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Statement on the 2020 World Assembly secretary-general election.

The Republic of Latidonia

Statement on the 2020 World Assembly secretary-general election.


The following statement has been issued by the Latidonian government:

Kuriko is an anti-general assembly candidate. The nation's election to the helm of the world assembly, would constitute a dramatic shift towards national sovereignty, as opined by fellow IDU-memberstate, The Allied Provinces of Laeral. Latidonia views such a progression with extreme criticism, as the general assembly has served as the primus motor for the expansion of human rights, economic development and overall globalization in the world. Indeed, the actualization of Kuriko's policy, where general assembly resolutions would solely affect authoring nations would cause insurmountable damage to the civil, political and economic rights of people around the world - it would destroy the very core of the World Assembly and begin an era of reactionary decline. Latidonia condemns Kuriko for these ultranationalist and anti-humanitarian efforts, and STRONGLY URGES members of the World Assembly DO NOT VOTE FOR KURIKO.

Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls (TACLC) Latidonia views with a similar, although not so urgent appraisal of critique. TACLC is a frivolous candidate, whose election would not damage the World Assembly so dramatically, as Kuriko's election. Nonetheless, the election of such an unserious, unpolicied and unknown nation to the highest office of the World Assembly would certainly be of detriment to the legitimacy and dignity of the World Assembly and would consequentially degenerate the force of WA-legislation. Lastly, TACLC is a nation known for its raider sympathies and is a member of the notorious and twice-condemned region, the Black Hawks. In fact, said region has endorsed TACLC's campaign. The World Assembly cannot have a raider as its leader, and for this, Latidonia URGES members of the World Assembly DO NOT VOTE FOR TACLC.

The Rose Commune of Caelapes is a self-declared communist state, which seeks the decentralization and democratization of the World Assembly as a whole. Caelapes has, since the establishment of the position, served as secretary-general of the World Assembly. Their running mate, the Republic of Courelli is a liberal state with good ties to Latidonia's home-region, the international democratic union. The nation's term as secretary-general has been inconsequential, and has seen little progress towards these democratic policies. Whereas Latidonia is not a communist state, and actively condemns communism as a totalitarian ideology, Caelapes has not sought any totalitarian efforts during its term, and for this purpose, Latidonia does not view Caelapes' ideology as an important factor in this election. In fact, Latidonia views Caelapes' democratic efforts in very positive light. Nonetheless, Caelapes will quite surely not seek to realization of these policies, as it has not done so in its previous term. Nonetheless commending the internationalist, pro-equality and democratic sentiments of their campaign and noting their good choice of running mate, Latidonia ENDORSES CAELAPES.

Valentine Z is to be viewed with the similar objection as TACLC. A somewhat unserious minor candidate, whose slogan promises a world of cats, among other things. Latidonia notes Valentine Z's choice of running mate, Atlantian Oceania, a colossus of Nation States sports, with the utmost commendation. Sports have historically been a magnificent tool of diplomacy and friendship for the community of nations. Nonetheless it appears that Valentine Z is eclipsed by their running mate and their overall candidacy appears fairly benign. Latidonia applauds Valentine Z for their positive campaign, yet sees undeveloped stances on policy as detrimental to their candidacy. For this, Latidonia cannot endorse Valentine Z and chooses to remain NEUTRAL.

The Republic of Latidonia