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The Internationale TRF Recruitment Telegram

Comrades of The Internationale,

This is a recruitment message for The Red Fleet.

As expected, the first question to be answered is: what is The Red Fleet?

The Red Fleet is a multiregional anti-fascist fighting force that stands in solidarity with all comrades! The Red Fleet fights against imperialists, fascists, and Nazis, across all of NationStates!

Along with Antifa and revolutionary allies, The Red Fleet has defeated fascism in regions like Nazi Europe, The Greater German Reich, The Iron Confederacy and many others across the NS World.

Do you want to join comrades-in-arms to take the fight against fascists and imperialists?
Do you want to defend your comrades from the threat of fascist invasions?
Do you want to be a part of the premier leftist and anti-fascist fighting force on NS?

Then all you have to do is submit a rate application here:

In Solidarity!