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The Commonwealth Party!

Hello. This is the Commonwealth Party of Old Zealand, a conservative-moderate Party who wants a mini-golf course at the office

the Ideology

We are a slightly conservative party, however we lean in the favour of liberalism. We want to improve the economy, for many countries they don't have a good one. We also want to increase the military. We want the government out of places that they shouldn't belong, like private industry, and more into the things they should be in, like improving the economy. We also believe in supporting national sovereignty. WE ARE IN A COALITION WITH THE RULING PARTY
Things We Want for The Office
    Mini Golf Course
    we need $400 for this if you would like to donate please telegram Matthuvan Union we were looking for that 400 dollars but special thanks to Wooloos for donating $300,000 so we built a FULL golf course! Many thanks, Wooloos!
    A Deluxe Fridge that we can shove other people in :D

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Matthuvan union