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[PROPOSED] LCN-FNR Proposed Agreement

The League of Conservative Nations - The Free Nations Region
Interregional Accords


The League of Conservative Nations (LCN) and The Free Nations Region (FNR) hereby declare the following agreement to be law in both their respective regions for the purpose of advancing responsible diplomacy and prosperity between our states. It is our hope that this agreement brings about a new chapter of diplomacy for the aid and betterment of both regions.


    I. There shall be an agreement of mutual defence between the LCN and FNR. In the event that one party to these accords is attacked, the other will aid them in their defence and countermeasures. The nature and extent of the aid is to the discretion of the other signatory in communication with the one which had been attacked.

    II. This document establishes a doctrine of intelligence sharing. The LCNIA and Reserve Task Force shall share any information relevant to the regional and governmental security and stability of the other signatory in their possession.

    III. The LCN and the FNR agree to an overall commitment to military cooperation in regard to any liberations and defensive operations that may become relevant or may arise to the interregional community.

      (a) Either region has the right to opt out from any specific operations they choose not to take part in.


    I. The agreement is to be ratified in the LCN by a majority vote of the Council of the Republic and the approval of the Consulate, and in the FNR with an appropriate vote of the Legislative Assembly.

    II. The agreement may be amended by the consent of both regions' governments.

    III. Either region may exit the agreement at any time with a seven days notice prior to it taking effect.