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by The Dizzy Flying Saucers of Doom of Frisbeeteria. . 348 reads.

Low owner cards for sale

All were CTE at the time of listing
Commons and uncommons: 1 owner 1.00 / 2 owner 0.50 / 3 owner 0.25
(multiple copies - buy them all for best value)

Located on the following nations:

page=deck/nation=d003/value_deck=1 (latest additions 4/12/2020)
page=deck/nation=d002/value_deck=1 (latest additions 4/3/2020)
page=deck/nation=d001/value_deck=1 (latest additions 4/2/2020)
page=deck/nation=d034/value_deck=1 (latest additions 3/25/2020)
page=deck/nation=d068/value_deck=1 (latest additions 3/25/2020)
page=deck/nation=i_2/value_deck=1 (latest additions 4/2/2020)
page=deck/nation=i_75/value_deck=1 (latest additions 4/2/2020)
page=deck/nation=qjxz/value_deck=1 (latest additions 3/31/2020)