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My Opinions: A Ramble

Contains an exotic mix of serious and unfunny-trying-to-be-funny entries made and edited at different times, some outdated ones left unchanged for a while if at all.

Not really an 'opinion', but...

- LinkMy brain whenever I hear the word Istanbul. Yes, your guess about what the link leads to is probably correct.

- When I say 'people', I do mean everyone, unless the context makes it clear I am focusing on a certain group.

- I try not to be too...well...aggressive when it comes to debating, but sometimes (if I am tired or particularly emotionally charged), I will latch onto something and want to debate it when I normally will not attempt to do so. Generally, I attempt to avoid doing this.

- "The Future is Female/Brown/Queer/Etc." sounds like a threat. Like someone said, "If the future is [one group], than equality is history."

- "Cis" is a weird way to say "straight". I just can't get past it, the term looks so bizarre.

I know that some people consider genital cutting when performed upon males to be different than genital cutting performed upon females for some reason, and while there are certainly some structural differences to consider, I tend to consider the relative damage in a physical, mental, and moral sense to be equal. Due to this, I prefer thinking of it as a single concept instead of this needless segregation into FGM (everything between sewing shut to a needle-poke) and MGM (including castration, penectomy, and the different degrees of circumcision).

Therefore, it grates on me when people insist on separating the two for arbitrary reasons, especially when they are laser-focused on eliminating female cutting while freely allowing male cutting to be inflicted upon their own children. Doing the minimum to protect male children from having their bodies so flagrantly violated is not going to risk wiping out the enormous efforts being exerted against the female versions of genital cutting, and in fact reinforces those efforts. I get that genital cutting on males is considered a cornerstone of some national cultures and religious initiations, but haven't we been putting civil rights ahead of tradition and religion for a variety of other situations? How is this possibly any different?

Honestly, it disturbs me that so many seem perfectly okay with slicing off certain bits of children too young to consent to such an invasive procedure, alleged 'benefits' and irrelevant comparisons to actually necessary medical procedures aside.

- Bash Fascism

- Crush Communism

- Abolish Authoritarianism

- Terminate Totalitarianism

- More expansive and frequent space travel is a must. Earth must of course come first at the moment, but we should be laying the foundations for the future out there.

- 1860s Republicans & Democrats =/= Current Republicans & Democrats.

- My dream is for the moderate and sane feminists and MRAs to band together under a unified egalitarian movement and kick out the raging misandric and misogynist insanities raging within each umbrella group. Both groups generally have bits of the truth, and would benefit from assisting each other in working against problems such as non-gender neutral laws and regulations (like the dumpster fires which are many rape laws, the Duluth Model, etc.), the misandric and misogynist dynamics forming the gender earnings gap (yes it exists, no it is not a wage gap), the embarrassingly stupid fact that women don't have free access to items for soaking up period blood (which is just mind-boggling, considering it is the same thing as denying a disabled individual something which they require to function in society), and so on and so forth.

- Rape, sexual assault, domestic abuse etc. is not a gendered crime.

- The Duluth Model should be burned in a hole.


"We can't make rape gender neutral because male perpetrators will falsely accuse female victims to get off the hook!"

"Women falsely accusing men is rare and practically a nonissue!"


Also, how many rape accusations are confirmed true? The only percentage I see is for the ones proven false.


- #MenToo *Men are raped by women and men, more by the former than the latter in fact. Not placing blame or anything, but people don't seem to understand this.

- Spelling 'woman' as "womyn" is...odd. Plus the whole 'Awomen' thing was hilarious.

- Male disposability should be systematically eliminated.

- Let's try not to radicalize incels any more than they already are, we don't want to push these men and women farther back into a position which harms both them and others.

- Neither gender is smarter on average* than the other, aliens would rightfully see us as equally stupid. If you believe IQ accurately measures intelligence (which it probably doesn't), the average of both is the same, as a [hypothetical] accurate intelligence measuring tool would as well.

- The Grade Gap in schools Linkis not biological, no more than it was when boys were wholly outcompeting girls.

- What exactly is the difference between 'benevolent misogyny' and misandry?

- LinkAs the admiral said,"That's a stupid court decision."

- Don't hit anyone without a good reason. A good reason, not a dumb or malicious one.

- The LinkSCUM Manifesto and its author are/were disturbing, larp or not. Similar sentiments seem to be present amongst both feminist and MRA groups, which is even more alarming. I'm not saying they are the guiding views for either of them, but they're certainly there, unintentional or not. It seems that many of the people expressing these views are unaware that they have them to that extent because they are working from incorrect assumptions. For example, the concept that rape, abuse, etc. are overwhelmingly male-on-female crimes, with people with that impression expressing strong opinions and/or carrying out actions bordering upon or crossing into outright bigotry, when those crimes are actually roughly balanced in terms of both genders being the inflictor and victim of those crimes (male-on-male, female-on-female, female-on-male, male-on-female).

- My interpretation of the phrase 'boys will be boys' is something akin to 'males are unable to control themselves', falsely and/or maliciously implying that a certain half of the species has inferior intelligence and/or self-control in general, which sadly seems to be an inherent if false assumption amongst many people. My interpretation of its inherent meaning may or may not be accurate to the common perception, but that is what my gut, for lack of a better word, tends to assume the person posting it without humor or irony intends to say with it.

- Why is it always Australia?!

- Happy Spouse, Happy House...One person giving his/her all to their spouse while the spouse only takes is usually not a happy life.

- MRAs and feminists look at the same society, and draw two entirely worldviews from those observations. Both are correct and incorrect, and one must take both into account to arrive at the correct conclusions regarding what is happening. Men do not overwhelmingly oppress women. Women do not overwhelmingly oppress men. Both uphold and enforce a system which represses both, albeit in different ways. Both men and women have realized the impact on women and have taken steps to remedy it, although there is still much work to be done to finish assisting women. Comparatively little has been done to assist men in this manner (and much of what has been done operates under the false assumption that they are solely and/or ultimately responsible for both their own and women's situations), and it must be similarly fixed with all due haste.

- Cekoviu's...uh..."""study"""

- LinkAn interesting Reddit comment thread

- American men do not inherently have the right to vote. This should be changed. Also, either abolish Selective Service or expand it to include women (preferably the former).

- I can see why Gallo keeps referencing this... also, yikes.

- Regarding domestic abuse...

- From what I have observed, misandry and misogyny appear to occur hand-in-hand, and some things framed as one is sort of like a construction revolving around a viewpoint which is the opposite. For instance, the misogynistic double standard in terms of clothing regulations are based around the misandric stereotype of men being more controlled by sexual desires than women, when in reality it is due to cultural norms artificially inflating male expressions of sexuality and artificially deflating female expressions of sexuality.

- The term 'patriarchy' is incredibly misleading and should be altered to another term which more accurately reflects the reciprocal reality of gender roles as opposed to the overly widespread unidirectional misconceptions about them.

- LinkThis channel appears to be rather based.

- "Boys vs Girls" is the repackaged equivalent of "he/she has cooties!"

- Crotch-kicking isn't funny, and engaging in it is physical assault.

- Safer, cheaper, and more reliable male birth control (as in, actually getting at the source rather than containing it) needs to be Linkdeveloped yesterday.


Canada certainly has a serious crisis.

- "Both sides are bad" is a valid viewpoint to have, but it should not be used for whataboutism. Defendants of an individual group, ideology, and so on just discredit themselves if they resort to only saying "something else is worse" to avoid acknowledging any problems being addressed.

- Can we actually get good candidates instead of terrible ones, which tends to intentionally or not discourage people to use and support democracy?

- Reading about inherently unstable multipolar worlds is better than being in one. Good for exciting stories, but not ideal

- I do not have an issue with China or the various peoples of it, but I dislike the CCP government running the country known as the PRC.

- The PRC messed up with CoronaXirus SARS-CoV-2 first, and others had the opportunity to mess up just as badly due to that.

- Taiwan should be universally recognized for what de facto is (an independent country), and the nine dash line is BS (I'm saying that to both Chinas!). Also, I don't really like how the PRC controls the sources of practically every important river in southern and southeast Asia.

- The only reason that the PRC hasn't engaged in imperialism like the US in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan is because it is not the global superpower. If it tried to do so, it would get a lot of push-back and risk a confrontation with the current one (the US). So, if the PRC became the global superpower and the US decayed into a regional power in the Americas, they would likely to much the same thing that the US did since they no longer have to fear a larger power getting into a conflict with them. Instead of just switching the global imperial power, how about we fix the environment which allows them to form?

- Does the PRC (a country surrounded on land and hemmed in from the ocean by a lot of hostile countries, one of which has the potential to rival it) really have the capacity to be a global superpower on the same scale as the US (a country with two open coastlines on large oceans which only borders a couple of weak and/or friendly countries)? Sure, they can be the strongest and perhaps dominant economic power, but they have a lot to guard from in nearly every direction, while the US is largely free to project its military far from home without equivalent concerns on its own borders.

- I tend to regard the word 'China' as referring to a region of Asia which, because of culture and geography, generally tends to form a single large country which people call 'China'. I don't know if this opinion is anti-China or something, but it is the view I tend to have based on what I know.

- The US has done...and currently does...some nasty effed-up stuff which should be called out...but not by endorsing equally bad or worse regimes. Whataboutism is big dumb.

- Abstinence is what I do since the effort involved with a relationship outweighs my desire to have any, but it should not be the sole focus or offered solution in a sex ed course. That just causes issues, as many people and studies are able to describe in great...disturbing...detail.

- Although I am not interested in pursuing a relationship, I do not consider myself a "member" of MGTOW. There's a lot of baggage associated with that term which has nothing to do with me.

- Pro-abortion & anti-abortion > pro-choice & pro-life. The latter terms are silly bits of propaganda, which while technically true, muddy the waters. I lean towards the position that abortion is ethically mixed, but currently necessary for the greater good. My hope is that it will be phased out and eliminated in a way which will simultaneously allow women (and their partner) to jointly choose to have a baby together or not without one decision resulting in what can really only be called a death. (transplanting fetuses between wombs, much better protection, purging the urge to engage in reproductive acts, etc.)

- I view myself as an agnostic, but I might be more of an atheist. Regardless of my personal views on religion, I will respect yours as long as:
-- The practices of what you follow are not harmful and/or morally wrong.
-- You don't try to forcefully convert others.

- #PoorLivesMatter

- If something looks black and white, take another look. It's more likely to be a spectrum or have some nuance.

- I tend to think that Trump's...uh...'antics' are an intentional ploy to rile up his supporters and detractors, but he really makes me wonder sometimes.

- Switching the oppresser and the oppressed does not fix the oppression. Y'know, Two Wrongs Don't Make A RightTM and all that.

- Tankies and Neo-Nazis are big dumb.

- Remember the concept of "innocent before proven guilty".

- It would've been nice if the Soviet Union fell apart right after WW2 ended. Not violently, but nice and peacefully.

- Conversion """Therapy""" should be banned. Entirely.

- "Power + Prejudice = Ism" is stupid. All you need is prejudice and generalized notions about any group to be racist, sexist, etc.

- I really don't like California's state flag. We should get one that looks better and is easier to draw.

- The US should adopt the metric system.

- If I had a time machine, the first person I'm going for is Woodrow Wilson.

- Viruses aren't evil. They are just...there.

- Keep Mount Rushmore as is. Stone Mountain however...I would not be that opposed to it being stripped down.

- California, the state where I was born and have lived for most of my life, is an integral cornerstone of the United States. Any serious advocacy towards our independence as a separate country, although it is widely and rightfully seen as ridiculous and silly, will be strongly opposed by me. I do not dispute that we are capable of being a nation-state, because I do think we could exist reasonably well as one...assuming the divorce proceedings were hashed out equitably and did not result in a crashed economy and flattened Sacramento...but I do not believe that we should. Both us and the US would survive if separate, but we are stronger when united. Also, the Russian and Iranian social media accounts (bots?) which are larping, trying to promote the message to support an agenda, or so hilariously misinformed about California that they believe we are genuinely struggling for independence in the likes of Catalonia or Scotland, are entertaining and only slightly alarming to read.

To conclude, as stated by our state constitution itself:

"The State of California is an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land." ~ Article III, Section 1

Californian secession, from what I've seen, is generally a left-leaning movement. If so, I really hope that YesCalifornia is a major voice in it, because they'd be deeply injuring the legitimacy and unified front of the movement as a whole if they are:


- I cringe just a bit whenever I see 'freeze peach'.

- The 'take a shot' meme is cringe.

- S-seeing this st-stut-stuttering thing i-in a passage I a-am reading m-makes me cri-cringe.


- The Netherlands is an interesting place, with my opinions regarding their society almost always falling into these three categories:

1. Surprised happiness

2. Strong irritation or anger

3. Sheer befuddlement

Assuming of course the media of the culture I myself live in doesn't exaggerate them for shock value.

- An-Tifa sounds better than Anti-Fa or Anta-Fa.

- :>

- Describing yourself and your country as 'civilized' while broadly painting others as 'uncivilized' or 'barbarians' will only antagonize said people (and more perhaps) and also result in yourself looking stuck-up and smug, which is generally counterproductive to convincing others in a debate even if you have valid points.

- California is not communist, nor even socialist (Maybe a bit socialist actually, but not much). It's 'Rainbow Capitalist'.

- Some movies should not have sequels.

- I hate lightning. I point to what happened in Northern California in August 2020 as justification for this opinion.

- Describing a physically attractive person as a 'snack' is weird as hell.

- White centrists: the White supremacists who believe Whites are better than Blacks but also that Asians and/or Jews are superior to Whites.

- Cultured meat sounds better than corpse meat or vegan/vegetarian meat. I'd be able to consume real meat (as opposed to whatever the vegan/vegetarian stuff is) while not having to deal with the disease, parasites, or greenhouse gases produced by a full animal. Once cultured meat is possible anyway, corpse meat would just be a waste of resources. Compare this to insulin production: we used to extract it from animals, but now we manufacture it more efficiently from engineered bacteria. Who'd want to eat that nasty stuff cut from corpses after being introduced to clean, disease-free cultured meat? Not me. Also, some ethical considerations.

- If you want to show how a worldview is bad, use actual examples of that worldview. DO NOT make a fake puppet personifying those views for people to argue with, it only makes them take the threat of that worldview less seriously when that puppet is inevitably exposed as you.

- A name does not define your organization. For example, if I made a fascist/communist/whatever-bad-thing-you-don't-like political party called the Happy Sunshine Party of Good Things Forever and Ever, that name doesn't make me immune to criticism. I can't just point at the name and say, "How dare you criticize us?! Look at what we are called! Only unhappy dark people who want bad things forever and ever would ever be against us!!"

- The All X are Y guideline in the NS Forums should be maintained.

- (Age/2)+8 is better than (Age/2)+7

- The Apex Fallacy is relevant.

> Uses an example equating what the poster said to something terrible to demonstrate why their argument is equivalent to it

> Decides afterwards not to respond because they are probably fishing for attention

> The poster sees your example and actually likes it, doubling down by incorporating it into their argument as a supporting example to show how they are "correct"

Don't respond, Stellar
Don't respond, Stellar
Don't respond, Stellar...


- Neurotypicals will henceforth be referred to as 'neuronormies' or 'typies' depending on how I am inclined.

- LinkThe best opening theme in Star Trek

- LinkThe second best opening theme in Star Trek

- LinkThe opening theme that should've been but never was
(would be further improved with more stuff from other countries, but that's a separate discussion)

- The LinkGrinverse is the Mirror Mirror Universe.
*Quick warning, Grin's work is incredibly NSFW at times.

- It was not Discovery, Picard, the JJ Movies, Enterprise, nor even Nemesis that 'ruined' Star Trek. It was the Dominion War in DS9. That was a fantastic arc which really fleshed out the universe and gave it additional depth, but it broke the utopian optimism, let in the fetid ooze of modern edgy grimdark pessimism, and began its long slide through the TNG films (crazy Picard), Enterprise (9/11 & terrorism & Middle East wars Xindi/Augment/Romulan conflicts), and everything following into...uh...whatever it is now.

- LinkThis is canon now, do not argue because it is true.

- LinkStill one of my favorite scenes in a movie

- LinkThe showrunners of Star Trek argue with Trekkers and non-Trekkers about how to produce it, colorized 2373

- Pon Farr was and will always be a mistake.

- LinkLogic, *snort* *snort*

- Charles "Trip" Tucker III, Starfleet's Florida Man


- There is nothing more annoying than someone operating on an incorrect assumption, basing their worldview off of that assumption, and then having them argue with people from the perspective of that worldview and perceiving examples pointing out how their initial assumption is flawed as being 'propaganda' by using that flawed assumption as justification for perceiving it that way.

- A lot of the Hispanic population in the US will likely be assimilated into the 'white' group, sort of like how Germans and Irish have mostly been.

- Proud pedophilephobe.

- The Kowani News Network is the best NS news network.

- The electoral college should be proportional. As in, if a candidate wins 55% of the vote in a state, they should get 55% of the state's electoral votes. Winner-takes-all is stupid and blocks groups such as Republican voters in California or Democratic voters in Wyoming from having any nation-wide say in voting.

- The only acceptable Back to the Future IV movie would be one when they go back/forward in time to erase a Back to the Future trilogy sequel or reboot from history...and even then it is not worth it.

- It doesn't make much sense to compare the United States to a single European country within or without the EU. Although the differences between EU countries are probably larger than the differences between US states, comparing those makes much more sense (California to Germany, New Hampshire to Netherlands, etc.) due to the differences in scale. If you want to compare the US to something in Europe, I recommend doing so with the EU instead of a single country in it.

- Raiding has always seemed like elaborate griefing to me.

- LinkTwitter on June 19, 2021
(I'm referencing the sound effect, not the stereotype which can probably be inferred from that depiction)

- LinkThis is really good

- Suburbs may have a deeply troubled past and their abolishment could be a net benefit, but I do prefer living in them over the emptiness of a rural area or the crowded hellish chaos of urban living. It is hard to tolerate even temporary stays in a city, much less living there, and thankfully my experiences of living downtown are too long ago for me to recall. In my mind, suburbs are a nice balance between having a somewhat private place of your own and easy pedestrian access to a community. In a rural area, I'd be hard-pressed to have access to the latter and easy locations to walk to, and in a city I'd be jammed into a crowded hive of people (a living hell) and have to weave my way through that overcrowded mess to get anywhere.

- LinkGoddamnit Nintendo

- "Amerindians" is more specific (also less dated) than "Indians" and not as clunky as "First Nations" or "Native Americans", so I prefer to use that term.

- LinkWhen I see part of Yuno's forum signature

- If someone's transgender and dating someone they plan to get it on with, they should tell them ahead of time.