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The Card Gardening Society

🌹--The Card Gardening Society--🌹

What is NationStates Trading Cards?

Trading Cards are NationStates' own trading card game. Cards are generated for each nation. You can trade and collect other nations’ cards, each card having its own rarity and value. If you’re new to the trading card game, the Society can help you.

What is The Card Gardening Society?

The Card Gardening Society is a privately-run society which helps promote the NationStates trading cards community and provides resources to help members expand their collections. Unlike many other trading card societies, Card Gardeners is unaligned. The Society is committed to helping everyone, in every region, with their collections. Benefits of membership in The Card Gardening Society include:

~Weekly Legendary Lottery Giveaways
~Weekly Epic Lottery Giveaways
~Community Marketplace
~Collection Assistance
~Heist Protection Pact

How do I join the Society?

Membership in The Card Gardening Society is completely free, all you need to register is a NationStates nation and a Discord account, Linkapplication form here.

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