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The Royal Campus is located in the Union of Force, and prides itself as being the Union's only Collaborative University and the core of the development of the Union's values and morals.

Established on August 29th, 2020 by House Bill no. 50, the Academy has since then been functioning to accommodate local and foreign students and professors who have devoted themselves to this very institution of learning.

The Academy's various academic programs and lectures are what breathes life into what itself stands for - uplifting and educating. Take up what you wish to learn quickly and easily.

Or maybe you're more interested in the opportunity to speak yourself and spread enlightenment and knowledge on your passions and interests.

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Cheers! The Academia de Nocturna Campus has been established by the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Help Wanted

The Academy Board is looking for professors and other members of the board

The Chancellor
Seated as the head of the Academy Board and the founder of this institution, Chancellor Caduceo is the person responsible for the inner workings of the Academy and the recruitment and approval of lecturers and their work. In the picture found to the left, we can see the Chancellor in his designer white furcoat which he fancies in many formal and ceremonial occasions.
The Academy Board
Known as the Academy Board, this collection of Officers presides over the maintenance and management across the Academy. This higher assembly of peers often partakes in many ceremonies but their places in the Board are vital to the Academy moving forward.

-Academia De Nocturna - est. 2020

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