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About Me

Nickname: Bishop

Personal Stats

Age: 16

Birthday: 2003

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0

Weight: 155 lbs

Personality: INFP-T

Likes: Hugs, cats, cuddling, music, stargazing, cycling, and kart racing

Dislikes: Heat, tight spaces, big dogs, bugs, worms, and criminals

Favorite Song: LinkJames Horner - Hymn to the Sea

Favorite Food: Banana

Spoken Languages: English and Poor German

Extra: LinkHighly Sensitive Person
Has a random existential crisis every few days
Feels lonely but hates social interaction
Insecurity makes me feel like everyone judges me when I speak

People I cannot tolerate:
Arrogant people
Controlling people
Ignorant people
Condescending people

If you are like this or you appear this way to me, I will not exactly be the nicest to you. You will feel my resentment through neutral words.

Political Stats

Political Views: Unknown
Economic Views: Left
Social Views: Right

Religious Stats

Religion: Christianity

Denomination: Lutheranism

Doctrinal view: Conservative

Church: LCMS

The Kingdom of The Sladerstan