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Corporate Security of Dukin Donuts


The Corporate Security of Dukin Donuts are an array of several private companies providing armed combat or security services for financial gain. The CSDD refers to their staff as “contractors".

The services and expertise offered by the CSDD is similar to those of governmental security, military or police forces, most often on a smaller scale. While the CSDD often provide their services to train or supplement official armed forces in service of governments, they are primarily employed by Dukin Donuts to provide bodyguards for key staff and protection of company premises, especially in hostile territories.


The CSDD is ran by a Board of Directors containing the CEO, President, Vice President, Secretary of Defence, Human Resources Director, Battalion Leader and Assistant Battalion Leader. To earn a position in the BOD you must be promoted through all the enlisted ranks first.


Battalion Leader
Rank description: In command of 1st Infantry and its training sessions. Has control over all operations of 1st Infantry.
Can endorse/promote any members and terminate a member after they complete basic training.
Must have permission from a General to do this and reports to Lieutenant General.

Assistant Battalion Leader
Rank description: Acts as a second-in-command to the Commanding Officer when required.
In charge of the discipline and behavior of members in their Battalion.
Commanding Officer.

Ground Officer 2
Rank description: A supervisor to multiple GO1 to ensure that the task at hand is being completed.

Ground Officer 1
Rank Description: Supervises multiple teams to ensure that they work together to get the task at hand done.
​​ Makes sure there is no internal conflict.

Team Leader
Rank description: Helps the Colonel train the new recruits as well as guide them through APMC's principals.
Makes sure the 2nd Lieutenant is watching over Enlisted soldiers.
​ Reports to the Captain.

Senior Contractor
Rank Description: Can act as a second-in-command of a team leader.
​ Can also act as a mentor for Contractors and Recruits.

Rank Description: The rank appointed to every member after they complete basic training.
Rank Description: The rank appointed to every new member before they complete basic training.

Convoy Service

These are some of the convoy choices you, as a client, have when using CSDD services and they are our preferred types of convoys. But if you, the client, would prefer a customized type of convoy make sure to list the vehicles required and we will do our best to satisfy your requirements.

Presidential Convoy

Front: Declasse Granger
Middle: Stretch
Back: Declasse Granger
Air: Buzzard Attack Chopper

Military Convoy

Front: CS Canis Mesa
Middle: CS Canis Mesa
Back: CS Canis Mesa
Air: Buzzard Attack Chopper

Air Convoy

Side A: Buzzard Attack Chopper
Side B: Buzzard Attack Chopper
Middle: Swift


12-Gauge Pump Shotgun

Attachments: Flashlight
Tint: Black Tint


Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Scope
Tint: Black Tint

Spec Carbine

Attachments: Extended Clip, Flashlight, Scope, Grip
Tint: Army Tint

Combat MG

Attachments: Extended Clip, Grip, Scope
Tint: Black Tint

Barrett M82

Attachments:Advanced Scope
Tint: Army Tint


Rapid Challenger

Declasse Granger


CS Canis Mesa

Dinka Enduro

Karin Kuruma


APC (Rocket Mod)

Wolf Main Battle Tank


Buzzard Attack Helicopter

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