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Union Stamp Fund

Info Center

Welcome to the Union Stamp Fund (USF), formerly the Regional Stamp Fund, an organization responsible for the collection of stamp donations as well as regional telegram distribution for citizens and foreigners. It is headed by the Founder, Prime Minister, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and was founded as an initiative to help raise awareness of stamp donations as well as allow people to send region-wide telegrams without having to be an officer.

All About Stamps

What exactly are Stamps, you might ask. To put it simply, stamps are some of the most useful things for the Union to grow. It is purchased using real money, making its acquisition limited. Stamps allow sending massive amounts of recruitment telegrams which allow more people to become future citizens of the Union. While the Union does occasionally have stamps available, oftentimes are they lacking. So we need you to help our Union grow with your donations.

The USF helps fund several recruitment drives across the Union, and you can select which region you want to contribute to. You can choose to send your donation to any of the following:

Should you donate?
  • Basically, you are not required to donate. If you were to donate however, it would be a massive help to our region but yes, it is completely optional.

What do I get for donating?

  • The warm fuzzy feeling of helping the region

  • Caduceo's 🍞

  • Respect and appreciation from your regionmates

  • A shout-out in the next monthly telegram + a custom message

  • A pat on the back

  • You will not be eaten by Renegalle

How do I donate?

  • Bless your soul if you do. Follow the steps below:

    • Go to the NationStates Store

    • Look at this list below and select which region you wish to contribute to and who you should donate it to:

      • Renegalle to fund Force

      • Shenifar to fund RGBN

      • Hua to fund Heart

      • Iup to fund Power

      • Pergo to fund Canterbury

    • Select Gift Options and send it to your selected donor (make sure you won't send it anonymously)

    • Select how many stamps you will donate (press the Update button to update the price) then Add to Cart

    • Select your payment method and congratulations! You are an official Stamp Donor!

The USF is also providing the service of region-wide telegrams available to foreigners and non-citizens without having to spend stamps or manually send it to them. Guaranteed to get your message out as efficiently as possible, the USF will allow the following to be broadcasted:
  • Invitations or Announcements of Events or Organizations (at the discretion of the USF)

  • WA Proposals

  • Speeches and Announcements (must be of good faith, at the discretion of the USF)

  • News Distribution (at the discretion of the ISF)

  • Diplomatic Purposes (at the discretion of the RSF and Foreign Affairs)

  • Advertisements (except recruitment to regions and other organizations, at the discretion of the USF)

  • A Warm Message or Two 😊

The following forms of messages, however, will not be allowed to be broadcasted:

  • Offensive or Insensitive Messages/Themes

  • Recruitment Telegram for your region

  • Slurs or Insulting Material, or similar

  • Any form of degradation, slander, libel, or harassment

  • Invitations to illegal/extreme/demoralizing organizations or events

  • Misinformation or biased news

  • Other (at the discretion of the USF)

If you are interested to broadcast your message, contact Caduceo (through Telegram or Discord) to discuss terms. Please note that your message isn't guaranteed to be accepted and all must be put in good faith.