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The Great Leftist Revolution

It was a freezing evening in January, and yet hundreds of thousands of people gathered together in front of the Capitol Palace of the Kingdom of the Stronk Military. At exactly 7 PM, the leader of the protesters, Miker Jiang, listed several demands:
1) All political prisoners be released;
2) An end to extreme wealth gaps;
3) Freedom of speech, the press, and assembly;
4) Legalization of all political parties;
5) Opening up of relations with other countries;
6) Establishment of a civilian central government; and
7) Establishment of the Rule of Law.
Upon submitting these Seven Demands, the king, who also happened to be the generalissimo, called in the military to fire on his own subjects, leaving 792 dead and a further 1,670 wounded. Pictures and videos taken from the crowd garnered international attention mostly condemning the king's use of force on the peaceful protestors, although some right-wing nations, such as Trump's America, supported it. However, unbeknownst to the king, Miker Jiang had been secretly gathering weapons and training his supporters under the false floors of sympathetic shops, and now that he had international support, he launched a revolution. What were 2.6 million soldiers, of which 400,000 were loyal to him, going to do to stop a massive proletarian revolution consisting of every adult that wanted reform? Vastly outnumbered, the king's soldiers had no choice but to surrender after just 10 days of fighting. The king was tried for his crimes against humanity and was sentenced to death; the corrupt businessmen and generals were each given a minimum sentence of 120 years in prison.