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Region Name Times - April 5th - Volume XV

We Liked Kuriko Before It Was Cool

As the Election 2020 befell NationStates, a new day broke in Region Name. Being relatively young and not around for the previous election, we were not prepared for regional endorsements or even our own ballots. We had no streamlined process of supporting a candidate that would be best for the world.

I started the campaign endorsing Yemet with my puppet nation Fredmenton. I then had a conservation with my Region's World Assembly Delegate and publisher of this paper, Mundane, discussing a candidate. He did much more research than I and found that in the top candidates, the first one who was not a 1 issue candidate and who was not an incompetent leader was Kuriko. Given our Region's diverse view on LGBTQ+ Rights, we could not support two candidates who solely focus on that. And also I do not like weebs. We wanted someone who was also not a raider like Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls, and someone who would focus on national rights, unlike the incumbent Caelapes who is also a vehement communist, which many in our region would disagree that should be enforced from the World Assembly Level. Then we reached Kuriko.

Kuriko may have differing views from many region members on political views, but her view of giving the power to the people and not to the World Assembly drew me to them. I began campaigning harshly in regions across NS as she was the only sensible option with a chance. I got banned from 3 and in trouble with the moderators due to my over-hype for him and lack of knowledge of the rules (sorry mods), but even then still campaigned in a civilized manner. She will protect our rights and bring the most prosperity to our Region and NationStates in general, I believe. She is right to lead the World Assembly.

That is why Region Name has come together endorsing Kuriko for Secretary-General of the World Assembly. A proven leader in the 10000 Island and a woman of the people. This is what the World Assembly needs to move past its over-consuming current state of lack of care for the rights of nations and more care about pushing an agenda than developing democracy globally. That's why you should vote Kuriko too.

Both Mundane and Minimark worked on the Kuriko campaign team and were ultimately thanked, after her win, in the victory speech that is here.

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Written by Minimark, Edited by Mundane

Elections Official Election Preview

On April 16th, which is in 11 days, Region Name will be holding the Elections Official Election, which for those of you who don't know, is democratically elected, but unlike most elections, only King Regions and WA Members can vote. After some questionable moves by our current Elections Official, Soviet Melonia II, including the removal of Mithilia from the Legal Voters List for no apparent reason, he will not be running for re-election, but for Speaker in May, so that guarantees a new Elections Official to Region Name. Socoran, a newbie, stepped up first pledging that they will be running for the position. From the leaked telegram, he seems to be part of the Regionian Party of liberals fighting for change. The second candidate, stepping up more recently, is Minimark, the deemed conservative by some, but founding father by others. He has pledged that he is Independent, which means he is impartial to either side. Based on contradicting beliefs, this should be a pretty good race, Region Name, and it could expose some nation's beliefs that we haven't seen before. But, remember, if you are a WA Member or King Region, please get out and vote on Thursday, April 16th. And if you would like to run, please state so in the RMB. Here is the dispatch preview of the election: Here.

Written by Pius II

RARC In Overdrive

Recently, the RARC has been working in overdrive to get RP for the Region. This is after a series of Moderator changes, eventually ending up with Minimark as the leader. The first thing that they passed was the Temporary Troop Number Calculation. It is a table created by Mundane that measures population vs. defense forces. It gives populations with less than 100 million a chance at more troops than some populations with 1.5 billion. To calculate your nations troops numbers, use this link: Here.

The second bill that the RARC passed was the Tiers of Science in order to give a clear view of what technology looks like in the region. The tiers are based mostly around USA weapons, and are limited by the year in which the weapon was developed. The bill was taken down from voting once to fix some issues, but otherwise passed with unanimous support. Now that the RARC has basic warfare legislation in place, including science and troop numbers, it is expected that RP will be back up in no time. This is the link to the Tiers of Science created by Minimark: Here.

The third bill, that has just passed today, is the Warfare Rules. They were formally made by Soviet Melonia II, but then were revamped by Minimark when he added a maximum for points of interest in one nation. The bill consists of rules on winning a war, how battles work, and how to take points of interest. This is the link to the bill: Here.

The last thing the RARC voting is probably the biggest thing for everyone, the Region Name Land Draft. Here is the statement made by Mundane regarding it,

"The Region Name Map on GoogleMyMaps has been cleared. In order to fill the map up, Region Name will be holding a land draft starting on Wednesday, April 8th at 3:00 PM EST. This will be the final step in getting role-play running. The draft will start from Pick 1 in Round 1. The order of the draft was picked fairly by wheel. The first nation will be contacted and when contacted, that nation will choose which place on the map he wants his first 1.5 million square miles to be. The draft will go through the rounds like a normal draft and by the end, most of the map will be filled up. Make sure to look at the map to see if you're spot in mind is already taken before responding with your pick. The map will be updated during the draft. When your nation is on the clock, you will have 6 hours to respond, and if you don't respond your pick will be skipped over. The 6 hour period will not be counted between the times 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM. You will then be contacted at the end of the round, and if you still don't respond you will get no land. During your pick, you will be given editing access to the map, and from there you may place down your land. As soon as your land is placed, your editing privileges will be taken away. Keep in mind that you can be disqualified for moving another nation's land. Trading picks is allowed, but only mother country picks for other mother country picks. If you complete a trade, you must notify Mundane, so that he can change the draft order. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Mundane through discord, telegram, or RMB."

Here is the full dispatch with round orders included: Here. Again, this will be this Wednesday starting at 3:00 PM, so be ready for your pick. As you can see, these bills show how hard the RARC has worked over the past two weeks, so give them some respect.

Written by Soviet Melonia II and Mundane

And So It Begins - Speaker of the Legislature Election Preview

Pius II has been the longest tenured speaker in Regional History unless you count the Union of Oxes Nations as one speakership. However, this golden time of him may be coming to an end. What was once viewed as a successful speakership now is clouted by a crisis devolved from the fall of role-play. While he has had his successes, his apparent absence during this crisis lead some to believe that they are better fitted to hold the Speakership. The old political divide has come back, conservatives versus liberals. Soviet Melonia II and Pius Desurongcrandis has now declared their candidacy for Speaker (even though Soviet Melonia II never officially declared but has begun campaign preparations). So the race is under way, the incumbent, the liberal and the conservative. If the Regonian Party loses the Elections Official and the Speakership, is it the end of this once promising core of liberals? It might as well be, as their failure to use their respective positions of power to act during the Role-Play freeze cast a shadow of doubt on their leadership, and inactivity of their core nations. Soviet Melonia II will probably not run a very mudslinging campaign, but what do we know he has up his sleeve. This will be the election that decides the path of Region Name for the foreseeable future, but it is just a bit later. Due to the Advanced Placement World History Exam being moved to May 21st, the original date of the election, the Delegate moved the election date back to May 28th, so we can all prevent corruption and be active during this time. Its going to be a wild one, will it be the same or radical change? We will see in the end. Here is the official election dispatch: Here.

Written by Minimark

Region Name Secedes From The URA

After almost exactly a month of being in the EU-like coalition of regions called the URA, Region Name has decided to pull out of the alliance. After the international feat pulled off by both Mundane and Minimark, being on the campaign staff for the Kuriko campaign for Secretary-General, they both decided that they did not need the URA to install diplomacy and foreign relations, the region can stand alone and do it by themselves. Here is the statement made by Minimark regarding the seceding:

"The Union you provided us has not established the benefits and the global comradery we hoped. As our region grows, we realize we don't need this alliance as we have proven we can pursue our own foreign policy and gain influence globally without the assistance of a group of foreign powers. The European Commission-like restrictions that could be proposed and the general length of time this democratic Union takes to pass legislation is not in our interest so therefore, Region Name hereby withdraws from the URA."

Region Name has cherished this beautiful alliance with these great regions and people, but as seen here, they can stand up for themselves and move on. We have proven that we can pursue our own foreign policy, and the DFRC and others will hopefully contribute to that very soon.

Written by Mundane

RNFL & RNHL Booming With Two New Leagues On The Way

Recently in Region Name, there has been a new source of entertainment, Regional Sports. The ACSC has started two Regional Sports Leagues, the Region Name Hockey League (RNHL) and the Region Name Football League (RNFL), with a Chair Racing League on the way and a rumored Animal Ball League as well. The Regional Sports Leagues in Region Name have brought friendly competition and a sense of National Pride for each Nation. In Pius Desurongcrandis fans have rallied behind the Pius Phoenixs RNHL Team and attending all the games in the Piesian Gardens. In Mundane the whole nation seems united cheering for the Mundane RedHawks RNFL team. In Minimark, Great Patrick, Socoran, etc have been rallying behind their National Teams. Hopefully, this trend will continue and more people join these leagues as well as the ACSC making more Leagues to spotlight other athletes on the Regional Stage. And don't forget, the 2020 Region Name Games in Rommel, Mundane are still being held so make sure you make or request those lineups.

Written by Pius Desurongcrandis

Writers and Editors: Mundane, Minimark, Soviet Melonia II, Pius II, Pius Desurongcrandis