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A Deeper Look at Atlantian Oceania


[url=][size=200]The Atlantian Oceania Map[/size]

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[url=]2018-05-31 (Version[/url]
- Added -Anthor-
- Added Banija
- Added Mriin
- Added Sabine and Caddonia
- Added Siovanija and Teusland
- Added Soltsteed
- Added Tomikosan
- Restored Equestrian States
- Restored New Cloudsdale
- Updated 95X (Flag)
- Updated Cosumar (Flag)
- Updated Eshan (Flag, Remote Lands)
- Updated Legalese (Flag)
- Updated Osarius (Flag)
- Updated Royal Quebec (Expansion)
- Removed New Gordonopia
- Removed Schiavonia
- Removed Thatius
- Removed Western Sunrise Islands
- Removed St. Karen and the Lombardines
- Removed Lymryk Isles
- Removed Korizland
- Removed Semarland
- Removed Tallaga la Falla
- Removed Greater Watford

[url=]2016-08-03 (Version[/url]
- Added Qasden
- Added Korizland
- Added Lucorias
- Swapped Korizland & Lucorias
- Updated Demot (Flag)
- Updated Royal Quebec (Great Lakes, Border)
- Updated Thatius (Flag, Capital)
- Updated Valanora (Arrosia Isles)
- Added Coastline & Rectified Landmass
- Removed New Gordonopia
- Removed Kinitaria
- Removed Weimania
- Removed Mendoya
- Removed Furellum
- Removed Blouman Empire

[url=]2016-06-17 (Version 1.8)[/url]
- Added Eshan
- Added Chromatika
- Added Kingdom of Corelia
- Added Tallaga la Falla
- Added Cocoabo Forest
- Updated Falcania (Capital: High Roost)
- Updated Legalese (Flag)
- Updated Farfadillis (Flag)
- Updated Kryosis (Flag)
- Removed Ratastan (Tsunami)

[url=]2015-06-11 (Version 1.7.1)[/url]
- Sold off the Former Inevitable Syndicate to the Royal Kingdom of Quebec, Western Sunrise Islands, West Guiana, and Eura(?!)

2015-04-28 (Version 1.7)
- Re-added Perlasilangan
- Added Semarland
- Added the Equestrian States
- Did a whole bunch of other minor changes that I've not forgotten about because EQS is really late

2015-02-14 (Version 1.6.2)
- Added The Hakifao Federation

2015-02-10 (Version 1.6.1)
- Added the Euran Overseas Territory of the Whittorian Islands (all to be revealed)
- Revealed recent Vanorian expansion on Arrosia

2015-02-09 (Version 1.6)
- Changed colourings of sea and land, and some other nations to be reminiscent of the AO map from 2005
- Removed black bordering to be able to play with pixels better
- Merged the Mertian Expansion Zone with Mertagne to better reflect sovereign borders
- Renamed parts of the Calanian Union to illustrate the fact that it is a union of several nations, which happen to have the same government
- Changed Mertagne's colour to a shade of green that you can see (or, we could pretend that all unclaimed land is the Calanian Union, which I wouldn't mind at all)
- Gave Eystrck a flag
- Shrouded ASMV's flag in black and white
- Removed Dorian and Sonya
- Did some more colour correction
- Reinstated 95X's "active" status (welcome back!)

06/02/15 (Version 1.5.4)
- Shrunk the Syndicate (Climate change is scary!)
- Grew Mertagne
- Shaded the Mertian Expansion Zone green so you could all see the greatest nation in the world a bit better
- Changed spelling of New Drakonika to "Nw Drknka"
- Gave the 'nation' of Tropicorp its flag
- Changed the flag of the Royal Kingdom of Quebec

2015-01-17 (Version
- Denoted Quebec City's special status as home of the World Cup of Hockey Federation

2015-01-11 (Version 1.5.3)
- Changed up those icons you see around cities into small flags because they looked cooler
- Denoted Aeropag's special status as home of the UICA
- Denoted Neorudo's special status as home of international news network Ekitaldia

2015-01-04 (Version 1.5.2)
- Added Mendoya
- Accidentally shifted a meteorite from an alternate universe into Whittoria, destroying it completely but creating some lovely island chains
- May have also done the same to the areas around Kishrael - don't blame me, it must have been aliens or something
- Moved Cosumar and Thatius, and increased the size of Cosumar - damn terraforming aliens

2014-12-12 (Version 1.5.1)
- Removed Naitpyge after regional discussions
- Removed Perlasilangan
- Restored Pacitalia's status as a 'heavily inactive nation', purely because I liked the shade of blue I used
- Removed Shishevyu

2014-12-05 (Version 1.5)
- Removed a ton of CTE'd nations that never actually spoke to me (but kept backups in case they decide to come back)
- Gave 'inactive' status to several other nations in order to now make AO look like puppet storage
- Took some land back in order to punish those that have CTE'd but are still on the map
- Shrunk the Broken Islands, as I don't want to see them gone just yet
- Various other tweaks

2014-12-02 (Version 1.4)
- Grew Mertagne some more
- Shrunk the Syndicate
- Gave 95X 'inactive' status
- Moved Perlasilangan north-east so Starblaydi and Audioslavian couples could gaze lovingly into each others eyes
- Renamed Unolia to whatever my northern neighbours are calling themselves this week
- Weeped silently into my pillow at the fact that some ugly nations still exist so I can't remove them from the map

2014-10-10 (Version 1.3)
- Removed Oakbrook and Calvarie
- Removed Hutt River
- Trimmed Whittoria after discussions
- Moved Greater Watford into that lovely new sea area
- Fixed sizing issues around south-western Calania
- Put on a frowny face and suddenly became a lot sterner when it comes to claiming large plots of land

2014-09-20 (Version
- Added the Calanian Union island of Luwhel-Besny (It's mine! All mine! Muahahahaha!!!)

2014-09-03 (Version 1.2.1)
- Added Austenersey
- Added Lake Belk, in the southern Calanian Union
- Changed the island of Furellum

2014-09-01 (Version 1.2)
- Unified the Union
- Added Shishevyu
- Readded Falcania's Chicken Farms
- Added Ratastan
- Expanded Mertagne a little bit more
- Probably did some other things too

2014-07-23 (Version 1.1.2)
- Re-added Kiryu-shi (Welcome back!)
- Changed colours of Torisakia

2014-07-11 (Version 1.1.1)
- Added Torisakia
- Moved one of the Torisakian islands
- Added Royal Kingdom of Quebec

2014-07-02 (Version 1.1.0)
- Added Northern Sunrise Islands (Welcome to the region!)

2014-06-20 (Version
- Added Capital of Geisenfried

2014-06-18 (Version 1.0.8)
- Added Mertagne (The Sods!)
- Added Weimania
- Changed colours of various nations (because why not?)

2014-06-02 (Version 1.0.7)
- Added Austailia
- Moved Western Sunrise Islands

2014-05-23 (Version 1.0.6)
- Added Kryosis
- Added Florgania
- Changed Falcanian capital to its more geographically accurate location
- Added Paripanan city of Aeropag, and denoted its special status as home of the Olympic Council
- Added Syndicatian city of Magnaeus, and denoted its special status as home of the Atlantian Oceania Cartographic Institute

2014-04-29 (Version 1.0.5)
- Added flags for Tachbe and Sorthern Northland
- Changed "Saint Anne and Jacob" to "Western Sunrise Islands"
- Trimmed Nojika after regional discussions

2014-04-27 (Version 1.0.4)
- Removed Jeru FC Island after destruction
- Added continent tag "Arrosia"
- Added the other Karin Island

2014-04-26 (Version 1.0.3)
- Added Mastille
- Changed sea colour in Blouman Empire
- Changed colours of white nations to avoid confusion

2014-04-24 (Version 1.0.2)
- Changed sea to allow greater visibility of inactive nation names
- Added Misrantis

2014-04-23 (Version 1.0.1)
- Added Greater Watford

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