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My Opinions: A Ramble

- "The Future is Female/Brown/Queer/Etc." sounds like a threat.

- "Cis" is a weird way to say "straight". I just can't get past it, the term looks so bizarre.

- I don't like infant circumcision. I recognize that it, like abortion, appears to sometimes be medically necessary when dealing with STIs/STDs, but I want to abolish it wherever and whenever it is not (my home state of California for example, which lost a big chunk of my respect when I learned about a certain something it did in 2011). My views on this issue are actually kind of similar to abortion (ethically wrong, at least somewhat necessary for real reasons in the present, should be abolished when it's unnecessary in the future) although I feel that we can eliminate infant circumcision sooner than abortion.

- Bash Fascism

- Crush Communism

- Abolish Authoritarianism

- Terminate Totalitarianism

- More expansive and frequent space travel is a must. Earth must of course come first at the moment, but we should be laying the foundations for the future out there.

- 1860s Republicans & Democrats =/= Current Republicans & Democrats.

- Unified Gender Equality Movement > Current mess of different feminists and masculinists. Men and women both have problems which are seriously harmful, and we need to collaborate together as a single movement to help both instead of the ridiculous gender wars which prevent solving these problems.

- Rape is a gender neutral crime, which includes male victims, male perpetrators, female victims, and female perpetrators. Broadly (if not totally) framing it as one guilty assaulting and one assaulted gender easily leads to ignoring half of the potential victims and half of the potential perpetrators.

- If women ruled the world, we would have more female corporate overlords ruling it over their male and female employees, more female soldiers invading the homes of and killing innocent men and women, more women displacing men based purely on their gender and not their skills, more women talking "down" to men in a patronizing manner...

Oh wait, that sounds literally the same but switched. Let's focus on fixing the oppression suffered by women and men instead of merely increasing the amount of female oppressors and calling it a day.

- Spelling "woman" as "womyn" is hilariously petty.

- I am not "disposable".

- The Duluth Model must be gender neutral. If it can't, it should be thrown out and replaced with an accurate model which describes more than half of the potential abusers.

- Incels are wrong, but attacking them in the manner that is the norm merely radicalizes them and increases the problem by making them look like the victim to others who may not look into what they actually advocate for and believe. However, they should also not be openly accepted as they currently are.

- LinkIf you're an aid organization dispensing food, how about you actually try to dispense food to everyone and not create a situation in which one group is able to get seconds while another group has to resort to crime in order not to starve?

- What sex you are does not equate to how smart you are, and this includes politics. If you assume one sex is smarter on average than the other and vote accordingly, you're only going to be right half the time. Focus on actual 'smarts', not sex.

- "Both sides are bad" is a valid viewpoint to have, but it should not be used for whataboutism. Defendants of an individual group, ideology, and so on (such as the various forms of feminism, the US government, the CCP, etc.) just discredit themselves if they resort to only saying "something else is worse" to avoid acknowledging any problems being addressed.

- Can we actually get good candidates instead of terrible ones, which tends to intentionally or not discourage people to use and support democracy?

- Reading about inherently unstable multipolar worlds is better than being in one. Good for exciting stories, but not ideal

- I do not have an issue with the nation of China or the various peoples of it, but I dislike the CCP government running the country known as the PRC.

- The PRC messed up with CoronaXirus SARS-CoV-2 first, and others had the opportunity to mess up just as badly due to that.

- Taiwan should be universally recognized for what de facto is (an independent country), and the nine dash line is BS (I'm saying that to both Chinas!). Also, I don't really like how the PRC controls the sources of practically every important river in southern Asia.

- The US has done...and currently does...some nasty effed-up stuff which should be called out...but not by endorsing equally bad or worse regimes. Whataboutism is big dumb.

- Abstinence is what I do since the effort involved with those relationships outweigh my desire to have any, but it should not be the sole focus or offered solution in a sex ed course. That just causes issues, as many people and studies are able to describe in great...disturbing...detail.

- Pro-abortion & anti-abortion > pro-choice & pro-life. The latter terms are silly bits of propaganda, which while technically true, muddy the waters. I lean towards the position that abortion is ethically wrong, but currently necessary for the greater good. My hope is that it will be phased out and eliminated in a way which will simultaneously allow women (and their partner) to jointly choose to have a baby together or not without one decision resulting in what can really only be called a death. (transplanting fetuses between wombs, much better protection, purging the urge to engage in reproductive acts, etc.)

- I view myself as an agnostic, but I might be more of an atheist. Regardless of my personal views on religion, I will respect yours as long as:
-- The practices of what you follow are not harmful and/or morally wrong.
-- You don't try to forcefully convert others.

- You don't right historical wrongs by flipping the oppression.

- #PoorLivesMatter

- If something looks black and white, take another look. It's more likely to be a spectrum or have some nuance.

- I tend to think that Trump's...uh...'antics' are an intentional ploy to rile up his supporters and detractors, but he really makes me wonder sometimes.

- Switching the oppresser and the oppressed does not fix the oppression. Y'know, Two Wrongs Don't Make A RightTM and all that.

- Tankies and Neo-Nazis are big dumb.

- Remember the concept of "innocent before proven guilty".

- It would've been nice if the Soviet Union fell apart right after WW2 ended. Not violently, but nice and peacefully.

- Conversion """Therapy""" should be banned. Entirely.

- "Power + Prejudice = Ism" is stupid. All you need is prejudice and generalized notions about any group to be racist, sexist, etc.

- I really don't like California's state flag. We should get one that looks better and is easier to draw.

- The US should adopt the metric system.

- If I had a time machine, the first person I'm going for is Woodrow Wilson.

- Viruses aren't evil. They are just...there.

- Keep Mount Rushmore as is. Stone Mountain however...I would not be that opposed to it being stripped down.

- I don't want us to leave the United States, #Calexit is a big no-no. Heck off Russia & Iran.

The Pax Stellarum of Stellar Colonies