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RP | TCN | Prohibition of Petroleum Sales to and from Morova

RESOLUTION #013 Prohibition of Oil Sales to and from Morova
To the Security Council of the Terraconserva Council of Nations
Sponsored By: The Serene State of Quebecshire and Republic of Terranihil


Aware of the detrimental impact oil can have on the environment, and noting the progress of the conversation movement in these chambers,

Appalled at the actions of the Morovan government through the LinkMorovan Civil War and Link2020 Morovan Crisis,

Seeking to prevent the Morovan government from using profits from petroleum sales to continue to wage war,

Seeking to prevent the Morovan government from importing petroleum to fuel their war efforts and continue instability,


Sets an expiration for this resolution's following operative mandates to be May 1, 2020. The Council of Nations may renew this document at one-month intervals if the issue has not been sufficiently resolved by that date.

Hereby prohibits the sale of petroleum to the People's Republic or Morova and the purchase of petroleum from the People's Republic of Morova.

Orders the immediate cessation of petroleum and crude oil drilling in the drilling regions off the coast of eastern Morova.

Allows the naval forces participating in the enforcement of LinkTCN Resolution 011 to enforce operative clause two if Morova is non-compliant.

Furthermore allows the Grand Navy of Quebecshire to enforce operative clause three if Morova is non-compliant.