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Vote For GA resolution Repeal "Disease Naming Compact"

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[box][size=150][color=#265780]Resolution at Vote: [url=/page=ga]Repeal "Disease Naming Compact"[/url][/color][/size]
[size=150][color=#265780]Vote Recommendation:[/color] [b]For[/b][/size][/box]

[size=150][color=#265780]Resolution Analysis[/color][/size]
This proposal to repeal the recently-passed "Disease Naming Compact" highlights the flawed premise and execution of the resolution. Firstly, the resolution falsely assumes that cooperation is almost nonexistent between member states and that nations are unable to adopt a common name for a novel disease, or easily search up foreign names. Secondly, it claims to have the intention to avoid bureaucracy, while ironically adding more bureaucracy through the creation of a mandatory regulatory body. Lastly, its objective is likely impossible, as diverse languages and writing systems would prevent the adoption of a common name appropriate for all member states.

For the above reasons, the Ministry urges a vote [b]For[/b] this repeal proposal.

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