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The Fa'a Warzone Sandbox

Fa誕 Warzone Sandbox
The Way of Warzone Sandbox

Article I: Establishment of Government
Pronouncement of the Official Government

  1. There will be one Government within Warzone Sandbox and it shall be The Sandcastle Kingdom of Warzone Sandbox.

  2. All Governments which came before are hereby declared legally defunct, and all claims and powers held by them are null and void.

Article II: Fa誕matai
The Way of Family

  1. All nations within Warzone Sandbox shall be considered Residents of Warzone Sandbox.

  2. All World Assembly Nations within Warzone Sandbox which are members of the World Assembly and are endorsing the Delegate, or who are the Delegate, shall be considered citizens of Warzone Sandbox

    1. Exceptions may be granted or established by law

Article III: Fono o Matai
The Family Council; henceforth referred to as the Fono

  1. All legislative authority will be vested in the Fono, which shall consist of two parts: the Tagatanu置 and the Matai Sili.

    1. The Tagatanu置 is the non-voting body of the Fono and shall be comprised of all resident nations of Warzone Sandbox.

    2. The Matai Sili is the voting body of the Fono and shall be comprised of all citizen nations of Warzone Sandbox.

  2. The Tagatanu置 may take part in all the powers of the Fono, including standing for elected office, excluding the casting of votes.

  3. The Fono may approve or reject legislation by a simple majority vote.

  4. The Fono shall be led by a Speaker, known as the Failauga, who shall have the following responsibilities:

    1. Moving legislation to a vote after an appropriate debate period has transpired

    2. Recording the outcome of the vote

    3. Presenting passed legislation to the Tulafale for approval.

  5. The Failauga must be a member of the Fono, if the Failauga should lose membership in the Fono for any reason, a new election shall immediately be called and a new Failauga elected.

  6. Any member of the Fono shall have the right to stand for election to the position of the Failauga

    1. The Failauga will be elected by a simple majority vote of the Matai Sili

  7. The Fono shall have the power to debate and approve of declarations of war.

  8. The Fono shall have the power to debate and approve of treaties which are presented to them by the Tulafale.

  9. Any member of the Fono shall have the right to stand for election to the position of a Tulafale

    1. The Tulafale will be elected by a simple majority vote of the Matai Sili.

Article IV: Tulafale
The Speaking Chief.

  1. The Tulafale is the head of Government of Warzone Sandbox, and is elected by a majority vote of the Matai Sili.

  2. Upon election the Tulafale surrenders their membership in the Fono and may no longer vote on matters of legislation, if they were able to before, or debate on matters of legislation save by invitation of the Failauga.

  3. The Tulafale may speak on matters of Foreign Affairs and Declarations of War without an invitation.

  4. The Tulafale shall have authority in all areas of the executive governance of Warzone Sandbox including, but not limited to, matters of recruitment, foreign affairs, and the military.

  5. The Tulafale may appoint Ministers, known as Kahunas, to assist them in overseeing any aspect of their authority.

  6. The Tulafale may designate a Kahuna to serve as acting Tulafale in the event of absence or resignation of the Chief.

    1. The Acting Tulafale shall be known as the Tohunga

  7. All legislation passed by the Fono, must be presented to the Tulafale to sign; foreign treaties and declarations of war are considered signed by the Tulafale at the time they are presented to the Fono.

Article V: Ali段
The High Chief.

  1. The Ali段 is the head of State of Warzone Sandbox, and is appointed to the position by the previous Ali段

  2. The Ali段 serves until resignation, or until they fail to meet the requirements.

  3. The Ali段 must meet the following requirements:

    1. They must be able to serve as World Assembly Delegate of Warzone Sandbox

    2. They must not have attempted to coup or overthrow by force the lawful government of Warzone Sandbox

  4. The Ali段 forfeits all rights to speak and vote in the Fono

    1. The Ali段 may be invited to speak by the Failauga.

  5. The Ali段 may not serve as Tulafale or Tohunga.

    1. In the case of the absence of both the Tulafale and the Tohunga the Ali段 shall serve in their place until an election can be held.

  6. The Ali段 shall be the default judicial authority in Warzone Sandbox.

    1. In matters where there is a conflict of interest the Ali段 shall appoint a neutral arbiter to serve as judge.

  7. The Ali段 shall have full authority over the appointment of border control and appearance officers in Warzone Sandbox.

  8. The Ali段 shall appoint other officers at the request of the Tulafale for the purpose of carrying out the will of the government.

  9. The Ali段 may designate at any time a successor to their position, known as the Manaia

  10. The Manaia shall be required to maintain the second highest endorsement count in Warzone Sandbox

  11. Any other powers and authorities of the Ali段 may be changed and legislated by the Fono

    1. Such legislation shall require the signature of the Ali段 as well as the Tulafale to be considered enacted.

Article VI: Amendment

  1. The Fa誕 Warzone Sandbox may be amended by a two-thirds supermajority vote of the Fono.

  2. All amendments to the Fa誕 Warzone Sandbox must be approved by both the Tulafale and the Ali段.

    1. The Tohunga may not approve amendments to the Fa誕 Warzone Sandbox.

Article VII: Supremacy

  1. The Fa誕 Warzone Sandbox is the highest law of Warzone Sandbox.

  2. In the event a contradiction occurs between the Fa誕 Warzone Sandbox and another law the Fa誕 Warzone Sandbox shall take precedence until the contradiction can be fixed.

Enacted on March 23, 2020
Fono Vote: Ayes: 8 Nays: 0 Abstentations: 1