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General Strike hits Blanjiland, nation plunges into chaos

General Strike across Blanjiland

Frustration over government incompetency, financial depression, mass unemployment, and rampant corporate bailouts have convinced many to organize the largest general strike in Blanji history.


Disgruntled citizens across the urban landscapes of Herning, London, Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin, Hull, and hundreds of other cities across Blanjiland left their jobs for the last time this morning, in the largest general strike in Blanji history. Despite the banning of all public meetings and the rampant spread of Sars-Cov-2 across the nation, this has not stopped the Industrial Workers of the World from making massive demonstrations nationwide.

As nationwide cases of COVID-19 rises to 160,000, police departments in many cities have refused to control riots, primarily in regions most heavily hit including Northern France and Eastern Blanjiland. However, there are reports of private militias being deployed in cities governed by Corporate League Oligarchs, particularly in Hamburg, where protestors have engaged with Mercenary Guilds in the streets. In some cities, these private police forces have joined forces with the protestors.

Bjørn Johnsen,
Oligarch of Aarhus.

In an online interview with an anonymous protestor, the nationwide strikes are in their words long overdue. "... The Blanji government has consistently shown itself to be blissfully unaware of the bottom 99%, with the only attention ever given to those in government or those the government wishes to demonize. Even Tirole, who promised to finally empower the workers of Blanjiland, has become a corporate lackey. In the midst of a global pandemic, nothing has been done to suspend rent, provide assistance to citizens, or even close business in 'unaffected' areas. A month ago, we were safe. Now, we're right behind first place... Showing that we will no longer play their games will convince the powers that be to take action."

Another protestor, who called The Republican from Aarhus, claims the general strike was heavily influenced by the increasing militarization and authoritarian practices of Corporate Oligarchs. Bjørn Johnsen, Oligarch of Aarhus, has been criticized nationally for the deployment of the BAF to launch raids on apartment-communes, landlord estates where tenants have unionized or gone on strike and arrested employees for "essential" businesses including marketplaces and delivery, using military hardware. There have also been unsubstantiated claims of soldiers detaining citizens without trial, going back to March. One photo that has circulated online is of a BAF soldier forcefully evicting a family as their apartment behind them was ransacked for unpaid debts. The photo has helped garner international attention to the ongoing situation in Aarhus, where the BAF and protestors have taken the conflict to the streets.

A tweet by Oligarch Johnsen earlier today,
which has been subject to internet-wide ridicule.

As far as The Republican has been able to document, the general strikes have been motivated by massive government incompetence, in respect to both the Parliaments and Cabinet. While the Pathogenics Institute had initially made a monumental effort to avoid a repeat of BSE, political opposition to its activities by the Corporation League and other right-wing parties forced them to cut corners, resulting in the unmonitored spread of the coronavirus in Eastern Blanjiland. This, packed on with several decades' worth of corporate oppression and now false hope by the Tirole Administration, many have been left with no other alternative than a general strike. Inspired by the famous 1947 General Strike of Marseilles, which inevitably led to revolution the following year, this could be the turning point many unhappy with the Oligarchic structure of Blanji society has been waiting for.

Several political factions across the spectrum have jumped at the chance to push for reform, in their own ways. Hans Modrow, of the Höglundist League, has been holding online conferences on Höglundism, socialism, and the importance of class consciousness. Höglundist activists have been spotted distributing surgical masks to protestors in Karlskrona and Berlin. Höglundist militias have also been reported battling fascist storm brigades of the National Unionist Party in cities that have been historic battlegrounds for these ideologies.

The Republic Now Party has also escalated its activities in campaigning for a more democratic Blanjiland. In an unprecedented alliance with the Tirole Movement and The Opposition, the Republic Now Party has been able to pass legislation in the Higher Parliament to limit the authority of the Cabinet, for the first time since the era of Thorbecke. In particular, the limits imposed on the Cabinet has revoked its authority to declare war without authorization of Parliament, the ability to appoint judges with authorization by Parliament, approve corporations to operate monopolies in foreign nations, and the ability to grant stimulus packages without authorization of Parliament.

As most of Blanjiland descends into absolute turmoil, it should be noted that the majority of the country remains in total lockdown. While riots in Paris and Brest are eminent, most of Northern France has been under strict martial law since late March, and since COVID-19 was first spotted in Eastern Blanjiland, the entire region has been effectively shut down. It should also be noted that Blanjiland is not the only nation to be suffering this general strike. The strike, believed to be organized by the IWW, has seen demonstrations in the Keepo Republic and the United States, though less so in these countries for reasons about to be made clear. In the United States, the fear of COVID-19 has convinced many to not attend protests, especially in cities like New York, which are host to the majority of global cases. This has not stopped a massive riot in Boston, wherein the ensuing chaos sixty-eight were injured. Rumors of a general strike were detected early by the Keepan government, so when demonstrators organized in Edinburgh yesterday, riot police were quick to preemptively arrest suspected strikers.

While the outbreak of general strike has certainly seen a wave of sudden political activity after nearly a year of stagnation, the impact on the spread of coronavirus cannot be understated. Yes, some groups have endeavored to ensure safety in the midst of a global pandemic, but the majority of strikes nationwide are lacking proper safety equipment, like surgical masks and gloves. It should be expected in the oncoming months to see an enormous spike in cases of COVID-19.

The economic impact should also be considered. As noted by the Herning Journal, Blanjiland is facing the greatest financial crash since 1921. A general strike, which is the suspension of all industry, including agriculture, is cause for massive concern. If the situation prolongs itself, the already plummeting Blanji economy could lead to general anarchy, as the nation drains its food reserves. The recent implosion of the American agricultural industry also makes a long-term scenario look very grim.

In accordance with state mandates, this article has attached Tirole-approved guidelines on identifying an individual who is showing symptoms of COVID-19. Stay safe, and wash your hands.

▲ 3090 ▼ 1867 radicalcentrist posted:
The Swadenian bots really are on overdrive this week. Why can't The Republican just report the news? You're just giving these socialists justification to riot as the world is in the midst of a massive pandemic.

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▲ 1910 ▼ 1340 antistatist69 posted:
Yeah, uh, based department?
5 hours ago
▲ 1337 ▼ 600 ihatemondays left a reply:
Based beyond belief.
5 hours ago
▲ 400 ▼ 47 philipmondial07 left a reply:
Based?? Based on what???
5 hours ago
▲ 1066 ▼ 513 baseddepartment left a reply:
Based Department here, checks out.
4 hours ago
▲ 844 ▼ 490 ihatemondays left a reply:
lmao someone actually made that account
4 hours ago

▲ 752 ▼ 802 wittyusername posted:
Mao be like: guess i was right.
5 hours ago
▲ 606 ▼ 700 blanjipatriot1340 left a reply:
You commies never cease to disgust me. Johnsen did what had to be done to squash those disgusting freeloaders. They should pay for their houses like the rest of us proud Blanji citizens do.
5 hours ago
▲ 900 ▼ 410 antistatist69 left a reply:
In Aarhus alone, there are six unoccupied homes to every homeless individual in the city. You look at regions like England, where the ratio is nearly double, and you REALLY think this is about freeloading? The "just buy a house" mentality is absolutely ridiculous and you should feel disgusted for even thinking that the homeless deserve to be homeless.
5 hours ago
▲ 381 ▼ 200 nermanwasright left a reply:
When you don't know what rent suspension is so you call it communism, because you don't know what that is either.
5 hours ago
▲ 369 ▼ 195 tirole_is_literally_lenin left a reply:
Murdering poor people to own the libs epic style 😎😎
5 hours ago
▲ 411 ▼ 472 blanjipatriot1340 left a reply:
What, so you're okay with these degenerates occupying land OWNED by someone who EARNED it? Nothing's free, you pinkos.
4 hours ago
▲ 599 ▼ 513 antistatist69 left a reply:
Here we go again, with the idea that rich people deserve their wealth. How many articles ago did we discuss generational wealth? The rich didn't earn their wealth, they were born into it and exploited everyone else around them to amass more wealth. I'd love to flame some more, but I have a protest to attend in Scapa Flow.
4 hours ago
▲ 216 ▼ 720 blanjipatriot1340 left a reply:
Just contacted the local authorities, they'll be sure to arrest your disgusting "black bloc" when you march on the streets. You antifa types are the real fascsits.
4 hours ago
▲ 671 ▼ 205 tirole_is_literally_lenin left a reply:
This isn't even a bruh moment anymore, what is wrong with you?
3 hours ago

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▲ 2833 ▼ 850 buhl4life posted:
"The situation in Aarhus has not grown particularly to anybody's favor" is the understatement of the millenium.
8 hours ago

▲ 1631 ▼ 1070 comradejoe posted:
Don't cling so hard onto your possessions, for you have nothing if you have no rights!
2 hours ago
▲ 16 ▼ 2 americandad left a reply:
What's with all this communism this, capitalism that in Blanjiland? I just want to grill for god's sake.
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▲ 75 ▼ 3 corporationsarepeople posted:
Wow, this comment section is ugly. Normally they're always a cesspool, but it looks like this one in particular has been infested with leftist trash.
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▲ 100 ▼ 19 proudulmer posted:
Wait, what???? I've been to Blanjiland hundreds of times over the past few decades due to work, and NEVER have I seen it like this. It always looked like a kind of paradise.
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▲ 42 ▼ 18 congolesebush_89 left a reply:
As someone with Blanji and Congolese citizenship, I can assure you the facade is very well maintained. Paris maybe the tourism capital of the world, but they don't tell you about the rest of Blanjiland. Even though I was working in the tourism industry, I saw glimpses of actual life for those without wealth. It made me wish for life back in the Congo, which wasn't much better. At least we're independent now.
Not half an hour ago
▲ 0 ▼ 0 blanjipatriot1340 left a reply:
Don't listen to what these regressive progressives tell you. Blanjiland is the best, and has always been the best! They're just too sensitive and want to turn our proud nation into their own safe space to preach communism!
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