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About the Islands

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The Southern Islands of Nikoland Piczi are a conglomerate of about 20 tropical islands, with turquoise waters and incredible beauty. They were discovered by explorer Sussan Bjørnson on one of her boat trips through the Nikoland Piczi Sea. It is thanks to her that we can now estimate that it is one of the most biodiverse places in the world and also a tourist destination in high demand. The capital of the islands is called Bjørnsontown, after the explorer.

The islands also have Nikoland Piczi's first underwater city, as well as 100% renewable energy. The submerged city is called Explorer in honour of the founder of the Nikopiczian settlement on the islands.

The interesting thing is that the islands had never been inhabited by other human beings, so history does not need to talk about barbaric and bloody colonizations.
Regarding the Explorer City, two of the most important economic activities of the islands take place there: biotechnology and quantum technology. With state-of-the-art laboratories and quality instruments, the islands are able to cover their expenses only with the biotechnology sector. Additionally, quantum technology has been another very important source of income for the islands.

Sussan Bjørnson Airport is the main airport on the islands and has regular flights to Nklandia International Airport and South International Airport.

In addition, the South Reef Port has a wide range of sea connections, as well as tourist excursions to the paradise beaches.
Another impressive aspect is the great variety of birds, such as scarlet macaws or kingfishers, adding to the presence of jaguars and corzuelas. These live among the 30 natural protected areas of the islands, allowing the development of wildlife without human intervention.

In addition, the islands have numerous rivers, with beautiful waterfalls and lagoons, which attract many tourists to hike through the trails of the forest. The main island has a large dormant volcano called Dragon of Fire, in honor of an ancient Nikopiczian legend. It has the highest altitude of the islands (2450 meters). Many people visit it because it represents a unique panoramic view, as well as a great geological history.

We will continue to inform about the history of the islands in other factbooks