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*IMPORTANT* We had to go back on this :( I'm really sorry. We waited AS LONG as we could. I've worked too hard just to lose votes because I was trying to be considerate of people. I've got a fight to fight.

You'll be pleased to know we've paid for all our telegrams ourselves. We haven't relied on our supporters.

Hey friends,

Altino started a movement which I'm sure you're all aware of called "Go aWay!" It's in response to the frequent delivery of telegrams through this election.

Out of RESPECT to all those nations whose inboxes have been flooded, I will NOT be sending a tag:wa during Day 3.

If I make it to the general, though...well, hopefully we can compromise! :P

No more bullsh*t,

Jocospor :D

Meanwhile, during Day 3

We've ALREADY seen a TAG:WA from Kuriko, only MINUTES into the vote. But that's exactly what the Elite would do, wouldn't they? They have no regard for member states in the World Assembly, and apparently no regard for them outside of it too! #JOCO2020 still pledges NOT to send a tag:wa out of RESPECT to member nations! #NOMOREBULLSH*T

The McMasterdonia camp ALSO came out with a tag:WA. Sad!

The Bigtopia team has also just come out with a tag:wa!


The Shadow Cult of Jocospor