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Non-Fascsist for Jocospor! (Hear me out)

Alright, I was always a member of the Bigtopia campaign, we ran on a decisive platform of anti-establishment politics, ours was a completely grassroots campaign with not support from massive GCRs. Now that the chances of us making the generals are weak, I have switched my vote over to Jocospor without becoming a fascist in any way.

The reason, well, is because I felt Bigtopia got cheated out of the top five, essentially making it pay-to-win. We were doing great in the first round, but as our opponents started sending mass TGs out and garnering support from GCRs and seasoned WA veterans, we, like many other anti-establishment campaigns, were pushed out and down. This is why I voted for the antichrist of the WA elite, Jocospor, someone who is so despised by them that Kuriko began a desperate bid to get him out of the top five. This is not condoning fascism, this is a protest vote, the same sort like those Sanders supporters who voted for Trump in 2016.

I encourage all supporters of anti-establishment candidates to consider Jocospor, else we risk the general election being all establishment candidates. Keep in mind the SecGen has no real powers, so thereís no danger of Jocospor pursuing fascist policies. Itís purely symbolic, that if the elite think they can push the little guy around, the little guy will retaliate