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📢 Valentine Z & Atlantian Oceania partner with Toys '4' All in WA Campaign Promotion

Toys 4 all Corporate Headquarters, Design & Development Facility, Lopinka, Vilita, Atlantian Oceania :: Toys '4' All, the Atlantian Oceania based toy design, production, distribution and retail entity has recently completed production of a pair of new additions to their "Racing Collectors" product line. While the Racing Collectors line typically focuses on the production of replica die-cast vehicles for teams actively competing on the NationStates Stock Car Racing Association (NSSCRA) circuit, it also can include promotional products such as give-away or limited-run items designed to promote a particular company, product or cause.

In the most recent promotional creation from Toys '4' All, it is a campaign sponsored production related to the ongoing General Elections for World Assembly Secretary General. The new promotional releases feature the designs of two candidate nations for the World Assembly Secretary General who have joined forces to connect their support bases for the Final Round of the General Elections. Dubbed the 'Meow Sports' Campaign, the Forum 7 representatives from Valentine Z have added the Sporting Community of Atlantian Oceania to the ticket and the duo are now hoping the partnership accelerates their campaigns and helps them race off to the checkered flag with the World Assembly Secretary General position greeting them in Victory Lane.

Each candidate, the primary Valentine Z and now running-mate Atlantian Oceania, has their own unique design in the two-car set while the backdrop on the collectible packaging shows the joint campaign logo for the combined effort. The die-cast collectible vehicles are being distributed free of charge at some campaign events or can be purchased at the official campaign website, mewsports2020.vz/shop.


Ellyn Illinoi, the director of the Racing Collectible product line at Toys '4' All, was recently asked about the partnership that resulted in the creation of the World Assembly General Election die-cast toy vehicles.

"For us there isn't anything political about it, really. We received an order, the order was paid for, and we produced it. Any of the candidate nations in the general election could have approached us and requested a Racing Collectors promotional car to be made in support of their campaign. It just so happens that these were the ones that did so. If other requests are received we will be happy to produce those as well. It's not inherently biased, we are under no obligation to create item that have not been requested or paid for just to give the illusion of equity. We are not the World Assembly or the General Elections body, we are just Toys '4' All, and we make the products we are under contract to make.

In order to make this line of collectibles we did have to temporarily suspend production of some of our standard products to free up some of the machinery. There really isn't much added cost to do so and there is minimal productivity and timeliness lost on future Waves of standard NSSCRA collectibles, but when a time sensitive order like this comes in sometimes we just re-prioritize internally to keep all of our clients happy."

About Toys 4 all

Headquartered in Vilita and as the leading distributor and retailer of Toys and Games in Atlantian Oceania, Toys '4' All prides itself in providing a positive experience for children and adults alike when visiting its stores. Customers enjoy a wide selection of otherwise hard-to-find Toys and Games with Toys '4' All bringing to market toys from independent toy makers and innovators. The future of the Toys '4' All brand likely depends on being able to retain the market share from the independent toy makers using Toys '4' All as a storefront for their goods.

Toys '4' All re-invigorated their brand with the release of their collectors box series representing popular character from many Tivaliwood hit films as well as featuring mascots of the National Footsport Teams qualified or the 80th World Cup and again as the official Toy & Collectable partner of World Cup 81 in Banija and the Free Republics. As a result of their internationstatal growth, Toys '4' All has become one of the leading Toy & Collectible production, distribution and retailers in the multiverse.

The new Racing Collectibles line from Toys '4' All features the top Motorsport drivers from around the multiverse in the Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association (NSSCRA) and the World Grand Prix Championship (WGPC). WGPC cars have been sold in collectible boxes at Toys '4' All locations representing cars from Tropicorp Racing Aelund, Mattijana Racing Team and other top drivers on the WGPC circuit. NSSCRA Racing Collectible Diecast have featured the NSSCRA Chase drivers and a selection of NSSCRA Season 8 models in blister packs sold trackside, at Toys '4' All stores and and Toys '4' All partners throughout the multiverse as part of the Toys '4' All Distribution network.

About Atlantian Oceania

Atlantian Oceania is the current delegate of Atlantian Oceania, the all-time winningest and most active region in Nationstates Sports history. Atlantian Oceania's sporting triumphs have been most prominent in the Football World Cup where they have since won 37 of the 71 World Cup's competed in since their creation; a victory rate of just over 50%. Atlantian Oceania and its users also were the first to create regional based competitions, hosting their own regional Olympics, a regional football tournament started by Krytenia which is now the longest running Regional Sports competition on Nationstates, as well as other smaller competitions leading to the classification of Atlantian Oceania as a "Sports Region". While there were other historical regions with a sports focus, none ever had the staying power of Atlantian Oceania and the model has since been followed by Rushmore and Esportiva who form the 'Big 3' of NationStates Sports.

About Nationstates Sports

The Nationstates Sports Community, known colloquially as "NS Sports" is a community of nations that operate and run national and international sports competitions within and between nations through the Nationstates Forum system. All nations are welcome to Nationstates Sports regardless of their origin, seniority, background, experience. Even an understanding of sports is not a requirement for participation in NS Sports! Typically politics are left at the door when competing in Nationstates Sports much as in real life, however, national elections, border conflicts and other traditional disputes regularly find their way into Nationstates Sports Roleplay threads when describing the backstories of nations competing. The current champion of the World Cup, Farfadillis, is in a period of national Anarchy which is a storyline that often takes precedence over the reporting on their individual match results. Nationstates Sports is also home to the Annual NS Olympic Games, hosted most recently by Liventia and Vilita with participation from throughout the NS Multiverse.

Prior to the move from the jolt forums, Sports were integrated in the old "NationStates" forum. However, the growth in popularity of sporting competitions between nations in game earned the community its own forum when migrated back to the NationStates server. This has allowed a major blossoming in both the quantity and quality of Nationstates Sports Role-play though there may now be less 'cross posting' between genres. We welcome all to check out some of the active Nationstates Sports threads and signup for the 85th World Cup, the longest running sporting event in all of Nationstates, which will begin this summer ( viewtopic.php?f=7&t=482320 ).

Testimonial from an active Nationstates Sports user
Imagine, if you will, a young fifteen year older. He establishes himself as a star in his home turf, a god among men. Alas, his cries for relevance require that he go through the challenges that lay beyond the borders of his very own nation. He devotes himself to being the finest man in his sport. Alas, due to his brashness, he fails miserably.

He gets thrown around by the circumstances around him at first but then he keeps at it. He realizes that there's something out there for him if he keeps at it. He soldiers on, in spite of the lack of acknowledgement from the crowd. He reaches his lowest point... and then, a breakthrough happens.

He finds himself on top of an emerging nation. He finds himself linked to what he always wanted himself to be, a world champion. That's the story of a fictional player invented by an user that has long since left the site, yet remained alive through the efforts of other users which, for better or worse, allowed his creation to enter the Hall of Fame of the sport he was introduced as a player of.

NS Sports is a tight-knit group that allows such weird stories to be told and be read with a smile. It's a place where a race car driver can be confused with a pony. It's a place where one can spend an entire tournament running a multi-faceted war and yet not take full spotlight. It's a place that isn't even restricted to the laws of causality, let alone the laws of actual sports. There's a reason the place I spent most of the time at NS is NS Sports. Never had to ruin other people's days for that too. Why don't you drop by? You might like the peace, the place... and the music sessions at Friday.