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The New Adventures of Warzone Lazarus and Friends

Warzones Incorporated


Warzones Incorporated is a subsidiary company of the Corporation of Lazarus, aimed at providing a more sophisticated presence in NationStates for Warzone communities, and a greater influence in their affairs for LazCorp. For the following sections, LazCorp refers to the Cabinet of LazCorp, and a Warzone refers to the government of a game-created Warzone region, as acknowledged by LazCorp.


LazCorp must work to protect the associated regions of Warzones Inc. from takeover.

LazCorp (with the blessing of the Warzone in question) may help Incorporated Warzones with:

  • recruitment of new member nations,

  • cultural activity organization,

  • regional security,

  • and forging diplomatic connections.

Incorporated Warzones must:

  • provide military support (if available) to the Lazarene Guard,

  • use the LazCorp Discord server and provided channels there as their only publicly linked off-site chat,

  • acquiesce to diplomatic changes in their region demanded by LazCorp,

  • and mention their Warzones Inc. membership in their region's WFE when in their control.


A Warzone will be Incorporated if it agrees to join Warzones Inc. and LazCorp accepts it as a member.

LazCorp may remove a Warzone from Warzones Inc. at any time by notifying the Warzone in question that they're being removed from the agreement.

Any Warzone may leave Warzones Inc. at any time by telling LazCorp that they're leaving the Inc.

Interested Warzones

and their Governments (leader/contact)

Warzone Africa

DPRWA (Pharoahs Haven)

Warzone Airspace

Indeterminate Takeover (Vedan)

Warzone Asia

Amyralty of Warzone Asia (Alnorud)

Warzone Australia

New Sweden (Swedish Mercenaries)