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The Internationale • Forum & Discord Membership Telegram


Have you created an account on the off-site forums and joined us on Discord? If not, you should do it today!

Why join the off-site forums and Discord, you ask? Well, you’ll be able to access more content and become more immersed in the region by doing so!

On our off-site forum you can:

  • Participate in government decision-making and run for office!

  • Engage in roleplay!

  • Interact with other comrades from NSLeft!

On Discord you can:

  • Instant chat and voice chat with comrades!

  • Participate in exclusive events, such as music listening parties!

Wondering how to get started? Check out the instructions below!

While logged on to your primary nation here at NationStates, open a tab to the NSLeft forum registration page (

You should see an embedded screen from NationStates showing your nation and a login verification code.

If you don't see this code and instead are greeted with a message that says "Uh-oh, The login page is not available in embed mode," make sure you're logged in to NationStates in the same browser that you are trying to register with; some users have had issues seeing the code that were fixed by switching to a different browser.

If you want to change your primary nation on the forum at any time, you can login to your puppet nation here on NationStates and then go to the Claim Nation page ( to associate the puppet with your existing forum account.

To verify your Discord account, you'll first need an account on our forum (

Once you have created a forum account, make sure you're logged into your forum account & the Discord account that you would like to verify. Next, head to the Discord Verification page ( and click the "Authenticate Me!" button in the center of the page.

This button will take you to the official Discord website (, where you will be prompted to allow the NSLeft to verify information on your Discord account. To work properly, we need three things:

  • Who you are on Discord (your username)

  • Whether your Discord email address has been verified (only users with verified Discord email addresses may join the NSLeft server)

  • Permission to add you to the NSLeft server, in case you are not already a member.

Once you authorize this information, you will be redirected back to the forum. If verification worked properly, you will be greeted with a green check mark and success message. If not, you will have an error message that you can send to the NSLeft Off-Site Administrator @Courelli for assistance.

Once you have properly verified your Discord account, head over to the Discord server which you're trying to access, and type .verify. This will prompt our Discord bot, Lenin, to role you properly. After that, you're free to socialize with your comrades to your heart's content!