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The Call to Serve: General Gladio on why you should join the NPA

The Call to Serve: General Gladio II on why you should join the NPA!

Sponsored by the Ministry of Defence

What is this all about?
This is part of the Call to Serve series that is designed to encourage our nations to join the North Pacific Army!

This interview features General Gladio II the hero of the North Pacific Army. You can read his interview with Delegate McMasterdonia to hear more about his experiences in the NPA.

A Chat with Gladio

How soon after joining TNP did you get involved, and what were your early experiences like?

I started playing NationStates in 2011. My first main nation spawned in TNP. At the beginning all I did was answer issues but eventually I got bored of doing that and I was getting ready to quit the game because it seemed like there wasnít anything else to do.

But then luckily I received a recruitment telegram from The NPA and it seemed very interesting and so I decided to follow the instructions and sign up to become an NPA member.
I joined The NPA in the year of 2012. At the time, The NPA was being restarted and I was among the first to join. After completing my first successful mission and after seeing how raiding and defending works, my perception of NationStates as a game was completely changed.

Did you have prior experience in R/Ding prior to becoming involved in the NPA?

No, I did not have any prior military experience. I learned the basics of R/Ding in The NPA. I was trained by McMasterdonia who at the time was our Minister of Defense. I quickly rose through the ranks because I was among the most active and skilled soldiers. Eventually I was promoted to the rank of General.

Why should nations consider joining the North Pacific Army?

Because military gameplay is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. New recruits will learn a lot more about how the game works, they will get the chance to meet new people from all over NationStates on joint-missions with other regions. The NPA is also a great way to get involved in TNPís community and it can also be a stepping stone for future activities, a lot of NPA soldiers have went on to become Delegates of TNP.

What would new cadets experience when they first join the NPA? What kind of training do they go through?

Upon joining, new members will be given a link to our training academy where they can read our Army Manual so that they can familiarize themselves with the basics of military gameplay. But the best way they will learn is by participating in missions.

What was the most important lesson you learned as you got settled in the NPA?

I learned that if you want to progress in the army, then you need to be consistently active and to always try and help out wherever you can.

If you could offer one piece of advice to a new cadet, what would it be?

Work hard and have fun. Try to be consistently active, donít get beat up if you fail in any of the missions and try to learn from your mistakes and you should always look for new ways to improve yourself.

What did you find was the most enjoyable part of R/Ding?

The feeling of accomplishment. Successfully capturing a region with your team is one of the most exciting things in this game.

You became Minister of Defense for the first time in 2014. Why do you think you were chosen for the role?

Before becoming MoD I served as a Deputy under Blue Wolf II who at the time was our Minister of Defense. Due to RL constraints Blue Wolf II wasnít very active so the delegate put me in charge of The NPA by appointing me as the Acting Minister of Defense. During this time I was able to increase the size and capability of our army. R3naissanc3r was impressed with my work and later when he won the delegacy he appointed me as his Minister of Defense.

Can you discuss your leadership style in the office?

Iím a calm person both IRL and in NS. I always tried to motivate my fellow soldiers rather than yell at them like some other people do. My favourite ops were occupations because I found they were the best way to get as many people involved as possible, so we did a lot of them during my terms as MoD.

What do you see as the future of the NPA?

Right now, The NPA has many capable officers and generals that could take the helm at any time. With that being said I think The NPA will continue to be one of the largest and most active militaries in NationStates in the times to come.

What has given you your greatest sense of pride when watching the NPA of today? Is there anyone in particular that you had a hand in training someone you took under your wing thatís gone on to greater things?

Iíve been involved with The NPA since itís very inception in 2012, weíve come a long way. Iíve seen The NPA go from a relatively small army to one of the best and largest militaries in the game. Throughout my time In The NPA Iíve had the chance to work with many amazing, hard working and talented individuals, all of them have played a crucial role in the development of our great army.

What do you believe your legacy is to the NPA?

Over the years, Iíve taken part in many large, successful and record-breaking operations and Iíve trained a lot of people. Iíve also made many changes and contributions to The NPA. I created the mission logs/roster. I implemented our current ranking system and I also created the Officerís test. All of these things are still used today and have even been improved upon by Darcania and others.
Among the many other things that Iíve done, one particular thing that I would like to highlight is the fact that I made raiding an integral part of The NPA. Back in 2012-2013, The NPA was de-facto a defender army and raiding (aside from Warzones and Fascist regions) was not allowed. This restriction was hampering our capabilities and was limiting our growth. As a result of the changes that Iíve made, today, The NPA is an independent army that has the ability to conduct both offensive and defensive operations.

Gladio calls you to serve!

If your nation is included in the list below, you have been called to serve in the NPA by General Gladio!*

*Note: joining the NPA is optional (but encouraged!) :D

Saint Alaric, Saint Kus Viseatanumpance, Saint soul, Saint sous, Sairseal, Salvinas, San dorha, San Gavino, San intern, San Orono, Sanadayuka, Sanctuaryhill, Santamar, Saphixia, Sapient republic, Sapporo hyperspace riftgate laboratory, Saugeria, Savaska, Scanhangstan, Scaro179, Schnarchi, Schnuftelland, Sciency Advancement, Scottra, SCP Faudation, Sea Ghost, Sebatopia, Seenvorland, Selasih, Selfgradatude, Seqn, Serbski, Serendipita Martia, Serginor, Shadowrik, SherpDaWerp in TNP, Shibutani, Shiftierier, Shiloria, Shinto faith, Shivlin, Shogkland, Shoniqua, Siapae, Side 10, Sieger, Sile maungistan, Simone Republic, Sinhalanka, Singamadri, SirHardHead, Skad delurreacatiegoland, Skonland, Slacker ville, Slavida, Smart land, Socialist kaliningrad, Socialist Kingdoms of Scania, Sockmanland, Solidair, Solimun, Solinburg, Solmetria, Solphine, Solskjar, Some Random TNP Nation, SORT, South almyra, South estics, Southern lainne oniordia, Southern Giraffe Islands, Southern rica, Soviet russia and ireland and arabia, Spades Atlantic, Soviet Terran, Span, Sparklepony, Spilial, Spooky Orion Bowshock, Srpski Novo Zelandjani, Srebrilandia, Staku, Staniel, Stass herenia, States of Asra, Steampunk Ariel, Steraz, Stjerne i nordic, Stone ira, Striped thigh highs, Stuzemstazem, Suba de luba, Sunaiya, Sunto, Super Pax Americana, Supreme Leader Hadrian, Suviland, Swagswagswagswag, Swatteuer, Swedish Emmpire, Swindenland, Sylkaria, Syrixia, Table Eaters, Tachycardia, Talvezout, Tanatus, Tarr-Nation, Tazagiv, Tedonia, Telax, Telemascus, Tellavinna, Temefiteas, Terban kedah, Terra aquilon, Terrax, Tervel, Tessau, Texas States, The aidar islands, The Albatraoz, The ancapball, The ap republic, The australian socialist republic, The Austro Germanic Union, The Big Bad Boo, The Black Cathedral, The Brunchovian Republic of Pina Colada, The Bureaucratic Territories, The communsist state of poland, The conservative american federation, The countalmara, The democratic republic of new britain, The Democratic Republic of Tomb, The derpercratic empire of derpiness, The Discipled, The duby tribe, The Efteling, The empire of the clarence, The empire of the federation, The Endless Eventide, The English Alliance, The equal, The eratrean foundation, The Federal Terran Sovereignty,

Gladio convinced me! How do I join the NPA?

You can join the NPA Linkhere or contact Minister of Defence Trondstorm if you have any questions!