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📢☑️ POLL :: Which WA SecGen Candidate has the best flag?

Greetings All. As we have now joined as a running mate to the Valentine Z campaign instead of our own, we wanted to bring a little NS Sports flair to the WA Elections. While real NS Sports events are done using "Scorination" systems that use input of Ranking, Random + RP Bonus to determine an individual nations scoreline, for this we're just going to use the poll function here on the NS Forum. We're going to put the competitors against each other.

The Focus here is their FLAG! There will be three Rounds of Voting and 30 nations competing in head to head matchups until we are down to 16 nations. Those 16 nations will compete in a traditional NS Sports style Playoff Bracket to determine a final champion!

Without further adieu, lets take a look at the first round matchups. In order to ensure folks have ample time to vote but also we get this done before the end of Round 3, you are being given FIVE VOTES. You should restrict yourself to voting for only one candidate per official matchup. This is not a competition where the Top 5 vote getters will advance. It is the higher vote count of the two paired nations. You have to Visit the Election Headquarters Forum to actually cast a vote on these matchups.

Matchup #1:

:: Kuriko
:: Ecclestia

Matchup #2:

:: Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls
:: Giovanniland

Matchup #3:

:: McMasterdonia
:: Auralia

Matchup #4:

:: Caelapes
:: Valentine Z

Matchup #5:

:: Jocospor
:: The Bigtopia

I've also outlined this competition in a Dispatch if you would like to share it around gameside! They will still need to drop into the forum to cast their vote, however.

For a little bit of background on Nationstates Sports, Checkout 'the actual' Forum f=7 here on Nationstates or check out the blurb below. Thanks for participating!

About Nationstates Sports

The Nationstates Sports Community, known colloquially as "NS Sports" is a community of nations that operate and run national and international sports competitions within and between nations through the Nationstates Forum system. All nations are welcome to Nationstates Sports, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls or not. Typically politics are left at the door when competing in Nationstates Sports much as in real life, however, national elections, border conflicts and other traditional disputes regularly find their way into Nationstates Sports Roleplay threads when describing the backstories of nations competing. The current champion of the World Cup, Farfadillis, is in a period of national Anarchy which is a storyline that often takes precedence over the reporting on their individual match results. Nationstates Sports is also home to the Annual NS Olympic Games, hosted most recently by Liventia and Vilita with participation from throughout the NS Multiverse.

Prior to the move from the jolt forums, Sports were integrated in the old "NationStates" forum. However, the growth in popularity of sporting competitions between nations in game earned the community its own forum when migrated back to the NationStates server. This has allowed a major blossoming in both the quantity and quality of Nationstates Sports Role-play though there may now be less 'cross posting' between genres. We welcome all to check out some of the active Nationstates Sports threads and signup for the 85th World Cup, the longest running sporting event in all of Nationstates, which will begin this summer ( viewtopic.php?f=7&t=482320 ).

Many current and former game admins, moderators and mentors have participated in Nationstates Sports, the World Cup or smaller regional competitions. These include current sports moderators Starblaydia, Audioslavia and The Archregimancy as well as a slew of others such as Lamoni, USS Monitor, Bears Armed and The Macabees. While we have yet to see Testlandia sign up for an NS Sports competition, we are optimistic that the next World Cup will be the first and hope a successful campaign for WA Secretary General will see this become reality.

Testimonial from an active Nationstates Sports user
Imagine, if you will, a young fifteen year older. He establishes himself as a star in his home turf, a god among men. Alas, his cries for relevance require that he go through the challenges that lay beyond the borders of his very own nation. He devotes himself to being the finest man in his sport. Alas, due to his brashness, he fails miserably.

He gets thrown around by the circumstances around him at first but then he keeps at it. He realizes that there's something out there for him if he keeps at it. He soldiers on, in spite of the lack of acknowledgement from the crowd. He reaches his lowest point... and then, a breakthrough happens.

He finds himself on top of an emerging nation. He finds himself linked to what he always wanted himself to be, a world champion. That's the story of a fictional player invented by an user that has long since left the site, yet remained alive through the efforts of other users which, for better or worse, allowed his creation to enter the Hall of Fame of the sport he was introduced as a player of.

NS Sports is a tight-knit group that allows such weird stories to be told and be read with a smile. It's a place where a race car driver can be confused with a pony. It's a place where one can spend an entire tournament running a multi-faceted war and yet not take full spotlight. It's a place that isn't even restricted to the laws of causality, let alone the laws of actual sports. There's a reason the place I spent most of the time at NS is NS Sports. Never had to ruin other people's days for that too. Why don't you drop by? You might like the peace, the place... and the music sessions at Friday.

The Home of Sports of Atlantian Oceania