North german realm – When you want alternate history done right, you look for NGR. Nothing short of amazing, and drawing inspiration from Paradox Games, it’s a double-kill of excellence and wondrous! Thank you for your support!

    Khoronzon – When you want to play as darkly as possible, but you are also a marshmallow inside OOCly that supports and loves his friends! Thank you for being such an amazing person!

    Hystaria – A very sweet and well-meaning person to talk to! Might be struggling with factbooks, BUT that is not the negative trait. In fact, I would dare say that it has worked in favour for you because of your willingness to improve!

    Democratic Exodian Territories – Good weapon designs, and along with Chuck, you too are a breathtaking person to talk to! Thank you for your support!

    Free arabian nation – I hope you have been doing well, my friend! You cited personal issues, and I totally understand, so please take care of yourself, and thank you for the support you have given me in any other way you can!

    Wolflandil – Thank you for the support and for the cute little graphics as well! It’s amazingly done! ^^

    The Batavia – Your love for Jojo is pretty lightheartedly cool, and I am glad to meet you as a friend. I also have a soft spot for Dutch nations! Thank you!

    Yegla Islands – Amazing factbooks, amazing narrative stories, and good graphics! The triforce of making nations that are a force to be reckoned with. Thank you for your support!

    Free china – Glad to see you around again as well after quite a hiatus! Thank you for everything that you have done for me!

    Scottish Socialists – Amazing person to talk with, and I am most grateful for all the campaigns and all the graphics that you have provided for me over these few days! They are amazing!

    Upper Secundus – That one nation and person that I am utmost grateful and happy to help them out with their lore. Thank you for putting up with my countless delays!

    Kyoki Chudoku – Great person, tasty cookies! Maybeeee a little too tasty! Thanks for being such a friend, and I wish you all the best!

    Vaspelia – Thank you for your amazing support along the way! I really, really appreciate all that you have done for me!

    Nantoraka – I still have you around on Discord, and we have talked recently, so… thank you for that! ♥ I am also hopeful that you might come back one day and make the best darn reboot of your nation!

    Bienenhalde – Thank you for the support, and for helping me out along the way! ^^ Sometimes we get muddled in politics, but hey, nothing to worry about!

    Pax Cybertronian – Someone that appreciates TFWiki like me, hehe! Thank you for promoting me and campaigning for me in your own server, and for everything else that you have done for me. My apologies for not replying to you way too often because RL is a pain to deal with. ><

    Atkemri – Thank you very much for your support and for the amazing stuff we have done together on the server!

    Riria – Thank you for your most recent support, and I will once again say that you have an amazing flag!

    Knights Mare Nostrum – Regardless of the ICly politics, let it be known that you have passion in your work (in a good way), and it’s amazing to see your work as always. Thank you very much!

    Castelia – I have seen your support both on Discord and on the forums, so… thank you very much for your amazingness! ^^ I really, really appreciate the support that you have given me, and for being a great friend all the way!

    Skyhooked – My friend from F7, and someone that I am absolutely fine with both OOCly and ICly! Very glad to have you around, and maybe you didn’t support me for this vote, but that’s not to say that you haven’t supported me at all! In fact, thank you very much for your wonderous posts on F7! Great friend all around!

    Low bloods - Thank you very much for your wonderous posts on F7! Great friend all around, and am happy to be on Ram’s Saloon with you.

    The Islands of Versilia - For your support and vote! :D And I am happy to make the flags for you, too!

    Silver Commonwealth - For your wonderful support! I know you don't do WA, but the support and well-wishes are more than enough to me. ♥

    Adad civilization – Your love for ancient scripts, along with the F7 stuff that we have done together, is some kind of wonderful! Thanks for sticking around!

    United american commonwealth – Amazing guy and nation all around as well! Like I said, it just doesn’t have to be from the votes, or for this campaign. You too have made such an impact in my life, and I am just very, very grateful for that! Your nation and your flag are also marvellous!

    Robosia – I have not seen you around in a while, but I hope that you are doing fine outside of NS! All the best in whatever you do, and thanks for all the memories so far!

    Kaedijork – That one dude with the beautifully-crafted flags and designs! Always top-notch when it comes to art! I really, really love your work, and thank you for your support in return!

    The south falls - Thank you for everything that you do, and also for the wonderful times that we have on Ram's Head Saloon! ^^ Hope to see you again soon!

    Diarcesia - Thank you for reaching out to me, and for your support all the way! It's very amazing and nice to have a friend such as yourself! ^^ :D

    -Astoria- / -Astoria - Thanks for still being a supportive friend towards me, despite all the stuff and heat that we might have in the past years. I am glad that we are able to move on from those, and thank you for being a wonderful friend, still! ♥

    And many, many, MANY more peeps, of course! There are A LOT more, and I would like to thank each and every one of you!

    Warm welcomes, warm welcomes everywhere! I am very glad and grateful to have met them, and to be introduced to this world of sports this side of NS!

    Names: USS Monitor / The Sherpa Empire, Hapilopper, Saint Kanye, Cassadaigua, Xanneria, Jebslund, Audioslavia, Nephara, Damukuni, Kita-Hinode, Abanhfleft, Starblaydia, Auruna, Former Citizens of the Nimbus System (thanks for hosting WGP2! And for your warm welcome as well!), Newmanistan (thank you very much for hosting NSSCRA 8-9, and for welcoming me with open arms!), Vilita and Turori, Eastfield Lodge, TJUN-ia, and many, many more!

    Thank you all for the recent support that you have given me in terms of Running Mate, votes, graphics, and the overall enthusiasm. I am eternally grateful for that!

    My old and wonderful home, with many, many people and friends that I have still kept in touch with after all these years! Thank you for the wonderful region, and the off-site forum that I use for nature pictures! I might be away in TNP now, but it is without a doubt that you are probably the very best region that I have came across! Thank you. ♥

    Founder - Errinundera
    WA Delegate - Ransium
    Forest Keeper - Verdant Haven
    Deputy Forest Keeper - Chan Island
    Communications Branch - Mount Seymour
    Face of Forest - Mozworld
    Foreign Affairs Branch - Ruinenlust
    Conscience of Forest - Turbeaux
    Game Warden - Darths and Droids
    Cartographer - Octopus Islands
    Arborist - Kawastyselir
    Community Branch - Lord Dominator

    As well as the many, many other people in the region!

    My bestest friends in another region, they have been really, really nice and great with supporting me all the way!

    Founder / WA Delegate / NOSA Military Council Chairman – The Chuck
    NOSA Secretary General – Port Ember
    Intelligence Council Chairman – Uvoan
    NOSA Military Commander – Iarann Grudaidh
    Regional Security Officer – Musskiteeria
    Regional Transportation Officer – Independent aviation consultants

    Working as a Journalist and Ministry of Information under my puppet Vostrov, I am very, very thankful for all the effort they have put into this campaign and support when they heard that I am running for Gen Sec!

    Founder - Crystalsummer. Thank you very much for running this amazing region and more below for you! ^^
    WA Delegate - Of arian hellas. Thanks for being an amazing Delegate, and you have been a great person to talk to on Discord! Love your flag!
    President - Greater cadia. Running FNR like a champ, that is you! Congratulations, Mr. President, and thank you as well!
    Vice President - South Asians. Your unwavering support, as well as commitment to helping me till the end of time. Thank you!
    Chief Justice - Tigerania. With you around, Justice is always upheld, and you run elections like a champ! Getting a code from you is like a letter from Hogwarts. And also for helping me out with the Telegrams! Your amazing codes and efforts will not be gone unrecognised!
    Minister of Cartography - Hansdeltania. Amazing stuff and maps! Always love seeing them around!
    Minister of Information - Vostrov. Well.. that's me!
    Minister of Immigration - Emaha. I know I might have said "great person to talk to" many times, but really, you have all been wonderful, and Emaha has been very helpful with my newspieces!
    Speaker - My Nation. Yet another great face to see around! Thank you for your support as always, and entrusting me as Minister of Info!
    Minister of Defense - Zazann. Very nicely done with defending and making sure that we have no bots, no raiders (both on Discord and for the region), and just about everything else!
    Minister of Roleplay - Ulymein. Good RPs! I always love seeing RPs because I did them myself, so... please do keep it up, and thank you! ^^
    Minister of Internal Affairs - The greatest bestest nation. Living up to your name, truly! Thank you for your support and your unmatched optimism in making sure that I win!
    Minister of Foreign Affairs - Asean maharlika. Very eager to help, very eager to talk to, I love it! Keeping the regions united, thank you for all the work that you do!
    Minister of Culture - Hetairaea. Good looking factbooks and filled to the brim with content! I love the songs you have in there!

    And the many, many regionmates, of course! My special thanks to you all for sending that mass WA TG! I know I kicked up quite a fuss about it because I have that rule set for myself, but I know that you only mean the best for me!

    Thank you very much, Crystal, and please accept my apologies if I was a bit coarse with my words when I realised that the TG was sent. ♥

    Another region that is full of win – they have been extremely committed to me becoming the Gen Sec, and has been supporting me since they received the news! My biggest thanks extends out to these folks!

    Founder - Alvarian founder
    WA Delegate - Gonadez
    President - 73c6n01089
    Prime Minister - Stugislavistan
    Minister of Defense - Cosmotilia
    Minister of Foreign Affairs - The great rendari
    Minister of Domestic Affairs - Prima-vizla
    Minister of Roleplay - Glacianum
    Minister of Culture - Andrusi
    Minister of Justice - Budler

    And the many, many folks in the region as well! I hope you all have a great day ahead!

    My main nation's residing region, I would like to thank the entire region for the utmost support that they have given me both for this election, and for just about everything else outside! I know the voting was divided, but I am not the one to ask too much about the votes. What matters was that the region was a pretty fun for me to be in, and even if it is rather huge and quite difficult for me to keep track of, I am glad to be a part of this region!

    Thank you, and have a nice day! ♥

    WA Delegate - Mcmasterdonia
    Vice Delegate - Sundred
    Security Councillor - Great Bights Mum
    Minister of Foreign Affairs - Kranostav
    Minister of Culture - Prydania
    Lead Gameside Advocate - Territorio di nessuno
    Minister of Defence - Trondstorm
    Minister of World Assembly Affairs - Gorundu
    Security Councillor - Pallaith
    Minister of Radio - Dreadton
    Minister of Home Affairs - Xagill
    Regional Nation - The Northern Light
    Minister of Communications - Bobberino

    And many, many more! ^^

    Another nation with unwavering support for me! Thank you very much, my Malaysian friends! Please do stay safe out there, and I wish you all a great day ahead!

    Founder / Head of Region - Kelantan state
    Minister of Defense - Bachok
    Minister of Home Affairs - Mindanao and borneo
    Minister of Foreign Affairs - Mahawangsa
    Minister of Media and Communication - Kamunting
    Minister of Youth, Culture and Community - Malayan tigris

    From Dabberwocky, came the entire region dedicated to voting and helping me out! I am eternally grateful as always! I wish you all the best, and please stay safe out there as well! Remember that you are all loved!

    Founder - Vooperia
    WA Delegate / Administrative Assistant - Dabberwocky
    Security General - Swedish country
    Vice-Delegate - Bytestormia
    Communications Officer - Voopmont
    Administrative Assistant - Vooperian Paradise
    Communications Officer - The New United Socialist Random Empire
    Diplomacy Officer - Beatitas

    The Chicken Overlords are on the side of the Valentians now! For this, and as a token of appreciation, we will refrain eating chicken-based products and food for perhaps 2-3 days! It’s a bit difficult given that most of the meat are chicken but we will still try!

    Founder - South His Majestys most loyal kangaroos
    WA Delegate - Batefirans
    Chicken Overlord - Mr peckles
    Temporary Delegate - Eastern southern north HMML kangaroos
    Security Officer - The turkey nation
    Happy Police - Jolly hobo
    Pug Dumpling Cook - The pug dumpling land
    Vice-Delegate - The Platypus Space Fleet

    A friend of mine from NS Issues server has also taken the opportunity to help me! I am certainly most grateful for this as well! Thank you! :3

    Founder / Prime Minister - Aovelale-Rapera Union
    Lime Green Boi - Agnatoli
    Red Boi - Yesrway
    Bluish Purple Boi - Calapia
    Green Boi - Perada Confederation
    Orange Boi - Satisland
    Pink Boi - Aurva
    Brown Boi - Prasna
    Blue Boi - Nyokun
    Purple Boi - East guronibia
    Teal Boi - Suseva
    Cyan Boi - Brina

    Some of them I know from F7, but suffice to say that they have also been invaluable in this endeavor! Many thanks to Hammer Britannia and the rest of the region for supporting! ♥

    Please stay safe out there and remember, you are all worth it!

    Founder / King - King Minos
    WA Delegate - Greater Victora
    Vice-Delegate - Vavax
    Queen - Ashtie
    Secretary of Foreign Affairs - Portugal Is Great
    Secretary of Cultural Affairs - Hammer Britannia
    Clerk of The Labyrinth - The Clerk of The Labyrinth

    Thank you all for your wonderful support, as well as for the dispatch that spells win! Please upvote them as well, dear readers!


    Founder - Hive Founder
    WA Delegate / RP Moderator / Security Officer - North Power
    Secretary of State - Sattwikstan

    And many, many more from their region! Thanks, friends! ♥

    Thank you all for your wonderful support! Please take care of yourselves out there, and I must say that I really love your regional flag!

    Founder - Princepterra
    WA Delegate / Secretary of Foreign Affairs - Wansul
    President - Suvmia
    Vice President - Beutarch
    Secretary of Internal Affairs - Laudesia

    And many, many more from their region! Thanks, my friends! ♥

    My wonderful and dear friends - thank you for your hospitality, and for the vote as well! I came in with Alanis Star and suffice to say that it has been nothing short of amazing! You guys... please don't let your past define who you are. We all have our pasts, but we must look beyond that, let it go, and don't let anyone get you down. You are all worth it to me, and I hope to see AWF move to even greater heights!

    Founder - AWF Governance Committee
    WA Delegate - Ukraniumstan
    President - Kafair
    Vice President/Secetary of State - Russia Major
    Minister of the Interior - The order of the holy inquisitors
    Caesar of the Legions - Kyavan
    Minister of Foreign Affairs - Krvava Koupel
    The Exchequer - Salcanceacy
    Speaker of the Assembly - 2nd Imperial German Reich
    Dispatch Office - Awf dispatch office

    And many, many more! Thank you!

    EDIT: Here's a cool dispatch they made using my piece (which I don't mind, of course!) Thank you, South Reinkalistan!


    A wonderful bunch of people, especially Mikeswill. Great Trading Cars player that I have the pleasure of talking to now and then. Thank you very much for your support and for backing me in the campaign. I really love your regional flag! A combination of rainbows, and the peace sign, which makes it all awesome!

    WA Delegate - Mikeswill
    Security Officer - MikesHope
    Communications Officer - Utmost Brownies
    Diplomacy Officer - Amor y Paz de Miguel
    Radio DJ - Stevie Ray
    Daily Tao - Happy Gilmour
    Enforcer II - HSPVA
    Enforcer I - Mike in Mexico
    Security Officer - Sonia Gandhi
    Anti-Liberation Vote Enforcer III - The Actor
    Security Officer - Mikes Dixie Chicks

    And many more from this glorious region! ^^

    Regardless of politics, it just goes to show that we are supported by many others around us! Thank you all for this kind endorsement and boost, and we appreciate it a lot! I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you that we now have Prequel Memes as well, as requested!

    Founder / President - Gagium
    WA Delegate / Head Diplomat - Knat
    Senate Speaker - Emerisis
    Secretary of Internal Affairs - Furbish islands
    Vice President - Baconstate

    And many more from the region! Thank you very much! ♥

    Another region that comes to our aid, founded in the name of God. United we are strong!, as their WFE have said and mentioned. May God bless you as well, and I hope that we can share the wonderful and fascinating culture that we have to each other. Thank you for your wonderful support once again, and may peace be on you all!

    Founder / Imperator ♔ - Dominant Oppressors
    WA Delegate / Triumvir Postea (I.C. of Economy and Narrative)(G.R.)♖ - Xukong
    Imperial Councillor of Religion & History (G.R.) - New jewlan
    Assistant-Imperial Councillor of Religion (Count) - Strachantopia
    Assistant To The Founder - Glorious Ascension
    Please Address Your Complaints Here: - UCEOTW Complaints Account

    And many more from the region! Thank you, once again! May you all have a blissful and blessed day!


    I am so sorry for the late tag, but I would like to thank you for your support as well! You have a very, very great region to boot, and I would love to visit you one day under another puppet. Thank you, my friend!

    Founder / I SAVED THIS REGION THREE TIMES! - The Universe World
    Ambassador - Solarcaine
    Friend - Gres doc
    TUW's Puppet - Pagualeon

    When trading cards made its debut, I made a lot of friends from there! Trading partners, those that gifted their cards to me to boost my collection, and just overall being very, very nice to me! I would like to thank them for their everlasting support!

    Names: 9003, Feu de Glace, SherpDaWerp, Racoda, Giovanniland, Frisbeeteria, Luna Amore, Ransium, Mikeswill, Harmonic Empire, Inven, The Salaxalans, The Northern Light, Pangurstan, Bormiar, ROM, Ballotonia, Toerana, and many, many more!

    I would also like to bring my attention to this beauty that was done to my card: page=deck/card=1200504/season=1. I am going for the longest auction time on my S1 card.
    All thanks to Destructive Government Economic System, which in turn is supported by the friends from Trading Cards, this is doing sufficiently well!

    A very helpful bunch of folks that helped me a lot with my writing, and for also making GI a very nice place for me to visit! I will write something one day, I promise!

    Names: USS Monitor, Jutsa, Reploid Productions, Sanctaria, Fauxia, Candensia, Bormiar, Helaw, Apabeossie, Candlewhisper Archive, The Free Joy State, Frieden-und Freudenland and many, many more!

    This doesn't mean that you are sidetracked or abandoned! Just because you are put in the last section, does not make you any worse than others. In fact, I would like to thank all of you as well for your everlasting support towards me in wherever I am, and in whatever I do! ^^ ♥

    Nakena - very first poster on my thread, and support!

    The Derpy Democratic Republic Of Herp - For your kind words! ^^

    Samudera Darussalam - For being such a great pal! :3

    Heloin - For your great songs and having the title of the best singer this side of TET and NSG. I can see why, really. ^^

    Aprenencia - For the support in TNP's RMB! Please don't go crazy with it though. ^^; I am flattered with the help, of course, but don't worry, let the votes flow in by themselves!

    Northern astra - For your support and also for helping me out with kinking some things with the dispatch!

    Iciaros - For being such a great friend all around! I'm sorry I have not been replying to your TGs frequently and promptly! ><

    Redternetia - For your wonderful TGs as well! Please do pardon me, again. I have a bad habit with TGs, I will give it that. :(

    Braussland - For your well-wishes, support, and for just all around being a great friend!

    Tinhampton - For your support, and also perhaps for confirming that I, indeed, look cute in a dress!

    Aurevbush - Absolute madlad. Signed up and admitted into WA, for the sole purpose of voting for me and endorsing me. Thanks you, my friend.

    The Burke Islands - For your well-wishes and support! ^^ Thanks for reaching out to me via TG!

    Kuriko - Friendly rivalry? Nah. Just friendly, no rivalry! I wish you all the best with your own campaign as well!

    Mcmasterdonia - Friendly rivalry? Nah. Just friendly, no rivalry! My friend from TNP, I wish you all the best too! ^^

    Luminesa - A very positive force on NSG. Heck, even more positive than me! You have always been rational, caring, kind, and just about everything sweet! Thank you for everything that you do. ♥

    Thakia - Thank you for your wonderful support, and I must say that you yourself have a great deal of factbooks as well! Thanks for being such a great person here, and on F7!

    Farnhamia - Thank you for your support and reaching out to me via TG. You have been one of the Mods that I have been talking to, and I must say that thank you for putting up with everything that is going on in Moderation, haha! You have been a wonderful friend to me, though your guards kinda scare me a little!

    Geneviev – My wonderful friend from this side of NSG and TET, an amazing person to talk to, and so darn full of energy! Thank you for your support and encouragement, and perhaps for sharing the same birthday as well! :3 It has been nothing short of amazing, and I am glad to see you around much more frequently!

    Nazbeth – I received your TG, and I must say that it has certainly made my day for the better! Thank you for your support, and for talking and looking out for me! It’s been nothing short of amazing, and I wish you a great day ahead!

    Aureumterra – Thank you for your unwavering support towards me! I know you have sent me a TG like a looong while in the morning, my apologies for only replying right now. And thank you for offering to campaign on behalf of me! It’s not because I am not looking forward to being campaigned; I had quite a long and tiring day today, so… I was away for a long few hours. Still, thank you for everything that you did!

    Klorgia1 – Thank you for your support and your TG! I believe I have seen you in F7 before as well, and suffice to say that it is indeed an amazing experience and feeling to see you once again. Have a wonderful day, my friend.

    The pantheons – Thank you for the extremely supportive TG! And I love that it is written in-character, and I didn’t mean this sarcastically. I mean it from the bottom of my heart that I love ICly posts, and I am very, very honoured and touched that you have voted and supported me.

    Alpha wolf – The kittens and wolves are meant to be friends, and this TG you sent is an epitome that such a friendship is possible and very likely! Thank you for your wonderful support!

    Catsfern – A cool and friendly person from F7, thank you very much for your support. I have seen your offsite Wiki page and while I will say that it’s not really my thing to do offsite Wikis (I have tried ><), there’s no denying that a lot of effort went into yours. Keep it up, friend!

    Jakker – I went for a conversation with you on Discord, and I must say that it’s an excellent experience and feeling, and honor, to have talked to you! Thank you for your concern when I told you about my RL schedule today (just a matter of me forced back home from my hostel), so.. thank you for everything you do, and I am happy and honoured that the Mod term in general find me well! :3

    UIJ – I hope you have been doing well, my man! I know this is not the kind of thing you do, but I would just like to thank you for everything that you do outside of here and before. The conversations that we have are all nothing short of good!

    Wobbegong – I know this is not your thing as well, but I would like to thank you regardless for all the things you have done and talked with me, and for all the cute and neat Tracer screenshots and pictures!

    Auze – Thank you very much for your amazing support! Every single vote counts, and just like that, every single person is worth it! You are worth it, and you are amazing! ♥

    The bigtopia – Thank you for the influx of support and help that I got, and for being such a great candidate! I wish you can come in as well, but with your supporters coming to help me out, along with the bazookas and Prequel Memes, I am amazed and grateful once again!

    Xoriet – We share our love for cats, and perhaps among many other things! Thank you for everything that you did and for talking to me. It made quite a huge impact on me, not just because of NS politics, but because you are a genuine friend!

    Kyrusia – Be a friend with a Goat Ram Mod, and you will rule the world alongside them! Sun Tzu said that… I think. Anyway, I think it’s been said more than once but thank you also for being such a great friend on this side of the internet! Talking to you on Discord has always been incredible, and I am glad to have some lighthearted convos now and then.

    Coryanhafflaruda – Thank you for your support, and for always listening to my feedback and striving to be a better person and a nation! You always have my support as well with your worldbuilding stuff!

    Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom – Your meticulous work will not go unrecognised! Thank you for your unwavering support while keeping it neutral, as well as for conducting interviews and giving us a live coverage! Amazing stuff!

    United massachusetts – Thank you for your support and vote! I have unfortunately not talked to you as much, but I have seen you around in the likes of WA, and I have absolutely no issues with that, of course! Keep doing what you are doing, and I wish you a great day!

    Chimes - My wonderful friend from TRR! You are possibly one of the best persons that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing on NationStates, and thank you for everything that you do! Very friendly, very approachable, and all-around a lighthearted friend who is full of joy! It's always a great thing to see you online, and just to talk to you on the TRR server and whatnot. I wish you a great day ahead, and remember that you are worth it! Don't let anyone get you down! ♥

    Yokiria - I don't think we have talked that frequently, but nevertheless, thank you for the support that you have for me all around, and for the votes that you have given me! I wish you a great day, and all the best with everything you do!

    Andsed - Thank you for your votes and support! ^^ And more importantly, one of the people in NSG that I can call a friend, and I have the utmost joy talking to you now and then. Have a nice day out there!

    Miss bad life choices - Raiding and Defending might not be my thing, but you are certainly a very great friend to talk to! I wish you all the best, and to have a great day! Thank you for being such an amazing friend towards me!

    Read dispatch


    || Please Cast your Vote for Valentine Z in the WA GenSec Election ||
    Atlantian Oceania / Eura is the official Running Mate of Valentine Z!


    Atlantian Oceania and NS Sports have joined force with VALENTINE Z to create a single ticket for the WA elections, representing both Forum 7's - the namesake and the actual forum number 7 (NS Sports).

    Valentine Z is also an active NS Sports participant and a great partner for Atlantian Oceania and the NS Sports Community!


    About Nationstates Sports

    The Nationstates Sports Community, known colloquially as "NS Sports" is a community of nations that operate and run national and international sports competitions within and between nations through the Nationstates Forum system. All nations are welcome to Nationstates Sports, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls or not. Typically politics are left at the door when competing in Nationstates Sports much as in real life, however, national elections, border conflicts and other traditional disputes regularly find their way into Nationstates Sports Roleplay threads when describing the backstories of nations competing. The current champion of the World Cup, Farfadillis, is in a period of national Anarchy which is a storyline that often takes precedence over the reporting on their individual match results. Nationstates Sports is also home to the Annual NS Olympic Games, hosted most recently by Liventia and Vilita with participation from throughout the NS Multiverse.

    Prior to the move from the jolt forums, Sports were integrated in the old "NationStates" forum. However, the growth in popularity of sporting competitions between nations in game earned the community its own forum when migrated back to the NationStates server. This has allowed a major blossoming in both the quantity and quality of Nationstates Sports Role-play though there may now be less 'cross posting' between genres. We welcome all to check out some of the active Nationstates Sports threads and signup for the 85th World Cup, the longest running sporting event in all of Nationstates, which will begin this summer ( viewtopic.php?f=7&t=482320 ).

    Many current and former game admins, moderators and mentors have participated in Nationstates Sports, the World Cup or smaller regional competitions. These include current sports moderators Starblaydia, Audioslavia and The Archregimancy as well as a slew of others such as Lamoni, USS Monitor, Bears Armed and The Macabees. While we have yet to see Testlandia sign up for an NS Sports competition, we are optimistic that the next World Cup will be the first and hope a successful campaign for WA Secretary General will see this become reality.

    Testimonial from an active Nationstates Sports user
    Imagine, if you will, a young fifteen year older. He establishes himself as a star in his home turf, a god among men. Alas, his cries for relevance require that he go through the challenges that lay beyond the borders of his very own nation. He devotes himself to being the finest man in his sport. Alas, due to his brashness, he fails miserably.

    He gets thrown around by the circumstances around him at first but then he keeps at it. He realizes that there's something out there for him if he keeps at it. He soldiers on, in spite of the lack of acknowledgement from the crowd. He reaches his lowest point... and then, a breakthrough happens.

    He finds himself on top of an emerging nation. He finds himself linked to what he always wanted himself to be, a world champion. That's the story of a fictional player invented by an user that has long since left the site, yet remained alive through the efforts of other users which, for better or worse, allowed his creation to enter the Hall of Fame of the sport he was introduced as a player of.

    NS Sports is a tight-knit group that allows such weird stories to be told and be read with a smile. It's a place where a race car driver can be confused with a pony. It's a place where one can spend an entire tournament running a multi-faceted war and yet not take full spotlight. It's a place that isn't even restricted to the laws of causality, let alone the laws of actual sports. There's a reason the place I spent most of the time at NS is NS Sports. Never had to ruin other people's days for that too. Why don't you drop by? You might like the peace, the place... and the music sessions at Friday.

    About Atlantian Oceania

    Atlantian Oceania is the current delegate of Atlantian Oceania, the all-time winningest and most active region in Nationstates Sports history. Atlantian Oceania's sporting triumphs have been most prominent in the Football World Cup where they have since won 37 of the 71 World Cup's competed in since their creation; a victory rate of just over 50%. Atlantian Oceania and its users also were the first to create regional based competitions, hosting their own regional Olympics, a regional football tournament started by Krytenia which is now the longest running Regional Sports competition on Nationstates, as well as other smaller competitions leading to the classification of Atlantian Oceania as a "Sports Region". While there were other historical regions with a sports focus, none ever had the staying power of Atlantian Oceania and the model has since been followed by Rushmore and Esportiva who form the 'Big 3' of NationStates Sports.


    About the Atlantian Oceania #EUR-AO Campaign for WA Secretary General

    Atlantian Oceania and the Nationstates Sports Community have a long history of participation in Nationstates April Fools events. A full history is available here: page=dispatch/id=1007273 . Atlantian Oceania or its Nationstates Sporting Community allies have placed inside the Top 10 during every official April Fools event since the first Z-Day event in 2013 but have yet to claim first prize. Some of the greatest accomplishments for the community include the 3rd placed showing of the International Geese Brigades during the first Nuclear Option event and the 7th place finish during the first World Assembly Secretary General elections by partner nation Eura.

    While Eura was unable to advance from Rd 1 of the 2020 Elections, Atlantian Oceania and Eura have now partnered for the #EUR-AO campaign, unifying the Nationstates Sporting community as they look for a reputable Top 10 finish in the Nationstates-wide election while at the same time looking to bring knowledge of the Nationstates Sports community to a new audience that may have been unaware of the existence of organized national sporting competitions. The official #EUR-AO campaign thread is available at viewtopic.php?f=37&t=482666

    UPDATE: THE #EUR-AO campaign has now merged with the Lovable Cat Campaign of VALENTINE Z! Atlantian Oceania is the official running mate of Valentine Z for Rd 3. In Rd 2, Valentine Z was placed 7th while AO was placed 14th. Together we might just be able to make the Top 5!!!

    Thank You to everyone who voted for us in Rounds 1 and 2. I hope you will all support the Valentine Z / Atlantian Oceania Joint NS Sports Ticket in Round 3!

    Absolute communism84 : Acapais : Astograth : Atlantian Oceania : Audioslavia : Birmanie : Bolgano : Bovidia : Candelaria And Marquez : Commonwealth of Baker Park : Copirus : Damukuni : Darmen : Delaclava : Dialland : Drawkland : Dutch Rational Tribes : Eastfield Lodge : Eura : Evreybody should die : Falcania : Falcus : Fanonistia : Farfadillis : Filindostan : Greater spokane : Greateuropa : Gyatso-kai : Hapilopper : Havl : Himdustan : Hodori : Kalactanian wa mission : Katz Kingdom 2 : Kita-Hinode : Ko-oren : Krytenia : Lamoni : Madrocea : Matthuvan union : Mattijana : Mauryana : Mavinet : Mohacian : Monde Naturel : North palm : Partenopean Republic : Princess Mi Amore Cadenza : Rockafa : ROMANLANDE : Rusozak : Saint Kanye : Saintland wa : Siovanija and Teusland : Somehow related to rarity : Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire : Sundred : The black leaves : The Democratic States of Ablya : Torisakia : United States of Stalinia : WonGya : Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom : Zug um Zug

    Thank You All!


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Issues Answering

  • One of the younger nations to get < 100th for most stats, both hard and soft.

  • Accurate as of 16th of April, 2020:

  • Accurate as of 3rd of May, 2020:

Portal to the Multiverse - P2TM

A sub-forum for non-nation based RPs, that is, the RPs here do not work or use your nation and you have to design and make a character or a thing that is completely unrelated to your nation. Only went here once, unfortunately.

NS-based RPs

Participant of several, several RPs, even if the scheduling is a little sparse. Roughly in chronological order from oldest to newest:

  • Ram's Head Saloon - v3 and v4.

  • The Shurayu Banquet; Invite-Only.

  • The Eurasian Visit

  • The Wolfic Summer; Private.

  • The Butcher's Duet; Private.

  • General Valentijn Apologies. Also, Dinner; OP.

  • The Decepticon Iaconian Dinner

  • The Fate of Dawetid-Kannadrickium Relations.

  • The Chaos-Bringer.

  • Pan-Universal Dinner.

  • A Zeonic Holiday / Christmas Party.

  • Valentian Dinner: The Second One! ; OP.

The MEOWWW of Valentine Z