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RP | TCN | Ban on the International Purchase of Weapons to and from Morova and the Instatement of a Blockade (011)

To the Security Council of the Terraconserva Council of Nations
Sponsored By: The Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis, the Republic of Lyoa, the Serene State of Quebecshire, the Islamic Republic of Greater Sacramento, and the Stratocratic Republic of New Gandor


Aware of the continuing deterioration of stability in Morova,

Aware how the prior TCN Resolutions 003 and 005 only cover international weapons sales to Morova,

Noting the the prior Council of Nations resolution condemning Morova and banning weapons sales to Morova,

Seeing how Morova must continue to be blockaded to enforce this resolution,

Disappointed at the failings of the Morovan government which lead to the sinking of The Lady Kieva,


Hereby prohibits international weapons commerce to and from Morova.

Hereby allows all current shipments of weapons to arrive at the destination but prohibits the payment from being sent to Morova.

Hereby prohibits any weapon previously purchased from Morova from being used to influence international conflicts.

Hereby established a blockade of all weapons sales to and from Morova.

Hereby repeals and replaces TCN Resolutions 003 and 005.

Hereby condemns Morova for attempting to extort ₡500,000,000 Credits from Quebecshire.