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Project Longinus

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Project Longinus

A caelo usque ad centrum

Stated Aims:

  • To jointly (with contributions from the Kraterocracy of Uvoan and the Armed Republic of The Chuck) develop a global-range payload delivery system on the basis of the KE-series of rail artillery

  • To outline a framework for the formalization and establishment of the Maritime Cooperative Bloc

Introductory Statement:

Cooperation is a wonderful thing, especially on the international stage. Alliances form the keystone of regional peace, if only through intimidation. And it seems that in this case, the path to such begins with a very large gun. It's an intriguing concept, to be sure - the combined industrial and scientific strengths of three de-facto superpowers, rolled together into one... thing. Longinus itself is nothing groundbreaking, from a purely technical perspective - above all else, it is something we already possess, simply upscaled. Not that there's no technical difficulties inherent to the upscaling process - the hardware this necessitates will take some effort to perfect. This being said, it's no Svetovid - the basis is already there, especially considering the combined manufacturing background of all three participant nations. But the possibilities offered by it are tantalizing. Global strike range, massive payload heft, precision guidance... far more difficult to track and intercept than a mere ballistic missile. Far less efficient too, at least in the initial stages of development and construction - but here, efficiency becomes a secondary concern. It is, above all else, a proof of concept. A stepping stone. And we have spent far more on far less impactful intermediaries - something this straightforward is a breath of fresh air.
-Dr Mirjana Berković, Project Lead