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Foreign Affairs Update | April 2020

The elephant in the room weighing upon the region (and indeed every region and its members) is the outbreak of covid-19 in our world. It hangs over every Regional Message Board post and discussion on the forums. These are unsettling times, filled with much uncertainty, and they are reflected in much of the activity occurring not only in our region but across NationStates. But it is a comfort to have a place to talk with one another, and to share our stories, when so many of us are isolated from such comforts in the real world. It is a comfort to be among friends.

Events in the real world have forced some prominent members of the region to step down, resulting in many new appointments to Regional Officer positions and ambassadorships. The region has been fortunate to have a talented pool from which to draw upon and fill these vacancies.

Our long-standing Minister of Foreign Affairs, Holly United, was compelled to step down temporarily, and Deputy MoFA Panther has since filled the role as interim Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Esteemed Customs Minister and World Assembly Minister, Maowi, regrettably took a more decisive step back from NationStates, with her positions being filled by Panther and NorgiestoileckylockJ, respectively. Although we are pleased with those that have stepped forward to accept the duties vacated, we will all be feeling her absence for some time.

In Dedication of a Monument

A Lasting Tribute to a Nation with a Lasting Impact on a Region

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Killiningo came aboard as Deputy Culture Minister, collaborating on promising new ideas with Culture Minister A Down and Dusky Blonde.

The new month opened with the latest iteration of an April Fool’s event: the 2020 Election for WA Secretary General. The flurry of activity spurred by this event around NationStates has also touched our little region. Long-time resident The lepearchauns has thrown his hat into the race, and we in the region wish him best in the grueling campaign that will surely follow.

Im willing to speak my mind, and in America, that makes me qualified for leadership. Thats backed up by my nearly 6 years of leadership of a synergized region everyone confuses for a feeder.

I promise to do things that people tell me to, unless I am bribed otherwise.

I promise to lobby for all resolutions, big and small, so long as my donors agree with them.

I promise to not get drunk with power and get caught with cocaine and hookers, though Im sure ill be photoshopped doing both and worse

And with this, I The lepearchauns, Do decree my candidacy for Secretary General of the World Assembly!

Im editing this to show just how serious I am. Heres my campaign HQ viewtopic.php?f=37&t=482669

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Featured Limerick (courtesy of Noxious Air)

There was a young lady named Mabel,
So ready, so willing, so able,
And so full of spice
She could name her own price--
Now Mabel's all wrapped up in sable.

This month's report written by Panther

The Ugly Organ of Panther