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by The Third Starist Kongurreich of Droiden. . 10 reads.

Official Declaration of War: Best Rwanda

Droidenean War Ministry

The Droidenean War Ministry:

Noting: The response stating "We are fully prepared for whatever your nation can throw at us."
Believing: Our cause is just.


I: Dispatches the following fleets for a naval invasion of Best Rwanda:

Fleet Name

Fleet Capacity

Fleet Commander

HMF Bombardment

6 Frigates, 5 Destroyers, 6 Cruisers

Adm. Gunnar Kosfod

HMF Skard I

4 Frigates, 7 Destroyers, 2 Cruisers

Adm. Erlup Torring

HMF Count of Eltiyorr

1 Frigate, 3 Destroyers, 9 Cruisers

Adm. Anne Dam

HMF Bjeknes

5 Frigates, 5 Destroyers, 5 Cruisers

VAdm. Isabel Nikolajsen

HMF Morning Dawn

12 Destroyers

VAdm. Felix Daamgard

HMF Eternal

16 Cruisers

VAdm.Anders Kirkegaard

HMF Syndicate

7 Frigates

VAdm. Edgar Holm

HMF Raven

23 Submarines

VAdm. Rikke Christainsen

HMF Bulwark

7 Frigates, 6 Cruisers, 4 Corvettes

VAdm. Harrald Kirk

HMF Titan

2 Dreadnoughts, 5 Cruisers

VAdm. Aleks Birch

HMF Triumph

7 Landing Craft

LO Arnbjørn Vædir

HMF Federation

12 Landing Craft

LO Arvid Hald

HMF Inferno

9 Landing Craft

LO Knud Jacobssen

HMF Frenzy

5 Landing Craft

LO Bo Schmidt

II: Dispatches the following Armies for a ground invasion of Best Rwanda:


Army Capacity

Army Commander

Droidenean 3rd Army


Msh. Sofie Nygaard

Droidenean 6th Army


Msh. Thyge Pedersen

III: Allows for the dispatchment of more units if needed.

IV: HEREBY DECLARES WAR UPON The Theocracy of Best Rwanda