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Arkonos Timeline (ATF)

For all events before 1 ATF, refer to the BTF Timeline Factbook.

Current Age: 306 ATF - Today (342 ATF)

After the rediscovery of Tylos by the nations of Sokos, a new age dawned for the nations on both continents as new trade prospects opened up and new opportunities for war are seen. The nations of Tylos seek to defend their homelands from the incoming colonialists, whilst the nations of Sokos wish to gain a foothold in the new world to gain the riches of trade that stem from Tylos.


Date Occurred

Event Description

The Night of Raining Arrows

345 ATF

During a peace talk with the Kerboutay personally attended to by High Rachya Dhoyanha Phusukwaron herself, a stray arrow into a Kerboutay soldier sparks the resumption of the Kerboutay war's bloodiness from the previous Rachya's reign, marked first by the Kerboutay's rallying of its army and the bloody conquest of the city of Kadhabruc. Shortly afterwards, the city is liberated by Angfar forces, albeit not without its own horrific struggle.

The War of The False King

344 ATF

The death of King Karl II ended the reign of the house av Varberg causing a civil war in Eskeland between the ruling house von Rosenthal and the pretender house av Solberg, for the throne.

The Second Aitherioi Rebellion

342 ATF

Led by the Charismatic Grigorios and his Eight Followers, a general rebellion from Aitherioi forces seized control of Aelythium. The Kratoras Kryptos Stravox was killed along with his wife Chryssa, causing their son and heir Markos Stravox to flee the country. A temporary transitional government was set up by the Aitherioi until a formal government could be founded.

Insurrection of the Former Kuhang Eulmonyu

342 ATF

Former Kuhang Eulmonyu escapes from his confinement in Byeolsan and rouses an insurrection, capturing several cities and wishing to undo much of King Jangyeon's progress. Although several villages and cities are damaged and many nobles killed, Eulmonyu is killed before he could kill the entirety of Ryeongse's royalty.

The Dhorvas-Ryeongse Alliance

342 ATF

Ryeongse reaches out to Ganai's faction, allied with the Tong, and enters into an alliance with it as well, forming a mutual bloc. Ties and trade establishments are formed at Qalan.

Establishment of the Inkosoltaanat of Vanhlazaati

341 ATF

The shadowy Hlazaat Creed is reformed into the Inkosoltaanat of Vanhlazaati following Nakhalfano's takeover of the Creed from its former leader, Founiyao. Its base on Vanti Island in the Crimson Ocean is transformed into a sedentary city-state where it prides itself in its many taverns, brothels, coliseums, markets, and more.

The Tong-Ryeongse Alliance

341 ATF

After establishing initial ties, the Tong Empire of Uyuti extends its hand of friendship to the Kingdom of Ryeongse, which accepts. The two nations enter a mutual alliance.

Collapse of the Confederacy

341 ATF

Melorath, having proclaimed himself pretender to the throne, destroyed the confederate council’s forces in the field at the Battle of Baluqahnu Fields.

Serulean Civil War

341 ATF

Motivated by the attitude of King Dartagnan seeking a diplomatic situation to the Rolesian invasion of the neighboring city-state of Schlachzeka and the violation of Serulea’s sovereign borders by its armies, like minded lords who were loyal to King Emilio and led by Comte Gasipar d’Meron declare a rebellion against King Dartagnan, seeking a more active solution to the Rolesian problem. The resulting war was relatively brief, with King Dartagnan finding victory due to the aid of powerful knights and the Opal Tower Conservatory with its contingents of mages. In the final battle of the war, Gasipar manages to flee Serulea and dissappear.

With the end of the war, King Dartagnan decides to centralize authority within the crown, away from the feudal system of nobles

Death of King Emilio - Coronation of Prince Dartagnan

341 ATF

Largely influenced by his own deteriorating mental state and the words of Marquess Aletha, King Emilio’s paranoia comes to a head and begins to persecute the knightly order and companions of his own son Prince Dartagnan, placing him under arrest for treason and the intent of usurpation. In a confrontation within the throneroom in the Shetal palace, King Emilio is killed by Aletha, citing the invasion of her ancestor’s homeland. She is killed by Dartagnan in kind.

Soon after, Dartagnan is crowned King.

The War on the Vir

340 ATF (Tylos)

Religious instability and hate towards followers of Vir led to a war between several Pink Seasian cities. By the end, two new cities joined the commonwealth and the cities who had started the aggression were cut down in size and power.

Assassination of King Berenar - Reunification of Cheysal-Serulea

340 ATF

Orchestrated by King Emilio of Serulea with the aid of Marquess Eleonore Aletha, a member of a vengeful underground sect seeking to reclaim the peninsula for her people, King Berenar of Cheysal (King Emilio’s own cousin), along with his heir and daughter Princess Yvet are killed in an attack by previously unknown assailants.

As Berenar was left without a legal heir due to his other daughters being too young and unmarried, the crown of Cheysal defaulted to King Emilio, thus reuniting the two splintered kingdoms.

The New Uyutahn Empire

340 ATF

The Guardian-Protector, Lord-Guardian Tong Jong-Yai, crowns himself Emperor of the Uyutahn Commonwealth, thus establishing the Tong Empire. He heads the new Tong family dynasty with his daughter, Yai-Jin, as his heir presumptive.

The Transfiguration of Voshona Chyrasus

340 ATF

The youngest sister of Jyra Chyrasus, and an ardent supporter of The Usurpers. Voshona Chyrasus transfigures as the ninth Avatar of Light for her headstrong attitude, and faithful reverence to the principles of The Six Tenets.

War with the Sea

340 ATF

The actions of the mysterious 'Sea God' result in the disruption of ocean travel and trade between Sokos and Tylos for a period of several months, as well as the invasion of the land by 'fishmen' sent from the depths. The Sea God and its coral spire were eventually killed and destroyed respectively by a brave coalition of heroes from Sokos and Tylos, all of whom died in the effort.

Founding of the Empyrium

339 ATF

Tassarion Miratris, clanmaster of Clan Miratris, rallies and unites many of the Clans across the Eternals. He leads the first expedition to the Deep South of Sokos in search of the last Temple of Mithalla. This would eventually lead to the formation of the Second Empyrium in Southern Sokos."

The Reforming of the Savoset Empire (Tylos)

339 ATF

With the New Emperor now found in the young Suri, the nations of Cajapoya, Baccar, Intipalla, and Khumasa began the reformation of a long lost empire: that of the Savoset. whilst Khumasa is an almost autonomous subject of this union, all other nations have some influence in the great Empire, with all protecting one another from a possible threat, and rejuvenating the possibility of regaining, and possibly expanding, the long lost Empire.

The Reformation of Cajapoya (Tylos)

339 ATF

The Nine High Priests being forced to migrate from the now destroyed nation of Cajapoya soon regrouped in Willkallpa. over the years, they'd slowly but surely regather their strength, and be able to bring back their claim over Cajapoya. Izhi, the High Priestess of Blood, wandered to a small village, where she found "the true heir of the Empire," A six year old boy named Suri. This boy would become highly prolific, becoming the de facto head of Cajapoya, under the tutelage of nine high priests who knew well the game of politics.

Death of King Sacromo

338 ATF

King Sacromo II of Namalar dies without issue. Due to the lack of proximity of blood, a future king is not immediately found, and the country goes into a council regency headed by Melorath of House Tahromaen, the chancellor of the realm.

The Quiet

337 ATF

The front of the Kerboutay Rebellion is largely contained along the Chuyudi Ridge. Although constant skirmishes still occur, the large-scale battles of the previous Rachya are no longer the status quo. Talks of peace are first engaged with the Kerboutay, with no success.

Qirinii Resurgance

337 ATF

Qirinai’s Pheonix Party initiates contact with the outside world.

Ascension of High Rachya Dhoyanha/td][td]335 ATF

Qirinai’s Pheonix Party initiates contact with the outside world.

Founding of the Kingdom of Ryeongse

332 ATF

High Rachya Phengkaset is killed in the outskirts of Sorahnpu defending the monikered "Ivory Jewel of Angfaran" from a Kerboutay advance, successfully repelling the push with his life. His sickly daughter, Dhoyanha, becomes the third High Rachya of Angfaran and of the Phusukhwaron Dynasty. In addition to the throne, she also inherits her father's war.

Establishment of the Commonwealth of The Pink Seas

328 ATF (Tylos)

After years of cooperation and with the hope of repairing unity in the islands, the cities of Hunura and Anora signed an agreement which led to the creation of The Pink Seas. It was an agreement on forming a unified front on trade and military cooperation and protection.

Satyagh Once More

328 ATF

A new Satyagh is found in the slums of Bahwai, a new age of Ziism begins after a nearly thirty year gap in the line of holy succession.

Republic Proclaimed

327 ATF

The Emperor Cyn-Yu is deposed, fleeing the Uyutahn Commonwealth as Jong-Yai declares himself Guardian-Protector of the Commonwealth Republics.

Fall of Cajapoya (Tylos)

326 ATF

The siege of Nuwaghavi, the costly battle between the forces of the Savoset of Cajapoya, fighting for their emperor Nosh, and the Lopexi of Nevgarn. The Nevgarni forces ended the age of Savoset supremacy throughout all of Tylos.

The Battle for Nuwaghavi ended with the death of Emperor Nosh, sacrificed to the gods, alongside the rest of his court except Taregan, steward of Cajapoya.

But the ruin of the city remains, burnt to ashes, the bodies of two-hundred-thousand soldiers rest beneath the smoldering ruins of Nuwaghavi.


324 ATF

Hzenanong, or the 'Circle of Nothing', the internal political enforcement arm of the Emperor, begins increasing its operations. Viciously suppressing political dissent, killing Jong-Yai's enemies, and spreading propaganda supporting the measures he has taken.

Lord of the Dwarves

323 ATF

After a six year long conquest of the Westreach, unifying smaller dwarven clans and integrating them into the Empire of Blacklight, Emperor Throkkrin Blackiron was officially recognised as Lord of the Dwarves across the Westreach. His title as Emperor was thought of a return to the old Rai-led Dwarven Empires, however this had been swiftly proven wrong with a range of reforms leading to a prospering Dwarven State dominating the Northwest of Sokos.

Sack of Anora

320 ATF (Tylos)

The War of the Seas finally ended after the sack and looting of the city of Anora by Portazi forces. Both sides side an agreement which gave Inadi and Portaz almost a monopoly on trade with the western isles.

The Marching Fire

320 ATF

The Usurpers, being staged in The Northern Expansion Sphere, took advantage of its many new technologies, magics, and methods that the populace wielded. This lead to a general advancement to military tactics, and methods, including the introduction of gunpowder weaponry in combat, and skirmishes.

The Ionites entrenched

320 ATF

After nearly 15 years of Ionites dominating Aelythium, it has become clear that they have removed any marks of the old Artyanist order of things.

Kryptos succeeded his father's position as Voxartia, with little disapproval of the general directions of thing within the religion. Each city has retained its archservon, yet Markone has been proven to be the most zealous of the faith.

The death of Yorgos Zoticus

320 ATF

The death of Yorgos Zoticus - with the death of the military governor of Myranthos, Yorgos Zoticus, a principality was formed to take over. Prokopis Iordanou, patriarch of house Iordanou, took over as Prince, with the hope of ruling till his own death.

Death of a Legend

320 ATF

Emperor Cyn dies. Regent Jong-Yai remains the only major political player in Tscynyasi. The 'Jong-Yai Commonwealth' officially begins.

War of the Seas

318 ATF (Tylos)

After years of apparent prosperity in the southern islands, a war broke out after conflicting interests on trade with the western isles, it's main sides being the cities of Portaz and Inadi, fighting against Anora and Hunura.

A Stroke

318 ATF

Emperor Cyn suffers as a stroke, largely debilitating him, Heir Apparent Prince Cyn-Yu is considered too young to rule in his father's place. The Grand Ministry appoints Tong Jong-Yai as Imperial Regent, making him the de facto ruler of the Commonwealth.

Ascension of Throkkrin Blackiron

317 ATF

Following a victory at Blacklight, Throkkrin Blackiron, now the legitimate Lord of Blacklight is named Emperor by not only his loyal legionaries, his steadfast lords that fought in his name, but the very people themselves. Thus marked an end to Rai rule in the Westreach and the Dawn of the first Blackiron emperor’s.

Siege of Blacklight

317 ATF

Pushing back Emperor Ivar’s forces in the Westreach, Lord Throkkrin Blackiron’s offensive successfully manages to surround the mountain city of Blacklight. With a large majority of Ivar’s forces and holdings defecting, Blacklight remains as the last major holdout against the rebels. The siege concludes with Throkkrin emerging victorious, Ivar is defeated in single combat by Lord Throkkrin and the Rai Clan disintegrates as an entity in Dwarven politics.

The Rains of Valmastere

316 ATF

House Valmastere and a few other lesser houses rebel against the Rolesian throne. Emperor Fredrick and crown forces brutally and efficiently suppress the revolt. The entirety of house Valmastere is dead by the end of the revolt, and their castles lie in ruins.

Birth of a lioness

316 ATF

Birth of Princess Marie de Faux, another member of the Rolesian royal family

New Minister

316 ATF

Qonon Song-Min is replaced by Qi Yun-Shing as Grand Imperial Minister: Grand Minister Yun-Shing announces his public support for Tong Jong-Yai.

Battle of Heldan

316 ATF

After three years of bloodshed, Rai forces occupy an abandoned fortress in the centre of the Westreach Mountains, hoping to use it as a base of operations, the Rai begin fortifying the incomplete citadel, establishing it as a buffer between them and the Blackiron rebels. Throkkrin Blackiron, Lord of Blacklight, recognising Heldan as a strategic point between Blacklight and his clans lands, besieges the citadel. However, coming to the garrison's aid was a force led by Emperor Ivar himself, though after quick thinking and a careful strategic approach to the battle, Throkkrin forced the enemy garrison to surrender and the Imperial Rai to turn tail, serving as the pivotal point in the war.

Radical Zii

314 ATF

With xenophobia and paranoia over the affairs of the outside world growing in the UC, a Ziist radical and Monsu govenor from Segh grows in prominence and influence for his public denouncing of foreign cultures.
The same year, the position of Scroll-Lord is abolished, following the unsuited Uyi Wei-Sun holding the position for two years.

Birth of another prince

313 ATF

Birth of Prince Alphonse de Faux, securing the royal line of the Rolesian Empire.

The Blackiron Rebellion

313 ATF

The leaders of the major Dwarven Clans convened in the city of Blacklight for the planned wedding of Felva Blackiron to Emperor Ivar Rai, gathering there, the Rai launched a deceptive attack to murder all of the Rai’s political opponnents. The attack was a success, for the most part, with the son of Throki Blackiron escaping: Throkkrin. Using the remaining power of his clan, alongside other nobles that sympathised with his cause, Throkkrin would launch a counter-attack on Ivar’s Blacklight Empire.

Rebellion of the Kerboutay

312 ATF

Upon the death of first High Rachya of Angfaran Jetthusaing Phusukhwaron, his son Phengkaset succeeds him as ruler over Angfaran. His rule alienates the southern provinces, which decide to rally for total sovereignty and independence, this movement dubbed the Kerboutay by Angfaran, from the Rachykhina the same year.

The Blacklight Empire

312 ATF

Another Emperor is seated on the throne, not by the declaration of the dwarven clans but by might alone, Emperor Ivar, though without the support of the other clans he could not name himself Lord of the Dwarves. Thus forcing him to degrade himself and be named Emperor of Blacklight, a long forgotten title taken by his Rai ancestors. He’d soon unleash his army upon the Westreach, taking loyalty through arms. To solidify the loyalty of the Blackiron Clan, Ivar would marry the sister of Throkkrin Blackiron, Felva Blackiron.

Birth of a lion

311 ATF

Birth of Francois de Faux, heir to the Rolesian Empire.

An empress

311 ATF

Marriage between Lena Stravox of Aelythium and Emperor Fredrick I, which cements here as Empress

House Faux

311 ATF

Coronation of Emperor Tyne as Fredrick I, by royal perogative he assumes ownership of house Faux

Birth of an heir

311 ATF

Prince Ssetn Cyn-Yu is born, becoming the Heir to the Uyutahn Imperial Throne.

The Completion of The Spire of Defiance

310 ATF

After many centuries of constructions, and many more altercations, internal, and external; despite the still ongoing civil war, The Spire of Defiance is completed, and it’s crystal-like is beacon lit. It became a celebrated holiday, respected by means of an armistice during the civil war.


310 ATF

Following the disastrous Rolesian Winter Ball, a returning Emperor Cyn declares the 'Period of Inward Reflection' as the influence, power, and prestige of the Uyutahn Commonwealth begins waning rapidly because of political isolation and geographic encircling.

The Winter Ball

310 ATF

After a night of festivities, and playing of the Game, between Tyne Jr. and Emperor Paxim, the night takes a sudden turn, with a religious coup springing to action and assaulting the palace. Along with the coup, a long dead dragon begins to burn down the city, distracting the Imperial Army from being able assist in defending their guests. By the end of the night, the coup is stopped by many hero's, but Paxim passes, dying from ruble. Tyne is proclaimed the New Emperor of Rolais, and a new age begins.

Overthrowing the Council

310 ATF

The Shadow Council of Aelythium is overthrown, being backed by the local population in Chrysos that was spurred on by the current true ruler, Kryptos Stravox. with the council overthrown, peace is negotiated.

Ever changing Council

309 ATF

Demetrios is killed defending Chrysos and the Shadow council of Aitherioi is formed in Aelythium

A Tragic Death

308 ATF

Lord Commander Tyne of Rolais, a experience general and politican dies. His son also of the name Tyne follows in his footsteps, taking up his father's mantle

The Dwarven Empire collapses

308 ATF

The Dwarven Empire under the Rai Dwarves collapses and the dwarves flee towards the Highlands to last remaining free Dwarven state.

Paxim returns

307 ATF

After the Rolesian Republic struggles to deal with the external threats that follow after the crisis, Lord Commander Tyne brings Paxim back to take the throne as Emperor. His son also Tyne is adopted by Paxim to follow him as successor.

The Battle of Dietmaria

307 ATF

After news that the hivemind controls the hunger is given by the surviving Savoset, the armies of all nations within Sokos, mobilise to defeat the threat. A long struggle and battle finally brings victory to the forces of Sokos defeating the hunger. Hirvio escapes from a sure death, and is never found. The deaths the hunger incurs though leaves a scar all the nations must deal with.

Raining Death

307 ATF

After defeating the first waves of hunger the nations of Sokos stand fast. However with Hirvio also known as the dead Kostuan Emperor Cartagia with his power only growing unleashes the infection 'Hunger' by rainfall. Swathes of people are infected bringing destruction to Sokos unless the nations of Sokos unite against the evergrowing threat.

The Second Coronation

306 ATF

The Emperor of Kostua sol, Tenzen IV is given the title of Divine through a religious ceremony known as a Second Coronation.

The Empire Expands

306 ATF

The annexation of Ardes by Rolais brings further land under the Empire.

Aelythium embraces Artyan

306 ATF

Aelythium visted by Artyan Priestesses from Rolais, the king embraces the faith, now joining the collection of people that Artyan will allow them into Paradium.

The Rediscovery of Tylos

306 ATF

After a century of leaving the continent of Tylos, the maps that Kostua hid are leaked by the Order of Truth. Aelythian sailors use these maps to rediscover Tylos, bringing its whereabouts to all of the nations of Sokos.

Historical Periods

Neo-Imperial Age : 100 ATF - 306 ATF

The Neo-Imperial age encompasses all of the events following the end of Post-Imperial Period, and deals largely with the full recovery of civilisation after the fall of the Kostuan Empire. During this time period, trade and commerce began to flow again between various nations, though Wars and Religious Crusade were still a fairly common thing.


Date Occurred

Event Description

The Second Wildling War

305 ATF

With much land conquered and thousands of Wildlings enslaved/converted; Segh reengages with the tribals of the west to finish the expansion into the interior and to bolster it's slave-based economy and further convert the wildlings to the way of the Zi.

The End of the Chimera League

305 ATF

The Chimera league dissolves due to differences between the nations. A certain level of friendliness remains between all members but are no longer bound by the alliance.

The Southern Ultimatum crisis

305 ATF

With the South looking away from the leadership of Rolais, and looking to create their own alliance, Marie sends an ulitmatum to the nations of the south, and the threat of war quickly silences them.

Marie takes control Rolais

305 ATF

With Marie's return, the army under oath returns to her control. Paxim is ousted and Marie again becomes Empress of Rolais

Creation of the Chimera League

305 ATF

Rolais with its vassal Distika enter into an alliance with Aelythium.

Unblackening of the Sun

305 ATF

After the Rolesians return the Decius Maranus to the undead god, he unblackens the sun. However Felixtius raises a spyre in the last effort to make godhood once again.

Battle of Uxtol

305 ATF

A Rolesian expedition to the forgotten Kostuan city of Uxtol, leads to a small battle with Felixtian troops. The capture of the Decius Maranus an artifact the undead god wishes to have in return for him returning the sun

Battle of Werstan

305 ATF

A desperate offensive is launched by Rolais with support of many other nations against the demon army of Felixtius. As the battle commences, casualties mount against the Rolesian force. Nearly surrounded and defeated, the army of Kostua sol arrives and helps the Rolesian force defeat the demon army. The demon army breaks and Rolais is saved from defeat. However as the battle concludes the sun blackens and Sokos is plunged into darkness.

Rolais' Aid

305 ATF

After the news of Felixtius crossing the Anderfalls and the fear of Rolais crumbling and the Kostuan Empire being renewed many nations around Sokos pledge their support by sending troops to help deal with the threat.

Aelythium pacifies the east

305 ATF

With the goal of establishing hegemony on the East coast of the Peninsula, Aelythium declares war on Hweals. The war was quick, with the fall of Brenswic ending the conflict.

Felixtius over the Anderfalls

304 ATF

After Felixtius and his men cross the mountains of the Anderfalls. Rolais proceeds to send 100000 troops to confront Felixtius.

Machtoer is integrated

304 ATF

After Machtoer's extended time as a vassal of Uyuti, Uyuti proceeds to take further military and political action over Machtoer in the end integrating it to Uyuti.

A Tainted Order

304 ATF

Felixtius brings the entirety of the Order of Truth under his command.

The Regency Convenes

304 ATF

The Regency Council of Rolais convenes to appoint an new emperor. However as it adjourns Paxim one of the nobles attacks Roz who then falls to his death.

The Crossing

304 ATF

Felixtius crosses the Black Bay just west of Aelythium.

Imperial Diet of Kostua sol attacked

304 ATF

Felixtius attacks the Imperial Diet in Kostua, causing disarray within the already lacking Kostuan leadership. The group who call themselves the Reclaimers also go missing.

The Second Dwarven Empire Collapses

304 ATF

With Felixius’ demons ravaging Sokos, the Dwarven Empire, far too busy in one of its many civil wars, is invaded by the demonic horde, successfully sacking and occupying Blacklight. The Dwarven Capital is later retaken by the combined armies of Aelythium andThramia alongside the Dwarven clans of Blackiron and Rai.

Coronation of Marshal Cyn

304 ATF

Marshal Cyn declares himself Emperor Cyn-Khong of Uyuti, his coronation is delayed by the events of the death of the Rolesian Empress and the appearance of Felixtius from the Black Fault.

The Frontier War (The First Wilding War)

303 ATF

The new state of Segh founded in Bahwai pushes westward in a series of skirmishes gaining territory and slaves with each battle against the human natives of the unclaimed coastal plains known only as 'The Wildlings'.

The Grand Ball

303 ATF

After Rolais invites all nations of Sokos to a Grand Ball in the hope of easing tensions and creating some sort of a unified force against the evils exiting the Black Vault. The Grand Ball commences.

Bahwai Republic

303 ATF

The Monsu Refugees of Segh resettle and build the city of Bahwai at the mouth of the Go Lao river; the first Republic of its kind on Sokos.

The Land of Dahakar

303 ATF

Dahakarians set out to form communities all over the west of bantry bay.

A New Alliance formed

303 ATF

An alliance is formed between Uyuti and Segh creating a new power block in the north.

The Great Migration

303 ATF

Dahakarian tribes unite and leave the eastern and southern banks of Bantry bay migrating westward.

The Long Trail (Tylos)

303 ATF

The Savoset marched eastward in columns, their empire was nothing but ash and the emperor’s close relatives were dead. The Savoset that took to the high seas had not been heard from and now the Savoset had to look for a new emperor. Nosh, a far relative seemed a decent fit, the Savoset still had high royalty within his blood.

The Savoset claimed the land of the lush eastern coast, Cajapoya, the stronghold of the Savoset who wish to hold the crumbling pieces of the lost empire together.

The Long March

302 ATF

The Refugees that survive the Sundering are collected and relocated by Uyuti to Tchonazchsui where they reside for a year fighting of the remaining sickness and injuries. Only 38,000 Monsu survive.

Arrival of Rolesian Crusaders in City of Lydes

302 ATF

Two years after the declaration of the First Crusade, the major bulk of Rolais' Crusader forces arrive in the Coastal city of Lydes, where it's commander, Lysander, then presented an ultimatum to Sralia.

Fall of the Savoset Empire (Tylos)

302 ATF

After the long decline of the empire due to slaves breaking their chains, tributaries rising from suppression, and under the weight of the parasitic hunger.

The capital of the empire was finally overtaken by the hunger, and the last Emperor of the Savoset, Sinchi ‘the Illborn’ dying at the hands of the hunger, bringing an end to the Savoset Empire to Tylos.

As the hunger begins to die out slowly, the Yuannon, Lopexi, Avernai and Gorrin’s that had been driven from their homes or enslaved finally are free from the wrath of the Savoset.

The legacy of the empire can be seen with lifeless cities made from stone resting along northern Tylos.

Restoration of trade

301 ATF (Tylos)

After more than a decade since the fall of the Freehold, some cities and small settlements were able to restart trade between the islands. There wasn't, however, any attempt at restoring the God-Archon, as most were either displeased with the thought of the old Yuannic Empire and religious sentiment was low.

The Sundering of Segh

301 ATF

The lands of Segh are decimated in a great tsunami. Many of Segh die in the event, including the many mages that attempted to hold back the waters that threatened the population.

Subjugation of Savia

299 ATF

Safar I attacks the walled and extremely profitable city of Savia, conquers it and creates his new capital, building a grand citadel within the center of the city.

Birth of The Resurrector

295 ATF

The elf that would become the first Empyrian in over a thousand years, is born to a elven merchant clan in the Central Eternals.

Military leadership commits coup d'etat in Uyuti

294 ATF

Marshal Cyn overthrows the Sovereign Ttsyn, and declares him and his officers as the leader and ruling class respectively, promising to end the theocratic government.

Destruction of the Yuannic Freehold (Tylos)

289 ATF

As the Hunger swarmed its way south, the Freehold was swept away by an enemy they could not defeat. The great cities of the Yuannon were destroyed seemingly overnight, in the event the Yuannon would never forget.

As the last stronghold on mainland Tylos fell to the hordes of the Hunger, what remained of the Freehold was restricted to their home island. Infighting and factionalism further split the once great state, until no Yuannon kingdom could claim the title of Archon.

Founding of the Rachykhina of Angfaran

288 ATF

After hundreds of years of subtly distancing the province from Yuannic leadership, even as a core territory, Sorahnpu declares its independence by capitalizing on the devastating effects of the hunger, eliminating both much Yuannic resistance to the effort as well as, conveniently, those in Sorahnpu against this movement. Jetthusaing Phusukhwaron crowns himself High Rachya and manifest will of Aro as he leads a heavily Hunger-ravaged Sorahnpu, and, following it, much of Fahuatai, to sovereignty once more, under the new name Angfaran.

A New King in Aelythium

287 ATF

Markos Stravox ruler of Aelythium dies of illness and Demetrios Stravox takes the throne

The Hunger (Tylos)

280 ATF

As Tylos was shattered by war, a great disease began to spread across the continent. It had only been named: ‘the hunger’ by the Savoset. The disease slowed the advances of the rebellions and kingdoms attempting to bring down the Empire, resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands before the disease had finished.

The Aelytine league army destroyed

278 ATF

The Last Aelythine league army is destroyed by Markos, Ending over 200 years of the League's existence over the peninsula. Markos is soon after crowned Kratoras, and becomes the first of his name to rule over the Kratorum of Aelythium. Several more small battles occur after his Coronation, but his power base would be firmly secured for years to come.

Serulean Schism

276 ATF

Due to unforeseen legal challenges over the succession following the death of King Charmon, the fourth King of Serulea, and the threat of civil war on the horizon, the two sons of Charmon, Nieran and Oberon, agree to split the Kingdom in half between them, resulting in the creation of the second Kingdom of Cheysal under Nieran.

With the weakened state of the crown and further disagreement, smaller states decide to branch off from the two Kingdoms, forming some independent Duchies and Counties.

Founding of Sacrotia

276 ATF

Ansilio Arrentez, a powerful count in Asiteria, forms the small kingdom of Sacrotia after a series of small expansions. He crowns himself King Ansilio I, and creates the Arrentez Royal Family.

Decline of the Rai

250 ATF

With over 200 years of Rai Imperial rule, the rulers of the Dwarven Empire suddenly began to be plagued by corrupt and terrible rule, civil wars, and rivalries between clans. The Empire began to think internally within the Westreach as it became a contested region, waning in influence. The main struggles were noted to have taken place between the growing Blackiron Clan and the Imperial Rai, the Blackiron’s making alliances and pacts with minor clans, absorbing others entirely when the Rai simultaneously did the same, attempting to keep the Blackiron’s in check with minor skirmishes and various displays of power.

Rebellion of the Avernai (Tylos)

224 ATF

With the continued overstretching of the Savoset Empire, the stress placed upon the Avernai holdouts in the mountains was relieved and the Avernai began to strike back against the Savoset, taking back many of the territories annexed and placed under puppet governments, freeing many of their enslaved brethren to incite revolt, and began pushing the Savoset as far back as the Inland Sea.

The First Felltide

201 ATF - 203 ATF

Demons mass outward from The Fellgate within The Black Fault, and besiege The Bulwark of Eternal Vigilance, its defenses are tested, and for two years, the fortress survives, and succeeds.

The Second Khanate (Tylos)

200 ATF

Upon the passing of the year, the sun (Bleda) rose and the moon (Avar) fell in the north. The riders of the Lopexi gathered in a moot upon the 16th year of open war against the Savoset Empire, and a new khan was decided. Atillak II, descendant of Ellac rose to the call of Khan and began a ruthless campaign against the southerners.

Rise of the Northern Tribes (Tylos)

184 ATF

Their chance was now, the hundred tributaries of northern Tylos declared their independence from the Savoset Empire after their crushing defeat and slow decline in power after their crushing defeat before the Yuannon, giving the Gorrin and Lopexi a chance at freedom from the southerners. The empire quickly fought back finding the Lopexi and Gorrin tribes significantly weaker in strength. But found that territorial gains against the northerners was almost impossible due to their terrain.

The Sarian Invasion

164 - 165 ATF

Seeing the weakness of the independent warlord fiefdoms of the Altheran Peninsula that have yet to fully consolidate or recover from the fall of the Kostuan Empire over a century earlier, the Sarian Warlord named Senar decides to rally his people around the northwestern coastlands of Southern Sokos. Crossing the Golden Bay to leave their homeland to the growing population of Elves, the Sarians under their new King invade the peninsula.

After the campaign successfully subjugated the warlords, King Senar established the new Kingdom of Serulea, enacting laws to integrate the Sarian and Altheran cultures together, and even converted to Artyanism to gain support.

Code of Enkorinde

163 ATF

Queen Enkorinde modifies the legal code of the kingdom yet again. Elven caste systems are removed, and the Tuasal and Alscari are elevated in stature. Likewise, Enkorinde’s military reforms mandates a Kostuan-style standing army, formed only from Namarian citizens expected to provide military service.

End of the Heilenberg League

150 ATF

The league dissolves after Halder is fully integrated into Eskeland.

The Beginning of the Great Decline (Tylos)

126 ATF

A fatal defeat in an attempt to break the deadlock with the Yuannon the Savoset lose their largest fleet in the white ocean in the invasion attempt of the Yuannic Freehold. This crushing defeat given to them by a weaker state and the over expansion of the Savoset Empire, unrest begins to brew throughout the empire.

This single event began a series of defeat after defeat by the Southern Tylosian kingdoms, grinding Savoset expansion to a halt indefinitely.

The High Seas War (Tylos)

120 ATF

The Savoset Empire under Emperor Yutu ‘the halfwit’ formally declared war on a southern Yuannon Kingdom under the protection of the Yuannic Freehold, this forced the Savoset fleet to set sail for the Yuannon islands, taking them one by one before the Freehold was able to assemble its response fleet.

Under the personal command of Archon Xecvirithikia, the Yuannic fleet met the Savoset in bloody battle in the oceans. The fighting was vicious, and both sides lost dozens of ships and thousands of men. What little remained of the Savoset invasion force was stranded after the battle, and starved.
This conflict was so devastating to the Freehold that further expansion was completely halted, and the Yuannon would never make another major expansion while their Freehold stood.

The War of The Princes

110 - 114 ATF

The eastern principalities declare war on Eskeland due to the annexation of Tidahamn after the succession crisis. King Alderik III leads the campaign and after years of fighting he is able to conquer them.

The Height of the Freehold (Tylos)

110 ATF

Under the rule of Archon Xecvirithikia, the Yuannic Freehold reaches its territorial height, holding direct sway of south-eastern Tylos, and tributary and vassal states throughout the rest of the southern half of the continent.

Code of Namalar

107 ATF

A codified system of laws develops the kingdom into a modern state, borrowing significant Kostuan legal code and modifying it. Though Tuasal and Alscari elves in the kingdom are formally recognized, most extensive privileges are granted to the Namarians.

Post-Imperial Period: 1 ATF - 100 ATF

The Post-Imperial Period was a time period marked by major economic and political instability and chaos brought on by the collapse of the already decaying Kostuan Empire. However, in the later half of the century that the Period encompassed, nations began to recover some amount, until finally after a century of stagnation, advancement began to happen again.


Date Occurred

Event Description

Kingdom of Namalar

95 ATF

Therrund Cosyandes is proclaimed King of Namalar, officially creating the kingdom. King Therrund is remembered for his stewardship and greatworks, as well as modernizing the old Kostuan cities that form the heartland of Namalar.

The Death of the Red Lion

62 ATF

At the old age of 83 having lived a grand life of love, war, adventure and friendship, Gerard Pueyrredón dies peacefully in his sleep surrounded by family and friends. His body is laid to rest within a watchtower in a hill north of Brelogne. The tower is converted into a mausoleum and named "The Red Lion's Watch".

The Aelythine League Founded

57 ATF

The head Oligarch of Thronakros, Argyros was able to successfully negotiate the founding of the Aelythine League after having beaten back a Braizen invasion. While the first several decades of the Aelythine League proved fruitful as it expanded across the Peninsula, Corruption slowly withered away the League for over two centuries.

Namarian Anarchy

43 ATF

The death of Pesahamion results in the beginning of the Namarian Anarchy Period.

The Second Dwarven Empire

42 ATF

After a great period of loss of culture and population, the few successor states that had emerged from hundreds of years of the Dwarven Empire’s absence were allowed to grow as the Kostuan Empire’s power waned. The reemerging clan Rai from the seat of Blacklight attempted to and successfully negotiated deals with the neighbouring clans. On the dawn of 42 ATF, a new Emperor was crowned, tasked with the expulsion of the Humans from the Westreach.

War for the North (Tylos)

34 ATF

The winter had passed and was far gone, six months of light awaited the Nevgarni, after a slow decline of constant internal wars and territorial losses. The Savoset then invaded, their soldiers were trained and seasoned for a war against the khanate of Nevgarn. A declaration of war was issued and Ellac rallied the horsemen of the north and fought against Emperor Taruca IV of the Savoset Empire.

The war ended in the subjugation of Nevgarn and the division of the Lopexi into hundreds of different tribes spread across the northern tundra. All to give the Savoset tribute whenever they called for it, grant them soldiers when they asked for them, and send them slaves whenever they ordered them.

Birth of Namalar

24 ATF

Pesahamion, a Namarian warlord generally regarded as the first king of Namalar, declares Eldemaram the capital of his territory; at the same time, Pasoneia is sacked and annexed into the growing territory.

Annexation of Eldemaram

12 ATF

The Kostuan city of Asconisis is conquered by Namarian forces. In a short time the city was eventually renamed Eldemaram to celebrate its conquest.

The Heilenberg League

10 ATF

Formed from the union of Eskeland and Halder as a way to bring both countries together culturally and militarily.

Invasion of the Kostuan Provincials

10 ATF

Namarian tribesmen, emboldened by the collapse of the Kostuan Empire and the weakened state of its peripheral territories, launch a full-scale invasion of the remaining provinces east of the Kostuan city of Tuwain.

Establishment of the Ryeong Horde


The descendants of the Myokko-jok Chiefdom found a more sedentary civilization at the peninsula forming the eastern Coast of Gwon, jutting out into the Solstice Sea, reorganizing them into a khanate known as the Ryeong Horde. Kuhang Ju Wonmyeopgum unites the scattered human Hyannic people there and becomes the first ruler of the new confederation, somewhat more centralized in governance but still sustained by raiding and pillaging.

The Occupation of Brelogne

8 - 12 ATF

A force of seven thousand Rolesian Artyanists led by Gerard Pueyrredón march on the white walls of Brelogne, prepared for a lengthy siege. With much of its fighting age men killed in prior Kostuan engagements and it's remaining populace unwilling to sit through a siege, the city opens its gates to Lord Pueyrredón. A Kostuan military response is quickly dispatched and a siege is established by early 10 ATF. As quickly as the siege is established, it is soon lifted by 11 ATF as the Empire turns its focus on the Namarian invasions in their southern provinces. By 12 ATF, Gerard Pueyrredón, now known as the Red Lion to his men, consolidates his control on Brelogne with the Kostuan Empire too weak to intervene at all.

End of the Taint


The Taint, a plague brought on by the Kostuan Magiesters' attempts at breaching the Veil, finally comes to an end. A new plague, The Tara, appears afterward and still lingers in Kostua sol today.

The Taint causes deep unrest in Myranthias


Whilst the threat of taint was high, the city was quarantined to keep the plague out, however lacking food supply soon caused massive unrest throughout the city and soon riots occurred, which led to the burning of a large part of the city

The Time of Darkness (Tylos)

1-99 ATF

After the the great blue sun appeared in the sky, the Archon of the Yuannic Freehold died, and the priests of the Yuannon could not find their replacement among the populace. This led to ninety nine years of the Freehold being run by the priesthood and no Archon, until one was found and trained in the form of Archon Deherelia.

Regency of Prince Kiro IX of Kostua sol

1 - 16 ATF

Prime Archon Dius Jarno forces the Kostuan nobility to grant his office the rank of Regent in Perpetuity, forever re-securing the authority of the War Collegium. In return Dius agrees to allow Cartagias' infant son Kiro to remain as Crown prince while Dius spends the rest of Kiro's regency to limit the Emperors power.

Fall of the Kostuan Empire and Beginning of the Taint


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