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by The Western Card Czar of Giovanniland. . 566 reads.

Vote for Giovanniland! Down with the marsupials!

Vote Giovanniland!

It is well known in the fine region of the West Pacific that marsupials are animals not to be trusted. While that may seem unimportant for you, soon they will spread to the WA and the entire NS multiverse!

If you vote for me, I will eradicate the marsupials from all of NS and stop them from destroying the game and invading your nations! Down with the marsupials!

Here are our proposals:

1. Remove the marsupial menace from all of the WA. They are interferring with our votes, and diverting our attention from the true important things of NationStates!

2. Make this important part of NationStates more newcomer-friendly. The WA lacks author diversity, and it is time to change that! New authors should be encouraged, and not insulted, for their attempts at creating more resolutions for our glorious Assembly.

I encourage you all to vote for Giovanniland!