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by The Bardic Lorekeepers of Aethelia. . 6 reads.

"Huh, the NS forum people are talking about abortion again, maybe I'll look for a minute..."

And almost immediately...

"Have you considered that I consider women that abort their children to have forfeited their lives, incurring just execution as murderers"

Ah, right. That's why I never joined the forums despite being active on NS for... over a decade I think?

Naturally, the mods didn't think it broke any rules to say that I forfeited my life and deserve "just execution" as a "murderer". None on the "pro-life" side seemed to have a problem with that post either.

Sorry to disappoint you who call yourselves "pro-life", but I don't intend to be executed anytime soon. Have fun with yet another abortion topic where almost nobody talks about or cares about the women involved. I guess I'm just a lowly "murderer" to some of you for the horrible crime of... not wanting to be pregnant.