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Cymiopolitan Government

D O G E | Δ Ο Υ Κ Α Σ

The Doge is the head of state of the Most Serene Republic of Cymiopolis and holds ceremonial powers over it's government in the forms appointing and dismissing officials through the advice of his prime minister and dissolving the Communi when his prime minister loses it's confidence.

The Doge is elected for a lifetime term by the Signoria following the death or abdication of his predecessor. While the position was entrusted to members of the inner circle of powerful Venetian families (i.e. the Signoria), after several doges had appointed their children as Peers while in the ducal office, this tendency toward a hereditary monarchy was checked by a law that decreed that no doge had the right to appoint any member of his family, nor to name his successor.

The official residence of the Doge is the Septininsular Palace next to the Dogal Gardens in the Garden district of Kymiopolis. He is guarded by the 1st Armatoloi Division. The current Doge is Andreas Mavrokordatos, former Peer and Admiral of the Cymiopolitan Navy.

C A B I N E T | Σ Υ Μ Β Ο Υ Λ Ι Ο

The Cabinet (Συμβουλιο) is a body of Ministers (Yπουργοί) which forms the core of the government of Cymiopolis. Chaired by the Prime Minister (Πρωθυπουργός), the Cabinet is a committee of the Doge's Privy Council. Each Minister, who is appointed by the Doge on the advice of the prime minister, is responsible for the general administration of at least one government portfolio and heads a corresponding Ministry (Υπουργείο). The current Cabinet is composed of:
  • Minister of Finance and Trade: Aristotle Onassis

  • Minister of Domestic Affairs: Theodoros Kolokotronis

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Antonios Kapodistrias

  • Minister of Extraterrestrial Affairs: Ioannis Phocas

  • Minister of Defense: Petros Melissinos

  • Minister of Intelligence: Alexandros Ypsilantis

  • Minister of Natural Resources and Energy: Spyridon Pavlidis

  • Minister of Education,Sports and Culture: Nikolaos Mantzaros

  • Minister of Health: Theodoros Samaras

  • Minister of Transport: Dimitris Avramopoulos

  • Minister of Justice: Leonidas Melas

C O M M U N I | Κ Ο Ι Ν Ο Β Ο Υ Λ Ι Ο

The House of Commons is the Lower Chamber of Cymiopolis' bicameral legislature. It is composed of 350 Delegates (Αντιπρόσωποι) who are elected in constituencies (περιφέρειες) of equal population spread throughout the country. As a result, the more populated regions are the most represented in the Commons.

Each delegate is elected by a single-member constituency through a three-round voting system. Thus, 176 seats are required for a majority. The House of Commons is presided over by a Prime Minister (Πρωθυπουργός), normally from the largest party represented, assisted by ministers who compose the Cabinet. The term of the House of Commons is five years; however, the Doge of Cymiopolis may dissolve the Assembly (thereby calling for new elections) if the prime minister loses the confidence of the House. Most bills are initiated in the House of Commons, and it alone enjoys the power of withholding confidence in His Serenity's Government.

The official seat of the National Assembly is the East Wing of Palazzo di San Marco next to the San Marco in the Old Port district of Kymiopolis. It is guarded by the 2nd Armatoloi Division.

Parties of the Communi

  • Hellenic Party (Conservative) - led by Spyros Metaxas (current Prime Minister) - 189 seats

  • Venetian Party (Libertarian) - led by Pietro Ziani - 40 seats

  • Patagonian Party (Liberal) - led by Eleftherios Venizelos - 101 seats

  • Agora Party (Socialist) - led by Aris Velouchiotis - 20 seats

S I G N O R I A | Γ Ε Ρ Ο Υ Σ Ι Α

The Senate (Γερουσία) is the Upper Chamber of Cymiopolis' bicameral legislature. It is composed of 120 Peers (Γερουσιαστής) who are appointed by the Doge on the advice of the prime minister. Thus, 61 seats are required for a majority. Each province and territory is allocated 10 Peers. The term of a Peer is 10 years. The Senate is presided by a Speaker (Ομιλητής) who is elected by its members every 2 years.

The official seat of the Senate is the West Wing of the Palazzo di San Marco next to the San Marco in the Old Port district of Kymiopolis. It is guarded by the 2nd Armatoloi Division. Originally, the position of Peer was exclusive to the heads of the original merchant families that settled Cymiopolis. While many Peers continue to hail from the patrician merchant background, the majority are citizens who are famous for their contributions to Cymiopolitan society such as doctors, scientists, soldiers, sportspeople, etc.

The Senate is one of the two powerful chambers (along with the National Assembly). Bills can be introduced in the Senate, though most are introduced in the Assembly. The Senate plays a key role in reviewing the Assembly's bill, acting as the chamber of "sober second thought". While the Senate is the upper house of parliament and the House of Commons is the lower house, this does not imply the former is more powerful than the latter. It merely entails that its members and officers outrank the members and officers of the Commons in the order of precedence for the purposes of protocol. As a matter of practice and custom, the Commons is the dominant chamber.

Parties of the Signoria

  • Hellenic Party (Conservative) - 62 seats

  • Venetian Party (Libertarian) - 27 seats

  • Patagonian Party (Liberal) - 31 seats