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Ever Forward - For a stronger World Assembly!

Victory to the Imperium! Glory to the World Assembly! Power to the Member-States!
Ever Forward!

I ask you first, one thing.
What has the World Assembly done for you?
Interfered in your National Laws? Enslaved your jurisdiction to a myriad foreign agents? Denied you your place in among the world powers?

I ask you again.
What choices has the World Assembly given you? Votes? Repeals? A morsel of pathetic 'democracy', dwarfed a thousand times by those so-mighty delegates?

I say end it.
The Imperium proposes a new era in the World Assembly, a new world to be assembled. I offer you, righteous and downtrodden, your rightful place, your sovereignty, and your future.
As an experienced member of the World Assembly, and an Author of successful resolutions and repeals, I offer not only vague promises, but the genuine means to act upon them. I offer one thing that cannot be found elsewhere; the prospect of real, genuine change.


  • Complete elimination of the horrid creature known as the World Assembly Gnome,

  • Arrest of the Secretariat for Crimes against the Assembly and its Member-States,

  • Capture and sentencing of Imperium Anglorum and Separatist Peoples to ten-thousand years in the Resolution Mines,

  • Complete restoration of the venerable Stranger's Bar as a historic site,

  • Free Drinks for all Delegations,

  • Abrogation of restrictions on Defenestration,

  • A new NAPA repeal every Tuesday,

  • The triumphant return of the Incessant Abortion Debate,

  • The end of the Security Council.

Vote for Victory. Vote for Glory. Vote for Power. Vote for Tinfect.

The Imperium of Tinfect