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Discussion / Voting Instructions | OWL



How to participate in an OWL vote

Eligibility: If you want to vote, your nation needs to be in the South Pacific in good faith and a member of the WA first. (join it here)

If you are in the military (the SPSF), you may vote with a non-WA nation, but you need to mention your active military status on your ballot every time you vote.

Yes, you can, as long as you don’t have more than one WA nation at a time!

Absolutely: you can't vote, but you are nonetheless encouraged to debate, discuss, and post your opinion.

How to vote: When OWL staff detect a submitted or prepare-to-submit resolution proposal, they will post a notification on The South Pacific WA Voting Center’s page (the World Factbook Entry) and on its message board along with instructions on how to cast your vote, give your opinions, and debate with other nations if you want.

You vote by posting a message on the board that states:

  • The name of the resolution you are voting on (required)

  • Your vote selection (there are 5 options you can cast) (required)

  • Your opinion on why you are voting that way (not required but heavily recommended)

You can cast any of these 5 options in your vote:

  • For: Means you want OWL to recommend that citizens vote for the resolution

  • Against: Means you want OWL to recommend that citizens vote against the resolution

  • Abstain: Means you want OWL to recommend that citizens don’t vote on the resolution

  • No recommendation: Means you want OWL to not put out any recommendation (although the recommendation dashboard containing just opinions from voters will still be published)

  • Present: Means you cannot decide, but you want OWL to know you are active

The screenshot below is an example of what a ballot looks like. You don’t need to follow the exact formatting, but all the necessary information needs to be included.

If there are multiple votes going on, use separate message posts for each vote like below:

Copy/paste blank ballot:

Example ballot wrote:



OWL votes will decide how the Delegate will vote and what OWL’s recommendation will advise to other nations when the resolution is brought up to vote in the WA. Voters’ opinions will be included in the recommendation dashboard to help nations see the resolution in multiple dimensions.