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About Meeee

Do note that everything that comes out of my nation and forum posts should be assumed to not be reflective of me or my personal beliefs, except this little About Me obviously. So, let's get to it! (:

OOC, you should call me by my name, Ruba. I won't be mad if you call me by my nation name but cmon duuuuuuuuuude.
IC, if not by its full name, you can call my government the Blessed Principality, Couray, or something in between those. If you're addressing the head of state, please write to Shahad II, the Blessed Princess of Couray, Queen of the Kihin, Arbiter of Harmony. Don't refer to her as queen if you're a foreigner, mind you! She is queen of the people, and princess of the state.

Me me like stuff:
I LIKE: Conlanging (hmu if you love conlanging fr), history, international politics, videojuegos (Minecraft, Escape from Tarkov, all the Paradox games minus HOI4, M&BII:B)
I NO LIKE: Tea with too much sugar, HOI4 (see above)
Me me political:
PRO: Whichever political party hurts the least people at the time, disableds' rights and education, universal healthcare and education
ANTI: US race politics, communism, throwing government funds at minorities instead of fixing underlying societal issues