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World Assembly Secretary-General Election: Round 3 rigging by WA Elite

This dispatch details the events of Round 3 of the 2020 World Assembly Secretary-General Election.


When it became apparent that Jocospor would have enough votes to qualify for the General Election by placing in the top five positions in Round 3, all five other competitive candidates, representing the WA Elite, proceeded to rig the election by redistributing votes from the top two candidates to ensure that Jocospor would not qualify for the General Election.

Four candidates, all of who qualified for the General Election, were directly responsible for the election rigging: Kuriko, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls, McMasterdonia and Caelapes.

Three other candidates and/or their campaigns, all within the top eight, were implicit in this rigging: Valentine Z, Auralia and The Bigtopia.


Jocospor had placed fifth in Round 2 of the election, with a total of 6.7% of the vote, well ahead of the 6th and 7th placed candidates by over 2 points.

In response to the "Go aWAy" movement against WA campaign telegrams, Jocospor, unlike most other major candidates, announced their campaign would not likely send a tag:WA telegram at the start of Round 3.

Initially, the race for 5th place was close between Jocospor and Valentine Z, with the two candidates exchanging 5th/6th place throughout the first twelve hours of Round 3.

After announcing ShrewLlamaLand as Running Mate, the Jocospor campaign began to build a small lead over Valentine Z, whose campaign sent a telegram out in response. Jocospor was forced to respond with a late telegram of their own, including a promotional video, which ultimately resulted in a significant polling uplift and a sizable lead being generated.

With approximately eight hours of the vote in Round 3 remaining, Jocospor had overtaken both Valentine Z and Caelapes to take 4th place. Considering the voting trend at the time, Jocospor looked set to place between 3rd and 4th and comfortably qualify for the General Election.

The WA Elite and Election Rigging

With around six hours remaining, the voting pattern for both Valentine Z and Caelapes dramatically began to shift. When Jocospor's vote count increased, the vote count for both other candidates proceeded match this gain in votes. The growth in vote counts for both Kuriko and Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls also began to slow.

Over the next few hours, both Valentine Z and Caelapes proceeded to overtake Jocospor, and their vote count ultimately equalised with McMasterdonia.

For the final three hours of Round 3, their voting totals remained locked and slightly ahead of Jocospor.

The final vote tallies at the end of Round 3 were as below, with McMasterdonia gaining slightly in the final seconds to secure 3rd place.

Evidence of the WA Elite's involvement

Kuriko posted a message on 10000 Islands' RMB asking nations to "keep the fascist Jocospor from the top 5 positions", and also voted for a competitor themself:

Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls sent a telegram implying the same, and also voted for a competitor:

McMasterdonia dropped out of the race shortly after securing a position in the General Election to become Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls' Running Mate.

Caelapes sent a telegram explicity asking nations to "work together to make sure the top five candidates are Kuriko, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls, McMasterdonia, myself and Valentine Z".

Valentine Z was ultimately the beneficiary of this election rigging, placing top 5 when they otherwise would have not. They refused to disavow the rigging, and proceeded to thank their "friends" for rigging the election on their behalf.

Evidence suggesting Auralia's campaign was involved was provided from a third-party source. Their running mate, United massachusetts was confirmed to be involved, while Auralia denied the allegations and refused to support any candidate in the General Election.

The Bigtopia and their Running Mate, The Stalker, were planning to become involved from Discord screenshots. The Bigtopia later denied seriously considering participating in the election rigging, and ultimately did not direct their votes towards competitors.

The Aftermath

The three illegitimate candidates who had placed 3rd-5th ahead of Jocospor in Round 3 were all, unsurprisingly, uncompetitive in the General Election.

As mentioned previously, McMasterdonia dropped out of the race shortly after the start of the General Election to become Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls' Running Mate.

Valentine Z, despite running against three candidates in the General versus dozens in the round prior, failed to even match their vote total from Round 3, finshing solidly in last place.

Caelapes also failed to mount a serious challenge and finished 3rd, well behind the leading two candidates.

Ultimately, as a result of the election rigging, the General Election was uninteresting and uncompetitive: a two-way race between Kuriko and Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls, resulting in the former winning with a near majority of votes.

The Empire of ShrewLlamaLand