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TWPAF: How To War in NationStates

So, you want to go to war.

Ask about war in NationStates and people will tell you that no war mechanic exists in the game, and almost certainly never will. This is technically true. But the whole truth is, we have something much better. Why play around with imaginary wars between nations when you can invade entire regions, with very real consequences? Welcome to The West Pacific Armed Forces. That's exactly what we do.

Holding to TWP's motto, "Snarky & Free", TWPAF raises the Sovereign Sword against regions that stand against us. We refuse to hold to the typical conventions and categories of military gameplay. Join TWPAF, and you will have an experience that no other organization can provide.

What is military gameplay?

Military gameplay (aka R/D, for raiding and defending) is the art of instantaneous democracy. As you may already know, the nation with the most World Assembly endorsements in a region automatically becomes the region's WA Delegate. The endorsements are counted when the game updates twice a day, at noon and midnight Eastern time. In raiding, we attempt to quickly take over a delegacy before anyone can do anything about it. In defending, we watch for raiders and try to protect the region's existing delegate. TWPAF mainly raids, but does not limit itself to one or the other.

What's in it for me?
  • Excitement and tension you can't get anywhere else in NS

  • The skills and honor of protecting TWP and its interests

  • Cool flags and insignia

  • A gateway into other influential roles in TWP

  • 5,492 pings

How do I sign up?

Any resident of the West Pacific can join the TWPAF. You can fill out the application Linkhere. Once you have sent in your application, the Captain or their designee will review it within a couple days.

Once you are accepted, an officer will follow up with you to set up your training. Even if you aren't able to be on at update, there are still ways you can help!


If you have further questions about TWPAF or how to get involved, telegram Captain Nrevyw.

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