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Flag Based Collections

Real Nation Flags:

Basque Flags by Voxija
a lot of Basque flags

Every Ex-Nation Epic in the Game by Destructive Government Economic System
This impressive collection holds a very special Season 1 printing error that occurred called Ex-Nations. This one has every Ex-nation that is Epic rarity.

Really Good Trees s2 by Strange World a puppet of Destructive Government Economic System
If you just want to take a virtual stroll through a forest of some of the Really Good Trees of Nationstates this is the collection for you.

[S.2 Gifs] feat. ABC 123, Albasaeng, D0, Garth, and Pg by Big Shot
Every single gif flag from season 2! I like pretty much every single one, but my top three favorites are Blue State, Epoca Amore, and d097

Catsfern by Catsfern
One of the largest self collections at 100 strong