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War in the South Sea

Beginning with this RMB post, the Southern Compact, consisting of Cossack Peoples, Glorious Society, Dernel, Greater catarapania and Atlas orbis attacked The Imperium of Leonism, leading to war between them and the allied Northern states (Leonism, Custadia, Cianlandia, Loftegen 3).

This dispatch tries to keep track of the events, which take place in the Lazarus RMB. Only the RMB posts are definite, this dispatch serves as supplementary material to help visualising the events.

Situation at the outset:

List of participants

Southern Compact


List of events
April 07, 2020:

April 08, 2020:

April 09, 2020:

April 10, 2020:
A ground battle around the Imperial Omega Basis construction site is imminent:

Background of the conflict
Taken from a telegram to Snoodum, who asked the question about how the conflict came into being. The content is OOC!:

The origin of the tensions was the conflict between Mussoliniburg and New Vedan on one side and Cossack Peoples and Danwaria on the other. It erupted in early December 2019, when Danwaria accused Mussoliniburg of using slave labour and threatened an intervention on humanitarian grounds. Cossack Peoples and New Vedan were also struggling for dominance over the strait that seperates their countries.

While the conflict was building, and before it turned into a shooting war, naval forces from Custadia and Leonism sailed into the strait to form a buffer between the Cossacks and New Vedan. The claims of Mussoliniburg using slave labour could never be properly verified, despite a black ops mission by Leonist forces in that country. When Danwaria CTEd, the conflict petered out. Yet Glorious Society was very unhappy about the intervention by "Northerners", claiming it was an imperialist attempt to subjugate the "Southern" countries. Over the following months, Glorious Society used increasingly belligerent rhetoric towards "the North" and managed to form the "Southern Compact", an alliance between Dernel, Cossack Peoples and Glorious Society that claimed to defend "the South" against "Northern imperialism". Since Custadia and Leonism had not removed their considerable fleets from the area, Glorious Society felt vindicated in their claims of imperialism, and called the presence of the fleets a "blockade" (which it never was, at no point had ports been blockaded or civilian ships stopped).

Yet in one event, the Custadian fleet allegedly sunk the Natalia Denisov, a Cossack freighter full of (fake) military supplies enroute to Onofria. This led to new tensions flaring up. With Leonism trying to establish a permanent foothold in the region, for its own trade and security interests and to be able to act as an independent force that can prevent conflicts from turning into a shooting war, the tensions reached new heights. A convoy with equipment for the construction of an Imperium naval base in the South was sent towards The Sigometh Dynasty, escorted by an enormous fleet because of fears that it will be attacked. The Southern Compact, recently reeinforced by new members Atlas orbis and Greater catarapania, wanted to prevent a permanent Imperial presence in the region at all costs.
Due to the Compacts belligerence against "the North", former rivals Custadia and Leonism have now joined forces and formed an alliance against the Compact.

Several days before the fleet reached the area, Glorious Society indicated that it was willing to guarantee that the convoy will be left alone if the huge war fleet accompanying it stays away. The Imperium took their word, and sent 8 unaccompanied freigthers to the strait. They were attacked in the middle of the strait by a black-ops FRCPN submarine, with two freighters sunk.

The Imperium of Leonism