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by The I'm an issue writer now of Lansaka. . 64 reads.

Vote Lansaka for WA Secretary-General

Imagine a socialist nation or a tyrannical empire bent on destruction becoming the Secretary General of the World Assembly. Terrible things could happen. Lansaka is only corrupt on the inside. We will not ruin the WA like McMasterdonia or Caelapes. We are not corrupt on the outside like Racoda.

If you vote me into the Sec-Gen office, I will do more for you. Imagine a less corrupt WA. A WA that does not ignore its members and proposals. Imagine if people with good ideas could be heard more easily. The amount of inactive Delegates makes 6% (73 approvals) a little too hard to get. I don't want to make it TOO easy, just perhaps changing that 6% to a 5%, making it 60 approvals to reach quorum. Imagine a clean WA with trolls OUT and inactive/troll Delegates ignored. A WA with good people, good nations. I can only win if you vote for me.

I will spread good information throughout the forums and World Assembly every chance I get. I will have an area dedicated to busting myths and answering questions about the COVID-19 pandemic. We need the right info! Fake news is dangerous! I will be dedicated to spreading the facts, not the fiction. I can save physical lives by spreading this info. I just need a voice big enough. So do you. We will both get what we want if you vote for me.

I am a man of my word. The only side I take here is the side that is the best. I am now running on that side. I am not weakly demanding your vote like Fauxia. I am not asking you to take a huge risk like Riskarga. I am simply asking you to vote for the best choices, which happen to be me and Zoigai.

If I win this election, everyone gets a direct line to me. I will answer every telegram I get. I will improve the WA in ways you cannot imagine. You will get a better say in the WA in many ways. Just posting in the forum will help me determine what to vote for or what to do. I shall also bam the dillies, as per a supporter's request. Please vote for the right choice.

I have also teamed up with Zoigai for this election. I am willing to become their running mate if necessary. Vote for either of us, and you vote for a voice for yourself.

Vote for a better WA.

Vote for a more truthful WA.

Vote for a less corrupt WA.

Vote for a more user-friendly WA.

Vote for a less troll-ridden WA.

Vote for a more democratic WA.

Vote for a less socialist WA.

Vote for a cleaner WA.

Vote for a WA with all the dillies bammed.

Vote for Lansaka.

More power for me means more power for you!

Lansaka for Secretary General of the World Assembly 2020!

The I'm an issue writer now of Lansaka