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Rainy Day Harbor

The Town of Rainy Day Harbor

Motto: Have a Good Time

Houseboats of Rainy Day Harbor

Businesses of Rainy Day Harbor

Harbor Hotel built in 1893

The Rainy Day Harbor Bridge, built in 1939, is the only way in or out of town

Location 50 miles north of Providence, West Coast

Population: 10,000
-Density: 2,500 people per square mile

Official Language: English

National Language: English

Demonym: Rainy Day Harborans

Establishment: 1890
Village: 1893
Town: 1895

Land Area: 2 mile˛
Water Area: 2 mile˛
Water %:

Highest Point: Ribbon Hill
Lowest Point: Pacific Ocean

GDP (nominal): $300 million
GDP (nominal) per capita: $30,000

Human Development Index (NS Version): .800

Currency: Patagonian Dollar (PAD($))

Time Zone: Pacific Patagonia Time

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +23(100)

Internet TLD: .pa

Rainy Day Harbor is a small town located 50 miles north of Providence. The town is known for it's houseboat community. The town was originally founded for the wealthy to escape from Providence during the summer. As of the 1930's a houseboat community was started and expanded. All the population lives in houseboats.

Today it is a haven for the LGBT community and artists. It is a tourist destination with tourist attractions that include the Harbor Hotel, houseboats, dock businesses, and the Rainy Day Harbor Bridge. 1,000,000 tourists visit each year. Rainy Day Harbor is famous for it's rainy climate. Upto 100 inches of rain fall each year.

The only way out of town is the one lane wood deck suspension bridge, Rainy Day Harbor Bridge built in 1939. The bridge is tolled with users paying $1 PAD or $0.50 USD to cross. The town is connected to Providence via a commuter rail.