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U.C.E.O.T.W. Times #7 (12th April 2020 AD)

U.C.E.O.T.W. Times #7 (12th April 2020 AD):

Easter Greetings & Back In Action:
Hello, dear Reader! Happy Easter Sunday! As you may be aware, this newspaper hasn't published an issue in quite some time. The region has gone through somewhat of a rough patch recently with lots of internal issues that needed to be resolved before returning to print. We have since had a return to form and are back in action! So, with that out of the way, I wish to thank you all for bearing with us over this long period and I wish you all a blessed and joyous Easter Sunday and to those of you who do not celebrate, I wish a very happy weekend!

Twice The Agreements, Double The Peace:
This week saw the United Christian Empires of the West and its dependencies sign two separate alliances with different regions. At the start of the week, we entered into a defense alliance with the good people of the New Reich of Bunicken. The agreement was signed between the Holy Christian Empire of Dominant Oppressors, the Holy Christian Dominion of Xukong (representing the U.C.E.O.T.W.) and the Holy Empire of LadyMorrighan (representing the New Reich of Bunicken). We once again wish to offer our thanks to the leadership of the New Reich of Bunicken and especially LadyMorrighan for entering into this alliance with us. In the second half of the week, we signed a Non-aggression pact with the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators. Negotiations were first opened between Dominant Oppressors and ShrewLlamaLand but the treaty was signed between Dominant Oppressors and Xukong of the U.C.E.O.T.W. and Depackya and Valerox of the C.C.D. The U.C.E.O.T.W. also wishes to formally thank the members of the Imperial Council of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators once again for entering into this agreement with us. We sincerely hope that both these agreements are the beginnings of longstanding friendships between our region and theirs and wish to thank one more time everyone involved in their creations. Both agreements can be founded in the military dispatch pinned in the U.C.E.O.T.W.

Close Encounters Of The Raider Kind:
Earlier this week, a very strange happening occurred. Five nations moved into our region mysteriously, all bearing variations of the flag of The North Pacific. These nations were: Wand, 90050, RSCA Privateer 38, Huks Gares 5 and Hufflepuff. They arrived from Birb, a staging ground for The North Pacific Army, and then endorsed our regional founder, Dominant Oppressors despite Xukong being the present and rightful World Assembly Delegate of the United Christian Empires of the West. By the time we got to the situation, some of them had already left to launch a similar operation in Old Zealand, the ones that remained were soon banjected and Xukong was resorted as WAD. Although the lasting effects of this action were minimal (if not none at all), we are still looking for further information about this incident and anyone with any relevant information (no matter how small) is encouraged to telegram our Founder and Imperator, Dominant Oppressors with said details, thank you.

RP: Region At War!:
The region is in a state of war with the nation of Langrenstan! In the most recent development, Langrenstan attempted to obliterate the capital cities of both Xukong and Dominant Oppressors via a nuclear-satellite in low-Earth orbit. Luckily the hackers of the U.C.E.O.T.W. managed to trigger a remote self-destruct on the satellite before it fired its 'superweapon'. Now, with the Langrenstani forces discombobulated the Xunkonger and Dominant Oppressorian armies are enacting a counter-push into Langrenstani territory. Victory appears imminent and the Allies are beginning plans for how to deal with Langrenstan in the post-war world.

Thatís all for this issue of the U.C.E.O.T.W. Times! We thank you all for reading and hope you join us again next time!
Happy Easter!

Written by Dominant Oppressors