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The Green Terror

The Green Terror
Victims of a massacre during the terror(2095)


VlaRiSsiAn Ogre’s Republic


August - October 2095


Political Opponents,
Intellectuals, Dissidents,
Journalists, Revisionists
Trotskyists, Titoists, Capitalists,
Liberals, Marxists, Leninists,
Anarchists, Homosexuals,
Progressives, Minorities

Attack Type:

Summary Executions
Ethnic Cleansing
Mass Murder
Forced Labor
Mass Internment


2,950,000 - 3,400,000
up to 7 million including
deaths in gulags


Supreme Leader Shrek,
Shrekretariat Donkei,
General Puss n’ Butin,
The Ogre’s Party,
The Secret Police,
The Green Army


Elimination of Political
Consolidation of Power,
Silencing of dissent,
Enforcing Shrekist Cult
of Personality

The Great Ogrethrow finally liberated the proletariat from the hands of the bourgeois oligarchs. While the masses were satisfied, many close advisors of Shrek felt uncertainty to what Shrek may do. Instability plagued the ranks of the new Shrekist Ogre’s Party, which would eventually catch the attention of Shrek himself. Eventually, one of Shrek’s personal comrades, Treon Lotsky, would betray Shrek’s ideology by calling for the most despicable thing: degenerate d*mocracy. Almost subsequently, Shrek would perpetrate a brutal period of repression known as “the Green Terror” where millions of cringe people including suspected dissidents, intellectuals, political opponents, capitalists, liberals, trotskyists and anyone else considered “enemies of the state” were either imprisoned in the newly formed gulags or executed.

Shrek personally hated liberal democracy and progressivism, as it defied his theocratic totalitarian nazbol absolutism. Treon Lotsky was a Trotskyite who believed in “dictatorship of the proletariat” which was basically a cringe democracy. These ideas were unacceptable in Shrekism, and would be eradicated following the terror. Many more politicides would take place under Shrek, with millions being killed. While considered ‘more socially conservative’ than most fascists, Shrek would be worshipped by the masses following the terror. C’mon, he is too based to not be worshipped.

The Green Terror, which only lasted a few months, was brutal enough to fully silence any “degenerate” ideologies. Trotskyism, liberalism, progressivism, capitalism and any other ideology opposed to Shrekist doctrine was wiped out. The ogre’s party was consolidated and hopes for democracy was crushed. Complete totalitarianism and theocratic monarchism was engraved in society as we know it and the past was completely erased and remade, as it was seen as “too progressive” and “a waste”.

Cause of the Purge

Treon Lotsky, 6 months prior to his execution
The cause of the Green Terror is rooted to one incident. In June 2095, one of Shrek’s comrades who helped him in the Revolution, Treon Lotsky, would completely defy Shrek in a daring secret statement. He would secretly advocate for liberal democracy, and called Shrek’s ideology as “tyrannical”. He called for the forbidden Trotskyist doctrine to be placed, claiming “socialism without democracy is just fascism with a red label”. A few of his companions agreed with this treasonous activity. Rumors suddenly spread that Shrek was “horrible” and “a red fascist”, which is considered utter blasphemy under Shrekism since comparing Shrek to capitalist swine is forbidden. Eventually, the Supreme Leader found out what Lotsky was saying, and was shocked and angered at the sheer disrespect given to him. He wanted that traitor dead, but Lotsky managed to go into hiding.

In July, Lotsky was caught, but the Supreme Leader suspected that there were more traitors in his inner circle. He had to deal with this unrest growing within the ogre’s party and the bureaucracy that it ruled over. He ordered Lotsky to be executed without trial for his betrayal. Lotsky was extrajudicially taken into a public square and hacked to death with an ice pick. Shrek would then have all who were suspected of agreeing with Lotsky’s principals to be executed for treason and sedition. Eventually, upon learning that the rumors have spread deep into the Ogre’s Party, the Great Leader would round up more and more officials and later civilians to be executed. This would be the beginning of a brutal purge that would consolidate all power within the glorious leader.

Political Terror

Families of dissidents being sent to undergo forced labor
Concerned that other traitors may be lurking in the Ogre’s Party, Supreme Leader Shrek ordered the Secret Police to begin tracking down as many people who had connections with that traitor, and to be taken away. While many whom have been abducted had no connection to Lotsky, they would still be executed as it is better to be safe than sorry. Those who didn’t have connections to the treasonous activity were publicly tortured into confessions. During the first days, a few dozen were executed at a time, but then it rose to a few hundred, then up to thousands in days. Eventually, the regime used Lotsky’s actions as an excuse to execute anyone they liked. Anyone suspected of even being slightly out of line was charged with treason and executed by crucifixion or burning at the stake. Thousands were being executed publicly on a daily and the numbers of mass executions rise almost exponentially.

As the gulag system was finally set up, the families of those executed were sent to the labor camps where they were worked and tortured to death. They would undergo harsh manual labor, beatings, floggings, sexual assault or starvation. Millions of people were arbitrarily sent to Gulags and about half of them would perish from starvation, torture, exhaustion or good ol’ fashion getting-shot-in-a-trench. Prison guards were encouraged to be as brutal as possible and Congo-Free-State Level atrocities began to happen.

Near Genocide
Eventually, Tens of thousands would be executed each day without trial and anyone who dared criticize the Omnipotent ogre would also face death. The list of offenses punishable by death increased tenfold, and violating public decency was a capital crime. Soon, dissidents weren’t the only target of repression. Ethnic minorities, homosexuals, atheists, religious minorities, among others were targeted and executed for “degeneracy”. Hundreds of thousands of ethnic and religious minorities were executed, with some claiming the terror may be “genocide”. Shrekist doctrine was extremely reactionary and had no tolerance for immorality, leading to many being executed even for premarital eye-contact. The brutality of executions also increased, with people being mined to death with diamond pickaxes and their organs harvested. The number of victims increased rapidly and the secret police started abducting children to be tortured or killed.

Many massacres were perpetrated by the VlaRiSsiAn Police

Mass executions were became a daily routine and it was common to witness thousands of suspected enemies of the state being burned alive with the most advanced flamethrowers at a time. Eventually, war crimes were committed against the populace with massacres being perpetrated by the secret police. Entire communities and towns were massacred and burnt down by the Green Army. One brutal incident saw a town of 50,000 being exterminated by the military and police, with no survivors, in a single day. Chemical weapons were allegedly deployed on indigenous settlements.

Results and Effects of the Terror
In just 2 months, over 3 million were executed during the Green Terror and about 7 million were sent to the gulags. Shrek would have absolute power over VlaRiSsiA and all dissent would be crushed by the state. Shrek’s power was secured for eternity and no one would dare oppose him. All degenerate ideologies were erased and all memories of the past would be destroyed. Culture was eliminated and replaced with ultra regressive theocratic doctrine that entrenched all society and life. The fact that Shrek would kill between 6 and 7 million in order to preserve a Shrekist regime shows the devotion that the Ogre has in keeping a totalitarian state with no signs of anarkiddies, liberals, capitalists or filthy Trotskyites(ice picks became very popular after the purge).