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URA: Protecting Yourself Against Raiders

Precautionary Measures

A guide for all regions to prevent raids from occurring in their region during the April raiding season within the URA. The information here should remain accurate for any future raids.
PART 1 “What’s Happening?”
What is going on? Why is this dispatch suddenly released? And, who’s affected?

1 “Why Are We Getting Raided?”

In early April 2020, a proposal made by a fascist was released for World Assembly delegates (WAD) around the NationStates world to approve. However, this triggered raiders to launch an attack in the form of raids against regions, which is the likely reason why there is a surge in the number of raiding cases within the United Regions Alliance (URA).

2 “Who’s Affected? How?”

As of the writing of this letter, 6 regions within the United Regions Alliance have been attacked by raiders. This obviously is a cause for being vigilant and quick in thinking, should suspicious activity occur in your region.

Raiders attack by bringing their WA nations over to either: Endorse someone else in the region to shift the WAD position to, or endorse someone of their own so they can gain access to the WAD position to change the region’s flag, World Factbook Entry, kick out and ban regions, lock the region... etc.

Regions that are susceptible to raids are notably those with a low population of WA members, which we consider to be 20 and under, those with a low regional power, and those whose Delegate has executive power as well as other powers.

This is why it is important for regions to take precautionary measures and play their part to make sure their region is not affected by such raids and disruptive activities. Below, you will find out how to defend yourself and your regions against them.

PART 2 “What Can I Do?”
How regions can take up precautionary measures to defend themselves against raiders.

3 Remove the WAD’s Powers

At least for this dangerous period, a region should remove all the powers their WAD may have in the regional government, such as powers on appearance, border control, communication, embassies, polls, and executive power.

By removing these powers from the WAD, a raider who steals the WAD position will not have access to ban nations, kick out regional officers... etc. That will limit the amount of impact your region may have from a potential raid.

4 Lock It Up!

If possible, you may want to lock up your region and set up a password—a strong one—for the meantime so that no raiders will even be able to get in the first place. This takes away all chances of being involved in a potential raid!

However, do note that by doing this, your region will not receive any new nations, and you will have to be able to sacrifice your recruitment drive temporarily in order to do this.

5 Cross-Endorse

Be sure to endorse as many people as possible, just don’t endorse nations that may trigger an alarm, such as those who just arrived from a raider region. This will increase your region’s regional power, and in turn, deflect raiders from your region.

PART 3 What is the URA doing?
What measures are the URA implementing—as an alliance—to stop anymore raids?

6 More, and More Patrol!

Currently, the Security Council and its Enforcers are teaming up with the Liberation Council and its Liberators to patrol groups of regions at once to look out for any suspicious activity taking place in a region, and stopping it by alerting other Liberators to reinstate the WAD by deploying themselves to endorse the former WAD.

As part of the patrolling myself, It’d be most appropriate to report and assure the community of the URA that we are doing our best everyday to inspect regions whenever we have free time.

7 Teaming Up With Others

The URA is also asking for and receiving support from fellow defender regions that target against raiders to help us get away from raids safely, and unharmed.

It’s Your Turn.

As we do our best to implement advisories and heightened measures to defend against raiders on our end, regions have to decide for themselves if they will take up such advice and protect themselves against raiders. We’ll all try our best—as an alliance—to bring back the order and peace that we were all convened as a fellowship in the first place. Thank you very much, and have a great day!

Would you welcome more information?
Contact the following.

Founder, Ellenburg
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Head of Security, Crystalsummer
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