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LCN | World Assembly Secretary-General Endorsement

World Assembly Secretary-General Endorsement
The League of Conservative Nations

The League of Conservative Nations is proud to endorse Kuriko in the 2020 World Assembly Secretary-General Election

I have personally had the privilege of working on and off with Kuriko since the earlier months of 2017. Kuriko was always one of the more committed and competent commanders on Libcord and I am happy to have learned under both Andrew du and Kuriko (at the time, Lenlyvit, to me anyway). Kuriko's work in Libcord and now-defunct organizations such as FORGE continued to display an unmatched commitment to the defending and liberating profession and to the NationStates community overall. Few other individuals on the site have done this on the level which Kuriko has, in my opinion.

On the subject of the platforms of each candidate, Kuriko has the most efficient and big-tent platform of any viable candidate. The incumbent, Caelapes, has a platform displaying dogmatic and unfeasible ideas which they have been unable to deliver on in the last four years and will be unable to deliver upon if re-elected. Most other platforms possess little actual direction towards World Assembly policy in a serious manner or do not represent the broader constituency of progress and development seeking World Assembly nations. Kuriko has a concise and clear platform: the prioritization of the World Assembly Security Council. The WASC is the half of the WA which objectively and tangibly impacts regions through its policies and resolution potential. The General Assembly simply does not. It serves a valuable purpose to those who participate in it, but the leadership of the World Assembly should be a leader of the Security Council first and foremost, and they should be a leader of rationality and restraint, not hawkish and impulsive behaviour. Kuriko has a record of supporting necessary and logical liberations and other initiatives, as well as opposing unnecessarily offensive liberations, unneeded condemnations, and other proposals that do not serve the overall community. The League has still not forgotten Kuriko's opposition to the attempt at condemning us made by a tyrant who attempted to abuse the World Assembly's systems. Our leadership has the utmost faith in Kuriko to fulfill what is expected for the integrity and fitness of the World Assembly Security Council.

It is the opinion of this region that as a candidate, Kuriko embodies the ideal attributes of a Secretary-General: a focus on the Security Council, experience, rationality, consistency, and the ability to collaborate with others to improve the NationStates community. Kuriko has the strongest record for and the strongest potential to work with a vast array of diplomats from all types of the broad constituency of World Assembly members who seek to improve interregional security and the overall NationStates environment. We urge you to consider voting for Kuriko in this election.

Chief Consul of the Republic Quebecshire
On behalf of the Consulate, Council, and citizenry of the Republic of The League of Conservative Nations