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[LIST] People who LOLed at me.

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as you are here

People of the Three Pacifics have started LOLing me for no apparent reason. Here's there list of these weirdos. 👇

EDIT: Now, that's more than the Three Pacifics lmao

EDIT 2: Here is your desired update.

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1. Marrabuk, Delegate of The East Pacific

2. Recuecn, Guardian of The West Pacific

3. Dilber, Minister of Foreign Affairs of The West Pacific

4. VW53Aland, Minister of Immigration of The East Pacific

5. East Malaysia, Vizier of The East Pacific

6. Earthly heaven ii, Ambassador of The West Pacific to The East Pacific

7. Marinas Island, Praetor of The Pacific aka New Pacific Order

8. Zoran of The West Pacific

9. The Unified Missourtama States of The West Pacific

10. Fuentana of The West Pacific

11. Terranihil, Director of Foreign Affairs of League of Conservative Nations

12. Stellar Colonies of The East Pacific

13. Xoriet, Legatus of The Pacific, TEP's Plant in the NPO

14. Aivintis, Senior Diplomat of The East Pacific

15. Kurabis, Ambassador of The West Pacific to The East Pacific

16. Soultaker of the New Pacific Order (CyberNations)

17. Giovanniland, Speaker of the West Pacific

18. Albrook, Delegate of Eientei Gensokyo

19. Nimarya of The North Pacific

20. Croblade of The West Pacific

21. Bran Astor, Delegate of The West Pacific

22. Mon civia of The North Pacific

23. Racoda of The North Pacific

24. 9003 of The North Pacific

25. Andusre, Founder of Thaecia

26. Wiranath, Diplomat of The East Pacific

27. CaveDweller of The Pacific

28. Pichtonia, Chief of State of Europeia

29. Dictator Anna 10, First Minister of Europeia

30. Gryphonian Alliance of The West Pacific

31. Evrigenis, Secretary of Delegate of The East Pacific

32. Bowzin, Statsminister of Balder

33. Dorab of 10000 Islands

34. Gladesville of Federation of Conservative Nations

35. The Atlae Isles, Overseeing Officer of EPSA and Chief Officer of Justice of The East Pacific

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The Brown of Libertanny